Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 23

No Contest

I was a runner and I enjoyed softball but organized sports were never my thing. Throwing the football around however was. The spring afternoon had started to cool, making the activity more fun. It started out with Timmy, Van, and I, and Timmy's friend with the ice cream, Michael, joined us. We played for awhile before Ryan's sister came past us and not long after that Ryan showed up and wanted to help us. Doug came in search of the missing at about the same time and he said dinner was waiting and his parents had gone to play cards with some friends.

Greg and Augie showed up ten minutes after Doug appeared and they wanted to play tackle. We ended up with Van, Augie, Timmy, and I on one team and Greg, Doug, Michael, and Ryan on the other. On the first play Van threw a perfect pass forty yards into Augie's outstretched arms. I was on the right team. Greg countered with a twenty yard out pattern that Doug caught in the clear and he scampered down the sideline for an unopposed score.

The next series saw Greg hitting Augie like a Mack truck, knocking him nearly senseless just as he was about to catch another of Van's perfect passes. Ryan picked up the vacated ball and scored. Greg and Augie wrestled for the next few minutes until Van finally yanked them apart and asked if we were playing football or fooling around with each other. Both boys seemed startled by his demeanor and his size indicated he could take both of them at the same time. We went back to football but the two of them didn't miss a chance to punish each other.

A few plays later Van laid the exact same pass onto Augie's fingertips as he scooted for a score that tied things up. As Augie came back carrying the ball he had a sudden look of recognition on his face. He walked straight up to Van, looking him over carefully seeming a bit star struck by what he saw.

"You're Van Morris. Oklahoma, two, three years ago. I wore your number on all my shirts that season when I was twelve or thirteen."

"Yeah," Van said, not at all excited by the recognition. Five years ago."

"You blew out your knee," Augie said sorrowfully. "You were great. The next Elway."

"No, I had my knee taken out. Texas Longhorn game. I made the mistake of throwing six touchdown passes against them in a spring scrimmage. Their linebackers took it personal. They were determined to take me out when we met in the regular season. I guess they were a little better at what they did than I was," he lamented in a moment of total recall.

"Bummer," Augie said. "I waited for you to come back, but you never did."

"Nope. Never did. I can still walk though. That's something."

"You'd a been one ah the great ones," Augie predicted.

"He played real football?" Michael asked. "Who was he?"

"He was great," Augie said for everyone to hear. "Started three games his sophomore year and won all three in a walk."

"How do you know some dude from Oklahoma?" Greg asked skeptically.

"It's where I'm from. All guys follow the Sooners. All guys from Oklahoma."

On Van's left knee was the telltale tan knee brace. It all made sense. The top of Augie's head came up to Van's nose, so he was probably six foot four. He was thick down to an unsubstantial waist and then his thighs flared out, tapering down to the knees. His arms and legs were covered in fur and it was easy to believe he had been a profession athlete, at least one in the making before a bad hit ended a promising career.

The next time Augie caught a touchdown, he ran back and leaped into Van's arms. It was obvious something had changed between the two of them. Augie's bucolic persona gave way to that of an awestruck little boy. Van held Augie for only two seconds before setting him back on the ground. In Van's arms, Augie looked like a play thing. There was that quick congratulatory butt pat that I zeroed in on and for an instant I remembered what I knew from Timmy comments about Van.

The game went on for some time and then Ryan had to pee and Timmy was thirsty. We were leading by six touchdowns and Greg complained about Van being a "real" football player. Van and Augie were better at ignoring him than I was.

On one play Van decided I should take Augie's place as long receiver, and while Greg and Doug double-teamed Augie, Van would drop the ball in my arms and I was to make it a seven touchdown lead. It worked just like he drew it up except for one slight flaw, Greg never took Augie's fake and he was on me like stink on shit. As I reached for the ball Greg hit me at full speed and folded me back onto my shoulders as I caught only the turf.

He jumped up triumphantly not knowing where the ball was or caring. He strutted off as Van came to see if I was dead or not. To my best recollection I wasn't but it was a close call.

"You okay, Martin?" He asked, standing over me like some benevolent god.

"I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet," I mused as I rolled up onto my knees trying to find a way to make breathing less painful.

"You'll be okay. Just had the wind knocked out of you. Walk it off kid. Don't let him know he hurt you. Don't ever let them know that they hurt you."

"Okay," I said, thinking I missed something as I held my ribs.

That left only Augie and Van on one team as I crawled to the sidelines on my hands and knees. Everyone walked away except for Greg, who went and sat next to the boathouse and stared at me as I was still trying to remember how to breath. I gave up trying to move and rolled onto my back until breathing became easier Greg's eyes stayed on me as he sat showing no emotion.

I finally forced myself up to my feet and I looked at the empty field and then him. I steadied myself and walked toward him. He looked surprised that I would approach him. I watched him setting his resolve, after a slight look of relief came on his face once I was walking. He kept his eyes on me like he wasn't sure I hadn't picked up a rock or something.

"It was a good hit," Greg said like it was open for discussion.

"Yeah, only I ain't no Green Bay Packer. It's called a game for a reason."

I slid down on the seat directly across from him, grabbing my side as jagged air tore at my lungs. I stifled a cough as it hung in my throat.

"So?" Greg said with contempt back in his voice.

"I'm sorry," I said with a great deal of sincerity.

"What?" He answered, made uncertain by my words of contrition.

He was completely thrown off balance by my apology. He had smashed me and I was saying I was sorry to him. I could see his mind looking for an answer to the incongruity. I let him search for awhile before finishing what I came to say.

"I've never been with Doug before, sexually speaking. I would never have done it where you might see. It's not something we planned. It just happened."

"In the middle of the fucking path?" Greg howled. "Augie saw. He knew I liked.... Never mind."

"I can't explain that one. I'm sorry I did it. If I'd known you might come along.... I'm just sorry, okay. It happened because I couldn't stop it from happening. I can't explain it any better."

"Lot of that going 'round," he said, folding his hands together and looking around nervously as though we had reached the limits of what he was going to listen to.

"I like you Greg. I like you a lot. I would never do anything to hurt you on purpose."

"You, hurt me? Get real, asshole. I must have hit you harder than I thought."

"I want to be your friend."

It was my final appeal. I had nothing else to offer him. I had no reason to believe that it would make any difference to him but I was going to give it my best shot. Then it would be up to him.

"Life's a bitch," he said without much thought before he pushed himself away from the table, turning and walking away like I wasn't there at all.

I watched him moving down the road toward the river house. His wide shoulders and round butt hadn't changed at all in the weeks since I'd first laid eyes on him from that same angle. What I felt about him had become so complicated that I no longer knew if I liked him at all or not. He always left that slight opening for me to squeeze my hopes through. He'd rake me over the coals for ten minutes and all I would remember was the one word that wasn't sent as an insult. I wasn't able to understand why I still was so drawn to him, but I was.

Once he was out of sight I got up and looked around for Timmy or Van, or some human form that might provide some comfort, but the field was empty. The game had been called. Some kids yelled in the background and there was smoke starting to waft in the air from several early evening campfires. The air had turned cool but not uncomfortable. I remembered Van and thought I might go chat a little longer with him. He seemed to know what he was talking about and I had never known a real athlete before.

I walked in back of the line of campers and RV's, after going through the clubhouse. When I came to Van's camper, Timmy and his friend Michael were standing at the window peeping inside through a slight opening in the curtain. They were so distracted by what they were watching that they didn't notice me moving up behind them.

"You feel mine and I'll feel yours," Michael said with his hand obviously moving to the front of Timmy's pants.

I suppose he was thirteen or fourteen. He was fairly tall but not at all filled out. He was caught in-between childhood and adolescents at its most awkward stage. His face was quite youthful and his arms had fine blond hairs but no sign of muscle. The hair on his head was darker than blonde but it wasn't brown either and the sun had bleached the tips. He mainly grew straight up and down.

My attention went back to the window where they stood. As soon as Michael noticed me he yanked his hand off of Timmy, seeming almost horrified that I'd seen him touching another boy.

"What's up," I said.

"No... No... Nothing," he sang, backing up to reveal the tent in his pants which made it impossible for him to deny what was on his mind.

"Van's fucking Augie," Timmy said doleful. "Can you believe that. I couldn't take that thing up my tailpipe."

Timmy's words sent hot flashes through me. The thought of seeing Augie engaged in some sexual pursuit had the hair on the back of my neck standing in appreciation, not to mention what stood in my pants with no further stimulation needed. I leaned to see through the convenient space in the drapes at the corner of the window.

Now I knew I should run them off and I should leave. In a perfect world that might happen, but I didn't live in a perfect world and I was every bit as curious as Timmy and his friend. I leaned behind Timmy to see what I could see.

Augie was leaning over the table where I had been sitting. His hands were holding both sides as Van stood behind him, holding Augie's hips. Stand may have been a misnomer. He rocked back and forth pulling Augie toward where I knew his erection had to be. By the strained expression on Augie's face, there was no doubt that Van was sliding in and out of him as we watched. I could hear Augie's muffled moans as Van seemed determined to get to whatever hidden treasure that was inside the handsome boy.

"Let me see," Michael said, deciding he wanted his place back. "What are they doing now? Did he put his dick up his ass? I was there first."

He forced himself between Timmy's back and my front, leaning over to peer in and at the same time he started feeling the front of my pants. He didn't bother to ask if I had an opinion about it, but this way there was no risk I would say no before he found out what he was looking to find out. He did take a look at my face to see if he could find any animus therein.

I'm afraid all he found was a dufus in ecstasy from seeing the perfect boy being fucked while another boy, however imperfect, was playing with my dick. His immaturity and lack of beauty was outweighed by the skill in which he employed his fingers to give me pleasure. The only thing disagreeable was that he stopped after a few minutes and became attracted by the indoor games.

We all three of us peered in at the sex as the two men rocked and shook as they drove toward destinations unknown to the likes of us boys. I could only imagine what the two of them got from their linkage, but Timmy was more than happy to explain the more technical mechanical aspects of the procedure.

"That fucker's fat as my wrist," Timmy swore his oath in a whisper, shoving his free hand in the air for us to gage the size of his wrist. "No way I'd let him shove it up my ass. I could barely get my mouth around it."

"You sucked that old guy?" Michael asked with alarm in his words.

"Ah...," Timmy said, looking for some acceptable answer once Michael's distress was obvious. "It's what you like, isn't it."

"Yeah, but he's old. He's queer. We're kids. It's different if we do it with each other," Michael advised with his most conservative reasoning.

"Yeah," Timmy said, going back to the window. "That's true."

Michael stood silent for a minute before he left our voyeur's nest. I didn't like the note on which he picked to make his exit. There was something unsettling about a boy who has a cock in each hand and then becomes distressed by the talk of having one in your mouth. Perhaps it was my inexperience that had me thinking the two were related and couldn't be that offensive to anyone so disposed as he. There were more important things to attend to just then.

Augie's face was hidden between his folded arms as the table wobbled from Van's sturdy thrusts. Augie looked up and his hands grasped either side of the table. This time he pushed himself up on his arms and I could see where his raging red erection was hooked at the edge of the table. It was one of the most incredible dicks I'd seen, shinning red amongst the black pubes. I could see his chest working overtime as he gulped air while his body shook and a line of cum then leaped out of him and impacted the window with incredible force.

Augie looked up toward the ceiling as if praying for salvation while he expelled another stream of cum. Van's hand was searching for the erupting member as he continue his search for ecstasy. Once found and secured, he pumped away as Augie exploded with another stream that barely reached the window. Several more weak squirts dribbled across the table toward us before the puddle started oozing out and growing under his dick head.

Augie's face told the tale and I wasn't sure I wouldn't be the first in line to volunteer for the next such operation. This eagerness might have stemmed from my youthful enthusiasm, as well as my lack of understanding for the amount of pain one could endure while in the pursuit of pleasure, but I was eager to discover any and all aspects of my sexual deviance, no matter the risk, as long as someone held me like Van was holding Augie. I needed for someone to hold me that way.

"Fuck!" Timmy gasped. "That's awesome. I'm going to blow a load watching this. Too bad Michael left. He'd get me off."

His hand reached back for me as he spoke and our faces were pressing close together as I leaned over his shoulder. We continued to watch. People walked by the front of the camper but they were parked so close together no one took a good look to see us lurking there. I ran my arm across his hip letting my hand slid into his pocket. He immediately moved his dick into my grasp. I could feel its warmth through the material. I could feel the excitement throbbing in him.

Van sat at the table, pulling Augie onto his lap without disengaging from him. I cursed the table that kept me from seeing how the man entered the thin boy. Augie sat listless as Van held him in place with one big arm around his slim chest. He seemed to be rolling under him as Augie leaned up and then he would sit back down. Augie's hand slid easily in the cum on the table as he steadied himself. His cock had drooped down over his balls, losing not an ounce of its luster or that glorious red color that shinned through the sticky remnant of his mighty orgasm.

There was a loud grunt followed by Augie leaning forward to grasp the far side of the table. Van made some final desperate thrusts, using their new positioning to facilitate his eagerness, and all at once Augie was yanked back down firmly into his lap. Placing both of his arms around Augie's handsome chest, Van shook and so Augie shook, as spasms ran from one to the other. It became obvious that his lust and passion was at that instant flowing. They both sat quiet for the first time since I had begun my vigil at the window.

I must admit their passion took my breath away and left me with a stiff resolve. The next thing I knew they were standing up with Van in front of the table right where he was when I came up. Augie ran his hand over his chest and down until he grasped the rubbered up organ. Augie sat at the table, pulling the beef to his lips, kissing the latex with both lips and tongue. He pealed it off using both hands, kissing the entire length as the naked flesh was exposed, and finally he sucked the thick wet knob into his mouth. Van swooned, reaching for the table so he wouldn't fall.

My own knees were failing me while I felt Timmy's cock with a renewed vigor. At the same time I started rubbing my badly leaking appendage against his butt.

"Let me suck you," Timmy said.

"Not here," I protested.

"Then fuck me. No one can see us," he whispered in a gasp.

"Let's go in the woods. I'll do it there. Not here," I bargained.

"I don't want to miss any of this," he said.

When I got my mind back on the action, Augie was standing with the rubber and it's dripping contents, rubbing it on his dick as Van stood there immobile. Then Augie put the latex on his own less than stiff penis, but it wasted no time rising to the stimulation. His hand worked on his prick, using Van's cum to enhance the experience as he thrust his hips at his hand. He then leaned until his back was on the table and he started jacking off faster once he was flat on his back.

"Fuck!" Timmy said. "Don't just jack me off. Suck it."

"Not here," I hissed.

"You're a drag, Martin. This is so hot."

It was so hot. Van put his mouth on Augie's shielded cock. He took it all into his throat and then removed the rubber while still sucking Augie. His mouth was just short of reaching the boys pubes, but it didn't seem to matter because Augie was erupting as we watched. His moans and the thrusting of his hips were a dead give away to what was happening. The gobs of cum spewing over Van's lips and chin were another indication that the muscular boy was at his zenith. With knees bent and holding Van's face on him, Augie rocked and rolled as the table wobbled under him. After a minute his arms fell limp, and Van started coughing loudly.

Timmy's cock was well up in my fingers as I did my best to caress and titillate him so he'd let me watch in peace. I must have done a fine job with him because all at one he leaned hard on the camper with a groan as my hand was suddenly receiving a free fill-up of sticky stuff. He tried to do it quietly, but the passion of the moment made for audible moans.

"Damn it, shut up, Timmy," I said, losing my own peak as it was about to explode.

"Shit!" Augie said, standing naked behind us. "It's them. They're watching us."

"Don't worry, Augie. They're both cool. They won't say anything. Let's get back inside before someone else shows up and sees you like that."

"Shit!" Augie said, just then realizing he was standing outside in the nude.

Van had taken time to pull on his underwear but Augie was bear butt naked and still dripping cum. Timmy and I followed them back through the open door without any further ado, but I don't think I was too eager to face them, after being caught spying.

"You two should know better," Van said.

"Us two?" Timmy said. "What about you two? You keep telling me I can't and you go and do it with him."

"He's an adult. Adults can make the choice."

"He's not either," Timmy said.

"He's close enough. You aren't even in the ball park."

"You said I could...." Timmy complained.

"You don't listen to my words. You make up your mind before you try to understand what I'm saying to you. You're fine, Timmy. You're a great kid. I like you. I'm just not comfortable doing anything with you. It has nothing to do with me not liking you."

"You said I could next time, and it's next time and you're doing it with him."

"Jesus," Augie said.

"Timmy, you need to be with boys your age. I can tell you why I think that is, but you'll only half listen and accuse me of lying or worse. I'm worried more about you then me or I'd just let you have what you want. It's not that easy."

"Looked easy to me," Timmy said, looking dejected.

"I wish we'd talked about it. I should have explained it better. It was my fault and I'm sorry. We'll talk about it tomorrow and I'll sit down with you so you know why I feel the way I feel."

The camper grew quiet as we had all run out of things to say. At least the heat had gone off me, but I was old enough to know better. I could tell that Van was disappointed that I would do what I did.

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