Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 45


I took a tree from Wal-Mart up to Greg's room. It was two feet tall and had blinking lights, which he liked. At any given time I'd find him watching the different colors blinking on and off. It certainly livened up the room some. He had become calm and resolved because there wasn't anything else he could be. Even the exercise was less intense, but regular as his muscles grew tight and hard.

On Christmas Eve I fell asleep with my face on his chest. It had been a long year. He kept his arm over my shoulders and when I woke up he was snoring. There was an envelope under the little tree with my name on it. It looked very much like one of the envelopes I'd seen them bring his X-rays in from time to time. I had a bag with a couple of gag gifts I'd picked up for him. I gave him a gold chain with his name on it that I had given him an hour after I picked it up from the jewelers.

He woke up when I opened the envelop and he sat watching me carefully examining the X-ray with my most astute medical expertise.

"Thanks! It's just what I always wanted."

"It's my leg," he said proudly.

"Yeah, nice leg," I said. "Looks good enough to eat."

"Yeah, well, that's not the leg I had in mind when it comes to fine dinning."

"I'm waiting," I said, waiting.

"Oh, good enough to eat and almost good enough to walk on."

I measured each of the words. I ran them back through my brain without asking him to repeat them. I was almost sure I knew what it meant but not sure enough to go without asking and the answer mad me giddy.

"Almost good enough to walk on?"

"It's healing. The calcium has finally joined and it's fusing the bone. I get to keep it. I had grown rather attached to it over the years. Pretty neat eh?"

"Thank you," I said through my tears. "That's the best thing you could have given me."

"I'll be here until spring," he said, holding my hand.

"After that?"

"I get to go home."

"They're sure?"

"No sign of infection and everything is as it should be. I don't think they are going to tell me anything they aren't sure about."

The kiss lingered and after we were done with it I handed him a box from under the tree.

"I sense something for both of us inside," he said, shaking it and holding it to his forehead.

"You psycho or something?"

"Or something me thinks," he said, as he ripped up the red paper.

"My favorite. Trojan, lubed and ribbed. You trying to tell me something?"

"What could I possibly tell you that would involve rubbers that you didn't already know."

"Yeah, but you see, I'm locked up in this fine hotel, and I get tested and checked on a daily basis. We know I can't possibly have an STD. Now, the question comes to mind, are we having a guilty conscience and this is your way of informing me that you perhaps are sexually active beyond my room?"

"No! I don't have the energy to do anything beyond this room."

"So you are thinking I'm getting with one of these lovely nurses who are mostly men might I add."

"I'm a man," I said.

"Well, I don't think of you as a man," he said.

"Oh, and what do you think of me as?"

"My one and only soul mate and companion."

"I feel a little like Robin must feel," I said.


"Batman & Robin," I said. "Loyal sidekick and like that."

"Those fags? I think the loyal sidekick is Tonto."

"That's in Canada right."

"You're hopeless," he said, kissing me on the cheek. "What else you got there? I'm sensing a sexual theme here. Are you trying to make me horny."

There was a long thin box wrapped in shinny green paper that I gave him.

"Get real. You couldn't get any more horny."

He looked at it and then me and he ripped off the paper to find a vibrating dildo equipped with batteries and a ribbed and lubed Trojan. He turned it on and put it in his mouth, looking a little silly while doing it.

"It's the wrong end," I said.

"I thought you were trying to tell me I need some practice with my oral technique."

"No, that's for when you miss me most."

"You really think I do that because I like it?"

"Let's not go there."

"You wait until I get out of this harness. We're going to go there for a week without stop. You're going to need a retooling by the time I get finished with you."

"I think you've gotten bigger since you've been in here. I don't know if it's going to fit. I didn't think it would fit before."

"No problemo. I'll work on it until it does fit. If I wasn't worried about doing serious damage to myself I'd ask for that for Christmas. I know you can't refuse a request on the day of Christmas."

"I think that's the Godfather on the day of his daughter's wedding."

"Almost the same thing. It's Christmas Eve isn't it?"

"Anything you say," I said.

"I'd go nuts. I don't have any control when it comes to that. It's hard enough when I cum and I'm not doing that. Too risky and it pains me to say it but I won't be in this rig forever."

"Maybe we shouldn't get you off so often," I said.

"We're on minimum daily maintenance for self-preservation now and I don't tell you all the times I jerk off when you aren't here."

"I'm shocked. The Gregor still pounds his pud."

"Nothing like keeping your instrument tuned."

"Yeah, well maybe I should play it more often then?"

"It is Christmas but they're probably going to run you out of here before long."

"There was only two nurses on when I came in. Nurse Atilla and one of the young ones from weekends I've only seen a few times."

"Yeah, most guys have gone home and no one's getting surgery this time of year."

He ran his hand through my hair as I leaned on his chest. His muscles were solid but he was soft from all the lotion I massaged into his skin. He moaned when my hand moved down to his stomach and he raised up to slip the dildo down between his legs.

"You want some lotion on that?"

"No, it's cool."

I let him have it his way and watched the rising tide as the stimulation had him standing tall and throbbing in short jerks as the dildo slowly disappeared except for the small sound it made as the battery helped it do its thing.

"I feel like I've been replaced," I said, watching the serene look on his face.

"Not at all. Now I can get fucked and blown at the same time. It's a dream come true."

When I reached down to touch him, after resisting temptation for as long as possible, it pulsed and twitched against my fingers. He was well on his way when I started to use the lotion on him and he moaned each time my fingers tightened. He was still quick to excitement and often came without warning while I was trying to give him pleasure and make it last. We both knew that would change as soon as he got his body back but it still bothered him to lose control too quick but he always assured me there was plenty more where that came from and he proved it more often than not.

It was about perfect as he snorted and moaned and the white liquid shot into the air with a gasp and a groan for propellant. He grabbed my hand and held it tighter and tighter on him and the tan cock turned deep purple and the head was fierce looking with its sharply cut design.

"Oh, yeah, you do know how to squeeze a dick."

We held each other after he let me have a small portion of his bed. He kept the vibrator vibrating up inside him as he only partially wilted and was born anew in no time after the kisses started. I wanted to replace the vibrator with something a little more lifelike, but I decided to let him have it his way without interference tonight.

"Put your face down there," he suggested after a particularly long make-out session. "Just give it a few of those kisses and I'll give you something for your troubles."

He was so hard I had trouble getting a grip on him with my mouth. My tongue only found rock hard ridges in my mouth while my lips nibbled his incredible erection. His moans were like an aphrodisiac in my ear and gave me incentive to go further and faster and with more lustful intent. It never occurred to me that it could get any better, but it could, and did, when he unzipped me and quickly made out with my cock.

I could taste his discharge on my tongue and I could tell he was enjoying himself by the way the hardware was clanging against the support rigging that held his leg in place. These were the times I worried that he'd hurt himself but there was no turning back once we got to the point where we were both fully engaged. Apprehension gave way to passion as he moaned and maneuvered until he could feed me all I could take. My jaws would be sore for the next week but who cared. Once you were driven into ecstasy by your lover's dick and his lips, not to mention the modest dildo that he gave up to me so that I could shove it all the way in at the first sign he was starting to finish, there was no turning back.

The clanging grew louder as he gasped and sucked me dry and at the same time thick gobs of cum squirted on the roof of my mouth and into the back of my throat. It never ceased to amaze me just how much cum he could unload after already unloading a considerable amount only a few minutes before. Greg was indeed a stud.

We stayed locked together in that fashion until I had stiffened again under the tender loving care of his lips. The easy persistent sucking had me delirious in no time but when I started working on his now soft appendage, he moved my head back away so I'd know he was through for a minute or two. I watched his mouth and how he used it to drive me to distraction and my mind started to lose contact with earthly matter. My brain was spinning out of control as he took me beyond the beyond and into orbit around his heavenly body.

It was like being shot out of a cannon and he never stopped as I flew through the air and bounced off the walls like a red rubber ball before settling back down on his bed, spent, and worn down to a limp shadow of myself. My mind flickered on and off as my heart jerked in my chest and my mouth hung open, gasping for air and the calm, which was a long time coming.

He was staring at me with the oddest look on his face when I finally recovered my wits. My dick hung limp against his cheek and my cheek rested on his fat limp cock that really was off duty for the rest of the night.

"I can't believe you," he said softly.

"What did I do?", I asked.

"Fell in love with me. I don't deserve you. No matter what ever happens to us, Martin, we are everything to each other tonight. Remember that. Don't think I don't know how important you are to me. I do know and I still find it hard to believe that you stuck with me. I never expect anyone to stick with me. I'm a real asshole most of the time."

"I'm stuck like glue to you, stud."

"Come up here and say that," he said, giving me his longest and hardest look.

I made no other changes except to put my head where my dick had been. We held each other and the kisses came and went. It was like heaven up there in that room with him chained to a bed and having no one else to love but me. There was no other person that I could conceive of loving the way I loved him. I had loved him from the first time I saw him and I would love him forever, and of this I was certain. That night we loved each other totally and completely and there was no one else in our world and there was no other love like our love.

If there was heaven it was in his room on Christmas Eve. There was no way for me to be any happier. It was the ultimate.

"Merry Christmas," he said, waking me from a sound sleep.


"Yeah, it's 12:01a.m."

"I fell asleep."

"You sure did. Your parents are going to skin you."

"They've given up on me. I don't see them too often. Did you sleep."

"No, I just held you while you slept. You snore."

"I do not."

"Yes you do."

'I don't."

"Yes you do."

"Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas!"

Peace on earth and good will to all men and women and children of all faiths and cultures.

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