Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 31

Good News Bad News

It was good being there alone with Kent. I was beginning to feel the kind of excitement around him that I had previously only felt around Greg. Caring about someone was good for me. Thinking someone cared about me was better. Kent was easy to be with because it didn't require any extra energy. He didn't seem to mind my questions and he told me what he knew when I needed to know. He didn't claim to be right or to know everything but he did claimed to know what he knew and that was way more than I knew.

We took time to kiss inside the front door and then we held hands while we sat on the couch and I didn't need to ask any questions about that. I knew it was real and I knew he was real and I felt like we belonged together. His eyes kept me close and mine responded in kind. There was a comfort that words can't explain and words weren't necessary between us just then. We did kiss and snuggle for a bit, enjoying the aloneness. I knew this was the good stuff and Kent was good at making me feel lucky that I knew him.

"What do you want to do?" He asked after giving me a particularly nice kiss.

"I'd like to hear you play again," I said.

"You just want to get me out of my clothes. Confess!"

"Yeah! Well that works for me too. I love music. I've never known anyone who could make music before. Please, just for a few minutes."

"Great, he loves me for my piano. Don't ask me to take it with us on long walks. If that's what it takes I could get my old man to spring for an accordion."

"You don't need to take anything with. You're just fine like you are; I can wait for us to be here to hear you make music."

"Music to my ears. That earns you one piano concerto. You want to go for a symphony? A big wet sloppy kiss might get you some Beethoven. Want to go for Mahler?"

We giggled as I followed him down the hall. He kicked off his pants and underwear just inside the door, leaving on his white T-shirt that hung down too far for my taste. Once he'd sat on the bench he patted his hand where he wanted me to sit. He opened the keyboard and tested the keys. I moved up close to him and leaned my head on his shoulder as the music started to flow out of him. The sounds created an electricity all its own.

My eyes moved down to where his cock and balls hung over the edge of the bench. His T-shirt denied me all but a peak of his pubes and I moved my hand up under it to feel the warm soft skin on his stomach. I moved my hand down to the base of his cock as he reached for the far keys. My activity didn't slow the progression of the music but he had begun to stir once my hand made first contact. The music became more pronounced while I watched him hardening and lengthening. All my senses were suddenly engaged and there was a fire starting to burn inside me.

I became powerless to help myself and I had to help it grow in any way I could. It grew and grew as I kept time with the music. Feeling his lust throbbing on the inside of my fist got my own passion rising with the tempo of the music. I'd never known piano playing could be so taxing, not only that, it seemed to suck all the air out of the room and as I struggled to breath I could feel my heart fluttering inside my chest. My fingers felt his strength pounding out its own beat through his cock.

"Now that I got the juices flowing, let's go watch some movies," he said, no longer playing but keeping his arms extended and his fingers poised at the keys. He did take notice of my hand and how it kept time on him even after the music had stopped. "I want to make it last," he said softly, squeezed his hand on top of mine as I massaged his shaft. His eyes closed and his lips parted in a silent gasp.

"Sure," I said. "Whatever you want."

"Is it hard?" Kent asked me with his eyes closed. "Your dick, I just need to know if touching me makes you get hard."

"I've been hard since I came over. I'm finding that I'm always hard around you," I confessed.

"Thanks! Can we watch some movies? It gets me going good; I like watching. We can do whatever you like after that. You might see something you like."

"Sure," I said, feeling him twitch.

"I jerk off here sometimes. Music excites me. That's why I started playing naked. With the right company everything excites me."

"Am I the right company," I said.

"Oh, you are a hard case, Martin. I can have sex anytime I want. There's always someone hanging around waiting for Herbie or wanting a little glimpse of the trouser snake they've heard about. Guys follow me home from school. At best they can only get me half hard. You OTOH... well, you remind me of how good it can get when someone likes me. I mean likes you for real and not because you got a big cock. You aren't just after a cheap thrill from the geek with the big meat. That's helps, Martin. You don't know how much."

"Geek with the meat? God, you're the most handsome guy I know; you're the smartest guy I know, and you have confidence. You can even make music. I don't know anyone that can make music. You are no geek, Kent, I've never known anyone like you."

"You do know the right things to say. Believe me, it's no picnic having the biggest dick. Still being in junior-high means all those under developed boys staring at it all the time. Some just have to have a private look or feel. If you let them touch it they think you like their grubby little hands on you any time and if you don't they think you're stuck up because you got what they don't and all the girls want it."

"Why would you let guys you don't know touch it?"

"Herbie and I aren't as different as we seem. I always end up giving people what they want from me. Now that I'm older it all starts with what swings between my thighs. Most new guys I meet is because of that. They don't want to know who I am; they just want a look. They've gotta see it all-the-way hard. They've just got to know how big it really gets. And that's the guys that are straight!"

"You're complaining? No one's interested in mine at all."

"Nah, no complainin'; it's a hoot some times. I mean I'm glad to have what I have. It has gotten me some cheap thrills at my tender young age. I'm just getting too old to keep doing that kind of thing. I want to find someone to hook up with that I can depend on to be there. I know I'm young but I just feel like I want someone I can be with all the time."

"I know how you feel," I said.

"You think you know but unless you have a brother like Herbie you can't. I knew there was only one reason why he brought guys around. Most of them figured if Herbie was like that, I must be. There was always one of them wanting something if Herbie wasn't around, even when he was sometimes. It doesn't take long to figure out why they're there."

"I guess I don't know about that. It sounds bad when you put it that way but it excites me too. What I mean is that I think I'd prefer that to nothing at all for sixteen years."

"Yeah, me too when you put it that way," he said, kissing my forehead as he stood up. "Let's go watch some movies and I'll help you make up for those wasted sixteen years."

I walked behind him as we headed back down the hall. His ass was smooth and nicely shaped on top of long slender legs. I would have reached out to feel it but he was too quick and we were soon trotting down the stairs into the entertainment center.

Kent was immediately going through the titles as he squatted in front of the cabinet. He popped a tape into the machine and then sat down beside me as it started to play.

"This is pretty mainstream stuff. Keeps me torqued and ready for whatever you like. You okay with doing this? We can go cook if you'd rather."

"I'm more than fine. I'm as ready as you and we can do anything you like."

I sat closer to him and watched his own fingers doing what mine had been doing only a few minutes before. He only let go of his to reach for my zipper. Once his hand worked its way in through my pee slit, he freed me from my modest constraints. I looked at the camera on the bookcase and wondered if I was overexposed. My cock twitched and a different excitement ran through me as his hand squeezed gently. I held his balls as he jacked us both off and watched the tube.

He was soon touching me in a way that had my toes curling up in my shoes as I watched his long easy stroking. He stared into the television as two guys were making overtures to a single girl. Once again I understood that seeing the excitement growing in the guys was far more interesting to me than the thought of what they were going to do with it.

It seemed to be a consistent theme with guys. Once they became aroused, the pursuit of satisfaction was their all-consuming goal. With this in mind I replaced Kent's hand, putting mine on him and watching his legs spread and feeling his cock twitch as I held it. I could see the changing color and size of his cock once I seized it. I had to grit my teeth to keep from losing it. I didn't want to peak too soon but the feel of his steel cock had me on the verge.

Once I got a whiff of his intense smell I was enraptured by our too little physical contact and I eased my hips at his hand so he could get all of me he wanted. We were having what surely was close to the original hand to hand combat because boys will be boys and they come first before they become men. I let my head slid onto his chest and my eyes were only a little ways above his excited flesh. He panted hard and was obviously turned on by the way I handled him. He reached over my shoulder to handle me just fine.

I moved his T-shirt up so I could lay my face on naked flesh. I squeezed him while looking at the magnificent purple color that had come into the head. His hips came off the couch as he pushed himself up through my fingers. I blew hot air on the tip as he moved it toward my face. I heard his moan as his head rolled across the back of the couch. I blew harder and squeezed until the wide head shinned silky.

"Oh yeah. Man, that's hot. Don't go too fast, okay. Yeah, that's it! Oh, yes. Yes! Not too fast."

Kent's cock got thicker and darker as I stroked and squeezed and blew while watching it slipping through my fingers. I would have exploded but for the fact I was too busy getting all of my senses corralled and pushed to the max. The sounds he made reassured me. I'd never seen anyone so completed lost in lust as Kent was at that time. His body was alive, turning and twisting against me as he thrust his hips hard against my hand.

"Better let off now," he gasped. "I haven't done anything in awhile. I don't want to blow a load right away," he said.

He sat up and let go of me and so I sat up beside him. I looked down and watched his cock jerking as clear drops leaked from the tip. He used his thumb to smear the liquid and clear the tip for another drop. This caused the head to shine even more.

"I almost waited too long. Man, that felt good so nice I didn't want you to stop. You're good."

I glanced at the television screen to see one of the two guys doubled up trying to suck his own dick while the chick licked his ass and the other guy was licking hers.

"Herbie can do that," Kent said, following my eyes to the screen.

"Suck himself?"

"Yeah! Isn't that a bitch."

"Can you?" I asked.

He looked at me and said, "Probably."

"You can, can't you?"

"Yeah! I can. Don't you tell anyone!"

"Let me see. That would be so hot."

"You really think so?"

"Fuck yeah!" I said.

"You can't tell anyone. I showed a guy in Germany and he told everyone."

"That's not cool."

"Tell me about it. Everyone wanted to see me do it."

"You don't have to worry. Who'd I tell anyway, my parents? Right! Hey, dad, my buddy Kent can suck his own dick. I want to be just like him one day."

We both laughed as I had my mock-conversation with my father.

"Yeah. You're okay. I might need some help," he said. "I haven't done it in awhile."

He was quickly turning his back down on the couch and he kicked his legs up as he positioned himself. I was so busy watching how far his cock was from his lips, it took me awhile to realize his ass was in my face. I was immediately drawn to it.

I'd come to find that hole to be the most fascinating part of the human body for me. I remembered how pink George's had been and how attracted to it I was. I placed my hand on his ass as he bounced and maneuvered his cock lower and lower down toward his lips.

"That's it. Press down, Martin," he instructed as felt my hand on his bottom.

I pressed my fingers down concentrating on his hole, moving them around so I could feel the contours and texture of his brown hole. My middle finger curled into the opening as I applied pressure.

Kent's cock was just then within reach of his lips. I pressed harder. The sucking sounds announced his success and I watched his cock thicken boldly as his lips closed over half the head. He was totally lost in his excitement for himself.

I used my middle finger to test his resolve and there was no resistance. Kent was lost in his lust for himself. When I looked, almost the entire head was wrapped between his lips. I continued pressing down and my finger broke through up to the first knuckle. His tight sphincter grabbed at my finger, pulsing and jerking on it. A load moan broke into my trance.

"Fuck," Kent shouted, as his ass seemed to jump up on my entire finger. "Oh God! Don't! Stop!"

I was in the process of retrieving my digit but the resistance in his hole now held me fast and kept me from making a clean getaway. It jerked and pulsed wildly as Kent moaned and gushed air. Once I looked back at his face I understood. He was pulsing cum in huge gobs onto his lips and chin. All at once he pushed his ass completely down on my finger.

I watched him panting and his eyes never left me while he was unfolding himself.

"That was awesome," he said. "Man, I thought I died and gone to heaven."

He started to sit up and I tried to give him all the room I could, but once again he was on the way to somewhere else. By the time I figured it out his mouth reached its objective and I was reminded how damn hot I was. He immediately had my barometer peaked and exploding and there was no warning for me or for him. He didn't seem to mind and I shook and twitched and moaned as he did his best to suck me dry.

"You're incredible," he said. "You know just how to get me going and keep me going."

I looked down at him as he lay his face on my spent flesh. His cum was all over his face and mine was in his mouth. He smiled for me and I felt great.

We would spend the rest of that day searching for our limitations, and we found few.

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