Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 12


My sleep was restless. It wasn't that I was uncomfortable. I was probably more comfortable than I'd ever been, being in a bed with two boys I was growing more and more fond of. Doug had caught my eye as quick as he'd come into my sight. If not for Greg and how he'd gotten to me, Doug would have been all that was on my mind. I wasn't at all surprised to wake up with him in my arms. That is to say that I was surprised he was in my arms but not surprised I was holding him, if that makes any sense at all.

My only regret was that we hadn't agreed to get naked before going to sleep. It was something I could have said to Doug and he'd have understood, but we'd been watching television and talking and the next thing I knew we were all sleeping there together.

Having Doug in my arms was wonderful but I couldn't help but want more from him than the comforting feeling he furnished me. I didn't think he'd be too disappointed in me if I tried to get with him in a friendlier way. He knew what was going on as well as I did. We'd all put ourselves in close proximity while there was sex all around us. I'd seen both Timmy and Doug with Herbie and it was obvious they were well acquainted with one another.

That knowledge didn't get me beyond what I felt for Doug. I didn't want to jump into sex with him. My feelings went beyond what I'd seen other guys doing. There was a difference between satisfying the craving that ate at the lower parts of my stomach, which then made everything focus in on my dick. Doug's focus was maybe three feet higher up. His smell, the feel of him, the way he smiled, and how his eyes held me in their warm gaze, all worked at making me want to be Doug's friend. Holding him wasn't enough at that moment, not because he wasn't enough but because I wanted to know far more about him before we got around to exploring one another's secrets.

Doug was a keeper.

I held him for a long time after I woke up. I fought off sleep until the idea of it was gone. After a while I was becoming a bit too daring with my hands and I made myself stop. Respecting Doug was important and violating that trust would put him off me in some ways. I wasn't sure in what way but the idea was enough to get me up and out of the bed.

Timmy was facing the other way and sleeping like a log. I stood over the bed and watched them both for a few minutes. How come I'd never met boys like this before? Were we just a passing fancy for one another, in which case we'd move on to something else soon, or was this more than that?

I'd always stayed within myself. That hadn't changed. While I easily got out of control once I got close to something sexual, that didn't worry me. This house was all about sex and boys having it. I could do dangerous things and realize there was going to be little said because if one of us went down, could the other's be far behind? No, there was a certain security in the abundance of the commodity and the need for relief the boys had built, depending on one another to take care of that need

I went to the kitchen and the fridge was almost empty. I found a ½ gallon bottle of orange juice in the back on the bottom shelf, but it furnished me with only two swigs before it ran dry. There were open beers all around and a big bottle of Cola open on the middle of the table with maybe an inch of liquid in the bottom. It was hot and flat and I settled for a glass of water after awhile. Feeling a dry empty thirst inside me, I decided to look for something else to satisfy it.

When I walked into the living room, Herbie was lying flat on his back on the couch. He was naked and his dick was standing straight up out of the small black patch he sported. It obscured no more than a half an inch of his shaft. His left foot was tucked under his right knee and a small white towel was all that was between him and total nudity, but it was up between his stomach and chest and hid nothing I was interested in seeing.

I could hear the heavy even breathing that I recognized from my encounter with George. I approached the couch with but one thing in mind. I didn't need to lean over to touch it. It stood in the air for the taking and that puppy seemed even longer than I remembered with nothing but his thin body to compare it to. I let my fingers feel it as one of his legs slipped off the cushion and onto the floor. A slight moan interrupted my feel. He grew still and I grasped it again, letting my fingers slide all the way down the shaft and back up to just below the modest head.

I felt hot and short of breath while trying to discern the difference between touching George's hard prick and Herbie's. George's had been thicker and not as solid as Herbie's steel rod. I closed my eyes and felt all of it a second time, smelling an odor that came from the region. I put one hand on the back of the couch and leaned to get a closer look and smell.

His fingers were around my wrist before I knew it. His hips pushed upward and it slid through my fingers yet a third time. It scared me until I realized he was still sleeping, only holding my wrist so he could use my hand for his own purpose. When I squeezed gently, he moaned a long and low sound while his dick twitched.

"Okay," he said without meaning anything. His hips pushed up against my fist again, easier, slower, not as purposeful as the earlier thrust. My heart pounded as I felt his most sensitive part before he rolled onto his side and then onto his stomach. His ass raised up in the air as he pushed his dick between the cushions on the couch and moaned again, turning his head toward the back of the couch he was fast asleep. Even when my fingers felt his crack and hole, he didn't move.

I used my middle finger more ardently as I poked the spot. His ass again rose up as he humped between the cushions, moaning and showing no signs of alarm until my finger broke through that tightest of holes. Herbie started to wake up and I moved back out of the living room before he rolled onto his back. He was interesting but not in the way Greg or Doug or even Timmy were interesting.

Herbie was different. He felt different in my hand, smelled different to my nose, and he thought differently than anyone else. I didn't think letting Herbie catch me fondling him was a smart idea. While I was sure he was harmless, I was also sure he got what he wanted if he knew something about you that you didn't want anyone else to know. I thought of what I'd been holding and could not conceive him putting it up my ass. Herbie would be okay for some things but there was no high charge coming off him. He was available when no one else was, and that made him far less interesting to me.

When I passed the doorway to the upstairs, I had no intention of going up to see whom Greg was with, but then I hesitated, thinking of the pool game and the feel of the felt on my naked skin. I wondered if Greg was even there. Before I knew it I was carefully easing up the steps as they creaked softly under my modest weight. When I stood on the top step, I was looking at him. He was face down on his bed and a beer can had spilled on the floor beside his arm. I mopped it up with his T-shirt and put it with four more beer cans that stood near the others near the head of his bed.

I found myself looking at the full firm buttocks that was filling the white fabric of his briefs. He did not move. His face rested on the bend of his right elbow. His mouth was slightly a gap. There was spittle between his gorgeous lips and arm. The breathing was deep and even. The morning light had just come above the windowsill as the sun rose in the bright sky and cast its golden rays upon his golden skin. It was going to be a nice day.

I felt the back of his underwear and he didn't move. I felt the skin on the back of his legs, pushing my fingers up between them, feeling up between his legs. I rubbed the cloth behind his balls and it grew ever harder as my hand lingered there. I used my other hand on his back and his skin was cool and amazing to the touch.

I kneeled down beside his bed and place my face on his backside and closed my eyes and smelled him. I put my mouth on the material where I knew his secret spot was, and I blew hot air between his cheeks. The fabric was wet from the slobber I furnished. He did not move and I pushed both of my hands under him to find it. He was hard but it was no surprise to me. I imagined it would be no other way. I felt it and pulled his ass at my mouth and blew more hot air while squeezing his potent presence in my fingers. He still didn't move.

I slowly peeled down the fabric off his hips. I stood over him staring down at the crevice. I leaned forward and kissed that hot silken flesh, inhaling him. I kneeled behind him and reached under him to peel his undershorts off his engorged dick. It felt full and hard and raged with lust as my fingers pulled, yanked, and squeezed its hardness. I placed my mouth on his crack while gently stroking his prick, kissing everything I could reach without using my hands to spread the cheeks wide apart.

When I had begun to blow more hot air, he started to raise his ass onto my lips. He groaned and moaned like some animal in heat. I stroked him faster as I let my tongue penetrate into the depths of the crevice, using his new positioning to get my tongue exactly where he wanted it most. Once there, he held himself up by his arms and leaned back on my mouth so I could reach anything I wanted.

He growled some inaudible curse and seemed caught between the two pleasures, not knowing if he should thrust forward into my fists, or push backward onto my tongue. I didn't much care as his delirium had me ready to erupt in my own frenzy of fire. I'd never experienced any intensity like this before not even on his pool table or in-between George's legs. After a few minutes he rested as much on his knees as on his arms, and it became easier to give him the attention on the spot that had aroused this new desire in him.

He had become immobilized and just hung there, letting me have my way with him. The sounds he made were the only signs of life, except for the life that filled my hands and now dripped out his approval and appreciation for what he was receiving. He was magnificent for all of five minutes, until he collapsed back onto his stomach, moaning one long loud moan as I kept my mouth pasted to him even after he had passed out. I wrested my hands free since I could no longer jerk him off. He lay face down for a time and then half rolled onto his left side, spreading apart his legs enough for me to easily reach what we'd both become accustomed to me reaching.

His dick swelled again as soon as I got my hands around it, and this time I used it to force his ass harder onto my mouth. I alternated blowing hot air and poking my tongue at his bottom end, lavishing lovely licks on his most desirous of spots. Even seeming almost unconscious, he responded to each increase in passion, pumping out precum all over my fingers while he wiggled himself firmly onto my mouth. There were a few grunts and groans as I held him in place with the only part of him strong enough to support our churning weight.

"Eat me," he growled in the first words I understood. They startled me when he said them, but not enough to convince me he'd had enough or all I wanted to give him. I squeezed his balls hard with one hand and his dick with the other, twisting and turning them mercilessly as my tongue penetrated the tight ring. He winced, thrusting his ass hard against the assault without complaint or making any attempt to escape my torment.

"Let me," he said, seeming to flounder in my grip. Let him what I wondered. He seemed unable to finish or to explain. I continued on with my duty to him, wishing only to bring him pain or pleasure or both. I squeezed hard again and this time he rolled up completely onto his side, seeming off balance because his briefs were caught between his knee and his feet. He stared down seeming to know he'd done this before without so much difficulty but he was unable to fathom the depth of the problem.

I scooted out of his way and down toward the foot of the bed, yanking off his briefs as I went. He once again rolled completely up on his side. With his eyes blinking open and shut he kept them on me. There was a vague recognition at one point but he had nothing else to say as he pressed his backside firmly against the wall, cutting me off from the source of all pleasure he'd let me come to know that evening. It wasn't something I'd soon forget, but he seemed intent on ending it there.

His eyes stayed open and on me but his mouth stayed shut. It was a huge improvement when it came to things I knew about what Greg had to say. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his still inflamed passion. It's what he wanted me to do most that first time, when I wouldn't. Maybe he could forgive me my improprieties if I gave him what he wanted, although with the way he had responded to my mouth didn't give any hint that he disapproved of what I had made him feel.

There was no sense taking any chances, since it didn't seem like we were going to have an intellectual discussion about the pros and cons of licking ass that night. I wanted to lick something exciting. I'd know soon enough if I wouldn't be asked back because I was too good at the things he liked boys to do to him. I wasn't going to pass up what might be my best chance at getting what I wanted from Greg.

I used my tongue in a similar way as I had on his reverse side and on just the head, licking and nibbling at the cleft, the slit, all around his fat gland. I noticed liquid on my lips, sticky and sweet as I worked at the very tip of him. He seemed unable to move and he watched me working on him vigorously, paying little heed to him at the same time.

His lips parted and I could see his chest starting to heave like it did that day on the pool table when I got to him in a way he hadn't expected me too. I remembered twice we'd almost kissed and yet each time we pulled back, let the world keep us apart. I continued giving him the attention he had so badly wanted that day. I was careful to drench my lips in the excitement I'd found at the tip of his dick, and with his eyes on me I leaned up to his face and put my lips on his as his eyes followed my movements.

He had control of our first get together, and this time I was the one in control. When I got done with him the score would be even up after two encounters in my estimation. I didn't care if he remembered or not. I would remember. It would be easier if he did remember. It would be better for me if he didn't. I would accept the outcome as readily as I accepted what he offered me in the way of excitement and discovery.

His breath rushed into my mouth as my lips felt all of his lips. They were rich and thick with passion. I felt guilty stealing the kiss I'd thought about since our pool game. He'd set it up and he took what he wanted that day and he threw away the rest, but he wouldn't so easily rid himself of this toy. I held his face and kissed him for all I was worth, without knowing what a kiss was.

I felt his tongue moving on my tongue and I kissed him as he breathed my breath. My arms were around him as I kissed him again and again, his nakedness pushed hard against me. I left my clothes on. I had no need to put my naked flesh on his yet. I wanted it this way so it didn't end too swiftly.

As his mouth became familiar to me I broke off the kiss and slid down his chest and stomach and swallowed the top of him. His hips responded weakly and his hands touched my face as I sucked. I once more wet my lips in his dripping juices and I could see his stomach tightening and quivering as his hands held the side of my head so I didn't desert him in his hour of need. I felt him tightening, causing me to give him all I knew how to give. When the precum started to become thick and oozed freely, I pulled my mouth away, tasting his cum for just long enough to know the taste of him.

I backed off the erupting cock, letting my hand lead for the rest of the dance. His body was twitching and twisting, as my hand pumped frantically to maintain his pleasure for as long as possible. I moved my body back in against him as he gave up his last bit of control. Pressing my coated lips back against his, he seemed reluctant to accept them again. Two, three, spasms jerked through his body as his tongue met mine. This brought on a wanton lust which rose up to fill his kisses, and we shared that first squirt of his orgasm all over again.

He was breathing hard when I broke off the long kiss so he could have some air all his own. I had the result of our togetherness running down the leg of my pants. His eyes were closed as he breathed deep and even. I thought, perhaps he's going back to sleep. I leaned back admiring his handsome face and wishing we had more.

When I started to get off the bed, his hand grabbed me in a most delicate place. When I got back to his face his eyes were again piercing into me. He squeezed me hard and as though it wasn't already hard, it got even harder as he twisted my desire for him. I was afraid it would be the last I saw of it, but the grip did not increase, it only moved in a different direction, giving me an uneasy feeling down in my soul.

Each time he twisted I winced and leaned closer so the pain wasn't as intense. It was then I understood where I was. Another squeeze only served to heighten the attention I was giving him. When he pulled hard toward him, I couldn't keep my lips off his. How stupid was that? He was about to rupture me and I had to have just one more kiss. It was crazy even to me but I was kissing him and kissing him again.

As our lips joined the heat was rising up from where his hand held me. Nothing he did was all that rough, just rough enough to keep me inflamed and not quite rough enough to finish me off. The feel of his mouth on mine ignited me beyond anything I'd ever known. His grip on my cock and the way he twisted and pulled was enough to get me the rest of the way there, and before I knew it I was going some place it never occurred to me I needed to go.

It seemed surreal to think Greg would be taking me there. The sensation was unmistakable and though my life was totally wrapped up in the kisses that very moment, my body had other ideas about what we were doing. There was nothing left to do but give into the idea he was doing for me what I had only moments ago done for him.

No, he wasn't going to get down between my legs and eat his way to my satisfaction, nor did I expect him to and I didn't expect him to care if I went away needing to be the source of my own satisfaction. At the same time I had seen how little Greg gave to those he demanded the most from. He never showed any sign that he was capable of sharing or caring or even that he was aware of those things.

It made me feel that there was more to this than what I'd seen, and I had been disappointed by him before. I knew this was all part of my mind and not necessarily part of his. I wanted him and needed him and I wanted him to want to be with me, but I had no feeling he did. He could take or leave what he pleased. Whatever was happening was a reaction and not by any scheme or plan. We had reacted to one another like the chemicals in my chemistry class. It was at best unpredictable past the knowledge there would be a reaction.

I still didn't know that this was more than a drunken fit of passion he would little remember later that day but at least we had this between us. I'd never known anything as good and I'd never had a better night.

We had finally finished what had been started on the pool table downstairs.

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