Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 34

Ignoring Protocol

Kent had been right about his father's girlfriend. By Thanksgiving she was on the ropes, dissatisfied by her role as guest housemother for two horny and delinquent youth. Just before Christmas she rooted out forty-three porn tapes, eleven issues of Playboy, fourteen less intellectual publications, two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, one industrial size jar of water soluble lubricant -- ("The perfect lubricant for intimate anal pleasures."), but the final straw came when she discovered two dildos -- one being a close match to Kent's cock, except for the fact it was black, not Kent's cock, the dildo.

Her lament to the boys was, "Wait until your father comes home. You two little perverts are in for it."

She had the colonel's wrapped attention while she presented her case, but it was the sight of the two dildos being poured from a brown paper bag into the middle of the dinning room table that also got his blood boiling.

"How dare you put those disgusting toys on my table. What's gotten into you? Where did this stuff come from."

"The boys room!" She declared in a horrified voice. "It was in their closet, under the bed, and in their dresser. It's everywhere. I can't live with these disgusting items in my house. It's got to go today. All of it."

"What made you think you could search their room?" The colonel queried.

"I suspect something was going on. I've heard noises coming from there. I was certain it had to do with drugs and sex. You can see for yourself. Your boys need discipline."

"They're teenage boys for god sakes. They have needs, privacy being one. You can't go into their room without asking them. You are here to be in my room when I need you. Get your coat. You're right, you can't live in a house with these items."

Kent rolled off his couch onto the floor while telling me this part of the story and describing the disbelief on her face. He was beside himself with delight and it was obvious that he was happy to be freed from the watchful eye of his father's latest fling.

When his father came back without the women, the table had been cleared and there was no sign of any of the items she'd commandeered.

"What was that stuff doing in your room, Herbert?" He demanded.

"I caught her noising around, Pop," Herbie confessed. "I thought you might not like her getting into your movies. She seemed determined to find something naughty. She waited until we were at school before she pulled the search. I didn't know where else to put it."

"Smart thinking," he said. "I've just got one problem. You aren't doing what I think you're doing with those dildo are you? I mean you aren't putting them up your...?"

Herbie and Kent both cracked up at their father's worried inquiry. There was no difficulty lying to him about it.

"No, Pop, they're just a joke," Herbie announced with conviction that Kent claimed to almost believe himself.

"Carry on boys," he said, and the girlfriend never returned.

Kent was quite proud of himself. We now had a place to go and it was a bit cold to keep our ardor going outdoors some bitter afternoons. We settled back into a routine of rushing to his house after school and sharing several intimate hours before I had to be home for dinner. Sex was less the focus after three months. For a long time we spent two hours a day every day doing it but some days we didn't do it at all by Christmas time.

That first day in the house the first thing Kent wanted to do was play the piano in the nude. Of course that led to all kinds of complications because I couldn't or wouldn't keep my hands off of him. First I got in front of him to accompany him on the skin flute, but that only made him laugh. I got behind him and humped him below his shoulder blades until I was beside myself with lust but he refused to stop playing. It was then I got behind the bench and started licking his crack. It was surprising how far he had to reach for some of the keys once I thought of doing that.

He positioned himself so I could get limited access as he played vigorously, but a little is a lot when you are determined and I found a way to gain entry while stooping behind him and holding his hips so they could lift but not scoot out of my reach. It was then we ended up on the floor, with Kent being made hysterical by my determination.

I wasn't as amused as I was excited and I got his legs up on my shoulders to finish with him while he watched to see what the hell I was up to. He had stopped laughing by then and I reached between his legs and it only took three strokes to ignite his candle of love. I took somewhat longer with his ass but only because I didn't want it to end.

"I'll take you on tour with me when I'm famous," he said as I pummeled his bottom. "We'll make the kind of music no one has ever heard before," he said, still catching his breath.

Kent and I did make great music. I loved hearing him play but I could never leave him alone when he was playing. I couldn't leave him alone ever. We touched all the time. He liked holding hands best of all and I liked cuddling more. I think cuddling too much made him claustrophobic though. Some days it was fine but other days he'd get antsy and hyper after awhile.

It was after January report cards that Kent found out he was not doing well in History or English. We agreed we'd go to the library after school two days a week instead of going to his house. It wasn't easy for us to keep our hands off one another for that long. We did end up playing knees-y under the table about half the time and staring into each other's eyes half the time, but we did use the bathroom to become a little more intimate some days.

Kent's grades improved but now on the days we went to his house, I found it almost impossible to leave him. I didn't want to leave him. We'd have sex as soon as we got in the door. We'd make out after that until it was almost time for me to leave, but some days we started at the beginning a second time. I started being late for dinner about half the time. Even when we went to the library we'd go into the woods to make out before starting home. Some days that led to a round of blowjobs, some days even more. My late arrivals home made my parents more and more angry with me.

By April he was walking me up to the corner and then to the entrance to the development once I had to start home, and then we'd stand there staring at each other for ten more minutes, holding hands when no cars were coming. Even though I knew this was leading to more and more trouble at home, I couldn't leave him until would say goodbye, and it was becoming more and more difficult to say goodbye.

My grades were fine but doing nothing at all when you consider the amount of time I was supposedly spending at the library each day. I was rushing at seventeen and I wanted my freedom. I wanted to be able to be with Kent any time I wanted, and all the time if I wanted. My parents had a different idea. On one particular mellow April afternoon, we stood on the corner by his house for an inordinate amount of time. He walked me to the pillars at the end of the lane, and we made out behind one of them while standing in the bushes.

I knew it was getting later because it was getting dark and it was already daylight savings time. Even then I couldn't leave him. Once I did, my parents were waiting at the door when I got home. Dinner was over and I was grounded big time. I had to come straight home from school every day. I wasn't allowed out of the house without one of my parents being with me.

"We don't know what's going on young man but we don't like it, and it's about to stop."

And so the edict was imposed and Kent and I could only see each other at school. The school bathrooms because our only source of relief. I hated it but I hated not touching him even more. He'd walk me home and get pissed off when I told him I had leave him to keep the peace. It was putting a real strain on our relationship and Kent let me know there was plenty of opportunity right in his own house for relief. He wasn't going back to going without, so I'd better straighten my parents out.

The following day Kent was waiting for me on the gravel road as I walked toward school. He apologized and begged me to forgive him for being such a dope. We went right in the woods and with our pants around our ankles we did what we hadn't been able to do in awhile. It was incredible. We made out for way too long and then rushed one so he wouldn't be forced to go to class with a hopeless boner. I knew it was a lame excuse but any excuse was fine with me.

This became our new meeting place each morning and things improved for a time. Of course within a week we were late to school each day. No matter what time I left, which was getting earlier and earlier each day, we just spent more and more time doing it until it was after nine when we would finally get to school. I'm sure there were raised eyebrows in the office when they'd see first one and then the other of us showing up with one more lame excuse for our tardiness. We took turns going first and had a list of excuses so we didn't use the same one too often. The long frowns and doubtful headshakes said it all.

It was in May when I was called to the office to explain that morning's excuse to Mr. Bigelow, the vice-principal. Kent was seated in the waiting area when I arrived. We didn't look at each other with more than a glance. By the time I was in the office my shirt was soaked and I was sweating profusely.

"I don't know any juniors," Kent said as he passed me on the way out.

I stuck to the story but he didn't believe a word I said. I was told that one more late arrival would get me in deep doo-doo. I cringed when he said it and realized that it was only a few weeks until my junior year would end. I knew I couldn't get expelled or my entire summer would be destroyed.

The following morning Kent was waiting in the usual spot.

"Kent, we can't start. School's almost out. We'll have the entire summer if we don't fuck up now."

"Yeah, well, what about until then?"

"Hold our breath?"

He took my hand and nudged me toward the woods as he started kissing me. I knew better and I wasn't going to get expelled even for love. It's then that he came up with the idea.

"We could skip the whole day. Just go off some where together," he said.

"Where?" I asked.

"I don't know. You're the adult. You tell me where. Why do I have to come up with everything?"

"You're so far ahead of me it isn't funny. It's your idea. Where?"

We skipped the next two days. I told my parents I was sick and they believed me. Lucky I did because the school called the second day. Once my absence was verified, I was home free. We went to school the rest of the week and even started out in school the following Monday, that's when Kent arrived with the latest wrinkle.

I was surprised at lunch when Kent dropped his tray down beside mine. He ate the lunch shift before me. He looked into his tray as I looked into him.

"If Bigelow sees us he's going to know," I said.

"I'm just eating lunch. Who the hell are you?"

"Right!" I said. "What are you doing eating now?"

"Me? I went to the nurse. Said I wasn't feeling good at all. I was sick last week, you know. She gave me an excuse to go to lunch late. I'm not hungry. Can you get sick too? I went along with her game and now I'll go back and tell her I threw it up and I'm feeling worse. I think I'm running a fever even."

"I'm fine," I said, cheerfully. "What do you think it is?"

"Go to the nurse and tell her you're stomach is upset and you're starting to ache all over. I'll go in right now and tell her I can't eat because my stomach is upset. I'll tell her I want to go home. She's already asked me if I thought I'd be okay. I told her I thought I could make it, but I'll go back and tell her my stomach got upset when I tried to eat. Can you do that, Martin?"

"One I set it up, she'll be convinced we're contagious. Brilliant or what?"

"We're going to get caught, just you wait and see," I said in a song.

"We aren't! Will you quit with the negativity already. You'll make my dick go soft."

"We only have two more weeks of school. We can't keep testing them, Kent. They're already suspicious. I don't want to blow my summer."

"I'm going right now. You come down in ten minutes. I'll be on the way home by then."

"Sure. I haven't gone home sick in awhile. She'd let me go home, I guess. What happens once I get out?"

"Meet me on the path. We'll decide where to go. I'm going now. Meet you in half an hour. On the path."

"Yeah!" I said. "Okay. I guess that's better than staying here."

The nurse was real sympathetic. She said there was something going around. In two more minutes I was walking up the hall with my early dismissal slip. No one wanted the flu spreading through the school. Kent was a genius and we could do no wrong. That one trip to the vice-principal's office was our only brush with being busted.

There must have been too many kids in school to crosscheck all the possibilities. I doubt if they were looking for two guys who were lovers, taking every opportunity to be with each other. I must admit I was a bit squirrelly when it came to disobeying. I had a thing about being honest but Kent was doing his best to break me of the habit. Whenever I saw him it made the risks worthwhile. I knew how damn lucky I was to be in love. I wondered how many other guys were as lucky as I was at seventeen.

Kent met me on the path but he was looking rather glum. I wondered if he was really feeling bad and that was how he came up with the plan. For once he didn't look at me for a long time and then he didn't light up once I was filling his eyes. I felt a little twinge in my heart like he might be getting over me. We'd now been together forever and I couldn't conceive not loving and being loved by him.

"You really sick?" I asked.

"Yeah, something like that. I don't know what's wrong with me, Martin, but I'm scared. I think it's serious."

"Scared of what?" I asked. "Where does it hurt?"

"It's you. You really scare hell out of me."

"Why's that? I didn't do anything."

"That's just it, you don't have to do anything. I'm going crazy when I'm not with you. I can't think straight. I think straight to you is what I mean. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never felt like this before. You think I'm crazy?"

"Could be. I'm crazy over you," I said.

He smiled as he looked up at me. He took my hand and held it up to his chest before kissing the fingers. He had the most serious look on his face. We held hands for awhile as we walked without talking and he stopped to kiss me twice as we walked toward the end of the woods. He didn't even suggest we have sex right away.

As much as I loved Kent on this day I liked being with him just as much as I loved him. He seemed satisfied just being with me for a change. While I started sex as often as he did, he never seemed to get enough once we got going. I could just want to hold and kiss him after going around for awhile, but it just led him right back to another erection and more desire. Being with him was all I wanted or needed out of life and anyway he wanted to be with me was fine.

I thought he might be getting to the same place I was when he just wanted to walk and talk or not talk. We stopped listening to some bird songs and watched the new summer wind rustling through the treetops as we held hands. He kept looking at me when I wasn't looking at him and when I did look, he'd look away like I had caught him doing something he didn't want me to catch him doing. He looked more boyish than I'd ever seen him.

After wading through years of dead leaves we found ourselves back on the path with no plan at hand when he stopped to chat me up.

"How could it be like this?" Kent asked.

"I don't know. Chemistry at its finest maybe?"

He looked at me puzzled and held my second hand.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, checking my fingers.

"It's the way people react to each other, I guess. Some people just knock your socks off and other people you can't stand."

"Lift up your pant legs. I want to see," he said firmly.

I shook his hands out of mine and pulled on the knee of my pants. Both socks were sagging around the tops of my shoes. None of my socks had any elastic left in them to hold them up.

"I see," he said, smiling broadly, lifting up his pants ever so slowly to expose the bare feet in his shoes. He smiled coyly.

"This means we like each other? I think I got it a lot worse than you if we go by this sock thing. I feel like I've got to be with you all the time," he said, going around in a circle and turning back to place his nose on mine. He looked ever deep into my eyes. "I feel like something is going to happen to you. That scares me a lot."

"Nothing is going to happen to me. Let's go some place and be alone together," I said.

"That all you think about?"

"Yes. I'm with you aren't I?"

"Me too. My dick's hard all the time now. Every time I think about you, which is all the time now. Liking you so much is getting down right embarrassing. People are starting to talk. It's not like I can hide it all the time."

"You hard now?"

"I'm with you," he said, lifting his shirt a few inches.

"Show me."

"You're bad, Martin. What happened to that nice innocent boy I knew?"

"He fell in love with a sex fiend," .

Kent unfastened his pants and flipped his cock out as he looked up and down the path. "We can't stand here with me like this. Schools almost out."

We walked along and I held onto it as we made our way up the path. At first Kent seemed nervous but then he put his hand on my hand. We stopped and kissed and he rubbed it against the front of my pants. He held my face and I took my leaking erection out so we could rub them together. We stood right in the middle of the path, knowing how stupid it was, but it didn't matter. Love's got nothing to do with brains.

The kisses were getting wetter and more passionate. I ended up running my hands up under his shirt while we did our version of the bump and grind until we decided we'd better cool it before someone took a notion to walk down that path.

His house was quiet as a tomb. Just inside the door I pulled down his pants and took out my cock. I rubbed myself up against his ass as he leaned back against me. He stood holding my wrists as my cock slid up and down the crack. I was massaging the front of him with both hands as my dick massaged the warm secret spot. He bent just enough to make himself completely available to whim or wish. The longer we stood there the more passionate I got. His hands held my wrists tighter as the guided my hands to pump him up furiously. His short uneven breathing told me all I needed to know.

"No, no, not yet," he gasped while I was making entry. I was so hot I couldn't hold back even if I wanted and I wanted him.

Kent let my wrists go, sliding around in my arms, just when I was ready to hit high gear. His hands slid down my body as he knelt in front of me, slipping his lips easily onto my super hard cock. They moved down to my zipper in one motion as my hands held me up on the door. His mouth drove me to distraction. My cock head was constricted tightly inside his throat, and he knew just what to do to me.

He became more and more aggressive as his hands held my ass so that I couldn't withdrawal, even a fraction of an inch. All I could do was hump his mouth and give in to the experience. I did that with a devotion I'd never had for anything else I'd ever done. At this I was very, very good. There came a point during this session when I felt as though I was all cock. I had no feeling or thought of anything put where his mouth joined me to him.

I felt powerful and alive. He sucked, licked, and manipulated me in a way that had me trying to force him to take even more, though there was no more. I held his head and fucked his mouth so hard I would feel bad about it later but he was taking me to a wild place and I couldn't resist going all the way there.

How I lasted that long I don't know but the intensity took me over the edge of passion and into lusty lewdness. I tried to drive myself into his mouth and into his soul.

Kent was an unselfish lover. He did not resist my attack in any way. He seemed energized by it. He held my ass tighter and tighter in an attempt to force his mouth further onto the pole that impaled him. When I started to gasp, he took my hands in his. His motions and mine became a gentler love making when the inevitable came. I was only able to gulp air while letting loose. It was as though my life force was ebbing out of me and into him.

He eased me onto the floor as I listened to him gulping down my offering. I could hear my heart thumping madly and wondered if it might burst. Mostly I could hear myself fighting for some air. I could hear him breathing and I could hear the quiet house.

He raised my shirt and kissed my stomach. He eased himself up and kissed the tip of my nose. We just lay there looking at each other. I'd never seen an expression quite like that one. He was more gorgeous than ever and I felt complete.

"That was the best yet," I said, still breathing hard but wanting him to know.

"I know."

"You're great," I said.

"So are you. I love how you lose control."

"I don't," I said.

"You do. It's incredible when you let it happen."

"Let me do it for you. I'll do better this time. Promise," I said.

"You're too late," he said, "I've made another mess I'm afraid. I can't touch you that I don't get too hot to handle. I shot all over your pant leg about half way through the blowjob."

"I want to do it for you before I leave," I said.

"And here I thought you just wanted to screw me?"

"I'll do that too."

"Three times? You are getting into this deal. At first I thought you were afraid of sex."

"I want to satisfy you. I want to make you happy. I want to let you know how much I love you."

"You're kidding. Being with you satisfies me. I cum without even being touched. I get so close at night just thinking about you, it takes three or four strokes and I'm done. You satisfy me big time. Today you will get all you want before you leave. That's a promise."

"I'll never leave then."

"I'll wear you out."

"Roll over on your stomach and we'll so who wears who out."

"Oh, you do love my hinny. Why do you think I saved it for later?"

We kissed and hugged and wrestled on the rug. It was nice having some time to play.

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