Stories by Wes Leigh

Soulbound Anthology

[A series in 5 volumes]

The Soulbound series is a work of fiction (or is it?). This page will grow as the story progresses, and will eventually provide a summary, teasers, of all the Soulbound stories.

  • Soulbound

    [Volume one has 24 chapters and Epilogue]
    Present Day

    The first story in the Soulbound Anthology, Soulbound tells the story of Daniel Anderson and the strange town of Agony, North Dakota.

    Like most kids starting high school, Daniel Anderson is struggling to figure out who he is. Now he finds himself uprooted and starting ninth grade in a new town, a place called Agony, North Dakota. If the name of the town isn't strange enough, it's also filled with weird people who remind him – for reasons he can't explain – of the werewolves and vampires in the books he reads. Maybe it's just his vivid imagination, but there seem to be mysteries here that Daniel feels compelled to solve, all the time hoping his own secret won't be exposed.

    But that's the funny thing about secrets. The harder you try to keep them hidden, the quicker they come to light.