by Wes Leigh

Chapter 20

Classification: Secret

Source: Domestic surveillance

Priority: B1

FLASH REPORT BEGINS. Subject Connor Finnigan in route to cabin location. Currently alone. Voices detected at the cabin match those of subjects Xavier Finton-Smyth and Daniel Anderson. Electronic surveillance continuing. END OF FLASH REPORT.

Classification: Secret

It wasn't one of Xavier's most creative of positions, but it was certainly one of the best, at least as far as Daniel was concerned. Xavier was spooned in behind Daniel, his cock buried inside Daniel's butt. At the same time, Daniel was penetrating Connor. Daniel was the only one moving, sliding himself up into Connor and then pushing back onto Xavier. The sensation of being impaled by one lover while making gentle thrusts into the other was flooding Daniel's brain with wave after wave of intense pleasure. He transmitted his feelings to the other two so they could know exactly what he was feeling as he savored it himself. Within moments, all three were groaning as Daniel picked up the speed, smashing back and forth between Connor and Xavier. Then Daniel moaned and shoved himself fully forward against Connor. Xavier scooted up as well, pushing his cock completely inside Daniel. All three gasped. Their bodies began shaking. Their cocks began launching volleys of cum.

In the still moments after, they wrapped their arms around one another and waited for their hearts to stop their frantic beating. A light layer of perspiration covered their skin, cooling now as they breathed on one another, gently kissing shoulders, necks, backs.

Connor was the first to move, pulling off Daniel and allowing cum to drip out down the back of his thigh. Connor rolled over and faced Daniel, wrapping his strong arms around Daniel and Xavier both, smashing Daniel between them as he hugged them close.

Daniel grunted and giggled. I would like to begin breathing now, Daniel quipped.

Connor chuckled and relaxed his bear hug slightly. Is that good? Connor asked.

Daniel tilted his head up slightly and pushed his lips against Connor's, giving him a deep and passionate kiss. Now it is, Daniel replied.

Xavier slowly began humping Daniel again as he nibbled on Daniel's neck.

Again? Daniel asked. So soon?

Xavier laughed softly. What you should be asking is… how many more? Then Xavier stroked Connor's cheek and asked, Will you do me now, Connor?

Connor grinned and jumped up, leaping over both of the smaller teens, and dropped down behind Xavier. Smearing his own cum around his still boned-up cock, Connor positioned himself carefully at Xavier's pucker and slowly pushed up and in.

Then it was Xavier's turn to set the rhythm and the pace of their lovemaking.

An hour later, the cabin reeked of sex. Connor climbed out the bed and parted the heavy curtains just enough to crack open the window and allow fresh air to blow in.

Why'd you put up the curtains? Daniel asked.

Connor shrugged. I don't know. Just felt like having a bit more privacy, you know?

Probably a good idea, Xavier added, when you consider what's been going on lately.

Too many prying eyes, Connor agreed. Too many snooping noses. Too many outsiders sticking their faces in our business. I think it's time we did something about it. But what? Connor asked, looking at Daniel.

That is the question of the hour, isn't it? Xavier added, also staring at Daniel.

Daniel stared back at both of them, wondering why they always looked to him for the answers. I don't know, he said, shrugging. Somehow, we need to draw them out. Expose them. They're getting away with this because no one knows what they're doing, and that has to stop.

Okay, so how do we do that? Connor asked. How do we draw them out?

I think I know a way, but I want to think about it a little more, Daniel replied. When I come up with a plan, I'll fill you both in. But, guys, that's not the only thing we need to discuss.

Xavier raised his eyebrows. There's more?

Daniel nodded. He didn't want his lovers to hear his thoughts, so he began speaking out loud. "What are we going to do about Diego?"

Xavier scoffed. "Diego? He's a not a problem. It's obvious what we need to do with him."

Daniel sighed. Xavier was right. "I suppose so. We'll just have to tell him we can only be friends."

"Friends? Hell, no!" Connor exclaimed. "Diego's too cute to be just a friend!"

"I agree," Xavier said. "I find Diego extremely sexy, and I know he feels the same way about all of us. He told me so yesterday while we were painting backdrops during Drama."

Daniel was shocked. That certainly wasn't what he expected to hear. "Then… you mean we…"

Connor laughed. "Absolutely. We should bring him up here this weekend. We just have to be more careful about who sees us going in and out of the cabin. I'll bring him up in my pickup. You two will teleport in. We'll all stay inside the cabin the entire time."

Xavier smiled deviously. "I'm sure we can find something to do."

Daniel chuckled and drew them both into a tight hug. He should have known better than to worry about it.

Connor was slow and gentle the first time he made love to Diego. Xavier and Daniel kissed Diego's lips, his neck, his stomach, relaxing his body to accept Connor's enormous cock. But they need not have bothered.

Diego arched his back and pushed down, forcing Connor deeper inside, and Diego sighed contentedly. Then as Connor picked up speed, Xavier and Daniel worked together on Diego's uncircumcised cock and hairless balls, teasing him time after time to the brink of an orgasm until he begged them to finish. They both began sucking and licking on the sides of his cock, pulling the foreskin down to lick all around the swollen, purple cap, which soon began oozing white, creamy cum onto their eager tongues.

Connor pushed himself deep into Diego and held himself there, pumping his own seed into the smaller lad. He snaked his arms around Diego's chest and pulled him tight against his chest. Diego sighed again and whispered, "That was so good… you guys… ohhhh…" His body trembled one more time. He sighed and asked, "Can we keep going please?"

Connor nibbled on Diego's ear as he started thrusting slowly again. Daniel and Xavier stood up and positioned their cocks at Diego's mouth, where he began moving from one to the other, taking turns at sucking them, eventually being rewarded by their sweet offerings.

Diego came three times before Connor came a second time.

Then they all took a break to drink water and catch their breaths. Diego looked at each of them with a shy smile and twinkling eyes.

Finally, Daniel couldn't stand it any longer and asked, "Why are you looking at us that way, Diego?"

Diego bit his lip and replied, "I'm wondering when you guys are gonna tell me what's it like to be vampires and werewolves?"

"Wait! What?" Daniel exclaimed.

Connor and Xavier looked at each other in a slight panic.

"Don't freak out, guys," Diego said with a smirk. "I'm not gonna tell anyone what I know."

Daniel glanced nervously at Connor and Xavier, then looked back at Diego. "And what exactly do you know?"

"Nothing much," Diego said with a shrug. "It was more of a suspicion, really. Just stuff I noticed every now and then that made me think this town might have vampires and werewolves living here. I know some people are regular humans, like Ms. Trudy, the drama teacher. She knows about it too, and she told me what she suspects, but she doesn't really care. She's kind of wacky, so she actually thinks it's awesome that she's teaching vampires and werewolves and living in a town full of them."

Daniel shook his head in amazement. "So how did you figure out that the three of us aren't human?"

"I didn't know. It was something I suspected. Until you guys gave it away just now." He grinned mischievously

"You little shit!" Connor exclaimed, grabbing Diego and tossing him backwards onto the bed where he began tickling Diego mercilessly. "You think you're so smart!" Diego rolled around, trying to evade Connor, but failing completely.

"STOP! STOP!" Diego screeched. "I'm gonna pee!"

When Connor relented, Diego scooted up to the top of the bed, gasping for breath, and faced the three of them. "So… which of you are vampires and which of you are werewolves?"

Daniel sat down next to Diego and said, "This might take a while to explain."

"Take as long as you need. I wanna know all about it, so I can decide which one I wanna be!"

Special Agent Dautry slithered down the hallway, past the dead-eyed guards, and paused at the entrance to the Room. He touched a panel next to the door, punching in a code, then leaned down to permit a laser to scan the retina in his right eye. The light on the panel flickered from red to green, and a soft click announced the unlocking of the door. He impatiently pushed the door open and slipped inside the darkened chamber, waiting as motion sensors activated a few lights around the baseboards, providing the minimum illumination necessary.

Dautry slid into a chair and punched a few buttons, activating the monitors on the wall. He pulled a keyboard over in front of him and typed several commands. Various images popped up on the monitors. He studied them for a moment, then frowned. He wasn't happy with what he saw, but unhappiness was the only thing he still enjoyed in life.

He punched a button on the teleconference system. A hollow voice replied, "Sir?"

"Patch them in now," he ordered.

"Please verify the order," the voice requested.

Dautry leaned forward and provided a second retinal scan.

The voice continued, "Identify confirmed. Establishing teleconference now."

One of the monitors flickered and showed the same pale man dressed in black, sitting in front of the wall of books.

The next monitor showed the man and woman in military uniforms, sitting in their planning room.

Dautry glared at them and snapped, "Update. Domitian first."

The man in black blinked once at Dautry's abruptness, then replied, "The Vampiric High Council has ordered a return to the status quo in Agony. Vampires are to cease cooperation with lycans and return to the balance established by the previous regime."

Dautry nodded. "Xavier Finton-Smyth?"

"The new executor has been left in charge with orders to implement the High Council's ruling. We are confident he will comply. I will personally be checking to see that he does."

Dautry chewed on his lip. He tapped the table with a finger. He turned to the man and the woman in uniform. "General? The werewolves?"

"We sent our orders via the neighboring packs, making it clear what is expected," the general replied. "The message was delivered and received."

Dautry snorted derisively. "How can you be certain of that?"

The woman replied, "The new alpha has yet to take a mate, so he follows the guidance of his parents. They will convince him. It is our way."

Dautry closed his eyes and shook his head slightly. 'Incompetent fools,' he thought to himself. They didn't know what he knew. They didn't know about the filthy, perverted things those creatures did in their mountain cabin. They didn't know that the abomination was spreading like some kind of loathsome disease. Dautry decided to taunt the lycans. He opened his eyes and asked, "Is it not also your way for the new alpha to kill the old one before taking over the pack? How do you explain the fact that Andreas Finnigan is still alive?"

The general and his aide looked at each other nervously. Finally, the general replied, "Connor Finnigan is young and still learning all the traditions. But he will come around and follow the path we've laid out for him."

"He'd better," Dautry snapped. He glared at all three of them, then muttered, "I want the vaewolf isolated. I want the town living under the same uneasy truce we so carefully crafted years ago. I want vampires and werewolves at each other's throats, as it has been since I started running this operation. Do I make myself clear?"

All three nodded.

"For the sake of all your people," Dautry added, "this had better happen soon. The only reason we humans tolerate your existence is because you keep each other in check."

Domitian hesitated before asking, "What of the vaewolf? The situation was stable until he arrived."

Dautry was silent for a moment. They waited respectfully. His lips twitched. "I have plans for the vaewolf. Isolate him, but leave him unharmed."

Diego quivered with anticipation, turning his head to thrust his tongue between Xavier's lips. Xavier returned the kiss with equal fervency, holding the young teen's face between his hands as they made out.

Connor snuggled up behind Diego, slowly sliding his thick cock along the crease of Diego's ass, teasing with each pass. Diego wriggled his butt, making it clear what he wanted, so Connor slid the tip of his cock into Diego's pucker and pressed carefully until his cock pushed through and penetrated Diego's body.

Diego groaned and began kissing Xavier passionately.

Daniel kissed his way up Diego's side, down his stomach, and onto his dark, curly pubic patch. Then Daniel gently nibbled on Diego's short, uncut cock. Diego moaned into Xavier's mouth, pulling away just long enough to say, "I'm ready, guys. Where are you going to bite me, Daniel?"

"Where do you want it?" Daniel asked. "On your cock?" He gently nipped Diego's foreskin, making the boy twitch and moan. Daniel slid up Diego's body and nibbled on his collarbone. "Or on your neck?" He moved down to bite gently on Diego's light brown shoulder. "Or maybe here?" Daniel rubbed Diego's hip affectionately. "It's entirely up to you, little brother."

Diego shrugged. "I trust you, Daniel. You choose."

Daniel smiled and scooted down, turning Diego's leg slightly to expose the smooth inner surface of his thigh. He concentrated for a moment, causing his fangs to extend down, and gently bit into Diego's leg, injecting vaewolf venom directly into the femoral artery.

Xavier and Diego stared into each other's eyes as the venom began circulating through Diego's body. Diego gasped briefly, then closed his eyes and lost consciousness. Xavier kissed him gently on the lips and began stroking his cheek.

Connor squeezed Diego from behind, holding him secure as the venom flowed through his veins, transforming him into the second vaewolf to be born in their century.

Daniel gently kissed the spot where he had bitten Diego, watching carefully as the wound closed and healed. Diego wasn't aware of it yet, but Daniel could already feel the beginning of the deep connection between them as soulbound mates.

Sleep, Diego, Daniel silently whispered. We'll be here for you when you awake.

Diego's eyes fluttered. He breathed in slowly and blew out. "Ohhh," he whispered, stretching his arms above his head as he yawned. He opened his eyes and looked around, slightly confused. Then he saw Daniel and Xavier sitting next to him on the bed. Connor walked up, holding a cup filled with blood red liquid.

Connor held out the cup and said, "Drink up, m'love. It'll help."

Diego took the cup and drank deeply, savoring the flavor. He drained the last drop and handed the cup back to Connor. "When are we doing it?"

Daniel smiled and said, "It's already done."

"Really?" Diego asked. "I'm a vaewolf?"

Xavier nodded and said, "Yes, you are now an incredibly dangerous creature of the night!"

"Radical!" Diego exclaimed. "When can I start doing stuff?"

Daniel chuckled and patted Diego's leg. "One step at a time, little brother. Be patient and we'll teach you everything you need to know."

Do you think he can hear us now? Connor asked as he stood with his back to them, stirring the pot over the fire.

Diego laughed. "Of course, I can hear you, Connor. Your standing right over there."

Connor turned around, eyes lighting up and dimples showing. Xavier and Daniel looked at each other and smiled.

Xavier took Diego's hand and said, "There's a bit more about this that we need to explain to you, Diego." Xavier paused and stared into Diego's eyes, projecting his thoughts. Before we show you how to be a vaewolf, we need to explain what it means to be soulbound.

Diego was quick to accept all the amazing news they shared with him, about being a soulbound vaewolf. He took it all in stride and was eager to learn more.

Before we teach Diego anything more, Daniel thought, there's something else I want to discuss with all three of you.

The other three looked at Daniel with questioning glances.

Daniel sighed and said, I've been having premonitions, and I think they're giving me an idea on how we should handle our situation.

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