Stories by D'Artagnon

An interview with D'Artagnon appears here.

Summer Time


[A complete story]

Last Place

[A story in two chapters]

Wearing the Inside Out

[A story in 15 chapters and Codicil]

The Fifth Age

[A story in seven chapters]


[A double threaded story in 15 'alpha' and 15 'numeric' chapters]

While there is an idiosyncratic chapter numbering sequence, the story is intended to be read sequentially, that is read 1, then A, then 2, then B etc. Interestingly, if you read the alpha numbered chapters in sequence, and the numeric chapters in sequence, each is also a complete tale, well, except when it is not finished, that is! Note, please, that this affects the next/previous chapter arrows presented on the story pages. Using next in chapter 1 will get you to chapter 2, not to chapter A. With the alpabetic chapters the next/previous arrows go to the next or previous alphabetic chapters! So, not complicated at all, then. ~ Webmaster.

A Bolt from the Blue

[A story in five chapters and Codicil]


Educating Max

[A complete story]

The Diary of Alex the Great

[A story in three chapters

The Lost Boys

[A double story in 12 chapters and Codicil]