CherokeeBoy and RainBoy

by Ruwen Rouhs

Chapter 2

The Red Bird

How the Red Bird Got His Color

Gv-li, the raccoon, loved to tease Wa-Ya, the wolf. One day gv-li teased Wa-Ya so much that Wa-Ya became very angry. Wa-Ya began to chase gv-li through the woods. Gv-li, being the clever animal that he is, kept ahead of Wa-Ya.

Gv-li came to a river. Instead of jumping in the river, he quickly climbed a tall tree and peered over a branch to see what Wa-Ya would do next.

When Wa-Ya came to the river, he saw the reflection of gv-li in the water. Thinking that it was gv-li, Wa-Ya jumped in and tried to catch him. Wa-Ya continued to search for gv-li for such a long time that he became so tired he nearly drowned. Finally, tired and exhausted, Wa-Ya climbed up the river bank and fell fast asleep. After a while, gv-li quietly climbed down the tree and slipped over to the sleeping Wa-Ya. While Wa-Ya slept, gv-li began to plaster the eyes of Wa-Ya with mud. Then when he had finished, gv-li ran off through the woods laughing to himself, thinking of the clever trick he had played.

Later, Wa-Ya woke up. He began to whine, "Oh, someone please help me. I can't see. I can't open my eyes." But no one came to help him.

At long last, u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua, the Brown Bird, heard the cries of Wa-Ya. He flew over to Wa-Ya and landed on his shoulder. He said, "What's the matter Brother Wolf? Can I help you?" Wa-Ya cried, "I can't open my eyes. Oh, please help me to see again." U-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua said, "I'm just a little brown bird but I will help you if I can." Wa-Ya said, " u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua, if you can help me to see again, I will take you to a magic rock that oozes red paint. We will paint your feathers gi-ga-ge, that is red."

U-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua began pecking away at the dried mud on the eyes of Wa-Ya. Soon Wa-Ya could open his eyes again. True to his promise Wa-Ya said, "Thank you, my brother; now jump up onto my shoulder." Away they ran through the woods to the rock that oozed red paint.

When they came to the rock, Wa-Ya reached up and plucked a twig from a tree branch. He chewed the end of the twig until it was soft and pliable like the end of a paint brush. Then he dipped the end of the twig into the red paint and began to paint the feathers of u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua.

When all of his feathers were gi-ga-ge, tsi-s-qua flew off to show his family and friends how beautiful he was. That is why, from that day to this, you can see to-tsu-wa, the red bird (Cardinalis cardinalis, L.) flying around the woods in Cherokee country.

(Barbara Shining Woman Warren; )

In the second part of "The RainBoy's Family" members of Adam Chas Broder's family will encounter people and situations they never expected to exist. These encounters will open their hearts for life in a universal world.


The song of the red cardinal woke up Adam, the RainBoy. Feeling still drowsy he looked around. That wasn't his bed! His was much smaller! He wasn't in his room also and in addition a long haired girl snored next to him. Did he go to bed with a girl yesterday evening? How come? Which girl? He was electrified! He looked closer. The shiny hair was dark! It's color was of the darkish blue he knew from nights when faint moonlight disguised the countryside. He wanted to touch the hair, to feel its softness. With a forefinger only he ruffled through the hair. The result was surprising. The girl started up like stung by a wasp. Surprise, surprise! It was not a girl, it was a boy, it was Wa-Ya! Wa-Ya? Why did he end up in a bed with Wa-Ya? Slowly the memory of last night came back.

Wa-Ya seemed not to be startled at all. He grinned broadly! "You slept like a hibernating bear and you snored like short winded dog. I had to wake you up two times pinching your nose." "Now it was your heavy breathing that woke me up Wa-Ya or maybe the cheer, cheer, cheer of the red cardinal! Or both! But….!" after a moment of reflection, "Now I remember. I came to you to apologize for the brutalities the white settlers committed against your people. You forgave me and invited me to share the bed with you because I was desperately crying! My ancestors didn't want to share the land with your people, they wanted it all!. They send you off on the trail of tears." Adam stammered heartbroken. Wa-Ya ruffled Adam's hair smiling, "Heartbroken? I believe you! From now on let's share not only the bed but our lives."

Reassured Adam jumped out of bed, "Today it's your first day at Oakville High, Wa-Ya in the Woods! But now you are in town!" Pulling away the blanket, "It's late, we should hurry up!" Looking around Adam asked, "We picked you up without luggage and in a funny coat. You are living in Dartsborough now and need another set of clothes!." "I didn't bring any spare clothes, mine have to do!" Wa-Ya spoke up confidently, "The stuff I was wearing yesterday was my best anyway." Adam taking a whiff of Wa-Ya's jeans and frowned, "It stinks!" he grinned, then his face lit up. "No problem! Vic left a lot of stuff behind. My best friend he was your size so they should fit you." Pointing to the closet, "They are in there. You will find everything you need and if not you can borrow some of mine! Later on we can buy some new stuff."

Lilek just left the bathroom trying to dry his tripping hair with a towel, when Adam showed up, "Hurry up Adam, Tiger already asked for you two!" Then he added slightly apprehensive, "I looked for you in your room." Then more inquisitive, "Did you sleep with Wa-Ya, did you….?" "Yeah, but we didn't do what you are suspecting, nosey! Nothing happened!" With crimson face Adam slipped in the bathroom to get a short shower. Halfway through, the door opened, "I have to! Straight away!" It was Wa-Ya. Waving all-clear, Adam vacated the shower and went to his room to dress. Just moments later he entered Wa-Ya's room and found him standing undecided in the door of the closet. "I just can't take the cloth from your friend. I guess he would be angry after his return!" "Nah! No worries. He left for Australia!" Then in low voice, "Probably forever!" As Wa-Ya still hesitated Adam suggested, "Take the black jeans, Vic hasn't used them at all. They will fit perfectly to this white T. Sifting through the shirts, he handed Wa-Ya a green-blue plaid shirt. "This will underline the colour of your hair and your skin." On the way downstairs they passed a big mirror. Glancing into it, Adam was surprised that he, wearing a dark blue shirt to white jeans, and Wa-Ya fitted together like twins.

Lilek had already left on his bike, when Adam and Wa-Ya entered the kitchen for breakfast. Tiger was impressed by the looks of the two, but his comment as proud "granddad" was just, "Not bad, Boys, you look like brothers! Lets hurry up, as Wa-Ya has to be introduced to the principal before lessons start."

The discussion in the principal's office was only short. Wa-Ya was several month older than Adam and had attended the 10th grade in the village school, but his grades were medium, with exception for art and biology. Therefore Tiger suggested, "Lets Wa-Ya Adahy join the class Adam attends. He is already friend with him and some of Adam's classmates." And so it was decided. Wa-Ya accepted the decision as he knew about his shortcomings in knowledge and he preferred to stay with Adam and the students he had already met.

Adam had to drag Wa-Ya into the classroom. The CherokeeBoy was hesitating because he was neither used to be the centre of attention nor to be the only native in a pure white class. He was sure he would arouse attention, on the one hand because of the dark complexion of his skin emphasized by a heavy suntan and on the other because of the braid he had decided not to clip off. He wanted to be viewed as the Cherokee he was, even if some students would turn their nose up, sneering "dirty injun".

His new classmates reacted amazed and curios but not hostile. Some of the girls even got dreamy eyes checking up the addition to the class. Some of the jock however decided that someone entering the room in tow of a notorious nerd and outsider has to be an outsider too and neither a valuable addition to the football team not to the baseball team. One students sitting in the back of the class even raised his eyebrows. Shaking his head he remarked aloud, "How come a dirty injun in our class?" However as the newcomer was hugged by Mel, Emma, True and even Pete, the captain of the football team, the other students shot the notorious trouble maker angry looks. Only nosy Donald couldn't suppress a remark, "I guess the QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) got a new member! Does he know what he is up to?"

Miss Myers showed up with a pile of books. Gasping for air the English teacher dumped them on to her desk. "Morning Kids! What a weekend! Did you all enjoyed the fireworks?" Strolling through the rows, she stopped at Adam's desk, "You brought us a new student?" Smiling at Wa-Ya, "Welcome Wa-ya Adahy! Welcome at Oakville High! You are bearing a big name! Make your ancestors proud!" Then she turned to the class, "Give your new classmate a big welcome!" After the clapping of hands fell silent, she turned to Wa-Ya again who had turned crimson while staring embarrassed his moccasins, "Today your task is to listen, because your fellow students will present the choice of book they plan to present with a partner at the end of the year! If you don't have found one, I got some more you can choose off." Taking a seat at her desk, "Who wants to begin? I am open to listening!"

After some shuffle Emma rose. Pointing to her neighbour, "Mel and I would like to present "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I guess you all know at least parts of the series. Therefore you all know the saga takes place in a dystopian future world in which the government forces 24 randomly-chosen teenagers to fight to the death in the wilderness at a nationally televised annual spectacle. Mel and I are sure this book is important in many aspects in a world endangered by political changes brought about by a reckless acting president. Our society is drifting apart and the gap between right and left, between the poor and the middle class and even the one between people with an adequate income and the super rich is increasing day by day. Last not least all these problems are exacerbated by the disastrous climate change, our demented President denies!" Most students applauded, while some hissed when the president was called reckless and demented.

Then one of the jocks rose. Tom was the pride offspring of the oldest family of the Dartsborough. Miss Myers expected he would attack Emma. But to her surprise he did set his ideas of an ideal world against the gloomy views of the two girls. "My model is Tom Brady. He is the greatest quarterback of today and he stays it even as his team, the New England Patriot, has lost in the first round of the NFL-Playoff against the Tennessee Titans." He paused to contemplate the next words, then continued, "His book is called "Tom Brady: The Inspirational Story of Football Superstar Tom Brady". It's not only because I have the same first name, but because he is the most talented football player of the States, let me say the whole world! Watching him playing we can learn lot about life, like how to prevail, how to be considerate and how to serve a team. This way he teaches us how to serve our community and our country." Taking a breath to let his words sink into the mind of his classmates, "That's why Aiden and I want to introduce this book to you." Throwing a mocking look at Adam, "Tom Brady can be a role model, even for student's not interested football at all!" Tom obtained approval not only from his team. Even Miss Myers applauded, because not in her wildest dreams she would have believed that this square jock would choose a book out of reasons like these.

Others choices introduced to the class were, "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" by Becky Albertalli. This book was the favourite as well of some girls as of a few boys. While "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green, was chosen from girls only, probably because of its tearful ending. The members of the mystery club were split over "Three truth and a lie" by Bret Hartinger and "More than this" by Patrick Ness. Those mystery lovers preferring fancy stories that could happen in reality advocated for Hartinger's novel, while those who were fascinated by a story taking place in a third world voted for the one of Ness.

When Pete, the captain of the football team, rose to present his choice, he focused on True first. Receiving an encouraging smile he introduce his decision by pointing at his boyfriend, "Our friendship taught us that truth about ourselves and the kind of life we want to live later on let us choose the best seller of Benjamin Alire Sáenz "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe". Then he presented a short outline of the story of the two friend's difficult lives. His selection was approved by the students who knew the book with clapping the hands.

Now only Adam was left to launch the book he had selected. He hesitated having found no partner as Vic his friend had emigrated to Australia with his family. Would Miss Myers accept that he would present the story without a partner? After considering different books he had decided for the novel of a rather unknown author, for Mark Oshiro's first long novel with the odd title, "Anger is a gift"! Contemplating how to introduce the book while the other students presented their choice, the presence of Wa-Ya suddenly prompted the idea to introduced the novel going into a particular passage of it.

"You all know," he started, "College Fair will be around soon. That will be our opportunity to come in touch with different colleges and learn which educational chances they are offering. For our future it is very important not only to choose the right profession but also to attend appropriate college. Attending a small unknown college will offer us only you small chance all lifetime long. However attending a famous, renowned college will optimize our chances. Remember chances not only depend on our intellectual capacities! No! Our chances depend on connections we are able to develop during the time in college even more than on our intellectual capacities. This is disillusioning but mirrors the present philosophy of the present society of USA."

"Imagine having only the chance to attend a small community college. What will be your chance at the job market? Becoming the low paid waiter in a fast food house, with luck rising to the position of a manager? Or starting as a bag boy in a supermarket attaining the status of an obese, querulous manager in the age of 60? Just imagine having to do two or three jobs at the same time to make ends fitting?"

"On the other hand imagine having the chance to be accepted by one of the famous colleges, like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, MTI, you name it! Being accepted because you attended the appropriate high school or having parent's rich enough to bribe the administration of a famous school, you would be able to become a member of a famous law firm, a CEO of one of the big companies or even President of the United States. Imagine this!"

"The book "Anger is a Gift" treats the fate of Moss and Esperanza. Both are born in a quarter of Oakland where lower class people dwell, with parents working three jobs a day to make ends meet. Due to a twist of fate Esperanza gets adopted by an upper middle class family and starts living in a wealthy suburb and is able to attend a famous high school with nearly unlimited resources." Adam pauses then takes up the thread again, "Moss meanwhile stays in the low class quarter of the town, supported by his hard working mother only. His mind still hasn't processed the killing of his father by the police due to an "ambiguity error" when he was a small boy." He stopped to let the words penetrate the minds of his classmates. "The school he attends is run down and lacks the financial support by the city administration. It is governed by a director hating students aggravating the situation by introducing concentration camp like regulations. As a result the students initiate a peaceful walk-out because of the unwarranted frisking and police terror. This situation ends in disaster and the death of Moss' boyfriend."

Adam paused again, "What do you think the College Fair would look like in the two different schools, the one Adam attends and the one Esperanza attends. Surely, at her school all the renowned colleges around Oakland are, while at Moss' school just a single community college shows up, offering just the simplest educational possibilities."

Most of the jocks and all the All-American Beauties tuned out during Adam's lengthy discourse while others students listened eagerly not always comprehending Adam's charges. These however made sense to Wa-Ya. At first he only nodded in agreement but at the end of the speech he raised his hand, "I can fully support Adam's charges, because this was the reason I came down to Dartsborough from the Cherokee country." Turning to the class, he began to explain. "I do not know much about Oakville High, but to my knowledge it is the famous high school of a well-to-do community in contrast the mine. My old school was the only school of a small poor forest community of Native Americans. As far I can think back, the only colleges showing up at the College Fair were a small Community College and a backward Evangelical College. Now you may comprehend that the opportunities for my people are even poorer than the one Adam just showed by introduction Anger is a Gift." Challenging his classmates he finished, "That's the reason I left my beloved village in the woods heavy heartedly and decided to come down to graduate in the town." Pausing for a breath, "Let me add my ambition is not to become rich and famous, to become a CEO or President of the States, I only want to become a simple lawyer able to defend the legitimate rights and interests of my people, the Appalachian Cherokee!"

After an instant applause erupted and now even the jocks understood why Wa-Ya moved to Dartsborough. Adam was proud to have concentrated his discourse just on this one message of "Anger is a Gift". During the following break Tom came over hugged Wa-Ya to welcome him in the class and in the town. "We all welcome you! You are invited to join our football team. Pete is the captain and his substitute."


At the end of school day Tiger took Wa-Ya to the hospital. In the dim critical care unit Wa-Ya took a seat beside Uncle Biyen's bed holding his hand and listened to his heavy breathing. Despite Biyen didn't seem to register his presence the Cherokeeboy began to to tell his uncle all what had happened since his first visit at the sickbed. He depicted the twin-house harbouring the RainBoy's family and his spacious room. Proudly he told him of the nameplate saying "Wa-Ya Adahy" above the picture of a wolf in the wood decorating the door. He pictured the unexpected welcome party with the friends of Adam and Lilek and the presents he got. "Can you imagine I now have a room for my own? They all are so generous. Aunty Inola and you should not be concerned. I'm fine. They all like me. There were a lo of clothes in the closet waiting just for me. Now I own more jeans and T's than ever before. Can you imagine, I look like a real city boy." Then he hesitated. Should he tell that he had shared his spacious bed with Adam, like native and white people should share the land? He decided not. Instead he told his Uncle about Adam's emotional turmoil after realizing the cruel fate of the Cherokee nation. Towards the end of the short time he was allowed to spend with his uncle he proudly told that he and Adam had teamed up to prepare and present a paper on a novel and about Tom's invitation ti join the football team.

Later on back in Sparrow Lane 15 Wa-Ya was awaited by a snack and a curios Lilek who wanted to know every moment of his first day at Oakville High. However Adam had other plans. Eager for Wa-Ya's company, he suggested, "Let's fix Vic's bicycle, so that we can ride together to school and visit places in the town. I hate to depend on Tiger!" Remembering school he suggested, "And we should do our homework together and if it's still time before supper, I would like to introduce you to "Anger is a Gift!" Wa-Ya looked surprised by the pile of work Adam suggested, "Well sure, but not now. Yesterday was a long day and I am exhausted from the visit to uncle Biyen." Faking a good yawn, he excused himself and retired to his room. There however after a short a glance out of the window he decided not to sleep but to follow the drawing power of the grove beyond the Chickadee Trail.

The edge of the little wood with its shrubs and low trees was somewhat littered with empty cans, broken bottles, torn up shopping bags. However only some steps inside light forest its floor was clean of trash, covered with lush mosses and bright green fern and even some flowers sprouted up between the dry leafs of the last year. Soon high trees dominated of the grove. Wa-Ya took a small game path diverting from the well trodden main trail and he enjoyed the cool air and the smell of fungi, plants and soil.

Touching the rough bark of the trees, was like touching their soul, like touching the visible and invisible creatures of the forest, like connecting with the earthly and unearthly beings. Recalling the universe of the Cherokee he immediately felt in touch with Unetlanvhi, the creator, with Anihyu-tikwalaksi, the Thunderer, with Uktena, the Horned Serpent and with the Yunwi Tsunsdi', the Little People.

Embracing a mighty Hickory he asked the Great Spirit for help, "Creator!" he pleaded, "The Tsul 'Kalu forest needs your help! Send your clouds to disguise the forest like the veil disguises the pride. Protect its trees from the mean-spirited men!" He walked up to a slender Poplar; touching the green bark he prayed "Anihyu-tikwalaksi, commander of thunder and lightning, punish the one, who attempt to destroy your forest." And white poplar wool floated down to cover him. At a Sycamore tree he bowed deeply, "Hornet Serpent, you are a malevolent and deadly monsters. Focus on the destroyer of our forest, quash them, annihilate them." The leaves rustled and the trunk of the tree expanded and split off the grey bark of last year and the new white bark gleamed. Finally Wa-Ya came to a pond near the centre of the grove. Black Willows shaded it. Wading into the water Wa-Ya touched the shiny black bark of the biggest willow asking, "Little People, you are benevolent creatures. Please defend the forest with your magical power and punish those who are disrespectful to the trees!"

Listening to the wind in the treetops and admiring the dragonflies chasing across the emerald surface of the pond, a call reached his ears: "Waa-Yaaaa, Wa-Yaaa! Waa-Yaaa Adahyyy!" Were the spirits calling? Calling him? He had heard about Spirits calling on people! No that couldn't be, or?...... Stories about Spirits getting in touch with earthlings were stories as old as the land! But could they be true at such a small grove close to a town? The calling became louder and sounded nearer. "Waa-Yaaaa, Waa-Yaaa Adahyyy!" He listens again. Then it dawned him. He recognized Lilek's voice! Lilek was searching for him in the forest. He turned not wanting Lilek to discover the pond with the black willows.

He took the winding game path back to the Chickadee Trail and soon he ran into Lilek. "Everybody is looking out for you! Adam even has feared you had run away to return to the Tsul 'Kalu Forest." beaming at Wa-Ya, "But I knew better! I saw you crossing the road and then vanish in the dark wood." "Did you tell Adam where I went?" "No, that's not his business. It's your business only!" "Why does everybody miss me?" "Adam wanted to fix the bike and starting the homework with you. And then somebody named Tom called up." "Tom?" "Yes Tom! I do not know exactly which Tom but I guess it was the deputy captain of the football team! He want to call you up again in half an hour or so. Tom sounded urgent like he was about to drown."

Halfway through the dinner the doorbell started ringing and kept ringing. Finally Lilek jumped up and stormed to the door and was surprised to find Tom, the deputy captain, waiting outside. "Oh! That's you Tom! Something urgent?" he asked, while Border's voice rang out from the kitchen, "What's the matter? Who's at the door? Is the town on fire?"

Tom fidgeting from one foot to the other asked flushing, "Is Wa-Ya around? I have to talk to him? Can I?" Lilek started to grin from ear to ear and called back into the house, "Wa-Ya your first date is at the door, hurry up!" A moment later Wa-Ya and Adam piled at the entrance, followed close by Broder, Dec and Tiger. Confronted by all the members of the RainBoy's family Tom's face turned even to a deeper shade of red. Stumbling over his own words, he uttered, "That's not a date! I am not…." letting trail the words. Then heaving heavily, "I need to talk to Wa-Ya! It's important!" Addressing Tiger, because he knew him best, he appealed, "Can Wa-Ya come along for a short ride? I want to show him something and I have many urgent questions. Please Mr. Igerssen, can he come along? He will be back by 9 o'clock latest because I have to be at home by a quarter past nine strict." Broder scrutinizing Tom warily, "If Wa-Ya agrees and you bring him back safely at 9 o'clock sharp."

Wa-Ya, surprised by the unexpected invitation, just nodded and followed Tom to his car, a small Mazda roadster. The red convertible took off and at the next red light Tom began to explain. "Excuse me for being so persistent, but you are the only one I dare to ask questions so important to me. I know you just since this morning but I am certain you are open minded and not biased because I am white." When Wa-Ya didn't answer and looked straight forward Tom stopped at the next parking bay put an arm over his shoulder, "Please don't be mad, Wa-Ya. Out of the town I have to show you something and ask you a lot of questions!" Wa-Ya closed his eyes deliberating Tom's request and finally nodded his agreement.

They left the suburb of Dartsborough on a small street, turning into a dirt road coming down from the hilly back-land, cruised through a thinly wooded copse and came to a stop at fenced meadow on a foothill of the Appalachians overlooking the town. The unmown grassland bordered by a thick forest nearly looked like the one behind Wa-Ya's village in the Tsul 'Kalu Forest. He immediately felt at home but wondered why Tom had taken him to this place. Tom pointed to other end of the meadow where the relict of a chimney rose up besides a mound covered by bushes. To the left of the ivy overgrown chimney some grey block looked out of the green. The sign at the fence said "Private Property. No-trespassing allowed! Ancient monument!".

Tom directed Wa-Ya to a stile a little to the left of the sign. Climbing across the fence he took Wa-Ya in tow. Pointing at the chimney, the boulders and the mound, he announced with grave voice, "That's all was left of the place of my ancestors, the founder of Dartsborough." He pointed to the smokestack of the fireplace. "This is what's left from their homestead!" Then to the boulders, "That's what is left from their graveyard!" And then to the mound, "That was their earth cellar to keep the goods cool and fresh the whole year! It's the only part that has survived unscathed." Now Wa-Ya became aware of an entrance into the mound, closed by a door.

Sitting down on the biggest boulders Tom asked Wa-Ya to join him. Pointing around he told the CherokeeBoy, "That's my favourite spot up here. It's called Mothers darling place. According to lore it was erected over the grave of my great-great-great-mother. She was called Ahyoka, because she was a Cherokee." Tom hesitated a moment, "Ahyoka means "She brings happiness" and she did. She was born at the end of the 17th century and died long before the Trail of Tears. She married a trader from the east, my grand-grand-grand-father and bore him 5 children. People tell Ahyoka had bewitched him, but not in a bad way. She brought him luck and the luck is inherited always to one of the sons of her offspring. My father was the lucky one and as I am his only son I may be lucky too. I may be privileged by fate!" Then he turned directly to Wa-Ya, "I know, I'm blond haired and get sunburn easily but we are relatives, even if only a sixty-fourth' of our genes are the same." Then breathing in and out deeply, he directed this question to him, "Wa-Ya would you mind being my brother!" Swallowing down his tension, "Please Wa-Ya Adahy, Wolfe in the Wood, be my brother. I have been waiting for you to come down the hill all my life long!"

Wa-Ya didn't know how to react. He had never awaited a question like this from this big blond jock. He didn't know much about Tom, but in school during the breaks he had noticed that he was idolized by more than more one girl and respected by the jocks and his other classmates also. Brooding over the right answer he decided for a diplomatic one. "We do know each other for half a day only. Maybe I am a goof-off, a no-good, a junkie and drunkard or what is said by the white people about us Cherokee. Would you still like to be friend with such a notorious person?" Tom needed not to reflect Wa-Ya arguments a single moment. He turn to him, hugged him, "No Wa-Ya! Don't belittle yourself! You are the greatest guy I ever met. I'll never be a true Cherokee, but please be my brother! I need you!" Wa-Ya closed the eyes and then nodded, returning the hug.

Both needed time to get used to this situation, then Tom took Wa-Ya hand, "Let me show you my secret." Leading him to the door in the mound Wa-Ya now detected that the relict of an ancient door was bolted on a solid iron door with a modern lock. Inside Tom ignited a kerosene lamp to throw light on shelves attached to the walls.

On top of the shelve nearest to the door artifact were presented, like broken earthen pots, rusty spoons, rust covered pans, a gun-lock attached an almost rotten rifle stock, the head of an axe without a shaft. "All this and more I recovered around the house and in the nearby wood. As you can see, there are all objects of daily use." Urging Wa-Ya to the next shelve. "These objects are of greater importance for me. They are much older. Some I did recover around here and others in town, like this grinding stone, a hide working tool, some small hammer stones, a stone chisel and a small flit knife. Look," he gave Wa-Ya the small blade, "Maybe one of our ancestors used this to cut meat." When the Cherokee looked doubtingly, "I took all the objects presented here to a museum and they verified that all the items are more than 500 years old. They were used by the native people, probably by Cherokee, I am sure." He pointed to some black fragments, "These are known as black pottery. Look the fine pattern. They may have been made somewhere around here but eventually they were imported from further west."

Tom directed Wa-Ya to the back of the earth cellar. There he had arranged his most precious object around a stone attached on the wall. At first sight the stone looked like every stone found in a quarry. At a second look however, especially when the flickering light of the kerosene lamp met it in a certain angle, it looked like the head of a man, with eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Around it Tom had placed rough dressed lance points, pointed arrow heads, hand axes and a tomahawk. The war axe seemed to be of mixed origin. While the iron heads seemed to be quite old, the shafts seemed to be new as well as the beaded braids and the eagle feathers adorning it.

In front of the arrangement was a table decked with bowls, a wooden bow, arrows with flint tips and candle holders. As Tom lighted the thick candles the stone head on the wall became even more alive. Immediately Wa-Ya was reminded of a shrine or an altar with the stone representing Jesus or Buddha. He smiled to himself. Tom still was more a White than Native American despite his desire to be a native American. Slowly he turned searching for Tom's eyes, "A great arrangement." he smiled, "You have established an amazing place of keepsake for the first inhabitants of the Appalachians. You have created a museum." Tom's eyes beamed in the low light and Wa-Ya got shy to set straight Tom's concept of the Great Spirit of the Cherokee. He knew he had to careful not to hurt Tom's feelings, "Unetlanvhi, that's how we Cherokee call the creator of all things, Unetlanvhi, the divine spirit, is not considered to manifest himself in the shape of a man nor do the Cherokee ascribe him human attributes. The divine spirit is never personified in our tradition. He is the spirit who fills the earth with life." Tom's amazed face displayed a lack of comprehension. To make him understand Wa-Ya began to explain, "Our tradition knows many eternal spirits. Some of them can take the shape of earthly beings, like the Jistu, the Uktena, the Tlanuwa or the Yvwi Tsusdi'. Jistu, the trickster shows up in the disguise of a rabbit, Uktena as a horned serpent, a kind of dragon, Tlanuwa as an invincible bird and the Yvwi Tsusdi' as little people. The latter are my favorites. They are child-sized people, very benevolent creatures who frequently help humans. But they possess magical powers and are said to harshly punish people who are disrespectful or aggressive towards them."

Tom listened closely to these explanations and suddenly found the idea stupid, to erect an altar to honor the creator who didn't have a human atributes. Suddenly he remembered having read about the perception of the spiritual universe by the Native American. "Should I tear this down?" he asked Wa-Ya in a sadvoice. "No" was the answer of his new brother, "Leave it that way for now, Tom. We can discuss this later. It's getting dark already. Let's go outside to enjoy the evening in presence of the Divine Spirit!"


Wa-Ya had left Sparrow Lane 15 with Tom even before the evening meal was finished. Broder was the first of the RainBoy's family to notice Adam's miserable face. "Don't pout! He will be back in a jiffy. Tom really seemed to have a serious case!" "A really urgent one!" Lilek mocked, "Tom wants to date Wa-Ya!" sticking out the tongue to Adam. Adam's face flushed, knocking back his chair Ahe rose and left for his room without paying attention to Dec, trying to calm him down saying: "It's sure not the case what Lilek is implying! It's not a date! I am sure. Let's bet!"

In his room Adam put away "Anger is a Gift", the book he had wanted to discuss with Wa-Ya. Went to the window and stared disgruntled into the space. Memorizing all was had happened during this afternoon: "Wa-Ya let me fix the flat tire of the bike without giving a hand! Skipped homework; skipped the discussion of the book; flew away like a Brown bird, seeking shelter in a mystic grove! He never told me why run away, he never apologized!"

After Adam had gotten rid of most of his frustration, he mused shaking his head, "Did I disappoint his expectations? Did he expect more? And what?" He got sad the more as he remembered last night's sleep in with the CherokeeBoy. Being in bed with Wa-Ya was different from being together with Vic. It had been perfect, just perfect! But why? Was it Wa-Ya's braid? Despite the braid, Wa-Ya was not girlish! Was it the way they snuggled, they spooned? Suddenly he knew it. It was the scent it was Wa-Ya's scent. He still could smell it lingering in the air despite he was in his own room. The room, the house all was filled with the scent of trees, of herbs, of soil, of wind and rain and sunshine. Was this the scent of wilderness? Adam couldn't name the scent. It was Wa-Ya's, a scent that aroused him and comforted him at the same time.

The more he remembered the scent, the more he became angry. Adam became angry with himself. Why could he, a white boy, assess Wa-Ya by his own standards! He pondered! Finally he pulled out the homework in Math they had to do for the day after tomorrow. How much he tried, he couldn't concentrate on the complicated calculations! "Tonight I not even able to add up one and one!" He thought vexed. "Should I ask Broder for his competence? No! I am not a tickie."

Restless he started to walk in circles in his room. However this exercise didn't release his tension. He turned on the radio. His favourite station announced a song of a German rapper visiting the Dartsborough called Bausa . He hadn't heard of this singer before, not the name not the rap. Adam didn't like rap and wanted to switch the radio, but then the melody took him, the melody and the lyrics:

So gimme more from what you call love
Although it's no love, I love it
Help me to forget, what has been
I park my heart at you tonight - tonight, baby!

Did Bausa know about him and Wa-Ya? "It can't be!" he muttered, "But why do these lines mirror my feelings so well?"

…how long will you stay awake with me?
I park my heart at you tonight,
How long will you stay awake with me?
I park my heart at you tonight…….,

The song in his mind Adam went to bed much too early for a Monday's night. But this day wasn't normal. Was he in love with Wa-Ya and was Wa-Ya in love with him? Deep down in his heart he hoped the final lines of the song were wrong:

So gimme more from what you call love,
although it's no love,
I love it!

(Bausa; )

Adam must have fallen asleep when low voices broke his troubled sleep. Lilek was scolding Wa-Ya. He dozed off again with the strict intent not to ask Wa-Ya inside in case he would knock on the door. "No!" he decided, "No never!"

Midnight filled the room. Adam woke up out of a deathlike sleep. Someone was snuggling him, spooning him, caressing him. It was the scent that broke his sleep finally, made his brain work. The Red Bird was back, Wa-Ya was spooning him, he recognized the scent he had missed the whole evening. He recognized the voice. "I missed you so much Adam! I missed you the whole evening! I missed you my RainBoy. I missed your RainBoy scent. Please do not ask why I left you alone, just let me stay." And the RainBoy and the CherokeeBoy fell in a deep, peaceful sleep.

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