Stories by Arthur

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Drummer Boy

Thomas Marking has a tradition of family honour to keep. Almost twelve years of age, he volunteers for the King's service in the struggle against Napoleon and to help his war wounded father survive. A tale of bravery, family honour and finding out just what you are made of.

This tale is available now as a paperback and as an eBook.

29 April 2018: At Arthur's request we have removed both volumes 1 and 2 of Drummer Boy from the site in order that Amazon may allow him to make the money he deserves from his writing. While volume 3 exists we predict that Arthur will wish to publish this as well, so have decided not to publish it online here. Buy his books instead.

Short Stories

The Adventures of Howudino and Kashin

[A story in 5 chapters]

The Twilight Galaxy Motel

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At Days End

[A story in 7 chapters]


[A story in 10 chapters]