Stories by Rick Beck

Discovering Love

This was once called "Discovering Gregory"
[All chapters complete]

The Farm hand

[All chapters complete]

Silent Fields

[A story in 7 chapters]

The Gulf

East on St James

[A story in 22 chapters]

Endless Black Ribbon

[A story in 3 chapters, slightly out of our niche]

A Mann's World

[A thriller in 17 chapters, slightly out of our niche]

Short Stories

Lancelot and the Big Bang

[A story in 9 chapters]

Taz and Kodak

[A story in 19 chapters]

Billie Joe's Journal

A Journal in three books releasesd to celebrate both the site's and the author's 20th anniversary online. Billie Joe's Journal is one of the most powerful LGBT stories I have read in a long time ~ Webmaster

Age of Discovering

[A story in 22 chapters]