Sea People

by Ruwen Rouhs

Chapter 5

The hideout was looking like the relict of small round house leaning to the rock-face. It was sheltered from sight by high thorny shrubs and partly hidden behind low hanging branches of a big oak trees. In front of the shrubbery was a sandy clearing partly covered with grass from where a trail carried on to lookout further up the rocky hillside. The lookout itself was a small stage high in an oak tree. From it the guardians of Kirketin and the Sun Seekers could overlook the sandy beach from one edge to the other, the sanctuary as well as the two smaller round houses and even the beginning of the valley could be seen, with the little creek coming down from the mountains of the islet.

At the clearing Hami and Tsemo put down their bags, walked to oak tree with the lookout and climbed up to the platform to find out if the strange boats had already landed at the beach. "No, one is there! Neither the boats, nor the strangers! We made it up in time!" Hami heaved a sigh of relief. Meanwhile Kirketin had arrived at the small platform also and Hami ordered, "Kirketin, you stay up here and observe the beach carefully! Don't miss any change on the beach, not even the slightest difference! The Ekwesh are shrewd pirates. If something unexpected turns up you can't recognize call on me!" When Kirketin raised protest, Hami insisted, "You have to wait here and be our watchman. That a very important task! You are the best one to accomplish this task! You are more sharp-eyed than an eagle!" To convince his reluctant friend, Hami added, "Or do you prefer to carry up the supplies to the cabin. That's a tiring job and anyway you are just too slow!" When the Kahin still objected, Hami whispered something in his ear. Now a smile crossed Kirketin's face from ear to ear and he asked Tsemo, "Tsee! Tsee! You promiiis! You promise! Really?!" Tsemo gave his consent with a nod, without knowing what Hami had promised to his new fan! "Yeah! Yeah Kirie, I will. I promiss!"

The entrance to the hideout, a man-hole about three feet from the ground, was closed by stone slabs. Hami and Tsemo removed the slabs. "You want to go first, Tsemo?" Hami asked his new friend. "No, you go first, Hami, you know the place and I don't!" But Tsemo complied when Hami teased him "Or are you afraid of the dark, big driud?" "Me? No way!" Feet first Tsemo vanished in the dark room and immediately shuddered as his bare feet hid the damp ground. The first moment he felt like in a dungeon, because the air inside the hideout was chilly, moist and stale. He got nervous as he wasn't able to see his nose. As soon Tsemo got used to the dim light he came to wonder about the size of the cave-like room. Feeling his way along the walls he began to investigate its dusky interior. Soon he was aware that the round-hut just was the camouflage of the entrance to a spacious cave. "The cave is much bigger than I thought Hami! It's real big place, but so chilly and dark! Hey Hami, my teeth are already chattering."

"Sure its cool inside, but it's a safe place and inconspicuous from the outside. Nobody will guess this derelict shed is a save hideout. But you are right Tsemo, on a warm spring day like this it seems uncomfortable inside. At hot summer days it's the best place to stay in for a good nap. Ask Kirkie! He likes it inside!"

Handing him over the goods piece by piece he ordered, "Now hurry up, Tsemo! Store the foodstuff in the back where it is coolest and pile up the other goods, especially the weapons right by the entrance. Hurry up! We have to collect the other supplies down on the trail and carry them up also!"

It was already late afternoon when all the supplies and weapons were stored safely in the cave and the nine youngsters were resting on the ground in front of the hideout. It was just a small combat group consisting of the nearly grown ups Dincer, Aegir and Buri, the teens Kadir, Kadem, Tsemo and Laong, the boy Hami and last not least, chubby Kirketin the Kahin, the actual reason they had to retreat to the hideaway. Tsemo could have been counted as a halfling also, because despite his age he was still looking as delicate and graceful as a ten-year-old. Nonetheless he was the one to lead the war council or rather mediate between Aegir, Buri on the one hand and Dincer and his brothers on the other.

"Have we to wait for the pirates and let them attack us?" Aegir asked straight forward. "I always prefer to hit first! Let's surprise our enemies and attack the boats when they are still in the water!" When Dincer frowned, er added, "It was you who showed me the slings and the bullets of stone. Let's attack the boats as soon they come around the edge of the bay and sink them."

"You may be right! But I told you ours projectiles can kill a man, however, I doubt they can puncture the sturdy boats of these villains and sink them!" Giving the redhead a challenging look, "And if! Have you ever used a sling-shot? It's not as easy to handle as it seems and I don't have the time to teach you!"

"And what about Kadir and Kadem? You three could attack the boats, while Buri, Laong, Tsemo and I attack the men with our arrows. Laong is unbeatable as a bowman!"

"Yes we are good archers and we can attack the pirates with arrows and if necessary with spears and axes, too!" Buri challenged Dincer whose faces blushed with anger.

However, before he had time to retort Tsemo interjected trying to cool the situation. "Let's discuss other possibilities at first! Firstly I hate bloodshed and secondly we do not have time to quarrel. We rather have to close the ranks and constitute a small but powerful force." Reflecting the possibilities, he suggested, "Shouldn't we better try to resolve the problem peacefully for example by negotiations?"

Kadir immediately gave Tsemo contra, "You can't negotiate with these beasts! No! All that pirates apprehend is sheers force and bloody heads!"

"And if we take their captain captive and negotiate their pullout against his life?" Laong put forward.

"You have to get him first! Ha, ha!" Kadem retorted, "May be that's a possibility, but it depends on the situation."

"Sure it does, but it's on us to create a favoUhraable situation!"

At nightfall Dincer, Aegir and Buri arranged the watch duty for the night. Dincer decided to talk the first slot, Aegir chose the dark hours around midnight to be on duty. while Buri volunteered for the grey morning hours. While Dincer climbed up to the high seat at the lookout, Aegir and Buri retreated into the shelter where the twins were already resting to get some sleep and gain strength for the long hours of sentry duty afterwards.

Tsemo didn't want to sleep in the damp cave. "Laong, let's get our covers and find a level place further uphill to spend the night there."

"Great idea, so we can spend the night together unobserved. For more than a week we didn't have time for each other." Putting an arm around his friend he whispered, "I am hot for you Tsemo!"

Tsemo blew him a kiss, "Me too!" he grinned happily, "I know the right place. Look the olive trees over there."

Spreading out the fur cover on the ground under the tree, "Look Laong, the floor is covered by dry leaves, just as if the trees knew we need a bed." No sooner Laong had started petting Tsemo and was running his hands all over his friend's delicate body, the rustling of dry leaves and the some heavy breathing disturbed their play. "Are you here under the trees? It's damned dark tonight!" It was Hami´s voice that broke the peace.

Then Kirketin asked huffing and puffing "Tsee you there? I commmth! Dear Tsee here I commm!" Two shadows became visible against the nightly sky, a chubby one and a slender one, Kirketin and Hami. Kirketin walked right up to Tsemo. "You promised! You love, make love with me! I like!" He barged in between Tsemo and Laong rudely edging Laong aside.

Immediately Kirketin began to kiss and fondle Tsemo the target of his desire. The assault was so keen that neither the novice nor his student could raise protest. While Tsemo tried to ward off Kirketin's eagerness Hami slipped to Laong whispering. "Kirketin is hot for Tsemo. He likes his white hair and tender looks! He is crazy for him! I had to promise him faithfully that Tsemo would reciprocate his love otherwise the threatened to jump from the platform of the lookout." Laong was speechless with surprise and while he still tried to grasp the situation, Hami began to feel him up, whispering, "Let's make love also! I am hot for you! Do you like me also?"

Kirketin knew what he wanted. While Tsemo pondered what all this was about, the kahin undressed him with one hand while fondling him with the other and pressing his already naked body against the small novice. Feeling the grinding of the hot and soft body against his willowy one, Tsemo couldn't help but got aroused. His curiosity rose and giving up his initial resistance he began to probe Kirketin's body. First he explored Kirketin's the smooth face with the small upturned nose, the stick-out ears, the short but fat neck, then he palmed his smooth slightly sagging breasts and pinched the nipples. This made the Kahin giggle, whose left hands were kneading Tsemo's round globes.

The run-away novice wasn't a novice at all in fumbling and feeling up others. He had had excellent tutors in the monastery and Laong wasn't a bad teacher either. Roaming Kirketin's fat lower body with his swift fingers he finally caught the Kahin's wood nearly hidden by the protruding belly. The tool was hard as oak-wood and so fat he hardly could span it with one hand. Expecting that it length would correspond to it's breath he was truly surprised by its shortness. "Oh Lord, fat and short, hot and hart!" Tsemo muttered surprised and giggled, placing a short kiss on the kahin's nose.

Kirketin for his part had started to trace Tsemo's crack with his forefinger. As soon as he touched the objective of his efforts he began to circle the rosebud with his finger and finally tried to invade Tsemo's hole, sighing with pleasure, "Tiiight, hot an´tiiiight! Ohh!" Wetting the fingertip with spittle he tried breathing excitedly "Sweet, sweet Tseee, so sweet an tiiight!" and began to bath Tsemo's brow with wet kisses.

Tsemo in turn was eager to compare their members. The Kahin's dick was at least three times as fat as his but only half as long. "Hey Kirk! Must be something to have this monster up the ass! You would split me open!"

But this was not what the Kahin intended. He suddenly bent down and began to suck Tsemo's wood. Soon after Tsemo began to squirm in pleasure and moan excitedly. Suddenly Kirketin turned around and kneeled down on all fours, "Do me! Do me sweet Tsee! Do meee!"

Tsemo didn't need a further prompting. Anointing Kirketin's rosebud with the precum he had gathered from their leaking dicks he pushed forward and penetrated the Kahin's hole with one fast sweep. For a moment his victim wailed of pain but then the wailing changed into a moaning of pleasure which increased with every jab Tsemo did.

The low moaning of Tsemo and the heavy one of Kirketin was amended by the groaning of Hami who was screwed by Laong for all its worth. At first Laong had been hidden by a pang of jealousy when Kirketin had begun to make out with Tsemo, but soon these qualms left because of Hami's skill as a lover. When Tsemo reached the peak of pleasure Laong also came inside of Hami with a loud growl. Soaked with sweat and panting both couples were relaxing side by side when the Kahin requested his turn with Tsemo, "You so sweeeet, now let meeeee! My wood is itching, pleees Tsee! My love!" Hami however, who had suffered pain from that fat tool more than once knew the alternative, "You suck me, dear Kirkie, while Laong does you. He is our guest also!"

Laong had no problem to enter Kirketin whose hole was already slick by Tsemo's spunk. At first the Kahin was moaning with pleasure thrilled by of Laong heavy thrust but as soon Hami was feeding him his dick his voice got muffled. Tsemo however, was so turned on by these noises that he couldn't help but enter Hami's slick hole. After this double treatment all four fell asleep on the spot worn out and dead tired.

Dincer on sentry at the high seat listened into the dark. For a moment he was alarmed by the noises resounding from a group of trees slightly above the hideout, but soon he was sure about the cause of the groans and moans. He did know these shouts! It had to be Kirketin, Kirketin and Hami, and.... He listened into the dark. There were noises of four different people! That chubby monster sure had been successful in seducing the white-haired novice. Dincer snickered remembering the mooneyes the Kahin had made at the boyish stranger from the first moment the both met. And Hami? His small brother was already a shrewd pimp for his age and sure had managed to line up the two. Listening to the groans of the four made him hot, but to abandon the watch out was out of question. Luckily soon the noises thinned out and he was again able to concentrate on his sentry duty.

In the first half of the night nothing happened at the beach and Dincer was more than glad when Aegir climbed up the tree to take over the next sentry period. However, before he went to rest under an olive tree Dincer made sure that the others were sleeping safely.

When Buri woke up in the middle of night he missed Aegir. Tossing and turning for some time, he decided to join Aegir on the lookout. Side by side wrapped up in a fur cover they spend the next few hours on sentry. Nothing happened till the birds started their morning corals. With the first song a boat slipped silently around the rock-point protecting the cove of the Fountain of Wisdom from the wind and waves coming from the open sea. In save distance five boats more followed. While the arrival of first boat hadn't alarmed the sea gulls, sterns, herons and sandpipers the remainder of the armada did and the alarm was propagated to the centre of the island by song birds nesting in the shrubberies and the woods. Encountering no guards, the pirates debarked, fanned out to close a ring round the sanctuary.

The agitated bird-calls startled Aegir and Buri out of their light sleep. Already before the crew of first boat landed Aegir had alarmed Dincer and the twins. Meanwhile Buri had stolen down the ravine to spy on the intruders from close distance. Aegir had a much harder time to arouse Tsemo, Laong and Hami and especially Kirketin who seemed to be in another world. Meanwhile Dincer and the twins geared up for a possible attack. When the redhead came back to the hideout Dincer, Kadir and Kadem were already heavily armed and ready to ward off any attack. Joining hands and casting a circle with the Kahin as the centre they awaited the return of Buri from his intelligence trip meanwhile discussing possible the lines of action.

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