Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 8

Post Game Interviews

The glow coming from the light of the television was bright enough for me to get another good look at Doug's body. I'd never seen guys so relaxed about their bodies and showing them to other boys. I never liked anyone seeing me naked. Doug moved around like he wasn't exposed to our eyes, and Herbie, he was walking around naked when everyone else had all his clothes on. He seemed to enjoy being naked in the midst of fully clothed boys. I didn't see any reaction to him roaming around that way. When the other boys joined him, he became a face in the crowd. Alfred was the only one to mention Herbie's bare ass look.

I stole looks at Doug when he wasn't aware of my curious eyes on him. I thought about the locker room in school where it was a race against time to see who could get dressed without having anyone see his pecker. None of these guys seemed to care if you looked and I wondered if the sex thing and the anticipation of having sex made their nudity less worrisome. In one evening I had not only seen every boy's cock while it was hard. Up until my first pool game with Greg, I'd only caught glimpses of boys in that condition.

"I'll bring you back a beer," Doug said right after the door opened again. I took a close look at his cock when he walked past my chair. With his back to the television and the only light source, my eyes had to strain to see anything.

Herbie came in two minutes after Doug left. He nodded at me and stood beside the chair where I sat. His cock was not quite soft and I had a good view of it with my peripheral vision. He was more interested in the television than if I was checking him out.

"Doug's sitting in the other chair," I said as though I needed to guard it.

"Yeah, I'll sit on the couch with Timmy. You didn't take a turn? You got something going with Doug or what."

"Nah. I wasn't in the mood. Was it okay?"

"Boys hands are like sandpaper. I thought he might take the skin off the way he went out it."

He moved to where Timmy was lying, moving his legs to make room for him to sit, and putting them on his lap once he sat down. Timmy moaned for a minute and then started snoring again.

"He staying all night?"

"Who knows, Boo Boo. He might be getting with his girl friend later on. He never knows what he's doing. Don't get the wrong idea just because we like fooling around."

"Fuck you," Timmy said through his sleep. "I said if Tommy was going to be around I would leave."

"He left as soon as he got his meat beat," Herbie said. "He was running late for something or other."

"Yeah, late for his old man to hide him again. He was suppose to be home at ten."

"He left here after eleven," Herbie said.

"Asshole," Timmy said. "He knows better an to cross his old man. Mean son-of-a- bitch. Why's he do it? I keep telling him to just listen to him."

"You still seeing him?" Herbie asked.

"He comes over when he's in a mood. He's just an asshole about it when you guys are around. He can be cool. He stayed all night last week and his old man never knew he wasn't home."

"You're a fool, Timmy. You know what he's after."

"Yeah, same thing you're always after," Timmy said with a rough edge in his voice.

"Greg was in a strange mood tonight," Herbie said, changing the subject. "You'd a liked it. He got them all naked, except Boo Boo over here. I think he has something special planned for this one. He's the only one who kept on his undershorts and whatever else it is he's hiding under there trying to make his dick look big."

Herbie laughed and pointing as Timmy turned around to look out from under the pillow to see what he was talking about.

"He's Martin?" Timmy asked, speaking to Herbie.

"Yeah, I'm him," I said.

"I'm Tim," he said. "He says you're cool."

"Cool enough not to come busting in here when I heard your voices earlier," I said.

They both looked at me with a bit of alarm.

"Doug doesn't need to be telling you about me. You want to know about me you ask me, okay? I'm right here, okay."

"He's your friend. He wouldn't tell me anything that wasn't meant to help you."

"So what did you hear when you were up here?" Timmy asked still looking over his shoulder at me.

"I heard enough to know you weren't watching television."

"I told you to close the door," Timmy said. "Don't I have enough trouble with these guys? Why do you do that shit, Herbie?"

"I was in a hurry. I thought I checked it," Herbie said.

"Whatever you were doing is not my business. I don't mess in stuff that isn't my business."

"Kewl," Herbie said. "Told you he was cool. Nobody's any the wiser."

"No thanks to you," Timmy said.

I figured it wouldn't hurt making points when I could. I don't know why I wanted Herbie as an ally but I did. Timmy seemed nice to me and that beat the hell out of mean and angry. He looked at me for awhile and seemed to be trying to make up his mind.

"We didn't do nothing," Timmy said without trying to convince me. "We was wrestling. This fool always wants to be wrestling me, don't you."

Timmy rolled onto his back and held the pillow on his chest as he dug his heel into Herbie's lap. They both giggled and Herbie tried to twist his ankles together so he'd roll onto the floor.

"That's just what I thought it was you were doing," I said, looking into the television. "You believe in aliens?"

"Sure, I better, my old man hires them to do the yard work. I'd be doing it if not for them."

Herbie cracked up and Timmy stared at him.

Timmy's cheeks were reddish, like a women's when they use that rouge stuff, only his wasn't make-up. With his blue eyes, and brownish reddish hair, he looked pretty neat to me. I mean he didn't look like the kind of guy you'd think was doing serious stuff with other boys. I'd heard him with Herbie and I knew they weren't talking about watching another minute of Outer Limits. I still found myself wishing I had busted in on them so I could have seen something more exciting.

Doug was wearing underwear when he returned with a beer.

"I suppose you guys want beer now?"

"Nah, Boo Boo, I'm kewl and he's sleeping," Herbie said, staring into the soft blur that at once became the crystal clarity of the Outer Limits.

"You sleeping?" Doug asked.

"Yeah, like a rock. Could I have just a sip," Timmy said. "My mouth is dry."

"I bet," Doug said, staring down at him.

"Here, you can have a sip of mine," I said, getting up to share my beer. His eyes went to the front of my underwear. He glanced up to see if I noticed and saw that I did. There was a meek smile and another quick glance when he handed the beer back.


Doug lay down on the floor on his stomach as he looked up into the television. Timmy rolled over toward the back of the couch and stuck his head back under the pillow and Herbie sat with one of his hands on the back of Timmy's jeans. I tried to forget about the boys in the room with me and figured I'd watch some tube. I placed the small pillow that was behind me in the chair in my lap when I couldn't stop thinking about the back of Doug's underwear.

Whether it was the intensity of my excitement all evening or the lack of excitement in the Outer Limits episode, I don't know, but I fell asleep about half way through my third installment. I woke up when a loud commercial startled me. I immediately located Doug sleeping on the floor in front of the couch. Timmy had turned around and seemed to be sleeping with his head in Herbie's lap. There was a sheet over him and Herbie seemed to be sleeping as well.

I decided I needed to eliminate a little beer. I could hear guys talking somewhere in the house once I got out into the hall. I figured something was still going on and I eased myself back into the television room after my mission was accomplished and promptly went back to sleep without ever trying to see if Outer Limits might have something to offer.

The next time I woke up I could see some movement out of the corner of my eye. With the television going I didn't want to blow another chance at seeing some kind of sexual activity. I made an effort not to open my eyes past the slight squint it took to see if there was something I didn't want to miss.

Seeing Timmy's hand shoved down the back of Doug's underwear was a surprise. Doug must have been sleeping with his face turned toward the couch because he was not responding at all to the exploration of his ass. Timmy's hand had disappeared up past the wrist and I watched as he was checking out Doug's crack. I was immediately aroused by the contact, and I thought, how neat it would be to touch Doug that way.

When Herbie started to stir, Timmy pulled his hand away and disappeared under the sheet again. Herbie's feet were still on the floor but he had tilted over toward the middle of the couch. It got quiet and I had the urge to do something to myself but I wasn't about to do it there. I thought I might go up to Doug's bedroom and bed to release some of my pent up desire.

My underwear bulged seriously as I left the television room. I opened the door across the hall, thinking it was the staircase to the boy's bedroom. Much to my surprise it wasn't the door to the stairs that led upstairs. Instead it was the big bedroom I remembered from an earlier trip through the house. There in the middle of the bed lying flat on his stomach was George. The moon shinned brightly through the window next to the bed and bathed him in light.

I started to exit and go to door number two, but holding myself with thoughts of pleasure got my mind quickly onto George's pure white briefs which immediately got my attention. His ass was plump and full and filled his underwear to the brim. I remembered Timmy's hand inside of Doug's underwear, and after all, what were we all doing there if not copping feels and getting excitement checking one another out? I remembered the way George had hovered around the pool table checking guys out. Now it was my turn to be checking him out.

I had never checked anyone out if you didn't count the brash and pushy boy, who spent most of his time keeping me off balance during our pool game. The exciting feel of his big hard cock was lost inside the wondering I was doing about why I was there with him instead of someone else, Why did he want me to come back? I was there and not Alfie or George or Timmy, and I couldn't be sure why he wanted me. This meant little or nothing except I wanted to touch naked warm flesh and Greg had offered me his. George hadn't offered but here he was.

Next to Doug, George was the best looking boy, and I did find him attractive, but most of the other boys could fill me with desire a lot faster than George. It had to do with the difference between being beautiful and being handsome, and it had to do with being manly and not being so manly. I wasn't sure what the difference was but there was a difference, but not one that was going to stop me now.

There was something else about George, should he wake up while I took certain liberties with his body, he would not be a threat to me. I'd offer him some compromise to alleviate any misconceptions that I might be taking advantage of him without being willing to give him the kind of pleasure he had come there to achieve. I didn't see it as a hard sell. Why had he come for after all, and I had seen his wide surveys of the same hard flesh I'd been attracted to. George wasn't that different from me and I could use that if need be where I could not be so sure about how some of the other boys might take my advances, should they become aware I was making them.

While I prepared my brain for what my hands were about to do, I still felt uneasy, nervous, and a bit sick at my stomach. What was I doing? Why was I taking a risk at all? This wasn't something you did to someone while they slept, but hadn't Timmy been doing it to Doug? This was the way it was done here. This was why we had come. This was why boys stayed. I was ready to join the club.

First I felt his bare legs before I felt the material in his underwear. It was soft and his cheeks were fleshy. It was exciting and there was more. He moved one leg by bending it at the knee, but his face stayed against his hands as he lay on a forty-five degree angle with his head close to the window and the light. His face remained serene and my hand moved along the crack and down between his legs to feel naked flesh. My cock throbbed and stretched my underwear.

When I felt the soft skin of his inner thigh on the back of my hand, it got my attention off his underwear. I ran my hand up and down on his skin. It was magnificently smooth and exciting. My hand moved back up until I could feel his balls by reaching through to where he was pressed against the bed. I tried to feel his cock but it was pressed against the mattress out of my reach. I didn't want to disturb him and so I went back to feeling his ass and in between his legs, rubbing him behind his balls using the cotton underwear to disguise my touch while one of his legs moved slightly and then the other moved.

I left my hand there for several minutes while I stared at his face. There was not a hint of anything but sound sleep. I saw him drinking beer. How many I didn't remember. They all drank plenty, and without further consideration my hand became wedged between the waistband of his underwear and his naked skin.

I could feel my heart thumping wildly inside my chest. The feel of him was incredible. The thought I was doing it without his knowledge was thrilling beyond explanation. I think it had more to do with being able to do it without declaring to anyone that I was a boy who wanted to feel the bodies of other boys. Should other boys become aware of my desire, even boys who stood around letting other boys feel their pricks, might find the wanting of it a dangerous thing.

As my fingers pushed into his silken crack I could not get them back. The warmth and attraction propelled my fingers deeper into the crevice. There was no particular interest in the rough ridged spot that marked the center of where my interest drew me, until I felt it that is. There was a roughness that was tempting and more enchanting than any forbidden part of him I'd touched.

It wasn't of interest until I was there and then it's possibilities started to awaken something inside of me. As my fingers studied it his legs spread and moved further apart. I had the access I wanted and needed and I rubbed him and leaned my face against the fabric that held his ass cheeks. I smelled the smell of soap and something sweet. Not a trace of his own scent could be found.

The thought he might be coming awake occurred to me, but it was too late for worry. I wasn't going to be able to stop. The fear was mixed with the lust and the thrill and my fingers moved through until they held his balls. As my hand held them he lifted up in yet another move of availability that had my hand on his cock without ever intending to go there.

My fingers were immediately feeling his iron prick. I squeezed firmly as his hips responded with a thrust that had the entire shaft slid through my hand until it was against his blond pubic hair. I could feel his hips working to make my hand a conduit for his steel shaft. I moved from the awkward position and found he was turned enough for his cock to be out from under him. I peeled down his underwear and grasped the shaft. By getting close behind him it became easy to reach around him and to stroke him at a good speed.

After my naked chest moved against his back, my feel for him increased. It took me time to get my full attention back to his prick, and I found it was thick and pulsed as I kept a firm grip. The thought came to me that he had to be awake to be so wanton with his twisting body. With this new activity his underwear had come off his ass and was down below his balls in the front. Without any objection I was aware of, I decided it was time to free my own desire to let it wander freely in between the cheeks of his ass. It immediately became bold enough to slide up the entire crack. I could not resist retrieving it so that it could follow the same path a second time. Much to my delight his ass stayed firmly in place and I pressed against him from my knees to my shoulders.

Before I could gain control of the situation his body began to increase the intensity of its motion and his response to my handling of his cock seemed enthusiastic to say the least. I stayed with him as he worked his hips hard against my hand. I thought of taking it away so he didn't get any further ahead of me but I didn't have the heart to remove the object of his devotion. I enjoyed the hard feel of him as his ass massaged against my cock each time he moved back on me. I was almost breathless myself when I sensed we were getting somewhere, or at least he was.

He used my hand in a big way until several hard thrusts shook the bed and me as he dampened my fingers and my hand. I needed to regain control so I could get back to my own lustful ways, but he had his own ideas and he snatched satisfaction right out of my hands. I was lost and confused as his flaccid cock hung out of his pubes and he once again became lost in a deep sleep that left me high and dry, except for the one wet hand. I listened to his hard breathing as I found the puddle of proof that told of his enjoyment, which left me discouraged.

The realization that we were done swept over me. I pulled his underwear back up over his hips as best I could before retiring my still swollen cock inside my own underwear, slipping out of the room feeling rather exhilarated by the experience but disappointed by George's sudden swoon. I made sure to scoop up as much of his liquid appreciation on my fingers as I could find and I was heading up to Doug's bed to do for my own cock what I had just so unselfishly done for George's, the rat. What he'd given me for this purpose had me excited enough so that I didn't waste any time.

Strike while the irons hot or at least while the cum is warm.

The bedroom was longer than it was wide. It was an attic before it was a bedroom. There was a bed on either side and Doug had told me his would be on the right when I came up the stairs. I kicked off my underwear, pushed my jock aside, and I flung myself onto my back and my hand was vigorously at work on my aching flesh before I had gotten firmly in the bed. George's lubricant was just the trick to ignite me to near orgasm the first touch of it against my pecker. With reckless abandon, I drew myself close to fulfillment at last.

Just as I felt my juices started rising out of my balls, Alfred came tripping up across the top step and slid into the bedroom on his stomach. I snatched the sheet up over my body as my head dropped down in-between Doug's three pillows. I heard Greg's voice in the room and cringed.

"You got to watch that last step, Alfie, it's a lulu."

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