Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 9

Alfred's Loll

Luckily, They didn't pay any attention to Doug's bed. Greg's bed was directly across and ten feet down on the far wall. I could hear them giggling as they got closer. If they both weren't drunk, it was a good act.

"Come on. I've waited long enough for you to pay up."

"Take it easy, okay," Alfred said. "What's the hurry. I'll pay."

"You really shouldn't bet on pool. You aren't too good," Greg said, kicking off his shoes.

"Don't worry about me. One time I'm going to be fucking you."

"Not in my lifetime. Strip down."

"I'm still sore from yesterday. You're bigger an me, Greg. You gotta take it easy so's I can use that thing again."

"My dick's bigger than you, Alfie," Greg giggled, and I peaked out to see him gripping his erection down on the base, squeezing to make it swell even thicker. I found it difficult to breath and difficult to believe that Alfred could take it.

"I may be drunk, but I ain't that drunk. Go slow until I tell you or I'll make you quit."

"You lost, asshole. Pay up and quit complaining."

Alfred dropped his underwear and kept on his T-shirt and socks. Greg only had on his socks by this time.

"Let me feel it a minute," Alfred said, reaching up to replace Greg's hand with his own. "Fucker's big. How can a guy stretch that big? I mean a guy my size? Seems impossible, huh?"

"You can blow me. Slobber on it some. Make it easier on you," Greg advised.

"I ain't no fuckin' queer. I don't do that shit."

"Yeah, up and down on it like that," Greg guided. "You need some lotion on your hands, dude."

Greg had moved to within a few inches of Alfred. He stood there watching the smaller boy jack him off. I could see his chest starting to heave. He grabbed Alfred's wrist as he was starting to pump harder.

"No way you're getting off that easy, dude. On your stomach. You got me hard up now."

"Take it easy."

"Yeah, sure, spread your legs. Give me the KY. On the nightstand near your head."

"Let me put it on you, Greg."

Alfred grabbed the tube and squeezed an ample amount into the palm of his hand. He rolled up on one side as Greg kneeled between his legs. Alfred spread the goo down over the swollen gland and down onto the shaft. His hands made a circular motion on the head. I became short of breath as the hand motion seemed about perfect to get a guy off.

"Cool it, dude. You aren't getting off that easy. Lay down."

"Put the pillow up under you and don't cum on it this time. If you start to shoot, pull it out of the way. I got to sleep on that thing."

"I don't always know. It just happens once you get going good."

"Well don't let it happen," Greg said, and I could see his hand spreading Alfred's ass cheeks.

"It burns," Alfred said.

"It's just a finger."

Greg seemed occupied behind him for several minutes before he leaned forward and held his dick between Alfred's cheeks. It didn't seem like anything was happening. Alfred's face turned in my direction and he seemed to be looking at where I was peaking out from under the sheet. His face contorted and he pinched his eyes closed.

"Slow, Greg!" Alfred yelled.


"Slow, I said."

"Okay, I said."

Greg's arms bent as he lowered his body until his chest was covering all of Alfred's back and his arms were surrounding his head. Soon Greg hips were against Alfred and there was no sign of that fat cock of his.

"Hold up a minute," Alfred said in a gasp.

"I'm in now," Greg said. "You'll be okay."

"Let me get used to it. It still hurts from the last time. You got to take it easy on me, okay?"

"Sure, Alfie. That's what I'm doing."

The room went silent for what seemed like forever. Greg lay completely still and seeing his body pressed hard against Alfred turned me on big time. He looked awesome, poised there to give Alfred what for. The light on the table next to the bed furnished just enough light to see the detail of the two boys.

"Okay, go ahead."

Greg backed off below the waist while staying pressed against Alfred above the waist. I watched the slow withdrawal that took almost a minute before he reversed course to bury himself all the way back inside. The next time he pulled out faster before thrusting back inside and the third time was faster yet.

"Hold up," Alfred said.

"I just got going," Greg said.

"Hold up a minute. That fucker's big."

With him on Alfred's back and his cock buried completely in him they lay like they were sleeping. I could hear Greg panting as his skin started to shine from his sweat. I watched his chest filling and discharging air.

"Go ahead," Alfred said.

Greg took his time pulling out and when he slipped back in, he stopped and started wiggling his ass in an effort to make sure he was all the way in. He stayed out of my view while humping harder and harder against his prey.

"Yeah," Alfred said in an expression filled with both pain and pleasure. I didn't understand how he could handle Greg. I felt a tightening in my groin as Greg came almost all the way out. This time he pushed back in without hesitating, and soon he was working like a well oiled piston engine.

"Yeah," Alfred repeated after a few minutes. It was then that he yanked the pillow out from under him.

"You better hold up. I'm not even close yet," Greg said.

"I don't give a fuck. I'm there. Yeah!" There was euphoria in Alfred's voice. It baffled me and only served to drive Greg even harder. His ass was a blur as he propelled it through the sound barrier.

"Hurry up. It's starting to hurt," Alfred said after another few minutes.

"I'm getting there."

Greg held himself up on his elbows as he spoke and there was a slapping sound when their wet skin smacked together faster and faster. I was sure this would yield up what I wanted to see, when Greg started to groan each time he finished a down stroke.

His thrusts became alternately rapid and then slow with three quick thrusts followed by two slower ones, but after a time even the slower ones seemed to be quickening. Alfred lay motionless and silent beneath the fucking machine. A grunt was added to the groan each time Greg got all the way inside Alfred.

It was quite unexpectedly when he rolled up onto his left arm and used his right hand to free himself out of Alfred. His fingers gripped his cock two inches below the head and he was already pounding himself mercilessly, as his face filled with a distraught mixture of pain and relief.

The first shot leaped out of him with a gasp and landed past the middle of the floor. His hand didn't slow at all as another jet shot forth to join the first in the middle of the floor. Two shorter bursts followed as he moaned loudly down in his throat making it sound more like a growl. More cum ran over his fist as it dripped down his hand as he lowered himself on the bed in slow motion. His chest pumped huge amounts of air as his mouth hung open as his eyes weakly closed.

"Fuck!" He said in a gush of air.

I could hear him panting as his fingers kept easing up and down on his half hard cock, until he finally let go of it. He became very quiet except for his ragged breathing, like a marathon man whose race was run.

Alfred's face was turned away from me and I could no longer see Greg's. I planned my exit before something else happened. I eased up the sheet and comforter that hid me and slipped my feet onto the floor. When I caught site of the thick cream he'd left on the floor for me, I used and old idea and collect as much as I could capture for what was going to be a formidable jack off session, the need for which had been building all night.

While I was going down the stairs, I heard someone in the hall. When I peaked through the crack I made with the door, I saw George going into the bathroom. In the confined space and with my hand up and partially open, the smell of Greg filled the small space. It made me even harder up and more in need of relief.

After waiting a few seconds, I slid out and down the hall, moving toward the television room and slipping inside. The room had changed. The couch had been pushed all the way back against the closet door and a bed had sprung forth from it. There were three bodies scattered about. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the limited light.

Timmy was on the far side of the bed with his face up near the arm and a pillow was over his head. He still had on his shirt and a sheet was pulled up above his waist. Herbie's big feet and lower legs were visible out from under the bottom of the same sheet, but the rest of him was covered. Doug was lying nearest to me with the side of his face on the bottom corner of the sofa bed. He had a comforter over the lower part of his body but his back and shoulders were naked and visible.

I looked at my hand full of promise as my erection twitched against my filled jockstrap. I sat in the chair unable to wait any longer to touch myself with Greg's generous love offering. I moved the pouch to one side and applied the cream to my throbbing desire with the picture of Greg's gyrating body fresh in my mind.

Closing my eyes for a second to relive the event, I inhaled deeply to enjoy his smell on my dick and hands. As I coated myself with his jelly, I found I was looking straight at Doug's quiet innocent face. It had become framed between my feet as I was leaning all the way back in the easy chair. Should he open his eyes, he'd be staring right up at my hard-on. As I stroked my needy excitement I couldn't rid myself of the idea Doug might see me doing it. The idea he'd think less of me for my self-indulgence reduced the lust I felt for myself.

I decided to use the space beside Doug's legs. It was that was large enough for my body if I hung my legs over the side of the bed. Herbie had left a foot above his head where my head neatly fit after I laid down. I had forgotten my underwear upstairs, so all I had left to wipe my mess up with was my jock, and that left me nothing to wear until I went down to retrieve my pants. I thought about getting up to get some toilet paper from the bathroom, but my hand was well engaged by now and I was not able to forestall the inevitable yet again.

Then the bed creaked as my vigor had my strokes growing more rapid. I waited for a minute after hearing another noise that I hadn't made to see if there was any reaction to my presence. Except for Doug bending his legs in a slow motion sleepy move there was nothing but the extra room he had created for me. I listened to each of them breathing. Ah, wonderful sleep, I thought.

Doug moved again, pulling the comforter up to his shoulders. Herbie lifted up and pulled the comforter toward him as he looked over his shoulder at Doug for about two seconds. He never noticed me before he put his head back down. Doug's skin looked inviting in the light of the never-ending Outer Limits reruns. It was enough light to see his smooth hairless skin.

I couldn't resist stretched my arm up between his legs to feel his skin as I was getting closer to reaching my peak. Since I first saw Doug on the basement stairs, I'd wanted to know him. The fact he was Greg's brother complicated my feelings but it didn't stop the attraction I felt for him. My pace slowed while I took advantage of my positioning to massage his pristine flesh with my palm. He was even smoother than he looked and there was no protest or any indication he was waking from his sleep.

My first surprise came as my hand wandered upward and onto the inside of his naked thigh. I expected to encounter his fresh white briefs, only my hand was on his silken ball sac instead. It was shocking to me that he had shed his only clothing again after putting them on. I knew why he was naked downstairs but I didn't know what had gotten him naked while I was gone. I felt one egg and then the other and enjoyed the tender touch of his most delicate flesh. One finger moved into the space behind the fine sac, finding no flaw in this angel's skin.

As I decide the access was too convenient to ignore, I wanted to feel his magic spot to see how it compared with George's. I felt evil and excited to want this all at once. My hand had all but stopped now that my brain was occupied with lust for Doug. I may as well have kept jerking off the way my heart ran rampant inside my chest. I was breathing hard and feeling hot and faint. I felt compelled to go on with my most exciting contact with another human being. I contemplated what I might do if there was no protest when my finger got to where it was going.

At first I hadn't planned to go further than touching him. It had been the same with George. If there was no protest I took another step, and another, and didn't stop until one of us was taken beyond ecstasy. George hadn't mattered to me. He was all right but offered no risk. If he never spoke to me again because of it, I didn't care, but Doug was different. I'd die if he hated me for wanting him the way I wanted him.

How had I gotten myself so far into this when I'd never managed to get myself into anything for my entire life? Where had these people come from? Why didn't I know anything about anything while they seemed to know everything about sex?

Imagine my surprise when I found another hand curled into the crack of Doug's ass as my hand slid up to touch his hole. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but after I jerked my hand out of danger, I lifted the covering and traced Herbie's hand to its origin. Doug had been scooting in Herbie's direction when Herbie had lifted up. Was this what precipitated Herbie's hold on him? I thought Doug once went with the older boys but he had stopped because it wasn't what he wanted. Herbie didn't seem to have any reluctance in feeling Doug's delights.

Doug was naked and Herbie's legs were naked and extended out beyond the bottom of the bed. His shoulders and back were naked when he lifted up from his repose. I slid my hand under the comforter and then the sheet, and with careful calculation I straightened my arm until it found the naked cheeks of Herbie's slender ass. Without intending it, my fingers went straight between them. His skin was somewhat coarser, lacking the exciting qualities I had found in others. With Doug there Herbie could hold no interest for me.

Just as I yanked my hand back to safety, Herbie started to stir from the breach of his sleep. He looked around still failing to notice the fourth body in the bed. I could see the comforter moving as Herbie's hand explored Doug's bottom. There I was, my erect penis in my fist and my hand close to the center of Herbie's bottom, but I retrieved it carefully without Herbie ever seeing me.

Herbie rolled up on his side toward Doug, turning in the bed so his feet were near my head, just barely passing by me without making contact. He had slid up close to Doug in a calculating move that placed his head above Doug's head and his feet went well beyond Doug's feet, but his center of gravity matched up perfectly with Doug's. Herbie slid his chest up onto Doug's back.

"Arrrg!" Doug said, turning his head toward the door as Herbie's ass forced the quilt up in the air before he lie down flat on Doug's back. He planted his elbows on either side of Doug as Greg had done with Alfred. His ass raised the comforter again.

"Arg!" Doug said.

"Shh! Shh!" Herbie spat.

The movement in the bed was persistent for a time. I scooted my back onto the back of the couch and once again became lost in the pillows and unused bedding as my eyes stayed on the activity a couple of feet from where I lie.

"Herbie!" Doug complained.

"You started it," Herbie said, holding himself up on his hands.

"I'm trying to sleep," Doug said.

"Yeah, okay. Just another minute or two."

Nothing was said and Herbie went back to it for awhile.



"No!" Doug's protest was loud but came through his sleepy brain. Doug rolled onto his back, forcing Herbie off him.

"Yeah, okay," Herbie said. "Fuck."

Herbie twisted in the bed once again. This time he ended up facing away from me, and he still hadn't found me at the foot of the bed. I tried to get a look at his erection but he was too fast for me to get a look. Without missing much more than a stroke or two, he calculated a similar position on Timmy's back. As he lifted he arranged himself he lifted the sheet that covered the boy and I could see Timmy was naked below the waist. Herbie's ass raised the sheet and then rested flat on top of the boy under him. He lay still for a time.

There was no such protest from Timmy with Herbie's considerable presence inside of him. He lay silent as Herbie positioned himself again on the boys round ass. His hips came up slow and well above his receptive friend. He pushed forward until he was flat on Timmy's back. This kept up for several minutes with a hesitation on each end of the process.

"Don't you ever get enough?" Timmy said in a clear and distinct voice.

"You're so tight. I'll never get enough of your ass. You okay?"

"I'm sleeping," Timmy said, sounding awake.

"Just go back to sleep. I'll be done in a little while."

The way Herbie held him wasn't devoid of affection. One of his long arms reached under his young companion as his lips nibbled at his neck and his ass rose and fell at an easy pace. After awhile Timmy came up a little on one side and it was obvious Herbie was jacking him off as he fucked him. His hips started to stab in short quick motions after a time. I could hear them both breathing hard and the smell of sex as everywhere in the room.

My hand was back up between Doug's legs so I could caress his balls as I brought myself to a welcome conclusion. Herbie and Timmy were still going at it when the slow rocking of the bed put me to sleep.

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