Soulbound ‡ clash

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 5

Always check your six. Or CYA, whichever you prefer.

-- From The Bravest: A Fireman's Tale by Bradley Lilly

Connor punched in the number and waited until he heard a gruff voice say, " Hau ."

Smiling, Connor replied, "Hello, Matoskah ."

There was a short pause, then a rumbling laugh. "Shunkmanitu Tanka Shah, my little brother, it is good to hear your voice again. How is your Pack?"

"Good. Prospering," Connor replied. "And how are you, Hota? Still as shaggy as ever?"

Hota snorted. "I am healthy and grouchy, but that is a privilege I have earned by living as long as I have. Now, tell me, Red Wolf, why are you poking this old bear with a stick? Don't you know it's dangerous, even for a werewolf like yourself?"

Connor grinned. "I would never poke you with a stick, and I know how to stay out of reach of a werebear's teeth and claws."

"A good lesson for all to learn, Connor Finnigan. Now … tell me why you are calling me this night."

Connor took his time, explaining about Daniel's vision of the return of Ignatius Caedes, about Diego's fight against Corpo Seco in Brazil, and about Connor's suspicions that Ignatius and Corpo Seco were the same person and that he was coming to Agony next.

Hota listened carefully, giving Connor a chance to explain all he knew without interrupting.

Connor finished, "I know you've been hunting Ignatius, and I called to ask if you've had any luck tracking him down."

Hota's gravelly voice replied, "He is elusive. If he travelled to Brazil as you suspect, that would explain why I've lost his trail. I will seek it again. If I find him, I will tell you."

"Thank you, Hota. I haven't forgotten my promise to you."

"I have not forgotten either, Little Brother. Have you raised an army to fight this monster?"

"I'm working on it. If you find Ignatius, I'll bring m'pack and the Smyth Covenant vampires. Together, we'll kick his ass."

Hota chuckled. "Then I had better get back on the trail. If I pick up his scent, I will call you."

"Thank you, Hota. Philámayaye."

", Little Brother. Hanhepi wašté."

"Good night, Hota. Good hunting."

Connor disconnected the call and turned to the others. "Well, I think it's safe to say Ignatius is not in North Dakota."

"Why do you say that?" Xavier asked.

"Hota would know. That old werebear has been tracking Ignatius for longer than I've been alive."

Daniel nodded. "If he's not here, then we can be fairly certain Ignatius Caedes is in Brazil, and that he is also this Corpo Seco creep. I guess now we have to plan what to do when he comes back to North Dakota."

Diego didn't want to get upset again, but he felt his eyes filling with tears as he thought about Corpo Seco coming for them again. "Yes," he agreed, "time to come up with a game plan." He tried to smile and turn it into a joke. "Good thing we have a quarterback who's also a math genius," Diego teased, poking Daniel in the side.

Daniel saw Diego struggling not to cry, and he was pleased to see Diego attempting to joke around. He decided to lighten the somber mood that had fallen on them all. Grinning, he jumped on Diego and began tickling Diego's ribs, making him squeal.

"Stop it!" Diego screeched, grabbing at Daniel's fingers.

"Then respect your elders!" Daniel said, leaning down to kiss Diego.

Diego kissed him back, then giggled. "You're only six months older than me, Daniel Anderson. And Connor is only two years older. Now Xavier … he's a real elder! A truly old man!"

Xavier grabbed Diego's hands and pinned them down on the bed. He has yet to learn his lesson, Daniel. Continue with the torture.

Diego twisted and yelled, "No! I promise I'll be good!"

Should we believe him? Xavier asked.

Connor tossed his phone on the table and jumped on the bed next to Diego. You say you'll be good, Diego? Just how good? Connor leaned over Diego and took one of his nipples between his teeth, biting down gently.

Diego whimpered and moaned, "As good as I can possibly be, but only if you do both sides." Then he giggled.

Connor nodded at Daniel, who leaned down to suck on Diego's other nipple.

Diego squirmed. He enjoyed the attention, but it was frustrating to have Connor nibbling one nipple and Daniel suckling the other. His exasperation showed when Diego said, Either both of you bite or both of you suck. You're making me uneven.

Connor chuckled and stopped nibbling Diego's nipple. He began sucking it gently, looked across Diego's chest at Daniel.

Daniel smirked and began biting gently.

Aarrrgh, Diego moaned. You guys are doing that deliberately. He tried to twist away, but Xavier held him firmly by the arms. Diego looked up at Xavier and whimpered, Old Man Xavier, please make them stop torturing this poor boy.

Xavier leaned down and kissed Diego gently on the lips. Diego responded, pushing up into Xavier, sliding his tongue along Xavier's lips, silently pleading with Xavier for more.

Daniel moved down Diego's body, gently kissing his abdomen, his hip, his throbbing cock, his lightly haired balls.

Connor rolled Diego onto his side to face Daniel, and Connor kissed down Diego's back, nibbling on each butt cheek before spreading them apart and licking Diego's pale tan rosebud.

Xavier curled around Diego's head, kissing him passionately now. With Diego's tongue sliding into his mouth, sweet and delightful, Xavier moaned and silently said, He is being VERY good now!

Diego's mental groan was an extended sigh of pleasure as he felt Daniel's warm mouth engulfing his cock and Connor's tongue probing his rear. No, you guys are being good, so very good to me. He sucked Xavier's tongue into his mouth, moaning with desire.

Walking onto the high school campus the next day, Daniel met Xavier in front of the drama building. "Any word from the other Covenants?" Daniel asked.

Xavier shook his head. "Absolutely nothing. No sign of Ignatius. No indication that he's active anywhere in North Dakota, nor anywhere in North America for that matter. One of the Mexico City executors advised me to be on the lookout for spies."


"Yes. He said Ignatius is no fool. He never makes a move without determining the strengths and weaknesses of his foe."

"Great," Daniel sighed. "I guess that's another thing to add to our list of preparations."

Xavier nodded agreement. "I asked the other Covenants to contact me if they hear anything. They said they would."

"I suppose that's the best we can hope for," Daniel replied.

"Have you had any more visions?"

"No. Nothing new anyway. It's always the same one I've had before, with the same events, the same ending. I keep hoping for something new, something that will give us a better warning."

Xavier placed his arm across Daniel's shoulders. "Nevertheless, it is a warning, and one we should heed. My vampires will meet you tonight at the mill, as we planned."

Daniel nodded and his eyes lost focus as he concentrated on Connor. Is the Pack ready for tonight, Connor?

Ready and chompin' at the bit! Connor replied.

Xavier and Daniel laughed. Chomping at the bit? Daniel asked. Isn't that for bucking broncos only?

Connor's mental reply was tinged with laughter. Okay … so they're ready and drooling at the thought of takin' a bite out of an ancient vampire. Y'all like that better?

As long as they don't get confused and take a bite out of one of MY vampires, Xavier replied, chuckling. Perhaps we should reconsider this training exercise. Keep your werewolves on one side of the river? My vampires on the other?

Diego, stashing books in his school locker in the next building over, had been listening and interjected his own opinion. Divide us up into two teams, with lycans and vampires on both teams. Give us all armbands. Red for one team. Blue for the other. Then forbid eye gouging, ear biting, ball bashing, and dick slapping. Ass kicking is okay, but butt probing is reserved for the four of us only.

Connor snickered and replied, Taking all the fun out of it, little man?

Fine, Diego said. Then butt probing can be the reward. Winning team probes the losing team.

Xavier adjusted his cock in his pants, smiling as he pictured the orgy Diego was proposing.

Daniel giggled and asked, Did you bring your lunch today, Diego?

Yes. Why? Diego asked.

Bring it to drama class today, Daniel replied. We'll hang around after class and find a dark spot in the wings of the stage.

And why would I do that? Diego asked.

So I can probe you in advance, Daniel replied, sending a quick mental image of Diego bending over with his pants at his ankles.

Don't think I won't be there, Diego replied as he shut his locker and headed for class. I didn't get probed enough last night.

Daniel looked at Xavier and they both smiled. "I guess we better be there too," Daniel said.

"Why?" Xavier asked.

"He'll be expecting us. And if we don't show up, we'll never hear the end of it."

Nodding, Xavier replied with a broad smile, "Then it's a date."

Connor was the only one who didn't have a lunch, so after fourth period was over, he ran to the cafeteria and grabbed a sandwich and a soda. He chomped on the sandwich as he walked quickly to the drama building and opened the door to the auditorium. The room was dark. The stage was shadowed. But he heard soft moans coming from the wings of the stage.

Grinning, he tossed back the last of his soda and crunched the can. Throwing it in the direction of the moans and groans, he heard the can clatter followed by stifled giggles, so he knew he'd found his lovers.

Trotting up the steps at the side of the stage, he peered into the darkness, drawing upon his werewolf skills to pick out their scents. Their musk was powerful and gave him an instant erection. As he walked, he unsnapped his pants and pulled his cock through the gap in his boxer briefs.

He heard more snickering.

Smiling, he jiggled his cock, bringing it to its full eight-inch length. I hope you boys didn't start without me, he said.

We might have, Diego replied, mentally giggling. But I have a feeling we won't be finishing without you!

Connor walked into the shadows, sensing Daniel to his right, Xavier to his left, with Diego between them. He reached out and touched hard cocks jutting out from each of them. His hand found other fingers, gripping, stroking, massaging. He moved up next to them and found eager mouths searching for his, tongues darting, teasing, playfully retreating, sweet breath upon his cheeks, lips on his neck, gently sucking, nibbling, bringing delicious shivers to his body.

Diego dropped to his knees and began moving from one boy to the other. He sucked. He licked. He swallowed as much as he could before gagging and pulling off. He savored their unique flavors, tasting the juices that were now beginning to flow.

>We have nine more minutes, Xavier said, extending his fangs slightly to scrape across Connor's collarbone.

We could show up late for fifth period, Daniel suggested, pinching Xavier's nipple.

Not possible, Xavier replied, slipping his fingers through Diego's hair. There's another drama class meeting here for fifth period. They will be coming through that door soon, and they'll turn on the lights in approximately nine minutes.

Connor snorted and pulled Diego to his feet, turning him around and kneeling down to lick Diego's hole. That gives me thirty seconds to get Diego ready and eight minutes to give him a hell of a ride and thirty seconds to clean up the mess.

Connor stood up, positioned himself at the entrance to Diego's body, and slid slowly inside, making Diego moan and whimper.

Come here, X, Daniel said, pulling Xavier by the hand. We only have seven minutes now!

Trudy Cantone, the drama teacher, finished her lunch and walked out of her office, passing by an open auditorium door. She heard the groans coming from the shadows in the wings of the stage and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and she smiled. She didn't know who was with Connor. He was the only one she'd seen coming in the building earlier, but she knew all the young people in the school, and she knew how close Connor was with Xavier and Daniel.

And there was also young Diego. He'd certainly hit it off with the other three as soon as he and his family had arrived in Agony.

Knowing high school boys, it could be any one of those three.

'Good for him,' she thought to herself. 'He deserves it. He's such a nice kid.' She continued down the hall to the building exit, carrying the papers she needed copied for her upcoming class. She glanced at her watch, chuckling, hoping Connor and his mystery lover finished before students began arriving for fifth period.

"Are you okay, Diego," Daniel asked, concerned.

Diego was walking carefully, grimacing with each step. "I'm fine, Daniel. Just a little sore—" Diego pointed at his rear— "back there. I keep forgetting how big Connor is when he goes full werewolf."

Daniel hugged Diego to his side. "I told you to transform into a vaewolf first. It's easier to handle Connor then."

"I know. I know," Diego replied. "I'll do that next time. Maybe later tonight?" he asked, hopefully.

"You're insatiable," Daniel said with a grin.

"I like making love to my soulmates," Diego replied, suddenly serious. "With all that's coming…" His voice trailed off.

Daniel hugged him again. There was no need to say more. It was something they all thought about every day.

Walking into the old abandoned mill, they found Silvermane Pack werewolves and Smyth Covenant vampires mingling, chatting, catching up with one another. It wasn't something that would have been possible a year ago, but now, with Daniel as their unofficial leader, they were working together.

Daniel jumped onto a crate and asked for everyone's attention. "Hey, everyone. I want to start out tonight by thanking you for coming. I'm sure Connor and Xavier have explained how important this is and how we have to work together if we're going to stand a chance of beating this guy. And to be honest, we're not even sure who we're going to be facing, so we just want to do everything we can to be ready."

Deborah Murphy raised her hand and asked, "Are we sure this is the rogue vampire that killed Connor's parents? The same vampire Connor and Hota fought? He won't be easy to stop, from all I've heard." Knowing all Connor had suffered at the hands of this ancient vampire, Deborah found herself wanting to hold him to her breasts and baby him. Even now, she had not given up hope that Connor would be her mate one day. She knew about him and his soulbound lovers, but her heart yearned to give Connor pups for the good of the Pack.

Connor nodded at Deborah. She was a good werebitch, one of the most intelligent in the Pack, and though he didn't love her, he respected her and listened to her counsel. "Seems to be the same one, Deb. And if he does come to Agony, you can bet he won't be alone."

Xavier added, "There is a definite possibility he has spies in Agony. He may know that we're preparing. He will undoubtedly build his own army to match ours."

Sebastian asked Xavier, "How are we planning to do this? Vampires under your direction? Werewolves following Connor? Daniel as our commander-in-chief?"

Everyone looked around nervously upon hearing Sebastian's suggestion. Daniel frowned and answered, "We haven't made it that far in our planning yet?"

Sean Alan, the boys' athletics coach, shook his head. "That won't work."

Connor turned to Sean and asked, "Why not, Coach?"

"It's war, everyone," Sean replied, looking around. "When the battle starts, every plan falls apart. It's not like a game of football or basketball, with offense and defense. You have to be ready for chaos. Prepared to adjust instantly for whatever the enemy throws at you."

"What do you have in mind, Coach," Diego asked.

"Well …," he scratched his head and squinted. "Might be okay to have small bands of werewolves working together, but you should have some vampires mixed in. Take advantage of each other's strengths. Like the military does. Infantry can call in support from artillery. Something like that."

Daniel nodded. "Okay then. Let's build a few teams and run some practice exercises. Werewolves for tracking and close quarter combat. Vampires for reconnaissance and jumping wherever they're needed. We'll figure out what works and make adjustments. That part IS like basketball." He turned to Diego.

Diego stood up with a smile and held out red and blue armbands. "This was MY idea," Diego said with a grin. "Red team on this side of the river. Blue team on the far side. Good luck, everyone."

For the rest of the night, they practiced tracking one another, ambushing, fighting and retreating. Daniel led the red team, Diego the blue. At one point, they even practiced time jumps, using their special vaewolf abilities to watch how the opposing force was approaching, then jump back through time to warn their own team how to counter the approach. It didn't always work, especially when both Daniel and Diego jumped back in time to make adjustments and counter-adjustments, but they learned and they got better.

Soon the Silvermane werewolves were shifting in and out of wolf form with Smyth Covenant vampires teleporting from spot to spot, all of them moving in complicated, flowing battlelines that intersected, retreated, and advanced again. Daniel was pleased. They needed more practice, but he was hopeful that Ignatius would find a nasty surprise when he attacked Agony.

Daniel didn't see the solitary figure watching from high up on a hill. The other boys didn't either. The red and blue teams were too busy competing against one another to notice. And when they finished their mock battles later that night, the figure slipped away into the night, still unseen.

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