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Sun Quest

A saga in three parts


[A story in more than one book]

Josua and Lukas - Boys Uprooted by War

A story in 4 days

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Four Nights in St. Bartholomew

[A story in 4 nights]

Stories are often based on real events, but the names of the characters are fiction. As opposed to those, Four Nights in St. Bartholomew uses names of characters and places that can be Googled and their real fate can be tracked down, while the events are pure fiction.

In the text I used serif and sans serif fonts. The serif font is the story of Anselm during his adventure, while the sans serif font shows the reports of Aenis as recalled by Anselm. This way it may be easier to tell apart the events of today and the events in the 12th century the time when the frist crusades took place.

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