A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Kyneston School

I've got a boyfriend, but we don't like the gay 'thing', cos we've got our own style. We do behave gay sometimes, well a lot actually, but it's cos of how we are. And anyway, I am boy crazy, but don't hide how I feel, and my boyfriend is too cute and beautiful to have a label on him.

I'm Kitt Sackville-Gaunt and my boyfriend is Hayley Montgomery, he's just turned thirteen and I'm fourteen. I live at Whinscombe Hall, in a small village on the Jurassic coast, just as you pass into Devon, if you're heading for hols there.

My family is quite small, as I've only one sister, who's starting her second Uni year, but I've no brothers. I've a Granny who's impossible to mess with, a cousin, Alicia, who's eleven and a pretty popsicle, but she knows a lot more than she should, and is wicked naughty. Then there's Barry who's going up to Cambridge to do meds. He's like our family Einstein and not bad looking either, but he's unfortunately a total nerdy dork. We're okay with him though, and I know Barry's not gay, else he'd be trying it on with us, cos in looks we're very triable, but neither of us are into dorks.

Dad's in horses mainly, and we've stabling for thirty Thoroughbreds. They're huge fabulous beasts of seventeen hands, and very scary, which he only lets the trainers handle. Then we've crosses for polo and show jumping too, and four that Dad keeps back for the hunt, as we've a local one that he rides to hounds in. I have a small palfrey of fourteen hands, which is enough for me, and I really didn't get much use out of her until I discovered what awesome fun two naked boys can have on her.

Mum's an arts photographer, and goes on shoots for glossies and those big flashy books you only see under coffee tables. She's mainly in arty young stuff, for overseas fashion and ads, and they're a bit naughty sometimes, well a lot naughty actually, but sexy and cool, too. I should know, cos we are two of her boy models, and I'll tell you about that later.

Hayley's Dad's a futures broker and buys oil and metal that don't exist, or haven't been made, yet. Then he sells them in the future that hasn't also come yet, or something like that. It sounded really weird to me, even when his Dad explained it, but it must be a brill job and not just something out of 'Harry Potter'.

We put down for Kyneston for me after prep when I was twelve, cos it was either that, or boarding at Wellington, which Mum didn't want. When I got it out of her why, she said she didn't want me boarding for 'sexual reasons'. Just off like that, 'sexual reasons', not like, 'oh, it will be all rugby,' or flipping masses of science projects. I remember falling down in giggles cos of the way she said it, cos I knew what she was afraid of for me. But I was embarrassed and a bit cross too, though I never talk back to my parents cos I'd rather not say anything than argue, especially as I know what Kyneston's costing my dad. Mum knows what I'm like now, but I never told her that I was already having my head frenched off, even before I was twelve. Parents don't know anything about real life, do they?

But I am my Mum's beautiful darling and I'm Dad's too, anyway. I'm not showing off like a pansy dork about it, though. I get told I'm pretty and beautiful, by grown ups, even though I'm now fourteen, which I suppose is good, considering how gorgeous my boyfriend is. I really appreciate my family to bits though, and how privileged I am.

Kyneston's an independent day school for boys, between Yeovil and Weymouth and is also ages old. It's not big though and only has about two hundred and fifty boys, eleven to sixteen, after that it's college till eighteen, then Uni. We're forty minutes from it by train, and have a halt at Whinscombe for the Plymouth stopping train from Paddington. I've got to be by the door for it though, in centre carriage, cos I was the only one using the stop before I had Hayley with me. His mum did a school run with him before, cos he's got a six year old brother and a fifteen year old sister, as well. The other Kyneston boys are mainly from around Exeter and Weymouth.

Me and Hayley have both been in bed with other boys before we were boyfriends. He started off screwing with his cousins on sleepovers, then dated. I started major screwing when I first got dated at Kyneston. I already liked kissing and being felt up at prep school when I was eleven, and wanted to be in bed with other boys and I knew at twelve I wanted it in my hole. I had lots of nice friends and was allowed on sleepovers with them, specially during school holidays if we were staying home.

Some of their parents had all sorts of rules for us though, about making a racket or running around naked. It also wasn't much fun if my friend had brothers and sisters bothering us. Sleepovers are always best at my house, cos I've got more space and freedom. When I'm at home I can make as much racket as I like with my boyfriend, and we can be in practically nothing all day, except for skimpy mini shorts.

At Kyneston I was slutty at first, till I found what I wanted and how I liked it. Kyneston's not a knocking shop of course, but when you're twelve or thirteen and pretty, you can have any boy you like, even straight ones. Lots of boys I know at Kyneston like boys and girls, specially the fifteen and sixteen year old seniors, but I think that's cos they didn't start with boys, first off.

At home I don't have to hide anything about being gay, or make a big thing about it. After I started at Kyneston I told my parents how much I liked other boys, and that I was being asked on dates. They let me go, except Mum wanted to see his pic and everything, if he wasn't picking me up, and I was choosy with them, anyway.

Even though I can talk to my dad about sex, if I want to, I didn't tell him I had two boys in my hole on my first date. They were both Kyneston prefects, and they were so nice with me. It was delicious with their two mouths and tongues all over my body. My hole stung a lot at first, of course from their teen pricks, but I got the proper gel rubbed up me, and they let me shaft myself on it, till I got used to it.

It was such thrilling fun after I was happy with everything, though. I was snogged and bounced by one boy holding me, while I shafted on the other one. Then they changed over and I bounced on him, while the other boy sucked me off. That was amazing, cos as my hole came up his prick, my prick got sucked in the other boys mouth, in and out, in and out. I think I nearly blew my goolies off coming from that. I got the giggle fits too, cos they wanted to screw me standing up. It's very sexy like that, so I clung round him, while the other boy tried to hold my bottom up as well, but we kept slipping and after two goes, I was on the carpet, rolling about, nearly in hysterics from them.

My second date was with only one boy, and he fucked me professionally on my back, with my legs up. It was my first time for it that way, and he creamed in me four times, while I just kept coming and coming from it, out of my mind. I remember it cos he wouldn't let me let me shower. I had to stand over his face while it dribbled down my legs. It was sexy though and I

I liked showing my body off when I was twelve, still do really, and with my pretty looks I got pestered to be kissed and groped at school. I easily gave in to the gorgeous ones, obviously, but then when they found out I was a horny little princess as well, I got yanked about, and stripped, straight off. I only had to scream my head off, of course, if I didn't like it, cos with my looks I sort of got protected at school. That way, I didn't get into any bother with awful, horrid boys, which in any case, there aren't many like that at Kyneston.

All I wanted first off, was to be a sexy little tart and have lots of fun. So I just flung my arms around nice sexy prefects and frenched my head off with them, while they played with me inside my panties. I didn't get completely stripped of course, just my trousers and undies pulled down, and of course I looked after my gorgeous blazer. I got enough attention with two or three boys busy with me, being sucked and kissed with fingers inside my bottom all at the same time, and was half delirious from it.

Me and Hayley were both treated decently in bed by older boys. When we wanted it in our holes, we were both started off slowly with the proper gel by nice older boys who knew what they were doing. That's the main reason you get to like boysex so much, when you've been nicely treated, first off.

I've never worn briefs or boxer undies since I started at Kyneston. I wanted to go the whole way and be a pansy little tart, with the way boys liked me so much. My panties are pretty, and feel nice and snug on me. I get them from a kids superstore called Kidzerama in Tharlsmorton, but they're proper boys wear. They have no fly though, just a cock pouch, and even when I'm bone stiff, my prick's comfortable in them. I let them drop with my pants, to pee at school, and don't mind my bare bottom being stroked, if I fancy by the boy next to me.

Kidzerama has heaps of stuff for boys and girls, everything you can think of for kids. It's all under one roof, from really sexy clothes to trampolines and go-karts, ski wear, skate boards, to pet food and posters. That's apart from all the musical and electronic stuff – like Xboxes, keyboards, phones, drums, and laptops. Then there's the Kisserama, a massage room, hairdresser and they can get you into modelling and findafriend dating. It's a totally perfect store.

I know I have just as much sex at Kyneston as I would boarding, well not actual 'sex' but you know what I mean. And anyhow, what boy wants sex in a two foot metal bed, when you can have it at home everyday, in your own bed. And kissing's sex too, isn't it, cos with another boy, you don't just hold him, do you? It's not like with a girl, I don't think, where she doesn't want your hands on her bare bottom inside her knickers. I like boys hands on my bare bottom, and so does Hayley.

Cock's on my mind all day at school and it's up in my panties, nearly all the time. I can't go a full day without having it out, to at least look at and stroke. I'm jittering and nearly moaning from it, when break comes, to have it sucked. At least I can sooth it when I have it out, which helps me focus. I'm not the only one, though, and you can tell the masters know we've got them out, cos they walk round without taking any notice.

At Kyneston our school motto is 'severitatem inhibere', strictness inhibits, and that's just how school is, cool and laid back. It's fabulous. We're in light grey pants, with to-die-for blazers in bright maroon and gold braid. These are our school colours, plus royal blue, and show off on the school shield, on our top pockets, and ties. Kyneston is crème-de-la-crème in three counties, and we get looked at major out of school. We're like royal princes. I still get prickly wearing my uniform out in town somewhere, getting ogled. Hayley says I'm sexy hot property, and should be used to it by now, then I show him who's my sexy hot property.

During the week, Dad's usually up before us, checking the stables. He'll come into the house sometimes before we leave and catch us mirror posing in the hall before we go for our train. He stands quietly gazing at me, wiping his hands, with a big pleasant smile on his face, very slowly ogling me up and down, appreciating me in my uniform. That is until I shout at him to stop doing it, cos I'm blushing my head off and laughing in embarrassment. Dad chin's his head at me then, and I throw myself at him in adoration, and feel his lips on my neck as he squeezes me, trembling with his love that's passing through me, and Hayley gulps and wipes his eyes. Then stepping away, he'll pick up his keys and flip them to me. "Get in the car," he says, quietly, and then that starts me off gulping too, cos I know he's going out of his routine, taking us to school.

For the morning train though, we have to wave the 7.45am down, cos it's just a platform at Whinscombe, not a station. If we miss that one, Dad has to rescue us. We get to school quicker in his AMG, but he's flipping embarrassing when we get there, squeezing and kissing me again and I have to remind him I'm fourteen, not nine!

On the train you can kiss in 'first' cos it's always half empty, obviously. But you have to wait while the Ticket Beak's passed through, cos she can get flipping huffy if she catches you 'messing about', and it's quicker to stop kissing than get your boyfriend off your lap, isn't it? I know she doesn't let it go on in second though and you can get kicked off, even if it's miles before your stop.

Then there's the pervy 'business directors' to keep an eye on, looking for boycandy. There's the ones who look at us and make huffy tutting noises with coughing and head shaking, but with bone hard cocks for us. They're okay though, it's the ones with the silly smiles beaming about, trying to catch our eyes that we have to watch. We know straight away which is which too, cos when they get on and see us, the huffy ones come down the aisle passed us, then sit out of the way.

The silly ones start with a straight face and sit near us, then start with the smiles. The worst is when they want to start talking to us. If Cassidy's with us, our best school friend, when we get a smiley one, he gets his prick out and flicks it about and gives the perv a straight faced stare dare. They usually eff off then. It's not nice, but we don't get cross about it, cos I know they wouldn't dare touch us. It makes us stiff, obviously, to get looked at and ogled when you know your cute and off limits, but still... All we can do is giggle or snog, or stare at our iPads, till it's our stop. If you've a really pretty boyfriend, you just up and move seats.

I was just turned fourteen when me and Hayley became boyfriends, but before we got serious, there was Etienne, who's a first year at Kyneston. Some twelve year olds are gorgeous sexy little brats, and don't give a toss about anything when they want you. I fancied Etienne like crazy too, cos he's a delicious little fairy. On our school run he also travels 'first' so we soon got into each other. He wasn't what you'd really call a 'boyfriend' though, cos he lives in Torquay, and that's nearly thirty miles from us.

He's a quiet twelve year old, Anglo-French boy, but forward, and quite bossy. He doesn't sound it – it's the way he uses his hands – wafting them about or tapping me, or he jerks his head. His English is good too, though when he gets stuck, he uses his body. Because he's quiet, and has a very French accent, it makes me want to sign language him, too, cos my French is still a bit hopeless.

Soon after we got to know each other, I had him on my lap all the time and we snogged our heads off, till my stop. One afternoon, when we'd left off a bit though, I was petting and stroking him to show him how I felt. We were both a bit dazed and Etienne was holding my neck, staring about in a daydream with his pert little smirk. I was breathing in his body scent, feeling almost frightened from it, cos he's such a gorgeous pet.

I was throbbing from my prick but I can hold off for a wank cos my journey's not that long, but his is a while after mine, so when I get off, he wank's in the toilet. I was wondering how naughty I could be with him, though. So carefully, to get my meaning right, I held up my hole finger between us. He was slowly flashing his eyes about lazily, pretending not to look at it, or change his expression, and still kept looking about. But he knew what I meant and his sexy mouth gave him away, trying to hide a quivering grin. I sniggered at him wickedly and wiggled my finger on his tummy, teasing him. Then just as he was going to give himself completely away in a giggle, he darted his mouth on mine and smothered it. Then he got off my lap and standing between my legs, locking eyes with me, like he was watching a boring movie, he unfastened himself, got out of his pants and undies in one go, then got back on my lap, and luckily for us we were sat out of the way. Then he grabbed my wrist and put my hole finger into his mouth.

"Do you know what to do with it?" he said, holding my wrist up with both hands. I glared at him, bubbling at his cheekiness.

"Are we on a dare?"

"No... it's your finger, not your cock," he said, laughing.

He really wanted it, so I smothered his mouth passionately and wormed into him till his bottom was on my palm then gave him a wicked nice time. And wow, what he did with his pretty bottom on it, for a twelve year old, really shocked me. He was like a choirboy. He frigged and shafted his hole about then came in spurty dribbles, and then nestled his head into my shoulder, panting in little gasps. I gave him some tissues from my holdall, then he quickly got back into his pants and back on my lap and I hugged and petted him while we recovered from each other.

"Sorry," he said, grinning as he looked at my astonished face.

"Cor, I don't mind, you're gorgeous. But so for only twelve, where's your bum been? I said, kissing him.

"It is different for French boys," was all he said, but I decided not to ask why.

"What about here though... haven't you someone special at school?"

"I have no one special yet, except you. Do you want to have me properly?"

"What do you think... I'd love to have you in my bed, but how can we manage that, dolly face, with you in Torquay?"

"Leave me, your stop is coming up," he said, in a peeve, "You will do something, if you really want me."

What that would be, I had no idea, but my stop was close now, so I grabbed my things and kissed his pretty mouth, and felt him stuff something into my pocket, then I fled.

As I keyed my dongle at our Hall gates, I fished out what he'd given me. Soon as my fingers touched material, I knew it had to be his briefs... no... a silk hanky. No, neither. I put them to my nose as I walked down the driveway, and breathed in the delicious essence of him, from his girly, pretty silk panties. Sexy, I thought, and I spent the rest of the afternoon creaming my prick into them.

Nothing much happened between me and Etienne, though after that, cos I was getting into my relationship with Hayley and every other boy I knew faded out of my mind. But then I got into the middle of some bother, and it was my own stupid fault cos I drifted into it. It was when me and Hayley first became boyfriends, using the train together.

I tried to avoid Etienne by sitting in another carriage, but it didn't work cos he found me. I didn't want to hurt his feeling, but he saw how me and Hayley were with each other, though pretended to ignore him and kept flirting with me. He got up to sit on my lap and I had to do a quick play act to get out of that. But Hayley misses nothing and saw there was something between us, and oh wow, did they get into a temper between themselves. Shoo, and did I have some explaining to do, trying to sort us out. I've got too many feelings for other boys to mess them about, so I was in tears.

When we got off at our stop, Hayley really laid it on me. "If I catch you even looking at her again I'll smack the little tart's face right off her head." Then Hayley burst into tears and I felt so stupid and helpless between them... me a silly flipping kid with romance problems. I'm not a heartbreaker, getting off on boys fighting over me. So well anyway, I phoned Etienne later, and had a private sweet-talk chat with him to apologize. He's only twelve, and I cried how he took it so well and I'm gonna find him a proper boyfriend if I can. I don't want to have any more romantic showdowns pushing me into facing love, it's so cruel.

To begin with, I hardly took much notice of Hayley, I really liked the look of him, but he always seemed to have one particular older boy hanging around him, a year older than me. I couldn't tell whether the boy was gay or not, but I just knew Hayley definitely was, from everything about him, so I thought there was probably something going on between them.

Even at Kyneston you have to be careful, coming on to another boy you fancy. But from cocksucking I soon found out if a boy liked me 'that way', or just wanted me for a toy. Everyone I know at Kyneston likes being sucked, but most aren't cocksuckers, and you can't tell from looking at his prick or sucking it, whether he's gay, can you?

There were nice boys all around me, so I left off wondering about Hayley, except to find out his name and age. I didn't want him in my head if I wasn't going to be in his. By the time I was thirteen and a half I'd been really well fucked on dates, but now I was turning fourteen, I decided I wanted a proper boyfriend, but one younger than me, cos I'd started fancying twelve and thirteen year olds instead.

So I started checking Hayley out again, cos I really liked the look of him and he is a year younger than me. But now when I caught site of him at break or lunch, he was either sat alone or with class mates, without the older boy hovering around him now, but every time I glanced at him, he caught my eye and smiled back.

At our sports day, a couple of weeks later, I saw we were in the same track events, but on different teams. I'm fast and long legged, and can fly, and love track and field. I finished my last event and sat down for a rest on a bench near the track-side, to see whether my team would clinch it or not. Then I saw Hayley... fly. He was breathtakingly fast on his legs, like a spooked Gazelle.

I was about to go shower and change, when I saw him strolling about, then he ambled up in a round about way towards me. I eyed him up and down, and saw for the first time how gorgeous he really was. He's pretty in a boy way, like I am, and a blondie, with the loveliest hair I've ever seen on a boy. It hangs straight past his collar, and is fine and silky like a girl's, and flutters and flips about in the least puff of wind. Mine's more of a golden brown and curls down my neck.

'What a doll,' I thought, eyeing him, as my prick came up. He was dressed like me, in a white tee with his house colours, and white silk shorts and I could tell also, like me, he had no briefs on. I watched his long graceful legs as he came up towards me, walking like a model. Sexy wasn't even in it. He sat down on my bench and we got into intros, and as with me, he already knew my name. So then we went into casual chat about the sprint events, eyeing the track field, while I listened to his flutey voice.

"I thought I was fast, till I saw how you move," I said. It was a bit lame, but I wasn't going to rush it with this creature.

"I think I was rather showing off. It was an idiot pace."

"Do you like it here?" I said, meaning Kyneston, and shuffled, to edge up a bit closer.

"I'm not sure," he said, a bit vaguely, glancing at my face.

We chit chatted about school and gossiped a bit, in a nice way, about other boys. Then he lifted his knee up to scratch his crotch, and then higher still to really get into it, and this had to be a flirt, cos he was now showing all of his bare thigh to me, nearly close enough to kiss it. That wasn't fair, I thought, and hoped he wasn't just a cockteaser, so I reached for the heel of his shoe.

"I like your Reeboks," I said, taking his heel, "And by the way, you've got sexy legs."

All he had to do now, was get up, and walk off if he didn't like me flirting with him, and I didn't mind risking a punch, either. But I got neither. He shuffled a bit and gave me a nice sexy smile, and I got double my compliments back.

"Thanks, and yours are sexy, too... fit and beautiful, actually," he said.

"Plus ditto that for yours, then," I batted back, and got a delightful little giggle. Then he posed his leg about for me, and bent his knee right up again, lifting his foot. And then, gazing off into space somewhere, he let it down over my leg, with his bare thigh resting on top of mine.

"Sorry, do you mind?" he said, cute and cheeky.

"Flip, no... of course not," I said, and I started stroking my hand along it, cos I wasn't going to leave that alone. He let me, and showed it was more than okay with him, edging close up to me so that we were touching. My prick was tenting like a fairground, but I didn't try to hide it and just ogled Hayley's crotch, who also wasn't minding his prong showing, either.

"You're into us, aren't you?" he said, with a sexy pert grin.

"Well yeah... do you mind?," I said.

"Noo, I'm okay with it. You're even cooler than I thought. I was hoping you was as gay as me, cos I don't like straights trying me for a cocksuck."

Hayley's awesome, and so cute and natural, but I didn't want to just take advantage of him, just cos he's gay – like I'm a gross letch or something, so I took my hand off him. But then he came out with...

"You can go up my shorts if you want to, by the way... I like you feeling me up."

"Awh... yes please, if you don't mind," I said, and now I did kiss his thigh, and helped myself to all of it.

My hand slid up the side of his thigh and crept into his naked crotch while he chatted, and I found his lovely goolies, smooth and nice and now I was so horny for him, my prick was leaking and wetting me, and I felt his prick up. It's such a nice sexy slender one, with a curve, and I fondled over him inside his shorts, listening to his sexy voice making my prick achy hard, while I breathed in his sexy body smell.

"I've liked you for ages, Kitt." he said, dreamily.

"You're my walking dream boy," I said, "I've been wanting to come onto for ages, but I saw you were, sort of with someone, an older boy, so I let it drop, cos you're too effing cute for me to spoil anything you already had."

"Oh him... noo. I haven't got anything with him. He was trying it with me, and wouldn't leave me alone, and he could see I didn't want him. And you're effinger the most gorgeous dream boy I've ever met, and I've seen you about with lots of cute boys, so thanks for calling me effing cute." Then we kissed.

"Can I date you, please, Hayley... you're my must-have?" I said, with me starting to sound a bit whiny.

"No problem... of course we can. Are you serious?" he said, grinning.

"Yes of course, duh... Want bet I'm not?" I stood up, and offered him my hand. "Our first one's over there if you like, under those trees." I said, pointing towards a copse in our school grounds.

Under the oak trees on that stunning afternoon, with my mouth and hands all over this creature, I totally baggsed him for myself and made him mine. That began us then, over three months ago and we've never looked back yet.


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