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24 April 2017
Book 3: The Centre - Chapter 2, by Rick Beck • Dura et Pulsans - Chapter 2, by Rick Masters • Jay & Miles - Chapter 12, by ColumbusGuy • Love Conquers All - Chapter 1, by Flaming Matt • Mark and Me - Chapter 3, by c m • Refugee Part One - Exodus - Chapter 7, by William King • Walking the Wild Side - Chapter 10, by Nigel Gordon

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Writing Challenges

There will be regular writing challenges for the foreseeable future. New objectives for writers will be released regularly. For the full list of challenges and summary results, please see our challenge index.

Black and White Boys

No, this is not a racial statement, this is the title of our first challenge for 2017. The results are in! Polling closed on 1 April at noon

Write a sequel

Submissions are open. This is the second challenge for 2017. The intent is to test the author and highlight another story too.