A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 4

Bringing it On

It will be be easy for Jasper to date me, cos he lives in Lyme Regis which is only about five miles from our place, and he's got a Vespa scooter, too. I don't know how it will work out with Hayley and Madison though for sleepovers, but that will be after our hols anyway.

We've each been sexting Jas and Maddy all week, cos we won't be with them till we meet up on Friday, to start our hols. Jas's been a total letch with me on Skype, and I don't think there's even an inch of my naked body he has'nt got shots of now, and me his. Hayley's hardly been off his phone and laptop with Maddy. I've been teasing them all week about their, on screen pricks for each other, and video wanking on Skype. I would'nt mind a few kisses with Maddy, too. He's got a lovely pert bottom and I'd make him squeal his pretty head off enjoying it. But what with Haze and him being like glued magnets for each other, and Jas being a full menu, I doubt I'll get a look in with Hayley, never mind Maddy.

I'm very close to my parents, but I was glad my dad's overseas at the moment when it came to explaining Jasper. I prob'ly would have done it 'courtly and socially well mannered', which is a favourite saying of my mum's, when it comes to delicate issues. If I'd had to face my dad... lets not go there.

I felt Jasper was a delicate issue when it came to explaining, 'how come I'm having a sixteen year old hunky lad going to Barbs with me, at a moments notice', kind of thing. There was no getting round it, really. I just told her the truth, leaving out the sex of course. I told her how we'd met and what Jasper was like... a cute and gorgeous sixteen year old hunky.

"I've drooled over him for ages, Mum. He's going to be school senior prefect when we go back, and he's totally to-die-for." At that, she wanted to see his pic. None had a stitch of clothing on, but at least there were a couple of just head and torso.

"Oof, yes. I see what you mean. He's all of that, isn't he."

Silly me, being a gay little queer, I wasn'tt ready for her next questions. I held on to my tablet, though.

"Has he just got no top on?"

"Oh, um, I think so. He's just showing off."

"Have you shown off to him?"

Have I, let me think... close ups of my crotch, standing naked over the camera, with shots up my legs to my knackers, every sexy expression of my face, my rigid prick spunking, twenty shots of my bare bum in various angles, my bare feet....

"Yes, just a couple of similar ones."

"Are you going to have a relationship with him. Does he want you to?"

"Um, well, yes. He fancies me quite a lot and I told him... sort of let him... no, not let him, I mean we like each other, you know. I haven't splurged all that out to him, though, but he knows I like him that way, like he does me."

Yep to that and more. I'm never shy holding back from a boy. More like hero worship with sex in it. Everything a raving little queer boy can tell a hunky lad, like him. He did'nt need to be clued up anyway, after me slutting my stiff prick out for his fingers, in a shop.

"isn't he interested in girls, either. He's a stunning boy?"

He told me he does like some girls as well, and asked if I thought he was a bit pervy, being sixteen and liking twelve year olds, but that he liked boys more, and especially me. I just told him that if he was going to date me, I did'nt want any girls involved, hanging around him, or him two timing me with one, or another boy. Then I thought about Alicia, she's eleven, but easily looks twelve. I think she's twenty five in her head, though. I just know this is going to be an issue in Barbs, cos she is boy crazy, but she's more mouthy than experienced... I wonder though.

"He's just dating me, Mum, we're not getting married. He does like girls as well as boys, okay."

"He must like you a lot, changing all his holiday plans so quickly for you, and getting on our flight."

"He's smart, Mum, and very clever and savvy, and anyway, who does'nt want a holiday in Barbados."

"What about Hayley, though, sweetheart. You're going to have two boyfriends on holiday."

She meant about me and Hayley's relationship. Hayley had already splurged to mum about Maddy going with us, and that they're best friends.

"They're each different though, Mum. It's just that I'm like Hayley with Jas. Hayley's my sweetheart and I'm Jas's sweetheart... see."

I quickly changed the subject, before that got complicated.

"So can Jas and Maddy be in the ad shoot, please? We've mentioned it to them and they both want to be."

"I don't see why not, but I won't actually be doing the shooting now. Holly, a young lady from the media production at Kidzerama will be handling it."

"What will you be doing?"

"Nothing, just enjoying my holiday."

Oh gawd, I thought, fashion posing in front of a girl.

Mum seemed fairly satisfied with what I'd told her about Jas, so that was out of the way, and when she phoned Dad later on, I did'nt get any negative stuff back from her. He promised to show up in Barbs at least by the third week of our hols, so he'll meet Jas then. I'm not dreading it, but my relationship with him is quite different to that with my mum. He makes me giggle and blush and slings me about, which I love, but I just know I'm going to scream when he looks from Jas to me. My parents are used to seeing me and Hayley twined up together, kissing and messing about, specially after school. Now they'll have to get used to seeing me on Jas's lap, and hardly out of his arms. I know how he's going to be with me. I'm going to be fucked senseless on the bed during the day too, and there's no upstairs, there.

Then I sort of had Hayley on my case at bed time. I got in bed and he lay naked on top of me, as usual, while I stroked his lovely silky bare bum with us bucking in spasms from our cocks rubbing. We lied relaxed, petting lips, smirking, writhing, nipping, chittering with breathy laughs, looking into each other's sexy faces.

But there was a change. He was kissy with me, but did'nt want to snog and roll over. He started lecturing me, poking and jabbing me, emphasizing things. I got what a horrible twat I am about my hole, and that wanting horny prick in it was going to ruin my life and that I'd better watch it. He's got a really serious side that makes you want to listen to him, but like he knows stuff at thirteen you can't even Google.

I know it's only game. Still, I listened to him about boys holes and him telling me about his, but that his was different and special. So I interviewed him about it, trying not to giggle. I got how it was a good job he liked feeling my hands on his bum, even when it was covered, else we would'nt even be boyfriends. Did I really understand that issue, even if I seemed to be only doing it nicely to please him, and did I really understand why my prick was in it at least five times a day. That set me going.

He felt me wanting to explode, and I snorted like a rhinoceros, shaking, and wanted to put a pillow over my face cos he's really just a little twat that I'm in love with, but one who can't match his straight face, one on one, in any game. My eyes were watering from him, but I got told to shut up while he went back to talking about my hole, jabbing me again for attention, and what cocks should be in it, and how what, or not, will happen to it, and what it needs now or does'nt need. I got insulted and poked again because I was 'joking and being rude'. It was a good job the little twat was laid on top of me, else I'd have rolled out of bed in a screeching fit.

But then I did lose it, and started crying laughing, while his beautiful hazel eyes gazed into mine as he smirked at me. I brought my hole finger up between our faces to give him the bird about his lecture, but waited to see if he took it like that. He rolled his eyes at me and tutted, then checked his nails but did'nt answer, so I yanked him off me and pushed my tongue into his pussy. Then I yanked him back onto me and stared him in the eye and smacked his bottom.

"Finished about my hole?"

He pushed his tongue down my mouth and arched his bum up.

"I want you to keep Jas, that's all. He'll be expecting you to be a talented horny little darling in bed, like me. Put it in me, we haven't finished."

I slid my hole finger in, then he demo'd his bum on it, ramping and squirming, better than any French boy. When I kept it still he was even better writhing on it. This was nothing new though, we'd snogged like this in bed even on our first date.

"Like that, see. It tells the boy that you're delirious about him for prick, when the time comes."

The apocalypse! I nearly went into an hysterics fit again and could'nt speak. He took up my prick and crashed his mouth onto mine, wanking me while we ate each other, snogging and whining our heads off.

As we rolled over, he crossed his ankles over behind my neck, showing off again, then fastened them around my back and pushed down. My bell head went in, and straight away I felt his rosebud grip me. I pushed in and squashed my pubes to his pussy, wailing in bliss with him.

We fucked, and fucked, and fucked, half the night away. That night, I think I had the most beautiful fuck with boy, that I'll ever have in my life, at least until it got upgraded, later.

I made time to have my hair seen to during the week, but did'nt know what to have done with it. It's got long, way down past my collar, but it flares out. The stylist said I should just have a trim but made such a gay fuss about it, or rather, me.

"Your hair's awesome, Kitty... goldy and wild. It sets off your lovely features. You only need a trim here and there, then I'll blonde streak it for you. Have you got a boyfriend at the moment?"

He knows me a bit, and I sometimes pop in with friends. I said I hadn't, but he'd already guessed I was gay.

"Ooh go on... I don't believe you. I bet you have, you little heartbreaker." he said, shaking out the cover thingy.

I was smiling like a silly little pussy, blushing. Then worse, I felt my prick uncurl itself and poke my shorts up. He covered me, tittering to himself. Then in the next breath, I got...

"That bad, huh. Is he in love with you? I would be."

I'm not a kid who usually comes out with random garbage to strangers, but he was making me feel really horny and I should know better actually about men, even gay twenty somethings. I wickedly wound him up.

"He's so possessive, that's the only thing, and horny."

"Well I would be, with you," he said, clipping and flouncing about.

"You're too young for me, though. My boyfriend's forty five tomorrow, that's why I'm having this done."

That shut him up a bit and I could see him gulping. I flipped the cover up and started stroking my prong up, gazing dreamily in the mirror so's he could watch.

"Sorry, you don't mind me caring for it, do you, only I haven't been sucked this morning, he had to dash off."

"Sweetie, don't. I know you're lying. I'm only having a little tease with a beautiful boy. There's nothing in it. I know what he'll be really like, sweetheart."

I flipped the cover back down and blushed. "Oh what then is he like?"

"A teen like you, a little bit older."

"How'd you guess that?"

"By how you are with me, offish and huffy. I'm only twenty six, gay and good looking. You'd have been sweet, and flirting properly if you'd fancied me. Gay pretty young chicks like you don't waste themselves on men."

"Oh sorry then. Yes, I don't go with grown men. He's sixteen and a half, and I've got a thirteen year old boyfriend as well."

"There you go, then." He held his palm up and I tapped it like a gay pussy.

"A posh pretty darling.. .yes, I'll bet their they're both awesome."

He got streaking, then brushed it out and made me look very sexy.

"There you go, pretty chick. Do you like it?"

"Yes thanks, I look wow."

"Come in together with them next time, alright?"

"I might do, you're very nice. Just be a bit cooler with kids though. We know exactly where we are and it's us that come on to you, if we want to, okay."

"Alright, precious."

I paid, then exited with a bum pat. I'm not scared of adult men, and know lots are into us, like major, but the age thing... hmm. It's dead sexy for a laugh, though, flirting with them, but cruel too, I suppose.

Friday's come at last. We knew it was obviously going to be hot in Barbados, and it was also very warm here, but me and Hayley wanted to look cool, as well as feel cool. He put on a pair of pinafore shorts without a tee top, and looks cute and sexy with his bare back and shoulders.

I put on white cotton midi shorts, and a stripey coloured tank top, then checked my self out in the mirror. Gosh, my bum is so stunning in them, and it feels gorgeous. I'm showing off my naked tummy button as well, cute and cheeky in the bare gap under my top. Will my shorts give a boy's hands easy access up them to my bare bottom, ? Ticked. Not just any boy of course – only the one I'm so stiff and shivering for all the time, only the one I wet my panties for when he touches me, if I'd had some on.

I've nearly got the look I want now. I dab on my 'Fierce' cologne here and there, with a drop of number five Chanel, then fasten my gold Aries pendant chain round my neck, and slip on my Mykita sunglasses... voilà. Now I look at the boy in the mirror. Yesss... the sophisticated hot young darling, mwah. I'll pretend butter would'nt melt in my hole. I'll need a body guard, though. Got one – Jasper Sydenhay – sixteen year old panty dropper. I'd drop mine for him anywhere.

Our flight's not till mid afternoon, but Granny and my cousins stayed overnight with us at Whinscombe, cos they're in Bath. Barry's come over from Plymouth and Jasper and Madison arrived for breakfast. I did the intros for us all, though it was a bit of a strain not feeling so free and easy with my friends, cos of family around. There wasn'tt exactly any hanky panky, but the four of us did lark around a bit, and the comments and compliments flying around were quite sexy and hot. Jas gave his opinion of me in front of everyone, basically telling everyone how gorgeous and stunning I looked.

I hadn't seen Alicia since Christmas and she's starting to grow a bit more and looks very pretty in a strappy little sun dress, that looks very flimsy. She was flirting and gawping at Jas like her tongue was on the floor, while he was ogling her pointy little titties that you could easily see through her dress. No training bra on, of course, the little minx. I would'nt be surprised if she has'nt got panties on either, even in that little frikking dress, she's bloody naughty enough. Anyhow I gave her hugs and kisses and got them back, and joked with her about hanging out with us four gorgeous teenage boys. She got hugs and kisses from my friends, and they got squeals back from her like she was going to wet herself.

Mum fussed over this and that last minute thing with the staff, and after that, we were on our way. We caught a stopping train to Exeter, then flew from there to Heathrow, which did'nt even take an hour. Mum knew we would'nt want adults around us, for nine hours of flying, so she'd booked 'business class' for herself, Granny and Barry, but with us in 'first'. We'll be flying via the Azores, like I did last time. It touches down there, cos it's a shuttle flight and you can stretch your legs for half an hour, then it takes off for our destination.

As we stood in line to get our bags and cases checked in, Jas was behind me, wrapping me in his arms. He was giving me neck kisses but I had to slap his hands off me nearly straight away, to stop him wanking me. But now my prick won't go down.

Once we'd got rid of our baggage, we followed Mum and them into 'first' lounge, to wait for our flight which still had ages to go. Us five did'nt want to hang around in there of course, and there were blokes eyeing us up, so we took off to look around, with Alicia tagging along. Jasper took us all off, to duty-free and now it was our turn to be treated. He bought me a silk bandanna and some surfer anklets, and we all got rainbow looms and jelly bracelets. Then Hayley and Maddy took off, and Jasper led me off to have me somewhere out of the way.

I flung my arms round his neck and then he bent me backwards into a letchy kiss, making me moan, then stared into my eyes and stroked my bum.

"You make me feel like my clothes are falling off me," I said. "How do you do that, perv?" I asked, eagerly grinning at him.

"It's a premonition. You're clothes will be coming off you on the plane and you'll be sitting with my knob up you. Fair's fair, isn't it, looking like you do... I have waited all week."

"See if I care what you do with me," I said, flaunting myself on him, as I hung round his neck, grinning into his eyes. He lifted me off the floor and carried me over to sit down on his lap. I buried my face in him shaking in silent giggles, noticing we were being majorly stared at.

"I'd pull your shorts off you here, but you've got no panties on, have you, and your prick's made a very naughty fun fair tent, has'nt it. Are sexually attracted to me or something?"

As I laughed and giggled, he pulled my legs and arms about putting his surfer anklets, rainbow looms and jelly bracelets on me, then my bandanna, making me look cool and feel even sexier. He has'nt got a clue what the colours mean, though. I passed, on the seven colours that I've had, except for red.

"I don't frikking lap dance," I said, laughing as I got off his lap to stretch and look around, then I explained the colours to him.

"You would know about that sort of stuff, would'nt you, being a pansy dolly." He squeezed me and pulled me back down and I sat astride his thighs, hanging round his neck again, lost in him, with my rigid prick tingling.

"I like being your pansy dolly, hunky boy. Are you really going to shag me on the plane?"

"Well that's up to you, isn't it? your pussy will be sat down on it, what must I do?"

I ogled his dark eyes, grinning and smirking into them, feeling really happy. He's so bloody awesome and stunning.

"Did you think we'd just be kissing for nine hours with my hand inside your shorts. We're on holiday, and you need to be fucked on the plane, you know that. Don't worry about it."

He'd got me so wound up I started whimpering and squirming and nipped his neck, till he tickled me.

"Talk to me about your pussy," he said, nipping my ear.

"What about it, bag head? You've had it in your face on Skype, you've stroked and fingered up it, and I'll be sitting it down on your cock soon enough. What do you want to know?"

"About other pricks in it."

I'd pretended to sound in a peeve, now I giggled at him. He's so funny with me.

"I've had lots of prick in it, since I started dating. But not lots of boys, just lots of prick, I told you when we were Skyping, or have you only been ogling my bum pics?"

"Cor, what a naughty little cherry. I wished I'd shagged you when you were twelve, you little sexy cunt."

He stood up and began to shuffle me forward, hugging me, latched to my neck.

"I'd let you screw me in the airport, if we could. You know how much I like you. And Jazzy, you can shag a bed full of pretty twelve year olds if you want. Their pricks and tongues are hanging out for you at school, for the asking, with fresh little pussies aching for cock."

"Lets go look at the gelatos."

"Are we having some?"

The ice cream counter did'nt seem to be doing business and he did'nt want any. It was just another vacant space, with no one about. One hand went down my shorts, and the other one went under my tee, to play with my nipples.

"I like the flavour of this better," he said, latching his mouth to my neck. I Just threw back my head in paradise, helplessly moaning from him. My hips started to bonk, and I was panting, starting to spasm already. Then a voice that wasn'tt Jas's, spoke from out of nowhere.

"Can I help you?"

"No, I can manage myself, thanks," I heard Jas say. It was too late, my body and my voice were both out of control, and I was jizzing. Coming quickly down to earth though, I opened my eyes and there was the gelato man staring into my face. I went bright crimson and screeched.

"Do you want five minutes in my fridge with her?

That'll cool her down." the gelato man said, laughing his head off.

I shook Jas off me and stormed away, feeling so embarrassed and cross, and went over to sulk behind a big pillar, leaning against it with my arms folded.

He came over, wanting me back in his arms, but I wriggled him off me and slapped his hands.

"Why can't you leave me alone?

"I dunno... not my problem, go look in a mirror."

"Stop wanking me in the airport, I've spunked my shorts up." I stamped my foot, and nearly started to giggle my head off for sounding like a pussy little girl. I'm really enjoying how I feel with Jasper inside myself, though. I've wanted to be with a lad like this for ages. Well, at least since me and Hayley got into each other. How lucky I am, too.

My boy god stared at me, licking his fingers, petting kisses at me. I rolled my eyes and tutted, still in a huff, which I was putting on really, but trying not to smirk. He went and leaned on the next pillar, peeking at me, making faces, but I would'nt give in.

Then Alicia who'd been hanging about, not far away, keeping an eye on us, came over and hugged me.

"You're such a sexy boy, Kitty. That's why he can't leave you alone."

"I know, but so what. He's got no manners with me, he's just embarrassing. He does'nt care who's looking.

She giggled. "You like boys pulling you about, and doing you. You said so. Jasper's beautiful, isn't he, I'd let him do anything with me."

"I know... I wish the time would hurry up. I want cock and it's giving me the jitters, waiting."

I was jittering, and catching my breath in, thinking about his. I'm not used to waiting for a fuck. Okay at school, yes, but not like this. I've chatted lots to Alicia about boys as well, for months. Now I was really splurging horny stuff to her and not caring if she's only eleven and a half, but we are friends and she is in puberty.

"So are you in love with him? Is he going to be your proper boyfriend?"

"Yes, but what do you mean, proper boyfriend?

"You can't have two boyfriends and anyway, Hayley and Maddy are in love, too. Maddy told me."

"Well I know that, and yes I so can have two boyfriends. I'm also in love with Hayley as well, but boys are'nt like girls, Lissy. I like being romantic, but with boys, we want to fuck as well. Sorry I'm like this with you, telling you horny boy stuff, by the way. I'm not used to chatting to girls."

"I like horny stuff, it's cool, and I do know what boys are like, cos I have got a boyfriend, by the way."

"Really? No you have not, don't lie." I squeezed her and gave her a brotherly kiss.

"Honest, cross my heart. His name's Rory and he's twelve and a half, and he fucks me in his bed after school."

I nearly fell over, gawping at her. She wiggled her tongue out at me, grinning. I was shocked but should'nt have been surprised. "Pics, or you're dreaming."

"I'll show you later. Stop snogging and wanking, else you'll miss our plane. I'm going to wait with Aunty and Granny, now."

I did'nt really believe her, till later, when she showed me her pics... and wow.

Hayley and Madison came strolling about near us, holding hands, with me and Jasper watching them. They were looking about everywhere, at this and that flight display with open mouths, like they were lost. I could see they both had stiff horny tents, and every so often one of them pulled the other by his collar into a quick kiss, or a quick awkward snog. It was pathetic to watch them, dazed out of their heads for each other. As I looked at the pretty blonde darlings, Jas shrugged at me and nodded. I followed him over to them.

"Get behind here, you horny little twats," he said to them. We pushed them together behind the pillar and straight away they necked their frikking heads off, glued together, squeaking and whining. We stood behind them, stroking their bums, listening to their squeaky wails as they crushed and rubbed into each other. It can't have been even half a minute, before they were coming, with their crotches jammed together. We put our fingers on their mouths to muffle their moaning, then hugged them both off their wobbly legs, to stop them falling.

When they were ready, we helped them walk over to some seating and teased them about how much they'd be in each other's holes pretty soon. Then my boy god took me off to cream my prick again, and was still eating me when our flight was called.


"That's us!" I yelled, nearly jumping out of my skin.

We tore off, and I screeched at Hayley and Madison to move it, then the four of us shot off back to my mum in the Flagship lounge.

We boarded and were shown to six seats looking like lounge chairs, three facing each other, in a section which was for kids travelling without adults. There were another four on the other side too, but ours had a shutter thing round them with a red label on it saying, 'minors'. I'd never seen that before. Maddy swore it was so kids could have a suck and shag orgy in private.

"It's supposed to be, 'minors shagging', the other bit's fallen off." We howled at him. Them two made out in a seat straight away, wrestling and squeaking, till Alicia told them to behave and get their belts on, in two separate seats.

The plane turned onto the runway and came to a stop, making a hissy whining noise. We chattered and giggled in excitement, waiting, holding hands. Then there was a loud jet roar, and we were pressed back against our seats. Even before we'd finished whooping and laughing, hazy England was fading away, under a blue sunny sky.

As soon as the little bong sounded for seat belts off, we jumped seats straight away. Hayley and Maddy got into each other on one seat again. Then Maddy flattened it down so the pair could lay out. Gosh, their moaning, whiny, sexy voices. Jas and me necked and smooched our heads off, tangled and writhing, then snuggled and stroked, purring in baby talk.

I got up off him, wanting out of my shorts and top, but we dare'nt strip yet. He slid both his hands up my thighs, up my shorts and began stroking my prick up, with his other fingers in my crease over my rosebud. I started swinging my hips, bonking and bucking, feeling tingly over all my whole body and let the carefree horny little slut come out of me. He wanked it and I bonked to and fro, squealing and squeaking, feeling so horny and happy. I had my tongue out, squealing my head off and came off, panting in a loud moan, then dropped onto his lap and ate his mouth.

There was a tap, tap, tap, on the shutter and it slowly opened. "Hi kids. Everything okay?"

"Yes thanks. Are we okay being private here, miss, cos... um, we're with our boyfriends?" I said.

I did'nt know how or what to say really. I wanted to be fucked for maybe a couple of hours, but it was hardly fifteen minutes after take off, and I guessed they'd be going to serve high tea or something for us in first class, very soon. And the other thing was, we'd noticed it was a bit too cool in here to be naked.

"Sure, honey. You're fine."

I looked to Jas and shrugged at him. He kissed me, stood me off his lap and got up. I half turned away, covering my crotch cos it was soaked in spunk. I had a change, though.

"Miss, we don't want food at the moment. I'm going to strip my chick, and fuck him on the seat, and we won't need disturbing, okay. Is there any climcon in here, please, it's freezing?"

Our jaws dropped, and I covered my mouth with both hands. A tingle shot through me and went up my pussy and I let out a squeal. No words came out of her mouth, but there was everything in her face. She got a bit huffy and squeaky, and swished about, then pointed to a little panel.

"I did'nt quite catch your exact meaning there, young sir, but this is your private area in here, and you will not be disturbed. Your climcon is here, next to your call button. Good day, enjoy your flight."

She smiled, and closed the shutter. We could naked gang bang, all out now. It was officially unofficial. Yo... Woohoo! We were all, like kids in a freebie candy shop, now. Us three jumped on Jas and stripped and kissed him all over. Maddy and Hayley were naked in two ticks and got into sixty nine.

Jasper laid back with a leg up and twanged his prick about at me. I stood in front of him with a finger in my mouth, wavering and posing like an innocent pansy dolly, goggling and shocked at my tented horny prong, with my body buzzing. He cooed at me, leisure frigging his pole, ogling and petting lip kisses at me. Then he got up and began to slow strip me of my skimpy tee and cotton shorts. I felt his mouth and nose over me, tasting, and kissing, as he handled my body like a beautiful horny letch.

He sat, and turned me, pulling my hips back for his face in my bum, with his soft warm mouth kissing into my crease. I pushed it at him, feeling his stiff wet tongue poke up my hole, licking and sucking, as he fingered me under my crotch, stroking up my thighs, with fingers groping up my rigid prick.

...Oh my God. Then I had what felt like the fuck of my young life, with him bouncing and ramping me on his pole, vertically up me. I arched back, rocking and screwing my arse in his lap and wanked my prick into his fingers, shuddering in ecstasy.

We'd all fallen asleep and I woke up with Jas still asleep beside me, and Hayley and Madison were, too. There was a spunky, sweaty boy smell all around. I remember he'd had me jizzing and jizzing and jizzing, one after the other and he'd come up me three times. The seats felt sticky and the shutter screen had splashes on it. I stood up and felt jizz dribble down my inside thighs from my wet pussy. Alicia said I'd been asleep about two hours. She was laid back with no panties on, with her knees pulled up and her thighs open, and I could easily see her naked pussy.

"Sorry Lissy, but I did sort of tell you about us."

"Shush silly, I liked it. I told you I like horny boys and what they do. I'm cool with you boys fucking."

"Oh, alright then."

"You enjoyed it a lot, I could tell. Are'nt you sore though, in your bum?"

"No, I've got a happy nice feeling inside me. It wasn'tt even stingy when it went in me. He gelled my hole and his prick first, and anyway I've been on my shower dildo all week, working my hole on it, to get it used to prick again."

"It looks big."

"His is six and a half inches, mine is an inch shorter. Do you like mine?"

"Yes. Does Hayley?"

"Of course, duh."

"I was supposed to be watching a movie while you boys were screwing but I kept looking at them two. I could tell they love each other."

"Did they fuck each other?

"Yes, taking turns. They did it with their legs up, laid down, though. They're so sexy together, don't you think so?"

"I know. Why'd you take your panties off, by the way? I can see your pussy."

"They fall off me."

"Oh yeah, really?"

"It's Rory. He says they're a nuisance. No, I did take them off. I played with my pussy cos you boys were making feel horny and I'm missing Rory, already. Sit with me and I'll show you his pics."

Alicia flipped through her tablet and stopped at this freckly faced, ginger blondie. He's gorgeous, but you can see he's an 'all boy' boy. He's very cute and cheeky looking, fresh faced with rosy cheeks, with bright eyes and long ginger lashes. Then I goggled at the rest of him.

Rory's lying slouched back in a chair grinning his head off in camera shot, completely naked, lovely and freckly. His legs are hanging over the chair arms, showing his wide open crotch off and he has the most gorgeous standing prick I've ever seen on a twelve year old. It had to be a good five inches, so frikking wowish on a boy not even thirteen yet.

"Wow... Lissy... that is nice."

That did'nt prove anything about him being her boyfriend of course, but there was more. She flipped through more pics, one by one. There were a few more gorgeous ones of just him, some posing ones, showing his bottom, and one that looked like he was wanking, sat crouched down on a bed. Then Alicia was in the next few. The sexiest one was with them sat up on the bed with her in his lap, wrapped round each other, doing bouncies, pretty obviously having a good fuck, by what you could tell from it. And they were'nt selfies, either!

"Who took the pics?" I asked, goggling her.

"His best friend, who we sometimes hang out with after school."

"I'd like to kiss him and stroke his bum, Rory, I mean."

"You can chat with him. When we get in at the villa, I'll intro you. So if I do that, you must'nt mind if your boyfriend wants to play with me."

I gambled he might. Alicia is very cute for eleven and a half, but I knew it would be only play, cos Jasper is really into me. I wondered what she thought 'play' would be though, compared to his.

"If he wants to, okay then. But then I'll want to meet Rory."

"Okay, then, if he wants to."

Ditto for Rory too. I can see he is a 'boy' boy, and well into Alicia, so I doubt he'd be interested. Gosh, what a letchy arsehole I am. I can't help my prick coming up for any boy I fancy, though. I wanted to ask her all sorts of questions, but now I was starving and we needed to get dressed and cleaned up, to dine.

We'd already started our descent for Ponta Delgada in the Azores, but they wheeled in some gorgeous food for us, and we maxed out on it like famished rats. You can't get this treatment in economy class, hehehe, specially if your horny as well, but fair's fair, we were sitting in twenty thousand pounds worth of seats.

I've sometimes stayed over in Ponta Delgada on other hols, and it's much prettier than Bridgetown, but we were only going to be here for maybe forty five minutes, so I had to keep us in the terminal.

I don't know what Alicia thought she was doing with still with no panties on, being outside, cos it was hot but windy and she had to cling onto her dress. One gust, plus one foreign boy and there'd be trouble. Anyway it wasn'tt her I had my eye on. As we strolled about, both pairs of us hand in hand, I had a good ogle of Maddy. I was getting very horny watching the sun glint off the blonde down on his arms and legs. I love that on twelve and thirteen year old blondies. He has a lot more than Hayley and it's pretty on him, but on Maddy, I think it's so frikking sexy.

We're young queers – and anyway I only wanted a taste of him. I told Jas and he took a stroll, with Alicia. So I hung about with the blondies, and gave Hayley a kiss, then let him read my face and eyes, flicking mine at Madison, who was gazing about, smiling. I got a knowing side smirk from Hayley's mouth and he pulled on Maddy.

"He wants to kiss you."

Maddy was like... who, what, where. He looked at Hayley and focused, then his face lit up, and he gave a surprised 'okay' shrug. He's such a cutie to watch. He turned and moved away, shy and grinning. I yanked him like a letch and locked onto his mouth, holding and stroking him so's he'd know what was what. Then I got into him and went into his silk shorts. That was okay too, he just held my neck tighter and pushed his crotch at me, while I stroked him up, and like us, he had no undies on, copying Hayley I guessed. He's bloody fabulous.

"You sexy chick, your frikking legs are driving me nuts," I said in a pash, mauling him, telling him why, then crouched and kissed up them.

"You can have what you like with me. Me and Haze are cool, it's okay. I'm glad you like me."

"Phwaar... I'm going to."

We were getting very hot with each other and filthy horny stuff was coming out of his mouth, hot and sexy, that made me crack up. He wanted to come, and his bubble arse was going for it like a rabbit's, but I broke us off.

"We can't, wait, save it. I just wanted to let you know what I think of you."

"I got it. You can have me... with my legs round your neck and my cock in your mouth, to begin with, if you like. Do you get what I think of you?"

"I never noticed, I'm used to it," I joked, straight faced, bating him. I skipped backwards, then ran off. He tore after me, with us both screaming our heads off, laughing. He's nowhere as fast as Hayley, but knows as much blue language.

I'm glad it's free and easy with the five of us like this, horny, hot and sexy. The only dark cloud on our hols, will be Barry.

Back on board again, and we've got another five or six hour flight to go. We'd left London at two thirty in the afternoon and it was six o'clock there now, due to summer time. Locally here it's only four, but when we get to Barbados it will only be seven thirty in the evening, but we'll be jet lagged.

'Ping' went the seat belt thingy – playtime again. In a flash, I was up, threw off my tee, twanged my shorts off my prick and flicked them away.

"Who wants to chat, fuck and kiss?"

I frolicked about, pushing my pubes out, and frigged on my prick end. A great response – horny havoc! Then I picked up my pen and note pad, I'd got ready.

"Everything off, seats down flat, lets all sit a circle, you as well, Lissy." They got the idea and the five of us sat round with legs and feet everywhere.

"Okay game on. Who wants to say what they want to do and why, like kiss, frig, fuck, or suck someone. You've got to say it to us all, but it's got to make that person blush, to have them, then I log the couples." I waved my pad about. "Who's first, any comments?" Alicia's hand went up.

"Can we say anything we like?" I nodded, and she started.

"I want teenage horny cock in me from Jasper. Do you want a good fuck of me, Jasper, I'm only eleven and a half but horny as fuck for you"

We screeched at what Jasper did with his face, but it turned him on and he blushed.

"Good one Lissy. Jasper's blushing. Next."

"What if they blush and then make you blush when it's their turn, do you both score twice?" she said.

"Good point, Lissy. Hands up who votes yes." We all did.

"So can each blush get you that person more than once, and more than one person?" That was Hayley.

We voted a go on that one, too.

"That's a yes, honey willy, and I've started so I'll finish it. When I have my prick inside my honey willy boy, it's so heavenly...."

"Foul, miss a turn. You did'nt say the person's name, first off," squawked out Hayley.

"I was just being random. It was you."

"Excuse me... Honey willy?"

We all fell about, with me cracking up the most. Jas lifted me up by my bum and gave my prick some freebie sucks. This was fun. Maddy was next.

"My boyfriend is a blonde pretty darling. But this is about..."

"Foul," called out Hayley.

"Stop being a twat."

"Ooh, that's nice, to his blonde pretty darling, isn't it, calling me a twat?"

"Got you. I did'nt say it was you, did I?" We all smacked fives with Maddy, who tried to kiss Hayley but got pushed away. Oops, problem.

"This isn't a go, I'm just making a comment, okay. He did mean Hayley and Hayley is an awesomely pretty blonde darling, who's got more than one boy in love with him. He can make their cocks ache for him, from just one smile. Hands up who agrees."

Four went up and then his, giggly and happy again. They openly necked and stroked in a little freebie, making up, which was allowed.

"Maddy, go on."

"No, it's cool. I messed up."

Jas was next. "First, a comment. Why should we have to announce the person so quick, Hayley. You knew it was you, both times, but you made an issue of it just because you like lots of attention. You are bloody pretty, but so what?"

Oops. But Hayley did'nt fly into a temper.

"Hmm sorry and all that... but don't eat your heart out for me. It's not going to happen."

It was Jas I had to jump on.

"Calm down," I said, sitting on him. Meanwhile, the blondies were wrapped round each other, snogging. I prodded them for breaking the rules.

"The little shit's asking for it."

"What's your problem? I know you don't fancy him, anyway." This was going to make my life easy peasy for having two boyfriends, but I did'nt want them scratching each other's eyes out.

"He's so, grrrrr."

I spoke into his ear.

"I know, awesomely pretty, sex candy. Is there maybe a horny pansy, just right for you though?" I sat up and moved to sit opposite him for some breathing space and clapped for attention.

"It's still Jasper's turn and I vote you don't have to name the person... but it is advisable." We all had lots of laughs from that, then Jasper spoke.

"I don't normally like games, I'm more into sport, but my jake won't go down because I'm with my favourite pretty chicks. I'm sixteen and a half and horny for them, twelve to fourteen, and a pervy letch, mostly. But I've got what they like and not just in looks. I'm here because I met my dream about a week ago, and I'm falling in love with her.

"She's a beautiful sissy, pansy, fairy and her name's Kitty Sackville-Gaunt and she loves being like that with me. And, I did'nt even know she'd already been wetting her panties for me, before we met, so I showed her how I felt about her. And this is not just to make you blush, Kitty, but in Barbados will you wear a pretty little silk dress for me sometimes, and date me in it, with no panties on, please. I've got some pretty fairy things for her and I know I deserve a good smack instead, and I won't even mind getting sent back home. It's been worth it, just kissing her. I've finished."

"Wooohooo...Wow, seriously? I don't think so, Jasper. Kitty, that's... not really nice, I don't think."

My face felt like it was on fire. I put my hand up to speak.

"I'm not sure Jas and stop calling me 'she', please. I know I'm very pansyish, but you'll have to know me a bit longer, I think.

"Aww Kitt, I'm sorry."

"It's okay... I don't know if that's the same kind of sexy as the way I'm, sexy. I definitely don't want to be a girl, though, Jas, but I'll try it on and see."

"No, never mind, baby, don't."

"You and Candyboy, honey willy, wear panties. You showed me," piped up, Alicia.

"Lissy, they are boy panties, with a pouch thingy."

"Why are they so pretty, then?"

"So I must wear a dress, then, as well? It's my turn now, so shush."

"Sunshine glinting on the blonde down of a boy's legs this afternoon, drove me wild. I got to kiss them up, too, and breath in his beautiful body scent. But I could'nt get enough of watching his perky bum, that I'd also like to kiss a lot, and stroke up. He's very cute and sexy, too. I asked permission of course, cos he's very involved with his stunning boyfriend. But now I'm asking again, to make love to him. And he is Madison Sherborne."

"Woohoo... that's very sexy, Kitty. And I know you got more than that. So why are'nt you blushing, Maddy?"

"I'm too horny for him, to blush. You can see how hard my prick is for him. And I already promised him that he could have everything. So he's getting it anyway, whenever he likes."

"Woohoo, even sexier. My turn."

"This is getting silly and stupid, and you boys smell stinky. I'm out."

"Stinky... like what?

"A stinky horny smell... like... milk and flowers, and Christmas candles, when you want to fuck. It comes from under your horny cocks. Rory stinks the same."

That of course got Rory's pics intro'd around to the rest of us, and the basic verdict was, at least a suck of of his gorgeous prick, if he was interested in other boys, as well. We left off with my game, though and noshed on some more bloody nice food. Then we snuggled down under duvets for some kip. Alicia got in with Jasper, and treat time, Haley let me take Madison.

We started passionate snogging the second we were under the duvet, jaking and grinding our pricks together, writhing, squirming and twisting. We quickly orgasmed, spasming hard together, bucking and moaning. It was brilliant. We lay back off each other, moaning and cooing, getting our breaths. Our legs tangled and twined as we caressed and fondled each other, feeling our crotches quivering still, in little jerks. Maddy lay there, giggly and happy, as we cooed, sighing and murmuring in baby talk. I propped up on an elbow and ran my fingers over him.

"You're so awesome sexy."

"You too... that was so morish. So it's not just my downy legs you like?"

"No, sexy, you're delicious all over." I kissed and stroked him, and we fell into deep slow snogging, twinging and tangling together.

"I love how you smell, Kitty."

"I love how you look and smell. You've got beautiful skin." I propped his ankle up on my shoulder so I could kissed down his leg. "You're blondie legs drive me wild."

"You're so fucking sexy with me, look at my cock coming up again, for you."

"It's pretty, like you." I gave it a suck and played with it and he was bone hard in seconds.

"I'm so pleased you came with us, baby."

"Me too, thankyou for having me." He played with my gold pendant, still around my neck. "Is that your star sign, Aries?"

I gave him a random kiss and nodded. "What's yours?

"Leo, 'cept I can't growl."

"You've got a nice sweet voice." I kissed him again and we snogged and snogged.

"Hayley's Sagittarius, so that means we're the three fire signs together, hot for each other and get along like a house on fire." He giggled prettily. I grabbed hold of him and took him into some more passionate kissing.

"When's your birthday, mine's April twelfth?"

"I turn thirteen on August third."

"Really, I thought you were thirteen, already."

"Well I will be in about four weeks."

"Wow, you're younger than I thought you were. Twelve... hmm, no wonder you're still cheeky and bouncy."

"How old do I look?"

"A young thirteen I suppose. You've got cute pretty looks, and a sexy mouth, a cute nose and amazing eyes and I love the blonde streaky shades of your hair. You've got a nice horny prick for thirteen, and pretty tits, too. All very edible."

"So am I cool with you then?"

"Yeah, cool as a walking wet dream." I ate him up with kisses again and went on to his neck.

"When I messed up, it was you I wanted to ask for."

"I know, I guessed, after this afternoon. I liked how you pressed your crotch at me straight away when I went into your shorts to have your cock, it was so sexy. And your letchy kissing. You were'nt pretending, were you?"

"Wow, no, Kitty. I like everything about you, and got a chance to prove it.

"Aww you pretty darling... twice that for you, from me."

"Am I pretty, really?"

"Like duh." He took in a deep breath.

"I won't try and mess about in Barbsie, Kitty, and spoil things, so don't worry about me, okay."

"Bollocks, I want to mess about with you, a lot. I'm not giving this up, no worries. You'll be messed with alright."

I picked up one of his hands and put it in my mouth, lusting into his face.

"Fuck me... please. I'm nearly in tears for you, can't you see."

Oh wow. I'd never ever had that from any other boy, even Hayley, not like that. I devoured him. My mouth was all over, then he pulled his legs up for it and I smooched down them, and over onto his bum and tongued into his cherry. I pushed in my prick and we rocked and squirmed in a deep slow sexy fuck.

I felt a sort of gentle draught or something blowing on my face, and fingers playing and stroking up, my stiff prick.

"Hey you... hello," I said, opening my eyes.

"Hey, you. Did you like me waking you up?"

I pulled him onto me and he took my head in his hands and went berserk on my mouth, grinding his cock onto mine, with my hands on his dancing bum. He stopped and shuffled up to me, on my chest and leaned back on his arms, offering his cock. I took it to play with and stroked up his gorgeous thighs.

"Did you sleep?"

"Yeah, with an ace wiz that fucks like in heaven."

"Aww... shame then, when you woke up with me, hey?"

"I know... can't have everything." We giggled and kissed.

I felt strange, waking up, though, like my brain had had a makeover, side shifted or something. Jasper, Barbados, even Hayley were just a fog in my mind. Only Madison was there, and looking at him, watching him, listening to him, was going straight to my prick, like a strong drug was keeping it rigid.

"What lucky shit gets to sleep with a pretty twelve year old blonde darling that can kiss and screw like...."

"Like you can?"

Just then, there was a tap on the shutter. I called out, and it slid open a little. Our flight attendant lady smiled at us through the gap and I half sat up, with Maddy still wrapped round me.

"Sorry to disturb you, honey. We'll be making a descent for Bridgetown in just under an hour, Can I serve you all... some supper?"

"Yes please miss, I'm certainly starving. So if I am, my friends will be, thanks. What's the time, please?

"It's eighteen thirty, poppet, Caribbean time."

The others started to wake, stretching and yawning. I flopped back down again and Maddy rolled over on top of me.

"How long were we asleep, poppet?" he asked, kissing me.

"At least three hours I should think."

"Want to fuck?"

I laughed at his cheekiness, holding his silky bum down and we started to writhe and snog. I stopped us and rolled him off me.

"We're stinking of cum, and they'll be back in minute with the food."

We stared into each other's eyes smirking, laughing and petting. I pulled him back onto me and went back to snogging and writhing, till we jizzed again. We were still eating each other after it, when Hayley pitched onto us, sitting on us both, over the duvet.

"Not had enough blonde down yet, then?"

"Call him, poppet. He's such a sexy one, too."

"I have the right to remain silent."

"Most people leave their work at home when they go on holiday, you've got yours with you, haven't you, poppet?" He sniggered.

He pointed to Jas, still wrapped up, then himself, and Maddy. I could hardly move, but I was shaking about, laughing from him.

"Not skipping about asking who wants a fuck now, are you?"

I was still laughing my head off from them both, when there was a tap, tap and the food came in. There were two trolley loads of artistic thingies in yummy sauces, seafoods, chicken, fritters, veggies, pastries, mini rolls, deserts, yogurts and smoothies, plus of course, tropical juice.

By the time we'd scoffed all that lot, showered and got dressed, we could see the lights of Grantley Adams International coming up through the dark windows.

We felt the shaking movements of the plane as it dropped down, then saw the wings in moonlight and the flaps go down and our ears popped. Their was a loud roar from the engines, then lights flashing past the windows at a hellish speed, then a rumbling bump, and a woosh. Barbados...Woohoo!

I kissed my sweetheart's cheek.

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