A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

We Followed It Here

I'm really happy and thrilled to bits with our parents letting us stay together all the time. It's mainly my mum who has to put up with us of course, and fuss about supervising us, with this and that, for two boys instead of just me.

She gives Hayley hugs and cuddles, same as I get, and likes to know he's happy, but never chats to him alone, like a mum, and vicky verka for me with his mum. In any case, it's mostly each other we talk about. Not about sexy stuff of course, but I can chat with my dad about sex and my body, when I want to, though it's mainly school work, and my performance at Kyneston he's interested in. With Hayley, my dad treats him like he's part of me, and I love him to bits for it.

Me and Hayley haven't spoken the words to each other yet. We are in love, we know we are, we can see it in each other, that we are, but it's scary. I don't want it to be in big letters for us yet, cos if we lose it, I'll sob my heart out, and everything I've ever wanted will go back to being only a dream. We followed it here and we're living in it, so that should be enough for now, shouldn't it?

Me and Hayley have both been in bed with other boys before we got together. He started off screwing with his cousins on sleepovers, then dated. I started major screwing, when I first got dated at Kyneston. I already liked kissing and being felt up at prep school when I was eleven, and wanted to be in bed with other boys. I had lots of nice friends and was allowed on sleepovers with them, specially during school holidays, if we were staying home. Some of their parents had all sorts of rules for us though, about making a racket and being naked. It also wasn't much fun if my friend had brothers and sisters bothering us. Sleepovers were always best at my house, cos I've got space and freedom. At home I can make as much racket as I like with my boyfriend, cos we are noisy, and can be in practically nothing all day except for skimpy mini shorts, if we want to.

At Kyneston I was slutty at first, till I found what I wanted and how I liked it. Kyneston's not a knocking shop of course, but when you're twelve or thirteen and pretty, you can have any boy you like, even straight ones, if you like being with another boy. Lots of boys I know at Kyneston like boys and girls, too, specially fifteen and sixteen year old seniors, but I think that's cos they didn't start with boys, first off.

As I got to thirteen, I liked being with eleven and twelve year olds as well, cos the cute nice ones are wicked in bed, if they like you that way, and I wish I'd had an Etienne, then. Me and Hayley were both treated decently in bed by older boys. When we began wanting it in our holes, we were both started off slowly with the proper gel, by nice older boys who knew what they were doing. That's the main reason you get to like boysex so much, when you've been nicely treated, first off.

Me and Hayley fuck so much now, that dad suggested we have check ups. Both our parents thought it was a good idea, so mum took us to um, a sexual clinic in Weymouth, and we had a day off school for it. It's got a special section for boys health there, and we got jabs and tested for things, and advice about young sex. Mum didn't come in with us, but we were shown in together to see a medic guy, and it went like this:

"Hello boys, come in. My name's Martin."

Martin's the medic guy, who mum said was maybe thirty something, cos we have no clue about guys ages, 'cept our dads and teachers. He's wearing a white jacket thingy and one of those head binocular things. He seems friendly, with a nice smile and sticks out his hand for intros and so we give him our names.

"I'm Kitt and he's my boyfriend, Hayley."

"Lovely, you look very nice together. How long have you been dating?

"Um, about three months."

"Beautiful, sweetheart, that's lovely."

I feel a bit weird, cos we don't get spoken to like this, by guys, except my dad sometimes. But anyway, my mum's outside.

"Now, I'm going to examine you both and give you some jabs. They'll sting a little bit, but not hurt much. One is to prevent you getting sexual infections from something called 'human papilloma-virus', which can get in your bums, and mouths and your willies. And then just another one for herpes and fever, you can get from kissing and semen.

"Will you please both undress, and take off your shoes and socks as well, because I check feet too, then pop up onto these two tables for me."

We go behind a screen and do as he asks, grinning and making all sorts of faces at each other. It seems a bit silly to me, stripping like this, cos we strip each other, and the medic's going to see us naked anyway. I suppose he could get letchy watching us undressing though, cos we've got no undies on.

Our pricks have come up and we're blushing, so we just pretend to ignore them. There's two padded trolley thingies, with Martin by them as we go over. He's smiling at us in a nice way and isn't looking down at our pricks, so maybe he's okay. We go lie down and he starts with Hayley first, but talks to us both, as he puts medic gloves on.

"That's it sweetheart, and don't mind how I talk to you both, it's just my way. Now Hayley, will you turn over and bring your bottom up for me, darling, cos your jabs have to go in your bum. That's it."

We're lied opposite each other, and can see each other's faces and we're hugely grinning, making 'face talk' between each other.

"Are you at school together, Kitt?" he says, giving Hayley his second jab.

"Yes, Kyneston." Martin gives out a long whistle.

"Classy... do you both like it there?"

"Yes, it's brilliant."

"Hayley, I'm just going check your bottom a bit more, sweetheart, then I've finished this side, alright." Martin's got his scope thing down over his eyes and is handling Hayley's bum, then looks closely at it.

"What's it like having a beautiful boyfriend, Hayley?"

"I've had better," he says, trying not to smirk his head off.

"You little lying twat," I go, laughing at him. Martin eyes me and starts chuckling. "Ignore him, Martin, he's so rude."

"No worries, I can see you're both in love, beautiful" We blush, but say nothing. "Turn over now, sweetheart, let me have a look at your willy. That's it. Has he got a name?"


I look away, grinning,

"Ooh, sexy," says Martin, with a big smile, "Very cute, it suits you. What's it like having a cute boyfriend, like Haley, Kitt?"

"Sexy as fuck." I go, cos it is.

"Ooh-la-la, Hayley, there you go, I think Kitt fancies you." Hayley is hugely grinning at me and blushing.

Martin checks Hayley's robin out, and it comes up in his fingers, cos we'd both gone down, but mine came back up again as well, watching Hayley's, cos I know how that feels in my fingers. Martin's pulling his foreskin down and looking closely.

"Good boy, nice and clean. All you need do, is use a sponge round it, underneath, when you shower, okay."

"I've got something better," says Hayley, smirking again. Martin rolls his eyes and laughs.

"I should have seen that coming, shouldn't I. No worries, but use the sponge when you shower. Okay let me have a look at your feet now." Martin seems good with feet, cos Hayley doesn't flinch. "That's nice... lovely and clean. Always dry between your toes."

"He puts them in his mouth. That's not healthy is it, Martin?" says Hayley, grinning at me."

"Yes, if they're clean when you give him them, but I can see you're a lovely clean boy."

"He likes them pongy."

"No I do not!"

"He does, Martin, cos he takes my shoes and socks off to have them, and likes them on his cock as well." Hayley's laughing at me and I'm sticking my tongue out at him. Martin's got a big wide smile on his face and he's shaking, listening to us.

"I do, but they're not pongy, Martin."

"Okay, and pongy doesn't mean dirty, anyway. It's just a bit of bacteria." Martin comes over to look at me now, and puts on new gloves.

"Pop your bum up for me, darling. That's it. You've both got beautiful hair and skin," he says and I'm feeling my bum being pricked now. "Do you look after your bums when you make love?"

"Um... how do you mean?"

"Do you use gel?"

"No, we don't like it."

"Alright, over for me now, precious. That's it. Just tongues and wet mouths, then, hmm?"

"Yes, shouldn't we?

"No, it's good, but a bit of gel with it is better. Are you cool with that, Hayley?"

"Yes, we have used gel but it gets on your tongue when you want to suck and screw more."

"Wet wipes?"

"I know, but it's like wiping the table before you've finished your lunch." I crease up at him and smack my hands, with Martin laughing, too, and wet mouths win.

"Okay, so sucking and kissing for two, with gel off the menu," says Martin, laughing and then goes to my feet, and I know my nails need clipping.

"Boys, keep your nails short. Check each other's when you shower, and you're finger nails, so you're not scratching each other, alright." Martin is now clipping them for me, and I thank him.

"Have you both got bidets at home, boys, with a jet?" I nod. "Lovely. Do you shower together at all?"

"Yes, mostly," That's all I say, cos I don't think he needs to know everything about us.

"And wash each other, yes?" I nod, grinning as Hayley laughs. "Good, super, alright boys, you can dress now and then we can chat some more if you've any questions for me."

We're snogging behind the screen with our hands all over each other, making murmuring sounds. Now we dress and go sit down in an armchair. I have Hayley sitting between my thighs so I can kiss his neck and play with his nipples under his tee, cos we feel comfortable with Martin. He's been very nice with us, and we like him.

Hayley is humming and moving his neck about for me, both of us stiff and happy. We'll be inside mum's car soon, like this, but I'll be inside Hayley's shorts as well, playing with his bare robin, whilst we snog our heads off.

We want to snog now, but Martin's sitting at his desk, next to us, and turns, holding a clip board scribbling things on it. I'm wondering what's next.

"This just a report I make out for your parents about your health check up so they won't fret about you. You're both very clean healthy boys, so far as I'm concerned. Have you any questions about sex or your relationship?"

There's is something I need to talk about, but don't know if I should, cos it could affect me and Hayley's relationship, and if I mess it up and lose him, I'll just want to jump in a black hole and die.

"I do have something, Martin but... well we're both gay, and..."

"Yes, Kitt. Do you want to chat about it?"

"Well yes... but no." Hayley's looking at me, sort of startled and it's making this worse. "Martin, Hayley's my sweetheart and I never want to lose him. I don't ever want to lose you, Hayley.

"But when I'm hard banging you with my bottom bouncing... or rub it in my hand in the mirror, I want... I feel –"

But Hayley cut me off, as I gulped for words, his face changing from shock to a dazzling grin of amusement and understanding.

"– You want to be shagged!"

I dropped my head and couldn't look at him, and bit my bottom lip. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, but Hayley threw his arms round my neck kissing me hard, and spoke in my ear.

"Why would you lose me for that, nang boy?"

"Cos it would mean I'd be with another boy,"

"I know what you meant, silly."

"But he can't have you as well, and – "

Martin cut me off.

"Kitt, Hayley, listen to me. Kitt, do you love Hayley?"

"Yes, so much."

"Tell him, say it."

"I love you, Hayley."


"I love you too, Kitty, I'm yours, I belong to you."

"There then, you love each other. It's special just between you, only. You're both young and very horny. You're at the peak of your adolescent sexuality, with raging hormones for sex and gay too, but also very intelligent. It won't break your love, Kitt, having hot sex with another boy in your bottom. How do you feel about that Hayley?

"I think it's frikking sexy."

"Kitt, what would you do if you got into, lets say, a loose relationship with another boy, and then he wanted Hayley as well?

"I'd dump him, dead flat, if he couldn't deal with Hayley being off limits."

"Would you want to be off limits, Hayley?"

"I dunno, but I'm not necking with another boy, or having his cock in me. I belong to Kitty. I love being hard banged with my legs up, it's sexy delicious with my sexy boyfriend, but I don't want it from another boy, only with Kitt. But Kitty, you should have another older boy. I know he won't be another boyfriend, instead of me.

I give Hayley a squeezing kiss and Martin asks if there's anything else. There isn't and we've had enough now, and thank Martin for everything. We go out with him, back to my mum and he asks to have a little chat with her, and we sit waiting, petting, chatting and kissing.

I've got another surprise for Hayley, an awesome one, when school's out for summer. Cos in three weeks time... we'll be kissing in Barbados.

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A Boys Cameo

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