Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 30

Good Company

There wasn't a lot to say on the way back to Kent's. He held my hand for some of the time and I looked forward to getting back to the house to fix dinner. He insisted on helping me get things ready for the pot. He reluctantly put away the chips and cookies when I caught him stuffing himself with the junk food. He seemed curious to know how I could turn all those ingredients into something edible. He didn't trust anything that didn't come out of a box or a bag.

Cooking became more enjoyable once Kent went into the bedroom and came back in only his white boxers. He stood behind me as I browned the beef, onions, and garlic together before adding the tomato sauce. He put his hands on my waist and leaned his face next to mine. I could feel his growing interest pressing on my behind. He ended up with his head on my shoulder and his arms around my chest. It might have been awkward except for it being the best cooking I'd ever done. I was almost ready to go for the junk food and let him do the cooking but I was too practical to give in to passion in the middle of the finin'.

Once things were all pulled together there was nothing to do but let it cook. Kent escorted me to the bedroom and got me out of my hot sweaty clothes. As we made out on the bed in our underwear Kent jumped up and flipped on the television.

"I forget about Ted."

"Ted?" I said, rolling onto my belly.

"An Airman Herbie met at the bowling alley."

Sitting on the couch watching the television was a young guy with short curly blond hair staring into the television. He wore a green fatigue shirt with the name Kesler stenciled in big block letters over one pocket. He wore white boxers and his legs were covered in curly blond hairs. I could only see Herbie's feet at the edge of the picture where he was sitting in the lounge chair next to the couch.

"He's cute," I said.

"Yeah, Herbie says he's great once you get him half drunk. You want to watch awhile. Their watching the latest batch of French porn my old man brought home."

"He lets you guys watch it?"

"He puts it in the back of the closet and we pull it out. He knows we're horny fucks. Like father like son."

I planted my elbows on the bed and supporting my head in my hands. "Where does Herbie meet all these guys?"

"He meets people where ever he goes. People like him. He's pretty easy to talk to now that he knows what people mostly want."

"Sex!" I said.

"Interaction. Not all want sex. Not all the time anyway. Young guys want it all the time," Kent said, glancing at me.

"I don't," I said. "I mean I'd like to have it all the time with someone. Anytime I wanted anyway."

"Or he wanted. You like watching. I do too. I like seeing other guys getting worked up over sex. Makes me feel better about myself when I see how many of us there are."

"How's that?" I asked.

"We're all fools for it. The things we'll do to get into something. Guys like Ted play a game. They can't want it too quick. They've got to work up to wanting it. Then, look out."

"Herbie told you about him?"

"Herbie tells me everything. He blew him in his car up at the bowling alley the first night they met. Ted had a few beers and started talking about how much he liked getting blown. Herbie said he knew where he could get a good blowjob. They ended up out in his car."

"Oh, he looks pretty straight," I said.

"Yeah, probably is. Who don't like getting blown? Might have been the first time he let a guy do it to him."

"I don't know," I said. "Why doesn't Greg like you?"

"Greg? I done to him what he does to other guys. He didn't like it much."

"Greg likes everything," I said.

"Greg likes being in control. How often do you see him let someone else be in control?"

"I don't know," I said. "I haven't known him all that long."

"You've known him a hell of a lot longer than you've known me."

"Yeah, but you let me know you. Greg doesn't let me know anything. He's confusing as shit. I don't like him any more."

"He told Doug you told him you loved him," Kent said, turning to study my face before he shot me with the words.

"Yeah, I suppose I do. I don't like him thought."

"Ain't life a bitch," Kent said, sitting beside me on the edge of the bed as he looked into the tube. "At least you got me. We might not love each other but we like each other like we do."

"Yeah we do! So what did you do that so pissed him off? I want to know so I can do it to him."

"You're funny. You'd like it. Watch Ted and you'll see. I can't tell you. Greg'd kill me if he knew you knew. We were both drunk. It just happened."

"You tell Herbie?"

"I tell Herbie everything."

"Greg knows you told him?"

"Herbie tells Greg everything. It's hard to explain. There's Doug, Herbie, Greg, and me. Then there's everybody else."

"So how do you know what Ted'll do anyway?"

"I watched the other night when he first came over. He drove Herbie home the night he blew him. Two days later he shows up at the door asking for him. Guys like him usually stick to a pattern."

"Why does Herbie let you watch?"

"He likes to watch. He doesn't care if I watch. Do you like to watch?"

"Yeah, you know I do. We watched him once. It's cool seeing guys doing it."

"You got to let us watch you then."

I hadn't thought much about that. I'd always set myself up to see what I could see. I never thought about the opposite side of the coin. Did guys let me watch because they liked watching? I wasn't sure about that idea.

"Watching you is what I had in mind," I said.

He leaned and kissed me full on the lips. He held the back of my head and got more passionate.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I can't stop myself some times."

"Why'd you stop?" I asked. "You know I like it."

"You're not like other guys. I'm getting older. I don't want it to just be about that. I want it to be about you cooking me dinner and us watching Herbie and taking walks. I can have sex every night, all night, if I want. I want more than that from you. It's good being with someone that doesn't just want to get down to it and then leave once they cum."

"I don't understand. You like sex. You have it all the time. I don't mind if we do it as much as you want."

"You're different. I can't explain it because I'm not sure why. I want to really want it when we do it. I want to want it with you."

"How is it different?" I asked. "I'm not as experienced as you. I'm not as handsome. I'm pretty ordinary."

"I don't know, Martin, I'm a kid. You're older than me; you answer some questions. It just is, is all."

"I don't know anything," I said. "You've been around a lot more than me. I always thought sex was just sex."

"It is, Martin, but some sex is awesome and other sex is relief. I like relief but then you meet someone and you want to go for awesome. Relief just don't cut it if I'm with you."


"You," he said. "He's getting hard again."

"Who?" I said, looking into his dreamy blue eyes while forgetting about the entertainment.

"Ted. See his hand getting closer to his crotch. You can see his cock hair the way he's holding his boxers open. He's blonde everywhere. Herbie already blew him."

"How do you know that?"

"Routine. That's when his pants came off the other night. He asked him for another blowjob once he watched part of the first movie."

Herbie came into the picture and sat carefully on the couch beside Ted. He was naked and his long dick stood out of his sparse pubes with the tip reaching up to above his bellybutton. At first he started rubbing the inside of Ted's well shaped thigh before he reached his hand in through the pee hole to seize the helpless boy's interest. He kept looking at the television for the longest time while Herbie massaged him in firm easy strokes. Then, without warning, Ted pushed Herbie onto the floor on his hands and knees and he came off the couch on top of Herbie's back and in particularly on his ass.

I winced as I watched Ted penetrated Herbie in one hard thrust. The thrusts that followed rocked Herbie's body hard enough that he almost ended up on his nose. Ted held him by the shoulders and went at it like a man possessed. He held on and watched his dick appear all the way out of the hole and then he plunged it back in completely. Herbie stood his ground and steady his ass so Ted could have it his way. Ted finally lay forward on Herbie's back and wrapped his arms more securely around him as his ass pumped and humped for all he was worth.

"Make you hard?" Kent asked.

"Yeah," I said, mesmerized by the action. Kent's hand searched for the front of my pants that I had pressed against the bed. His fingers moved up and down feeling the lump in my drawers and I did lifted up so as to make it as easy as possible for him.

"You are hard," he said after awhile.

"How about you?" I asked.

He flipped open the hole in his boxers, wiggling his hips until it started to snake out of his boxers and down toward his right thigh. He was maybe half hard and twice the size of mine. He continued to touch me and didn't seem to mind I was no match for him in size. I let my head rest on his side as I watched Ted continue to fuck frantically as he hugged himself to Herbie. I figured his speed should have gotten him there in nothing flat but he was a real soldier and had staying power. It was another three or four minutes before his motions became jerky and his body began to twitch just before he all motion stopped.

"Fucker's a stud," Kent said amazed. "He goes full speed the whole time. I never seen a guy fuck like that and last more than two minutes."

"Yeah," I said. "A real stud."

Herbie eased the faded Ted out of his ass and onto the couch and he ended up beside him. He felt up under the green shirt while nuzzling up against him as he turned him on his side. He scooted his front end up against Ted's back end without so much as a mild rebuke. With no hesitation he was feeding all that cock up the soldier's ass. It was amazing to witness. Herbie was nothing like Ted, going slow, a single millimeter at a time as he eased it into him. Ted's arm reached around in back of him and I thought he would stop this invasion of privacy, but instead, he grabbed Herbie's thigh, pulling him toward him to facilitate his entry and then, once Herbie was inside, Ted held him in place, wiggling his ass against Herbie's crotch.

"Fuck," I said, "How can he hold all that dick?"

"It's surprising what you can do if you want it bad enough," Kent said.

"He did this before?"

"Almost exactly the same. Herbie blows him, lets him fuck him like crazy, and then fucks him. The guy's a real find."

"You sound as though you would like doing it with him."

"What's not to like? Once would be fine. He's not really my type but he is a stud and a half. You wouldn't do it with him?" Kent asked suspiciously.

"Probably, but not if I was going with someone."

"You're a hard case. How much time have you spent going with someone?"

"None!" I said.

"Right! Take it where you can get it. When you are going with someone then you deal with that. Ted would just be good sex. He's probably got a girlfriend."

"You think a guy with a girlfriend would let Herbie do that to him?"

"I don't see why not. I've done it to guys when I had a girlfriend and they did too."

"You got one now?" I asked.

"No! Girls are too complicated for me right now. They want to own you and I'm not ready for ownership. A boy friend, now that's different. Boys are cool about giving you some room if you need it."

We were kissing again after he said that. I think he knew what I was fishing for. I did glance at the television while we kissed. The two guys on the screen looked like they had fallen asleep. There was no movement as Herbie stayed pressed up against the boys back and Kent pressed my back against the bed as he lay on top of me, kissing me all the time. I could feel him hardening against the front of my pants. I ran my hands under the back of his boxes, feeling his fleshy bottom.

"What's going to happen with that spaghetti?" He asked after awhile.

"We'll either get up and turn it off or it'll burn up," I said.

He rolled on his back and looked into the television screen. There was no longer anyone in the picture. The couch was empty.

"Nothing like food after sex. I better get out there before my lame brother eats all the good stuff."

"The good stuff won't do him any good until I cook the noodles for it to go over."

"I mean the stuff I bought. Herbie'll scarf up the cookies and chips in a flash."

Kent leaped up and headed for the kitchen. Both Herbie and Ted had cookies and chips in their hands as they stood near the stove staring into the bubbling pot.

"I wondered who the cook was," Herbie said, nodding at me as I appeared right behind Kent. "This going to be real food or what?"

"Spaghetti sauce," I said.

"Martin, Ted. The other guy is my brother Kent. This is Ted. He's staying over tonight."

"Hi," Ted said, looking right down at the front of Kent's boxers.

"Will there be enough for us?" Herbie asked, looking down into the pot.

"Sure, Kent doesn't seem too excited about it," I said. "There should be plenty."

"Cool!" Herbie said. "You like spaghetti, Ted. Smells almost like real food."

"I'm in the air force. I'll eat anything," Ted bragged boldly as he moved up to the stove to help Herbie look.

"Not yet," Herbie said, nudging Ted with his elbow and giving him a weird look.

Ted turned red after thinking about it for a minute and the he wouldn't look at any of us for awhile.

I was the only one dressed except for Ted's fatigue shirt. They all had on matching white boxers and I was sure it was a military thing. We all ended up at the table eating spaghetti a few minutes later. There was sauce left over but everyone seemed happy with the hot meal. We drank Budweiser with it and it was surprisingly good against all that spice and garlic seasoning in the sauce.

Kent and I headed for the bedroom once the dishes were stacked in the sink but it wasn't long before Herbie and Ted came bounding in during one of our kisses. Ted seemed a bit surprised that we were tied up in a lip lock. After what I'd seen him doing with Herbie, I didn't feel all that bad about being caught kissing another guy. When he got a look at what was poking out of Kent's boxers, his momentary repulsion at seeing us kissing was forgotten about. He tried to act like he wasn't really trying to get a good look at Kent's cock, but I caught him staring at the brown hair in the opening of his boxers more than once.

I fell asleep in Kent's arms and each time I woke up Herbie and Ted were chomping potato chips or cookies while laughing and watching another Kung Fu movie. Kent didn't seem the least bit perturbed by having company in bed with us but I felt robbed. I had in mind that we'd spend the night making love and Kent slept like a rock through the noise and didn't even wake up when the other two boys were eating all the junk he'd carefully selected for his own purposes. I would cuddle up to him and fall back to sleep each time the disruption broke into my beauty sleep. I would have been better off at home but the scenery wouldn't have been nearly as nice.

The next morning we were the four Musketeers. We ate breakfast at El Rancho on Ted and then he drove us to the bowling alley where he sprung for the ten games we bowled. He was a little hung over and Kent won every game but Ted didn't seem to mind until Herbie lost interest. He stopped bowling after four games saying his wrist was lame. He flipped it convincingly to demonstrate his disability. Ted once again turned a brilliant crimson color while checking to see if anyone saw. Kent and I weren't convinced if he was embarrassed by the inference or the connection that had grown up between them on several occasions.

Herbie ended up spending the rest of the morning with some teenyboppers he met while he was on a Coke run. He wandered off with them and was up playing video machines. Herbie was the tallest little kid I knew and he jumped and squealed as his three new friends pressed close to him as he had his way with the video game. I thought that Kent acted and looked far more mature than his seventeen year old brother.

"What's he want with them?" Ted asked as he came off the lane and looked up at the giggly boys.

"Same as he wants with you," Kent said bluntly as Ted looked horrified.

Once again our benefactor turned ruby red. It was obvious what the first thing was that went through his mind.

"They're a little young," Ted said, flopping down on the plastic seat and looking back over his shoulder. "Jail-bait if you ask me."

"That depends on what you have in mind. My brother loves everyone equal," Kent said. "People like him because he's no threat to them. He allows everyone to be whatever they truly are and he gives them what they want. He's incapable of doing harm or having an unkind thought, and for you Ted, he's jail bait. You're a grown man and he's a boy that will do anything you want him to do and if you didn't know it, I just told you."

Kent had a way of framing things that left no doubts in your mind. Ted became very quiet and the red in his face began to fade as we went back to bowling. My wrist was starting to get sore but Kent kept throwing his straight ball right at the head pin with good success. Ted won the last game after Kent had lost interest and was tired of tormenting us. Just for a second he reminded me of Greg as he triumphantly strutted from the alley.

"Why'd you say that to me about your brother," Ted asked as we were getting ready to leave.

"I don't want you to get the idea that Herbie's responsible for whatever you two are doing together. I don't play that game and you came over to our house."

"I never said anything about him doing anything," Ted said.

"Don't and he won't say anything about you. We're all cool with you as long as you don't try to shine us on about what's going on."

Once again Ted started to change colors before our eyes. He drove us back to the house minus Herbie who had disappeared with his new friends by the time we were starting the last game. He sat in the car and didn't seem to want to come in and Kent didn't invite him.

"Couldn't wait to get rid of us," I said as Kent was letting us in the house.

"He wanted to pretend he didn't like queering off. I don't let them off the hook that easy. He isn't going to say anything about Herbie is all."

"Is that what we're doing, queering off?" I asked.

"Straight guys queer off. We're not like them," Kent said in a way that I thought I should have understood but didn't.

"You date girls?" I said, looking for the line that everyone else seemed to know about.

"Martin, I like guys. Ted doesn't like guys. He likes sex. He likes feeling good. He's just not real particular when he needs it."

"He let Herbie screw him," I said, unable to figure it out. "A straight guy would never do that."

"Takes a real man to handle a dick like his. There's a sexual intensity to getting fucked. Straight guys like that intensity. Hell, most of them keep something they use as a dildo to give them that extra something when they're beating off. They aren't stupid. They figure out what makes them hot. Ted just found a dildo he liked only it was attached to Herbie. That doesn't make him gay. He'll be off pinching some girls ass in a bar tonight, proving his manhood to his buddies."

"You really think so?"

"I have no doubt. Most of those guys have girlfriends back home. They intend to go home and raise families but in the mean time they're looking for love in all the wrong places because it feels good and no one is watching."

"No one like their girlfriends?"

"Exactly! They can be free to explore what they really feel and then go home and pretend it never happened."

The sex stuff really confused me. It would have been so much easier if straight guys were always straight and gay guys were always gay and there wasn't so much middle ground where you can get lost.

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