Stories by Mihangel

Sometimes an author will send me his biography. And so has Mihangel. It warrants a careful read because, well, just read it carefully. It is in twelve chapters.

Passing Stranger, a partial autobiography

(Posted 20 April 2009)

Clouds of Glory

[A two part tale]

The Scholar's Tale

[A complete three part tale]


[A complete two part story]

Shame and Consciences

from "Fathers of Men" by E W Hornung(Posted 26 January 2005)

[A complete story]

Nights and Days

[A complete story]

Ashes Under Uricon

(Posted 9 May 2007)

[A complete story]

Maps for Ashes Under Uricon
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A Time

All chapters complete (Posted 24 November 2008)

Indelicate Frivolities

[A complete story]

A Younger Orogeny

[A complete story]

Those Old Gods

[A complete story]

Kingdom Come

[A complete story]

Short Stories