Stories by Rick Beck

I've known Rick Beck for longer than this site has existed, always online. His tales are not the standard chocolate box gay romance. That's what attracts me. There is no fluff, yet the love is there at all times.

Rick does something else, too. He knows how to write a multi-volume work in such a way that you can pick the story up in any volume, but it is better if you read volume one first. Even so, get them out of order, and it all still makes sense, because the volumes are self contained books in their own right.

~ Webmaster

An interview with Rick Beck appears here.

Discovering Love

This was once called "Discovering Gregory"
[All chapters complete]

The Farm hand

[All chapters complete]

Silent Fields

[A story in 7 chapters]

The Gulf

East on St James

[A story in 22 chapters]

Endless Black Ribbon

[A story in 3 chapters, slightly out of our niche]

A Mann's World

[A thriller in 17 chapters, slightly out of our niche]

Short Stories

Lancelot and the Big Bang

[A story in 9 chapters]

Taz and Kodak

A story in three volumes

Billie Joe's Journal

A Journal in three books released to celebrate both the site's and the author's 20th anniversary online. Billie Joe's Journal is one of the most powerful LGBT stories I have read in a long time ~ Webmaster

There is an interview with the author and a review of this book here.

Age of Discovering

[A story in 22 chapters]

Mama and Co

a pair of linked short stories


[A story in 20 chapters]