Stories by Dominick St James

A Boys Cameo

[A continuing story]

Kitt Sackville-Gaunt, is a cute boy of fourteen who has a privileged, though down-to-earth background. He is strongly attracted to other boys, has 'progressive' parents who love him unconditionally, and they respect and appreciate Kitt's gay relationship with his thirteen year old pretty boyfriend, Hayley Montgomery.

The story is set in the West Country, chiefly Devon, and, later, Barbados, where the family have a villa. The boys' relationship forms at their high status private school, and quickly escalates. However, they are allowed licence, freedom and encouragement to fully enjoy each other, urged on by their raging young hormones. To avoid tears and the stress of separation, their parents allow Hayley to practically live with Kitt, since they are unable to 'leave each other alone'. This is a story of their lives, experiences and adventures.

It is told in a 'first person narrative' by Kitt, but which occasionally passes to Hayley in the same vein with, for example: "Oh, now Hayley has some chat for you," etc. The tense is chiefly immediate 'past/foregone', though present tense is also utilised. There is frequent realistic conversational dialogue, too, and by 'realistic', I imply that it is not from the mind of a man through the mouth of a fourteen year old.

The narrative is never coarse or vulgar; these children, though sexually active, are well brought up and the 'f' word and its grammar are rendered as 'eff' and its derivatives, but it is used very sparsely. Inevitably though, the word 'fuck' will be found in both narrative and dialogue, and when it is, young sexual bliss, that cannot effectively be expressed otherwise, is connoted, and only that.