Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 54

Looking Glass

"You want more potato salad, Greg?"

"Yeah! It's good. Thanks."

"Where's Doug?" Greg's mother asked.

"I think Augie's showing him something," Greg replied, smiling at me as I glared at him. "Well he is!"

"Not like him to miss food. I'll keep a plate for him. Maybe Augie too. He's a nice boy."

"Yeah, very nice, mother. Wouldn't you agree, Martin. I think Doug said that too," Greg said as his mother looked at him strangely.

"Nice," I said. "I think he said he had to go up to check his campsite since he stayed here last night, and Doug went along."

"You're in a better mood this afternoon," Greg's mother said.

"Yeah, Martin made me see the light," Greg said, smirking.

I wanted to hit him as I blushed and swallowed hard. "He's nice. Aren't you, Martin? Nice?"

"Very nice," I said, glaring some more.

"Well, whatever he did, it's good for you. Here, I made this earlier. It's your favorite."

Greg's mom sat a piece of apple pie down in front of him and then delivered one to me, patting my arm and smiling warmly.

"If it's for me why are you giving him some?" Greg smirked.

"You want some ice cream Martin. His father churned up a batch this morning for you boys."

"When does that man sleep?" I muttered. "I'd love some ice cream."

"Hold up there, chubs!" Greg interrupted with devilish delight. "You're starting to pick up a little poundage there. Maybe you ought to pass on that ice cream deal?"

"Greg!" His mother said alarmed. "He's skinny as a rail. What's gotten into you. Let the boy eat."

"Mom, you ruin everything. I would have convinced him he was getting fat and bummed another ride of him this afternoon, while convincing him he needed the exercise, and now I'm going to have to beg him to take me out again."

"Greg!" His mother said. "You are terrible."

"That's not what Martin thinks. Huh, Martin?"


"Well, since she ruined that scheme, what about another trip on that buggy? I only got two good legs for another day and a ½, and I want to use them while I can."

"Greg, you don't use them. You lay on your butt and I pedal that damn thing, and it gets heavy after a while."

"See, mom, I'd a had him begging to take me out and now I'll have to think up something else. I'll have to bribe him. Let's see, what do I have to bribe you with? Hmmm! I'm thinking, Martin."

"I'll take you, quit thinking. Whatever you come up with will just make matters worse," I said. "It will be easier if I humor you."

"I don't know. I could have thought of something you want, but I accept. I guess I can let you take me out again."

"Greg!" His mother said, "You should lighten up on Martin. You aren't exactly swimming in friends and he puts up with a lot of shit from you, young man."

"Mother! I'm shocked. I shouldn't be exposed to such fucking language as that."

"You better learn to treat your friends a little nicer." she said then turning to me, "Martin, I'd make him sit her the rest of the weekend and you can run around with Doug and Augie. He can hold my yarn while I knit."

"Yuck," Greg said, shoving his finger in his mouth, faking a gagging response and then shoving in the rest of the pie for good measure. "Yeah, Doug and Augie wouldn't mind you hanging around now that I think of it."

I suppose I should have been pleased that Greg was perking up some but he was always right on the edge of saying things I would rather him not say. It would be just like him to say something just because he knew it would embarrass the hell out of me. Nothing embarrassed him. I suppose I was just too sensitive.

I did help clean the table and then I helped Greg back up the hill to where I left the buggy, as he called it. Once I got him arranged we were on our way. There were some clouds but the sun was warm enough that I was warm by the time we got over the hill and were cruising on the flat stretch. Greg took off his shirt to bask in the sun.

There was a guy and a girl on the pier when we got to the clubhouse but except for their car, all the vehicles were gone and the clubhouse had been closed due to lack of interest. They sat with their feet dangling in the rolling river for a few minutes and then ran back down the pier and got in their car and left.

"I want to go swimming really bad," Greg said, watching the smooth water as it moved past.


"Well, I do. I'm tired of being a lump. I don't care any more as long as I can get out and go. I'm sick of this shit."

"Sick ah what," Augie said, walking delicately across the gravel drive with Doug limping along a few dozen yards behind.

"What the fuck are you two dressed for?" Greg asked, staring at Augie's crotch as he moved up to the buggy.

"Swimming! Fucking roasting in that tent and your brother's no help. I need to cool down before I blow a gasket," Augie said.

He was wearing a tight red Speedo bathing suit that failed completely in any attempt to hide the contours of the well defined equipment enclosed within. I watched it wiggling against the nylon each time he moved. Augie smiled when he realized where we were looking.

"What have you been feeding that thing?" Greg asked, not taking his eyes off his crotch.

"Your brother. Fucker's hot to trot," Augie said, looking back at a slower moving Doug, who was suffering from the gravel on his bare feet.

He too was in a red nylon Speedo bathing suit that was the exact duplicate of Augie's in every way and it covered him no more completely, but Doug was built differently and you could see the top of his blond pubes peeking over the waistband below his smooth hairless belly.

Doug was totally hard and his thick dick nearly escaped the material each time he took a step toward us. He was more worried about his tender feet than the fact we could easily view his dick, although that would have been his biggest concern most days.

"What?" He said, after stopping beside the buggy.

Augie stared at Doug until he got to us and then he moved up beside him until their bodies touched.

"Your dick is showing," Greg said bluntly. "Even my little brother's dick is growing. What have you two been up to. You takin' advantage of my little brother, Augie?"

"Greg!" Doug objected.

"Well you don't usually walk around with a bone like that, squirt."

"I can't help it. It's his suit. I wasn't going to wear my underwear down here and he had this. It's hot up there. He was showing me his tent."

"Right! Did he show you his etchings, Dougie?"

"What he showed me is my business," Augie quipped.

"At least you could have waited for it to get soft," Greg said.

Augie busted out laughing and then Doug laughed too, realizing it wasn't all that serious. There wasn't anyone around but us and we knew all about Doug.

"Easier said than done," Augie said. "I needed a break."

"Well yours isn't much better off," Greg observed.

"Yeah, well, there are some things you can't do much about. We figured we'd swim for a while, maybe have some outdoor fun once we cool off. If that don't work it'll be cooling off up there in another hour or two."

"Yeah, that was the plan until you two showed up," Doug complained. "Augie said he's been swimming naked in the afternoon because no one is around."

"Don't let us stop you. Go for it. How often do you get down here, squirt? I don't care what you two do," Greg reasoned carefully.

Doug watched his brother speak, suspicious of what he said. Greg wasn't usually that generous if there wasn't something in it for him.

Before long Augie was running across the pier to dive head first into the water. When he came up he was howling from the temperature of the water. Doug moved more cautiously to the end of the pier, jumped in after studying the water. He came up, having a similar reaction to the cold water.

"Fucker's hot," Greg said softly, not sure of how I would react. He watched them swimming and wrestling in the water.

"Yep," I agreed.

"Now my dick's fucking hard. I been hard all fucking weekend."

"Oh," I said.

"Want to see?" He pulled open the front of his pajamas and all the snaps unsnapped, leaving his crotch completely exposed and with no shirt on, he was all but naked.

I looked around to see what I could see but all I could see of any interest was Greg's erection when I looked back toward him. He stroked it as he watched Augie and Doug wrestling sensually with their faces and mouths almost always touching.

He stroked himself slow at first, not asking for an assist, and it was almost as hard as it had been the night before, every pour pulled tight and shinning. It's ridges and the shaft looked like steel as he pumped in long easy strokes, while staring into the river.

I sat down beside him and reached for the item in question. I couldn't help myself. Greg's cock was like this big magnet to me, and my hand was immediately pulled onto it. He leaned back without a protest, letting go so I could handle him as we watched the lovers motions and he moaned softly for me.

"Take it easy. I want it to last," he said. "I'm ready to cum right now, so let up, okay."

"Greg!" I objected, "You take forever to cum. I'm not doing anything but holding it."

"I know it. It's watching them. Thinking about him fucking my brother. God he's gotten big. He's got a hot body."

Greg was watching them swim and his cock pulsed in my fist as I held it up without manipulations. Augie spotted us and alerted Doug that we were watching. Doug stared too as Augie let his chest rub against Doug's back, looking over Doug's shoulder toward the all but naked Greg.

"So much for the show," Greg said. "I wanted to see him fuck my brother. Go ahead. May as well finish it. Won't take long."

Greg leaned back as I started pumping away. Augie continued starring while he kissed Doug's neck and felt his chest. He became more interested in Greg's erection and started to move Doug up toward the shore where we were parked.

"Anybody but you two around?" Augie asked, when they were maybe ten feet away from the shore.

I looked around and said, "Nah, just us perverts."

Augie turned Doug and put his arms around him, kissing his neck and then planting a wet one on his lips.

"Come on. You said you would," Augie reminded him.

"Not in front of them," Doug complained, kissing Augie back and glancing toward us.

"Yeah, in front of them. Let's go up there. Come on. It'll get them going."

They stood up and Doug had his bathing suit in his hand. His dick was pointing up at us as they came out of the water and then Augie was behind him, slipping down his Speedos once they stopped just below the buggy on the shore. Greg moved his pillows behind him to prop himself up for a better view.

Augie had his hand down on Doug's swollen dick by then, turning him half a turn so we got to see the action. They were maybe an arm's length from the buggy and a little below it where the shore met the water.

Augie slid up into Doug's crack as Doug bent forward and Augie's cock slid all the way up to the top of the crack.

"Fuck!" Greg said, look at the size of that dick head.

As we watched they pushed their bodies together and Augie's cock was positioned perfectly for entry and he leaned over Doug's back as he began to ease himself forward. His body was bent as his hips moved in small increments and Doug's head was turned toward us as he watched us watch him.

Doug had his hands on his knees as Augie's hand stroked him easily. There was no doubt how much Doug enjoyed being filled with a hard cock. His face said it all as he looked at my eyes.

Augie's hips pushed forward in one long motion until his coal black cock hairs were rubbing in Doug's crack. He pushed a few times to make sure he was all the way in and Doug put one of his hands on Augie's so he'd stop jerking him off. They stood steady and motionless as Augie pinched his eyes tightly shut.

"Oh man, I don't want to lose it," he said, putting his face on Doug's back as he tried to relax under our steady gaze.

"Fuck!" Greg said. "Man I'm going to shoot. I don't want to shoot yet. This is fucking hot."

Augie looked straight at Greg's cock once he started fucking Doug. His hips slapped against Doug's smooth golden skin as he started with short thrusts never coming out far, before shoving it all the way back in. Both of them groaned each time Augie hit bottom and they moved together like a well trained team.

"Let's get closer. I want to see his cock," Augie said, moving Doug almost next to the buggy but a little below it as Greg's eyes were rivet on how the cock entered his brother's hole. Augie backed out ever so slowly until the shaft was completely visible and only the head stayed buried in that wonderful hot spot that was stretched open wide.

Augie took his time slipping it back, and then pulled it out almost as far a second time, stopping so we could watch how his cock was swollen from the thrill. His mouth hung open as he gasped excitedly and then he pushed it back in, and out, and back in, until he reached the speed of a small piston engine. They worked together, panting and moaning as Augie picked up speed.

"Go ahead," Greg said. "No point in just holding it. I'm going to shoot anyway. May as well get a good one."

Augie's eyes stayed on Greg's dick. Greg leaned back hard against the cushions and never took his eyes off of where Augie's business end entered Doug.

I stroked him harder but didn't dare put myself between him and that which had his undivided attention. My jaws had started aching from all the sucking I'd done the night before and so this was totally cool for me and not a bad show to boot. I'd have put his hand on mine only he'd have cum right off and I knew he wanted it to last.

The sound was more like from an animal than from a human. I felt the discharge like some hydraulic cannon that lurched out a shell and then another as he put his hand on top of mine so I'd squeeze.

Both jets of cum splattered on Augie, and that's what Greg had in mind by aiming his shot. Augie's hand immediately went to rubbing it into his red skin and his cock. Gobs of thick cream stuck between his fingers and puddles ran on his skin.

"Fuck!" Augie said, as more cum splattered both on him and Doug. "That's so fucking hot. Put it on me, Greg. My chest!"

Greg moaned out one last huge spurt that splattered on Augie's chest and stomach and he rubbed it into his rich round nipples, spreading the white sticky fluid all over his dark excited flesh. He tried to look at how the cum coated him as he moved it around on his skin but never stopped his fucking.

A loud moan escaped from Augie after several hard thrusts at which time he pulled out and turned toward us, jacking himself off and pointing it directly at Greg's crotch.

His thick red dick head slipped in and out of its chocolate brown sheath and clear fluid started to shine the top as he twisted and contorted. Doug got into the action and they made quite the pair jerking off for us.

Augie's first shot squirted out of him and made a splashing sound when it collided with Greg's crotch. There was another shot on his cock and balls and the third leaped out and up Greg's stomach and onto his chest.

Doug joined the party, letting loose three solid streams that finished coating Greg's genitalia with some left over for his stomach. Greg's cock hair shined with cum and his dick had stiffened by the time both boys were drained. The cum ran down the sides of his cock.

Augie wasted no time kicking off his Speedos and grabbing Greg's slick dick, pumping it up with his thick strong fingers, using the cum to get Greg going yet again and it didn't take much. He was moaning and raising his hips up as another orgasm boiled up into his loins. It shot on Augie's chest and crotch and on his spent dick and in the dark shinny cock hair. Cum ran down the inside of Augie's thighs, the white cream a striking contrast to the dark red skin and the fine black hairs.

We all stared until it was empty and then Augie looked down at his cum filled torso, once more rubbing Greg's cum into his skin.

"That's awesome," Augie said, feeling the cum that had coated his black pubic hairs. "Totally awesome, dude. You da man."

"Fuck if it wasn't," Doug said. "That was rad."

Doug's usual shy and self-conscious demeanor was all but lost there by the river's edge.

Greg lay silent, watching Augie and Doug melt back together until their naked bodies touched.

"I heard about the thing on your leg. I hope it's okay, Greg. You're still cool in my book. I figured that would perk you up some. I remember how worked up you got that time."

"Yeah, you too," Greg said, seeming almost too exhausted to speak. "You keep an eye on my little brother. He needs TLC."

"Don't worry. That's not a problem," Augie said, sliding his arm around Doug's waist. "Not a problem at all."

Doug and Augie collected their suits and moved back toward the road. This time their Speedos weren't as full as when they came.

"You want me to wipe you up?" I asked him, looking for something to do the chore with but only his pajama tops were available.

"No. I want it there. You're pissed off, I guess? You're always pissed off at something. He's harmless."

"Shit! The hottest thing I've ever seen," I said. "You call that harmless. I almost came in my pants."

"Yeah, I'm getting hard thinking about it," Greg said, feeling his soft dick. "We better get out of here. His hands are rough and now I'm raw down there. Might need the night off after that one."

"Right! That's about six and seven for you since you got started last night. I think you're done for the day."

"Never done, Martin. Never done as long as there's a breath left. Be nice and I'll let you suck it clean tonight. Augie's, my brother's, and my cum all mixed up together for you. I bet you wouldn't mind that."

"I could probably take care of that for you. You like him. Why didn't you two do anything. You're both hot for each other."

"I told you. Bulls," he said as I pedald him onto the road with only a couple of snaps holding his pants on.

He fell asleep on the way back to the house. I wanted to wake him up because I sensed another long night ahead of us. I was glad the relief team had come in for a few minutes, although watching the bulls compete got me back up and running as well. Maybe letting his sleep would make it a more interesting night.

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