Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 33


With Kent gone and me on the way out of town the last two days of school were anticlimactic at best. It was at my locker just before I was to meet my father for the trip to Florida that things took a completely unexpected turn.

I had turned in all my books and except for a jacket and a notebook full of left over random papers, there was nothing of value. I might have ignored the contents of the locker and gone straight out to the car if the jacket hadn't been one that went with everything. It wasn't so much the trip to the locker that changed anything but what I found once I got there.


"I thought you graduated last week," I said.

"Yeah! I was inviting some people to my graduation party. It's Friday night. My parents will be at the weekend house. I thought you'd like to come," Greg said, sounding uneasy while he was making the invitation to me.

"You want me to come to your graduation party? The guy you told never to come to your house again? The guy you fight with every time we come within a half a mile of each other?"

"Yeah, I know," he said, easing his back against the lockers and dismissing all pretence of posture as well as any attempt at posturing. "I don't know what it is. I think about what you said that day at the picnic table, you know. How you felt about me and all that. Look, I know I'm a handful, and I don't expect you to understand me. I don't understand myself some times, most of the time. There's something about you that just pisses me off every time we get together, Martin. I don't know what it is. I'm always glad to see you and then you open your mouth, and we're going at each other."

"I see. It's all my fault."

"No, that's not what I said. I want you to come to the party. Doug won't be around so you can stay with me over the weekend if you want. I really want you to come. It's the only graduation party I'll ever have."

"I can't, Greg."

"Why not. I've done everything but kiss your royal red butt. You changed your mind about me?"

"I'm leaving for Florida right now. My father's probably outside waiting for me. I'd love to be at the party. I'd love spending the weekend with you, but I can't."

"Florida? Doug didn't say anything about Florida."

"He doesn't know. They just sprung it on me yesterday. It's not my idea, believe me, but if I don't go there will be hell-to-pay at home. It's just easier doing what they want."

"You have a good time. Call me when you get back," Greg said, smiling a different kind of smile for him, no sneer attached.

He walked toward the exit and disappeared while I stood trying to remember what in the hell I was doing at my locker when school was over for the summer. I wasn't sure I'd see Greg again and for me that wasn't a good thing. I knew we were somehow linked in a way that could never be explained. We might never see each other again but a piece of him would always be with me.

Florida was hot and humid and it rained every afternoon between 2 and 5 p.m. for two solid months. My grandparents lived on Choctawhatchee Bay where I often submerged myself to cool off from the heat, and if that wasn't good enough, we were a couple of miles from the Gulf Of Mexico and we visited there frequently. There were kids my age, younger, older, and all variety and sizes. There was always something to do and some place to go and if there wasn't, I had plenty to think about, but mostly I thought about Kent and Greg, not necessarily in that order.

I didn't mind being alone but each day there were planned activities that I was expected to participate in. They were mostly fun things and things arranged for my enjoyment. There was always something to do, except on those days when the rains came early and lasted all day. Those days were cancelled and that left me to stand inside the screen looking out at the water springing off the black asphalt in fat drops. It was a nice place to be if I had to be someplace alone.

I wasn't unhappy being there but I was bidding my time until I could head north once more. I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I wouldn't find it in Florida, and two days before school started my father arrived and we started our journey home.

I was standing at my locker the first day of school, feeling very superior to the sophomores who scurried around me. There weren't quite sure of what it was they were doing or where it was they were going but they knew they should be doing something and therefore anything had to be better than nothing. In my junior year I had no such difficulties. I knew what I was doing and where I was going at all times, and this was a first in my life. I just wasn't too excited about being back at school.

I looked over my new books and placed them in the order that I would need them the following day, stacking them neatly on the top shelf after my last class was done. I even remembered to bring the jacket back to place it in the locker for those days when it got colder instead of warmer, which I hoped was still a month or two away.

"What's up?"

My back was turned and I was deep in thought but I knew the voice immediately. I whirled around and it was all I could do to keep from throwing my arms around Kent's neck when I looked into those brooding eyes.

"Kent!" I said, restraining myself at the last instant.

"The one and only. How the hell are you, good looking, and why didn't you call me?"

"I just got back last night. I was away."

"Lot of that going around. So this is what high school is like. Looks like junior high only on a grander scale, you know," he said, looking up and down the busy hallway.

"So, where were we?" I asked.

"Ready to study?" He said, losing interest in the goings on in the hallway and looking at me with an increasing intensity.

"Yeah, we going to your house to study?"

"I was hoping we could go to yours. It's closer and it will give us more time."

"No, that's too dangerous. My father might come home early. I don't know where he's working. I was thinking we could walk to your house. I'll just be late to dinner. I been gone all summer, they might not even notice."

"Yeah, the good old days. It seems Pop came back with a woman on his arm. She's taken over the house. We had to hide all the porn and put away the toys. They last a few months before we get to be too much to handle. We'll find some way to get to her once she's settled into her routine. Pop gets tired of them once they start complaining about his boys, but until then, it looks like we've got all this time and no place to go," he said, leaning with his arm up over his head on the locker as his body moved ever so closer to mine. "The bathroom? I feel a piss coming on. You can hold it for me or do you think someone would notice?"

"We're going to get caught if we aren't careful," I said. "Not in school, Kent. We'll find a place."

"You worry too much. We can't go to my place. We can't go to your place. That leaves the bathroom or going without. It's the bathroom. I've tried going without and it's too hard to do that. This place'll be cleared out in another ten minutes."

"It's a nice day. Maybe we could find a place on the way home. Not here."

"Great! Where do we go, Martin? I'm all ears. I'll follow you anywhere."

"We'll find a place in the woods."

"Dad's got a trip coming up in a week or so. They're going out west. He said on business. They'll be gone for three days. We can stay together the whole time if you're interested."

"What about, Herbert?" I asked.

"I'll get him to stay over with Doug. His mom doesn't mind him too much in short doses. I think three nights is extreme unless they go to the mountains. Doug'll be anxious to spend some time with him after all these months."

"He isn't hanging with Greg?"

"Greg's away. He's working some place out of town."

"He is?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what Douglas says. We've got biology together. He hasn't been home in weeks. I suppose if we were really good friends we'd go keep him company but I want to keep you company right now."

"Where out of town?" I asked.

"Greg? Who cares? Way out of town if we're lucky."

I had been gone ten weeks and the world had gone on without me.

We moved off into the woods a little ways past the library. I didn't know where we were headed, but I'd know it when I found it. Kent followed closely behind me as we crunched through the long ago dead leaves and fallen branches. I was feeling better about Kent. I could never be sure what it all meant but just him being with me meant he didn't want to be with anyone else just then. As we walked he slid his hand into my pocket and he found my erection.

"You're hot to trot," he said. "I want to blow you."

"Let's find a good spot," I said, looking for a suitable clearing.

"Let's get off the path," he said after a half a mile of meeting no other people.

After a few more minutes of being out of sight from the path, I turned him around and he was already puckered up for the kiss. He unbuckled my pants and let them drop around my ankles before he stooped to put his mouth on the front of my underwear. The moisture from his mouth transferred through the material and onto the hardest dick I'd ever had. I could feel his teeth but he didn't use them in a rough way. Soon he lifted up the material to first expose my balls for licking and then he ran his tongue up into my pubes before he sucked me in all at once. It took my breath away.

"Take it easy or we're going to be done before you know it," I said, holding the side of his face and fucking his mouth. "I haven't done anything since we were together."

"I better take care of myself if that's the way you're going to be," he said, backing off me to fumble with his zipper to reveal the serious condition of his own dick. He was frantically jerking away when he went back to sucking me again.

"Don't!" I panted as my knees started to buckle. "I want to do yours."

Before I could say anything else I was blasting away for all I was worth. I had one leg over one of his shoulder and my dick shoved deep into his throat and Kent stayed with me all the way until he helped me onto the ground so I wouldn't fall. He kept sucking away gently on my now failing flesh. As I lay fighting for air he knelt with his head still between my legs, jerking vigorously until he was spitting and gasping on my almost softened dick. I felt the hot liquid splattering on my legs as he finished himself off in a flurry of moans and furious jerking.

"Oh, yeah! I needed that," Kent said, falling onto his back beside me as he looked down at his hand and the last few drops that were just then leaking onto it as he milked it dry.

"We could have done it to each other," I said.

"Don't worry. I'm just getting started. That was a warm up," he said, kissing me and moving my hand onto his bending dick.

He watched me feeling him for a minute before he unfastened his pants and pushing them quickly down to his ankles, forcing my hand off him as quick as I was starting to enjoy the feel of an almost hard dick in my hand. The next thing I knew he was moving on his knees until his dick was hanging over my lips.

"Go on. Suck me."

He put his hand behind my head and pulled it up off the leaves until my mouth had taken the head and part of the shaft.

"Use your tongue. Lick it real easy. All over! Yeah! Like that. Don't worry, it'll be back and it won't take long if you keep doing that."

I let my fingers slide back between his legs to feel his delicate warm smooth skin. I thrust my hand unceremoniously up into the crack of his ass, going for the gold before he could object. As I sucked for all I was worth he touched my head and face while talking to me in soft wordless sounds. I let my fingers slide back and forth across the ridges of his taunt hole with curious fingers. He moaned, moving his ass slowly and gently on the probing digits.

My mind was filled with the vision of what happened the last time I touched him there and it drove me. It was easy becoming lost in lust when I was around Kent. Him giving me easy access to his tempting icon of joy simply added fuel to my yearning desire. This moment had been building in my mind for the entire time we were away from each other. The reality of it was far more potent than the unclear images that came often to my thoughts.

Now it seemed like only yesterday that we were in the midst of our last spurt of passion. During the summer it had seemed too far away for me to believe we'd ever be together again. Being apart had taught me one thing, being together was better. Both of us were making the sounds as I attended both of his ends.

"Don't touch anything you won't eat," he gurgled in slurred words as he looked skyward and gasped as he slid his ass all the way down on the probing intruder as I humped his leg and sucked his now rising tide. This was the sign I had been waiting for him to give to me.

"There's nothing you got I wouldn't eat," I said, stopping in the middle of the attention I was giving him.

"That felt so good. You don't have to stop."

I pushed the finger back in place as his ass accepted it eagerly. I kissed the hard head of his cock. He held still this time, fearing I was going to quit him again. The sounds he made said it all but not quite enough for him.

"You're kidding about that, aren't you?" he said, more serious than usual as he looked down to see the expression on my face.

"I don't kid about a thing like that. Anything you want. Anything!"

I made it as clear as it was in my brain. He could only draw one conclusion. I added a finger to the mix as I kissed and it made him squirm and arch his back.

"You'd do that? Put your mouth down there? I mean on it?" His voice revealed the desire I hoped I would find in him. We'd yet to find our limitations but there was something about that spot and Kent that drew me to the conclusion that this was where I wanted and needed to go with him.

"There is one way you could get me to do it real quick. If you want me to do that, I mean. There's something I would like in return."

"I've always had a fantasy about that, you know," he said. "You serious? That's one thing no one has done."

"Have you had a fantasy about someone sticking their cock up there? I mean instead of their fingers?" I asked.

"Not really. Lots of guys want that," he said, disappointing me. "Most guys want to see if they can get my cock up them. By the time we work that out they've lost interest in fucking me. Not always."

"Then maybe we can make a deal," I said in a hurry not wanting to derail this train of thought.

"What kind of a deal?" He asked.

"I have a fantasy too? It involves you and a certain spot on your body."

"Don't be bashful, tell me what you want. I told you mine," Kent asked.

"I'm afraid it involves your asshole and my dick. I took a good look at it that night at your house. Man I wanted to give it to you in a big way. I'm ready to shoot a load just talking about it. I want to fuck you while you're sucking yourself off. I'll get you ready by licking it up first. You know, put my mouth down there as long as you want me to."

His dick started to twitch as we watched each other. He didn't answer right off but his reaction seemed favorable. He hadn't immediately said, no way. That's something.

"Let me get this straight. You'd do what I want if I let you screw me?"

"If you want me to do it I'll do it whether or not I get to screw you. It sounds fair if I fulfill your fantasy I get a crack at mine."

"You mean, you'd like a crack at my crack?"

"That's about it. I'll do anything you ask."

"Fuck me while I suck myself?" He contemplated.

"Sounds gross?" I said, trying to see it from his angle.

"Shit! I'm not sure I can eat all that cum. My dick's so hard it hurts thinking about this deal. You really know how to get me reloaded. You spend a lot of time thinking this up?"

"No, didn't take any time at all to think it up, but I've been thinking about it for months."

"I'll do anything you want to do as far as sex is concerned," he admitted. "I like sex and I like you."

We both got the idea of taking off our pants just to get them out of the way before things turned serious. Kent lay on his pants and threw his legs up toward his head and lowered his knees near his shoulders. I got hot just seeing him duplicating the position he used to suck his own dick.

I rubbed the back of his legs and kissed him behind his knees. Licking the inside of his nearest leg until I noticed how that one amazing spot was almost perfectly positioned for viewing or almost anything else I could think of doing with it. He wiggled slightly to perfect his positioning and that just made the hole that much more enticing.

Once I was face to face with his two smooth hen's eggs, I licked them one at a time while fingering his hole. I watched his face through his legs as his dick dangled down near his lips. It had become somewhat softened after our repositioning and undressing.

While feeling his delicate smooth skin, I kissed him back between his legs until my mouth was on his most interesting spot of all. He shivered as soon as my mouth came near it. I kissed the inside of his cheeks to signal how close I had come.

"Go ahead," he ordered in a husky voice.

Using the tip of my tongue, I probed all around, even licking vigorously in some spots, but not on the spot. He wiggled and squirmed, making every attempt to get my mouth on his hole and each time my mouth was committed to an area for more than a few seconds, he repositioned himself. When I was about to make contact, I'd change course and never more than brushed pass it. The sounds he made expressed his disappointment.

Once I had him where I wanted him, I poked the spot and eased his butt up to the perfect angle so I could see his face as I started to lick him there. His eyes closed and the moan had the birds and squirrels going for cover. The harder I licked the more I slobbered and the louder he groaned as he pushed his bottom at my mouth.

Even though it seemed like it should be impossible, Kent had several inches of his dick in his mouth, but I'd seen him perform this maneuver once before and it wasn't quite as exciting the second time around. His eyes had closed and I could see his mouth working. The look on his face was one of total pleasure. This made me even more passionate with my licking and sucking. The strained sounds that came from him told me that he didn't mind the attention after I placed one and then two fingers inside him.

There was no way for me to wait. I'd waited all summer. Now I was going to do what had been on my mind the entire time. Pushing my thighs up against the back of his legs, I moved into a better position so I could get my dick into his ass as quick as my fingers came out. As I pressed forward I watched even more of his dick slip into his mouth as my weight came down on him, only this time it had fattened remarkably and its color had grown quite dark. His knees got close to his ears as he focused on his technique and adjusted to me being on his ass.

I collected the moisture I'd left behind with my mouth, rubbing the head of my dick on the slick spot. While I was moving it around, I applied more and more pressure until I started to slip in. This brought about a soft moan as his warm moist insides began to swallow me as soon as my fingers came out.

The bliss swarmed in my brain. My dick felt like it went on and on. I held him by his thighs so I could pull and push at the same time. His body did whatever I asked it to do, and he sucked on, making sounds that filled me with desire. I got the leverage I needed as his shoulders took most of my weight and his mouth took care of his.

My hips dipped and hesitated before making a long slow withdrawal. My mind was lost in love and lust. We both hummed to our individual passion but the tune rolled through me like the Hallelujah Chorus. His velvet insides had me going faster and faster so I could experience more intensity. The harder I fucked the louder we got and the faster I went. By holding him just above his knees and keeping my thighs pressed against the back of his legs I could go at it as hard and as fast as I wanted.

Kent had no objection to what I was doing but he had his hands full, or mouth full of his own lust. I'd never been with anyone who was made for love like he was. Everything with him led toward or away from sex with him. Even when we weren't doing anything, we were planning together or separately for the next time. It's like we were connected in some strange silent lusty way. Neither of us tried to convince the other we weren't as horny as we were. It was obvious every time we came together. There was no escaping the attraction and no denying what was on our minds most of the time.

We lie together for quite awhile once we'd depleted our reserves a second time. The summer of going without was forgotten. We touched and kissed and kept out hands on each other's spent passion until we sensed we'd been there too long. We got dressed more because I had to be home than him.

He held my hand as we walked away from our love nest and back toward the path. When we got to the road that led to my house, he crossed the street, walking a ways up the gravel road with me. Neither of us was in a hurry to break the spell that had come over us.

In the end we kissed until we heard a car turn onto the road, crunching the gravel loudly as it closed in on us. Kent was walking away from me, but looking back at me, as the car passed. He kicked some stones as he walked and then turned and walked backwards as I stood there watching until he went out of sight. I turned and walked toward the house, thinking only of him.

When I passed the place where I had met Greg months before, I recognized it as the exact spot where my emotional and sexual lives had merged. The thought of it was nothing like the experience of it. I had flirted around the edges of lust and love for months after that meeting, but now I seemed to have found the path to fulfillment through Kent. I no longer felt bad about thinking about sex all the time. It was worth the time I took with it. For the first time in my life, life was worth the living. I finished my walk home with a broad smile on my lips. Life was good.

Kent and I had found our first spot where we could make love unobserved each day. As the weather grew colder we had to find another place out of the weather. There was this old shack further back in the woods and there was a small piece of the floor that hadn't rotted out. We equipped it with a couple of blankets from my garage and some pillows from his basement. Each day we walked home together, taking a break to further cement our relations. It was the one thing I woke up looking forward to each day.

For the first time in my life someone was there for me if I should need him. While Greg came to mind from time to time, he was so far out of the picture that they were only passing thoughts. I was sure he was shacked up with some guy or perhaps some girl somewhere, and I was sure he didn't spend much time thinking about me. We did see Doug frequently but we never mentioned Greg. Doug had met Cheryl and he thought he liked her quite a lot. I'd see them in school together from time to time and they could hold hands and even kiss if there weren't any teachers around.

Kent and I could only smile and wink, knowing something no one else knew, and enjoying the secret we kept between us. I guess if someone ever watched our meetings, they'd have suspected something but as long as we were together it didn't matter what other people thought. Love is like that.

I think this was the first peace that I knew in my life. Having someone there when I needed him was the best thing. Seeing his face light up each time he saw me was enough to keep me going for another day. Being able to touch and hold and to love one another was as good as it gets, and as good as it had ever been for me. My endless longing had turned into a deep contentment that made all other things unimportant.

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