Book 1: Billie Joe's Journey

by Rick Beck

Chapter 4

The Whole World Loves A Nut

From beyond the window, bright rays tumbled through the blinds, making the air glow. I leaned my face on his side so I could see where my hand was in front of him. Even asleep, he stood straight out with that slight bend making the head stand at an upward angle. There was a light purple vein that ran from behind the head all the way down into his hair where I moved my hand to see the whole shaft. I slid it up and down to feel the texture that thrilled me. The head still seemed like it might pop, the way it was so full. The shaft was white, tending toward a ruddy color. The vein was darker. On his stomach, above the shaft and bush, was a very faint trace of blond hair that stopped at his belly button. There was no other hair on his stomach or chest. His skin was so light it seemed like he must never take off his shirt outside. But his arms were brown from the weeks of basic training that toughened him to the max.

Stroking him I squeezed to make the head puff up more. I slid very slowly down to just below the brown ring, and then the rest of the way into his hair. I still pressed against him from behind, and I didn't want to wake him up. I thrust gently into that special area, and just enjoyed the pleasure his crevice gave me. It seemed like the perfect place to rest up. I slipped my other arm up under his back and ended up with my hand on his chest. I immediately went for one of the nipples that felt so irresistible. My finger and thumb squeezed it to make it poke out even further. He didn't move or stop sleep-breathing. I let my face rest on his back and just had to lick his skin and put my lips against it. After awhile, my heart slowed again, and I drifted back to sleep.

The dark startled me. The empty bed scared me. It shocked my eyes wide open and I could see a slight light between the slats of the blinds. I sat up and my heart pounded more than when I had finished up with Carl. I don't know why I was so scared, but it was sheer terror. For an instant I thought Carl was gone. He'd taken his bag and left me. It was when my heart stopped pounding in my ear that I heard the shower. I jumped from the bed and pushed open the door, needing, needing to look at him. I pulled back the curtain and he leaned his arms against the tile while water washed over his head as it tilted between his shoulders. He jerked when he heard the shower curtain. His face showed surprise as he looked at me.

"I thought you left me."

I started to shake and I guess some tears came to my eyes because he got all excited.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm here. Come on. Let's shower together. I just needed to wash. It's been a couple of days you know."

"I know," I said, as I stepped into the tub and he held me in his arms as I cried on his chest.

"It's okay, baby. I'm here. Don't cry."

"It scared me. I don't know why. I don't get scared. I woke up alone. I went to sleep. You were in my arms, and I woke up cold and alone. It was terrible."

"It's okay now. I won't leave you."

"You are leaving me. You have to leave me."

Tears continued to run down my cheeks, mingling with the warm shower spray. He didn't say anything. We both knew that time was running out. I hugged him tight and took the warmth from his body and the shower.

This calmed me, and for the first time I saw Carl when he wasn't turned on. He was less intimidating soft, but I had to pick it up and squeeze. It took all of about a second for it to lengthen and stand out through my circling fingers. I kissed it and looked up into his face.

"You happy now? Your pacifier is standing up for you."

"Yeah!" I said, and smiled for him. The fear was gone for the moment. The specter of him leaving me would never be far.

"Tell them."

"Tell who? Tell them what?"

"Tell them the way things are with you and me. Tell the Army you can't go."

"I can't do that. I've signed papers. I've got to go. I won't back out of it. It's my duty, Billie Joe."

"Not for me?"

Carl stared down at me. His eyes were sad, but there was no sign of him giving in to me on this. He held me reassuringly close.

"It's something I can't do. I can't say that. I can't tell them what I've done," he explained.

"You are ashamed?"

"Now, I'm scared. If anyone knew…. I can't tell them that!"

"I know. We'll be okay," I said, trying to reassure him not knowing what I'd do without him.

Kissing in a shower was special. I liked the feel of the water running down my face almost as much as him pressing against me. He rocked me as we kissed. He started to work soap into my shoulders and back while we embraced. I leaned over to kiss his thing but I couldn't stop there and I tried to swallow more than I could handle.

I choked and coughed as he laughed at me for my youthful enthusiasm. I cleared my throat and went right back at him, causing him to lean back against the tile. His knees bent as I went to work on him with no less enthusiasm but a smarter technique.

"Damn! you're getting pretty good at that."

"Not good enough. I'm going to get you there. You're still two ahead of me."

"You don't have to do that, Billie. I'm not counting."

"I know that. You think I think I gotta do this? Give it up, Ponyboy. You're mine."

Somehow we were kissing again and I was starting to think there was some kind of conspiracy at hand. We ended up soaping each other with large gobs of lather and it ran from the walls, the curtain, and us. It circled round and round the drain in the tub. Carl let his long arms soap up my best part with more gobs of suds, and he washed between my legs and soaped up my crack and ran his fingers down to the backs of my legs. It was then I decided to turn the tide. Using the slippery lather to turn in Carl's arms, I slid my slick rear end up against his well lubed pole. Once he was trapped in my crack, I used my butt to massage him. Each time the distinctive hard ridge marking his dickhead crossed my a'hole, a spasm ran through me, which had my dick jerking in Carl's soapy hand. He slumped across my back, his body glued to mine, breathless, panting in my ear as I forced myself back against him.

I wiggled and squirmed bouncing my backside against him, seeking to give him access to my inner sanctum. He simply slipped and slid across the target squirting off in another direction. I suspected Carl wasn't being of much help in my quest to take all he had to give.

He leaned across my back and held my shoulders while doing nothing to assist me. Once he deserted my throbbing cock, I got mad, going a little nutso trying to get him inside me. I finally positioned it right by reaching back through my legs and using my fingers to aim it properly.

Just at the instant I thought I was making progress, he diverted his dick.

"Don't stop me. I'm going to make you happy. I'm going to do that for you," I said with absolute determination.

"No! You can't. Don't you understand I'm too big? You're too small. It won't fit, Billie. Quit it! You can't make me hurt you."

"I want it," I said stubbornly. "I want you to be the one to do it."

He turned and leaned both his hands flat on the tile and let the water cascade down over his super short hair. I went around his leg and stood behind him watching the suds roll off his shoulders and into his crack. I put both of my hands there, diverted from my mission by the soap I now massaged into his hollow.

His legs spread and he leaned forward, giving me any access I desired. My fingers sought out the spot that always drew my attention. The soap made everything even better. Leaning forward, I pressed my best part and the soap he spread over it into the slippery crevice. I stopped long enough to catch my breath and reached around him to spread soap over his dick at the same time.

"Go ahead," he said in a low raspy voice.

"What?" I said, not prepared for a sex talk.

"What you've wanted since the first night on the bus. What we almost did this morning."

"Oh," I said, not able to find any words that fit.

" It's okay. It's what I want. I'm ready now."

"I won't. I won't until you do something. It's not fair. I haven't satisfied you once."

"Do it for me. I need you inside me. Then I'll nut big time."


That was enough to have me pressing hard at his backdoor. The soap allowed me to slip past the tight ring around his hole. The feel was incredible, but before I could set myself for the assault he pushed back against me until he was all the way down on my cock hair. When I remembered his dick in my hand, I pumped slowly as it pulsed and jerked as I stroked him. It thickened and grew harder. When I squeezed it he rotated back hard against me and lifted and dropped himself back down on my erect dick.

"Go ahead. You do the work. Let me know when you're ready to nut. I'll time myself so we do it together."

I was already too dizzy to know what I was doing. My knees were buckling and each time I slipped up or back, he countered, and then, when my motion changed, his changed. We worked in exact opposite directions but it was a perfect synchrony. I pressed my face into his back and used both of my hands on him. Even that motion became part of our marvelous rhythm. I managed to hold myself in check for a change, and the urge to immediately reach the heights of ecstasy passed as I concentrated on doing this for Carl as much as it felt like he was doing it for me. I ground myself into him and changed the motion and speed another time to slow me reaching the inevitable end of the line. His timing changed with mine. It was like being one with him.

I let go of him with one of my hands to find one of his lovely nipples. As I twisted, he moaned. He picked up speed, pushing back hard. I switch to the other nipple, twisting harder. He groaned, pushing back hard, grinding against me as I ran out of tub. Squeezing and pinching, he reacted more vigorously as the heat rose in me. There was no self-control left, only the frenzied driving of two boys driven together by love.

There was a slapping wound that came more frequently as I picked up speed, feeling my juices rising and no longer able to slow our momentum.

"Do that. Do that! Twist it. Yes. That's it. You're doing it! I'm close. Real close."

His voice came in gasps as he pleaded for more of the same. With each few words air shot around them, and gushed out into the tile. I could feel his chest jerking in a struggle to get more air, and my fingers tingled as his heart seemed to have gone crazy inside his chest.

The hole that held my dick tightened on it with a jerk that milked my dick and my juices began to erupt out of me in one hard spasm after another. I was certain that the tight ring that would deny me access was now pulsing, because Carl was getting off at the same instant as me.

It was a glorious union that had us coming together and with a ferocity I'd never achieved on my own. It was grand and wonderful as we panted, groaned, and became exhausted together. It was the best thing I'd ever done. It was the best I'd ever felt. Carl lit my fire and kept it raging within me.

"Here it is. You did it! Happy. Happy. Ohhhh!! Happy! That was amazing."

His words came in spurts as he finished. I leaned around him to see the evidence and I watched the soap and streams of his thick white fluid dripping down the tiles and into the grooves until it reached the tub and torrents of water and soap joined in to circle the drain.

"You okay?"

He gasped for air as he tried to speak.

"Okay? …Okay? I'm fucking fantastic! I never did nothing like that before. I thought I would pass out."

"I think you almost have," I said, leaning around him.

"Sorry," he said, shifting his weight off me as he was still recovering of the tub, still unable to get his legs to hold him.

"It's okay. It's nice holding you up for a change."

"I'd of fallen right on my butt you hadn't been using it. It was fantastic. You were fantastic."

"I was, wasn't I?"

"I guess waiting three months has its rewards."

"Three months?"

" I left for basic a little over three months ago. Haven't nutted since."

I climbed out of the tub before Carl and needed to take a leak. By the time I was shaking it, Carl was behind me using the towel on my back. He dried my hair and turned me around and dried my chest before kneeling on one knee and doing my legs. He kissed mine and rested his face on me as he did my feet. When he looked at me I was beaming from ear to ear.

"What are you so happy about?" he asked.

"You," I said, beaming.

He stood up and handed me the towel and I worked on his back and shoulders but didn't have to worry about reaching his hair. It was dry that quick and felt a little like a porcupine. I first did the back of him and let my fingers feel the spot as I pretended to just be drying him off. When I did the front I lifted his up to dry his nuts before working over his big softy. He smiled at me as I took care to dry him carefully.

"You something, kid."

"What's that, Ponyboy?"

"You got my nut. You did good. I never got off like that before."

"See, I was worth waiting for. That bimbo of yours couldn't a done what I did for you."

"No! That's one thing she couldn't have done."

I wrapped my arm around his waist as we bounced off the doors trying to get back to the bed. He picked me up and threw me in the middle, and then stood watching me.

"Hungry?" he asked.

"Always," I answered, rolling over on my stomach to look at him.

"Where do we eat?"

"We'll wing it. Plenty of restaurants around."

"Yeah! Real food. I want to eat American while I still can."

We dressed and went out. I felt different. There was something about him finally completing the task that made me feel as tall as he was. I knew there wasn't much more time for us, and I suppose he thought about the same thing, but we didn't talk about it. After we ate, we walked -around the wet streets to burn off the energy that came along with the meal.

The night was fresh and the air newly washed and smelled clean. It made me feel light and alive inside and out.

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