Discovering Love

Written by Rick Beck

Chapter 6

Moment Of Truth

There was both fear and exhilaration churning up my insides when I knew it was Greg on the steps. Two guys followed him down, Charlie and Tim. I'd seen them both upstairs standing across from Greg at one time. Tim stopped to talk to Doug and sat on the step above him.

Greg moved with the ease of a cat. His eyes immediately took in all of us. His attention swept past me and went toward George and Tommy. He already knew they had been engaged enough to develop their own bulges, but Greg's had lost some of its swagger, sliding down in his pants but moving around on his thigh as he walked toward us.

"Herbie, you should take lessons. I take it you want to get right on your knees, since you're already out of clothes."

Greg closed in on the table as he spoke. He looked back at Doug who shrugged an admission of victorious guilt from the stairs.

"Too bad he's too young to collect, Herbie. He's getting older. You better be careful."

"I'm not that young," Doug corrected. "And you know it."

"Comments from the Peanut Gallery. Come finish your game then, brother of mine. Let's see what you got."

Greg held out a cue to his brother as he leaned his butt against the table.

"I'm done," Doug said. "I don't need any more."

"That's what I thought." Greg turned back to Herbie. "Your skinny pecker is still growing."

"Biggest one in the house," Herbie said confidently.

"You've been ill informed, little boy. I've always been bigger than you. That ain't changed."

"Yeah!" Tim said from the stairs.

"You should know," Tommy said with a less than friendly tone and all heads turned toward Tim.

We were quickly looking at Herbie again.

"So is this an official challenge?" Greg asked.

"Sure. Official. I'm already naked. I got nothing to hide. All I got is on the table. You don't scare me."

Herbie pushed it down on the felt with two fingers before pushing it out on the felt.

Greg moved toward Herbie as though his reputation might be at stake. Everyone closed in around the table and I saw no reason why I shouldn't get a closer look. Doug stayed planted on the stairs but Tim leaped down and came over to the bottom of the table. Greg stood tall and confident and very close to Herbie.

"Your challenge. You hold them."

Greg unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. Herbie's long fingers deftly held them together as he took time to arrange them. Greg's was on top and it all but hid Herbie's except for the final few inches that were surrounded by his pubes. Greg's still had some bend in it but it slowly lengthened to Herbie's touch, expanding over the top of Herbie's as we watched it growing and changing it's color. It darkened from a delicate tan to a reddish brown.

"Told you," Herbie said. "Mine's always been longer than yours, Greg."

"Longer but not bigger. We are talking size not length. I make two of you and then some even considering that extra inch or two you have. I'm still the king. You lose."

"See, even you admit mine's longest. I win," Herbie declared.

It was true. Greg's dwarfed Herbie's in thickness. Everyone watched intently but Doug. Everyone seemed to have his own reaction to the competition. I'd never felt quite like that before, knowing everyone at the table was sporting a bone and everyone knew we were all on a hard was pure excitement for me. Not to mention two of them were fully exposed for all of us to see. It made the air seem thin and my heart race.

Then Greg was working his back into his pants. The front of Tim's pants pressed into the table and I could see where they pushed out in the front. Charlie stood next to him and his pants matched Tim's in ballooning affect.

"I guess that means it's my table since you lose, Herb."

"Hey, Greg, I'm leaving. I want to grab a beer on the way out. It's a long walk home."

"Charlie, it's Friday night. Loosen up will you," Greg protested.

"Old man gave me until ten o'clock. I'm going to run late as is."

"When's he going to give you a break, dude?"

"Never I guess. See you. Can I get that beer?"

"Take two - they're small."

Charlie headed up the stairs, mussing Doug's hair as he went. Herbie walked away with Tim following him to the stairs where they stood by the stairs and talked. Herbie's pecker never lost its enthusiasm and Tim didn't seem to notice that the boy he was talking to was naked. Herbie went and sat down next to Doug as Tim turned around and stood just below them. They all laughed but I couldn't hear what they were saying. They weren't nearly as interesting with Herbie mostly hidden from my view.

It wasn't hot down there and I wondered how he kept from being cold. Mine would have been shriveled up by this time with all those guys standing around and the lack of heat. I could hear Herbie's voice loudest as the three boys talked.

Greg racked the balls carefully. I surveyed the other guys but I was most interested in the three on the steps. Alfred came clomping down the stairs two at a time and laughed when he got to the bottom of the steps. He turned and looked back up at Herbie.

"That boy's naked as a baby duck's B'hind," Alfred declared in an astute observation only he could make.

"Alfie, my man. Pool time. We can play first. I've been hoping you'd stay."

"I guess," Alfred said without laughter. "I didn't expect so many of them. You said we was going to play... never mind."

Tim stood next to Herbie and had moved far enough up on the stairs that he had to lean down to see the pool table. From time to time he checked to see who was playing but Doug and Herbie didn't seem to care about the game. Herbie then jumped up and disappeared up the stairs about the time Alfred lost his second shoe. His ass really wasn't skinny. It was small but had a round shape consistent with his narrowness. I was disappointed he had gone.

Tim stood for a moment and then went upstairs as well. Doug stayed on the steps and started watching the game. He then got up and went upstairs as well. It was now Charlie, Tommy, George, Alfred, Greg, and me. Alfred lost his shirt during the time I was thinking about other things.

Doug came back about ten minutes later and he handed me a beer and sat next to me.

"Where'd they go?" I asked.

"Timmy's on the bashful side. He doesn't stay down here for the games."

"Bashful? Did he notice Herbie didn't have a stitch on?"

"Yeah, I think he knew about that. He's bashful about getting naked not seeing naked guys."

"Oh," I said. "They're together?"

"You going to play?", Doug asked me.

"I don't know."

"How does it work with all of these guys? I figured Greg and one or two more."

"You plays the game, you take your chances. You got to figure the odds are six to eight to one that you won't be it. It's the reason most guys stay. They figure odds are in their favor."

I counted twelve guys and three girls. What happened to the rest of them?"

"They use the bedroom upstairs. They bring beer, drink beer, do what they do. Some hang like Charlie and leave before the games begin."

"Does Charlie know?"

"Sure. He's got a bad old man. He can't stay out - most of them know. Some stay from time to time. Some never stay. Most of them have been in on it at one time or another."


"Yeah, my parents always have a summer place. They spend most of their time gone on the weekends during the summer and a few weeks. Even in Germany we became party central on summer weekends. Guys look forward to it." "What's the deal with strip pool. That what everyone does? What's the point? I never heard of it around here."

"Yeah! Everyone but Tim. He'll leave before the pool game starts nowadays."

"Why's that?"

"He played once but he lost pretty bad. He was new then and didn't know any of us. His best buddy brought him up. He was too embarrassed after that to play again. He won't stay down here once the big game starts."

"What happened?"

"He lost. Like I said. He had to go round the room. That's the gamble you take when you play."

"What's that?"

"You sure you want to know? Martin, you seem like a nice fellow and you'd probably be best going home or to a movie or something, or upstairs with them and you can ask Herbie and Tim the questions."

"What are they doing?"

"Tim and Herbie are friends. Herbie's the only one that doesn't cut him down for what he did that was here that night. And me. You don't want to be friends with the rest of these guys. You'll find out if you hang around. They take what they can get out of you and they don't care."

"But Herbie's cool. Isn't he?"

"Yeah, Herbie's the coolest of these guys. He's harmless once you get used to him. You sure you want to go through with this, Martin? I'll stay down if you do."

"Sure I'm sure," I said. "You don't have to stay on account of me."

"He never picks me. I'm bullet proof because I live here."

"You get to see what goes on. I bet you've seen plenty."

"Okay, I'm only going to warn you once. If you lose twice after you lose all your clothes, you give every guy in the room a hand job. That's why guys that don't play go upstairs. You can go up after you lose your underwear."

"Even you," I said, unable to hide my thoughts.

"I don't usually play. I'm just here most of the time. You're going to stay?"

"I've never done anything like this before. Part of me wants to stay and part of me isn't sure. What did Tim do if every one knows about the game? Why get down on him when he just lost a game?"

"It got a bit out of hand. He got with the guy that brought him over. He did stuff he didn't have to do. Then other guys got in on the action. He was drunk. I don't think he knew what he was doing."

"Who was the friend that brought him over."

"Tommy. They don't associate much any more."


"It's what you were about to do to Greg when I showed up the other day. Take the king round the world. It doesn't go any further than that if you don't let it, but some guys...."

"I wasn't either going to do that," I said, not even convincing myself. Doug laughed and shook his head.

"Right. I was only there, Martin. Remember me. I don't give a fuck, it's just fooling around. Everyone loses from time to time - everyone but Greg."

"He never loses?"

"Not yet."

"Would he pay up if he lost?"

"He hasn't lost yet that I've ever heard about. He'd have to pay."

"He is good," I said, as Alfred tossed his pants onto the table before racking the balls.

"He is the king. Everyone here right now has done it to everyone else here right now. That's why it works. Everyone knows what happens if they lose. They won't come down and then talk about it. New guys always lose so the older guys figure they're here on a pass. That means you or Alfie. I'm not going to make it any clearer to you, Martin. You ought to go."

"You mean everyone here right now has... you know?"

"Maybe not Alfred. I've never seen him do it, but he's new. Greg's just found him. He was coming up with some other guys; now he comes alone. Greg wouldn't let me hang out when they were here. He says I talk too much. He says I tell his business to everyone. I just tell the ones I like and don't want to see used by this crew."

"Why's that?"

"Never mind, Martin. I answered enough of your questions. You stay, and you'll get your shot. He doesn't do solos that often. He must like you if you're back so soon."

"What's that mean?"

"He likes a crowd. He likes to show off. Doing solos isn't his style unless he's working on someone."

"Show off what?" I asked.

"What do you think. You seen his? He's got one hell of a pecker on him. Loves having it admired while people watch."

"You're his brother, why do you...?"

"So what. We live in the same house. He's a perv. What do you expect me to do? I know what's going on. I've been his brother all my life, Martin."

"You running off at the mouth again, Squirt," Greg growled standing over where Doug and I sat. "Whose a perv, shithead?"

"Just telling him the rules."

"I can tell him just fine. I want you next, Squirt, and I haven't forgotten you still owe me, Martin. I'm getting to you so don't feel left out. You should have finished up while we were alone."

"You know I don't play at these things," Doug said unconvincing.

"You had Herbie down to his birthday suit, brother of mine. You play pretty damn well. Where is that skinny shit anyway? Someone go find him, he's not out of it yet."

"I'll go," I said, "I need to piss."

"Bring me a beer," Greg said, looking at me. "Don't get too far. You're next, kid."

"Good luck, dude," I said to Doug as I passed behind him.

I went up the stairs and roamed into the living room and back to the kitchen on to the back porch but there was no Herbie or Tim. Since Herbie's clothes were downstairs, I figured he hadn't gotten too far, but I wasn't too sure about him.

I stood in the bathroom taking piss and I heard voices that sounded close. I went out into the hall and opened the door to the room across from the bathroom. There was a big double bed but the room was empty. There was one more room next to the bathroom further down the hall and I heard the voices again as I went over to the door. It was cracked a few inches but it was pitch black inside.

"Just a few more minutes," I heard Herbie say.

"Okay, but I want to leave before they get done. I don't want Tommy seeing I'm still here."

"No one comes in here but Doug and Greg, and you said you don't mind them."

"As long as Tommy doesn't know I'm here. I don't care. I was going to stay over at Patty's tonight if Tommy came, but I'll stay if you like."

"You still going with her."

"We're just friends, Stick."

"Right! You're screwing her aren't you? You can tell me."

"Sure, Herbie. I'm screwing her."

"She got a friend, Tim?"

"Yeah, me, asshole."

It got quiet for a couple of minutes and I wasn't sure if I should say anything. Then I figured Greg might send someone else so it was better if I got Herbie before someone else came up.


"Fuck," Herbie said with an indignant sound in his voice.

"Greg's looking for you."

"He playing?" Herb asked.

"Yes... what do you want me to tell him? He might send someone else if I don't know where you are."

"I'll be right there," Herbie said. "Tell him I'm taking a dump, okay."

"Right!" I answered.

"You want me to wait for you?" Timmy asked.

"Just do it a couple more minutes. He won't come up yet. We can get together later on if you stay in here."

"He might send Tommy up."

"Just a few more minutes, Tim. Don't stop now. Martin won't say anything."

I wanted to look but I'd miss my opportunity to simply open the door. Now Herbie was saying I was cool. I couldn't go against that. Somehow I didn't think it was right just busting in on them. I did want to see what was going on but I didn't want to upset anyone. It was also pretty dark so I wasn't sure I would see anything even if I did look. Life's shitty some times.

"He's taking a shit," I said as I passed by the table on my return to the basement. I handed Greg his beer.

He held his beer up and out toward me before taking a long swig that had foam running down the corner of his mouth. I thought he was saying thank you, but he was saying something else.

"I've been waiting for you, Martin. Want to play a little game."

"It's got to be little. I'm not very good."

I moved up to the table as my mouth went dry and my crotch tightened against my pants while I made the confession of inadequacy. Doug handed me the cue as he passed behind me.

"Good luck, dude," Doug whispered after me. He had a sympathetic look on his face and no shoes and socks on his feet.

Herbie was still naked when he came down the stairs five minutes later and his cock had turned a strange color of red that looked odd against his milky white skin. It seemed excited but then, I thought, why shouldn't it be. I knew what was going on upstairs. No one else paid him any mind.

"You owe me a shoe, kid."

"Huh?" I said absently, looking away from where Herbie now leaned.

"Earth to Martin. Shoe," Greg growled.

"Oh yeah," I said, adding my shoe to the pile and wondering, with so many balls on the table how could the game be over already? I placed my second shoe right next to Greg's shoes. Doug was no doubt the second best player there.

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