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10 February 2016
A Blush of Boys - Chapter 4, by Jolyon Lewes • Elf Boy's Friends - V - Chapter 8, by George Gauthier • Knots, Book 3 - Chapter 26, by Elias Scott • Love in the Dunes - Part 2, by Rafael Henry • Marco in the Park - Part 23, by Nick Brady • Purity - Chapter 14, by Westcliff Writer • The Only Way to Fly - Chapter 1, by DJ

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Which orgasm type are you?

When I watch porn where a guy is having a serious wank I have noticed two types of action at orgasm and ejaculation time. One is the guy whose muscles tense, whose butt squeezes, whose hand turns into a blur and really seems to work hard at it. That's type 1 in the question below. The other is the guy who just strokes casually and passes through orgasm and ejaculation with an outflow of semen that doesn't seem to affect him, almost as if he is having a conversation with you while having an orgasm. That's type 2.

Type 1
Type 2
Mostly type 1, sometimes 2
Mostly type 2, sometimes 1
Both, equally
Either, at my choice
What is an orgasm?

Current Results