by Wes Leigh

Chapter 10

Vaewolves often die during their transformations. Balance is the key to birthing this thrice-damned spawn of a vampire and a werewolf.

-- From 'Conclusions on the Nature of Creatures of the Night' by Fr. Ignatius Benedictus

Daniel's head flew back. His teeth clinched. His body began shaking and jerking.

Connor slapped his hand on Daniel's bleeding shoulder, stopping the flow of blood. He shouted at Xavier, "What do we do, Xavier?"

Xavier looked at Connor, startled. He looked down at Daniel's throbbing cock, with two puncture wounds on each side of the glans, then at Daniel's shoulder and the blood smeared around Connor's mouth. Leaping out of the bed, Xavier disappeared.

"SHIT!" Connor shouted, searching the room for anything he could use to bandage Daniel's bleeding shoulder. He found a crumpled tee shirt and a bottle of water. Pouring the water onto the shoulder, he cleaned the wound first and then tied the shirt onto the arm as tight as he could manage.

The air popped and Xavier reappeared next to the bed holding a heavy, leather-bound book. He dropped it onto the bed and began flipping rapidly through the dusty pages, scanning, searching. He paused, stabbed his finger at a page and began reading. "Balance is the key to creating this thrice-damned spawn of a vampire and a werewolf. The forces of Lycanthropy and Sanguine Vampyrus must be held in equilibrium with one another until the body of the vaewolf absorbs both into the fabric of its being or dies in the attempt."

Xavier touched Daniel's body. Daniel's legs and stomach were icy cold. His upper body, except for the center of his chest, burned with fever. Xavier bent down over Daniel's neck, concentrating for a moment until his fangs emerged, then carefully bit into Daniel's neck, injecting a tiny amount of serum. The skin turned pale around the bite and the fever seemed to fade slightly.

Connor stared at Xavier.

Xavier pointed at Daniel's groin and grabbed Connor's arm. "Transform, Connor. Into your wolf. And bite Daniel there."


"DO IT, CONNOR! Daniel's life depends on it!"

Connor shook his head in confusion, but he did as Xavier asked, summoning the beast up from within and transforming into his wolf form. He leaned over Daniel and sniffed his groin. His beast mind understood immediately what was needed. His tongue licked out and touched Daniel's icy hip, then he sank his canines into the flesh, sending the bacteria from his teeth deep into Daniel's body. The pale skin around the bite began to turn a healthier pink.

Daniel's body stopped shaking, though he was still shivering and moaning as he turned his head from side to side.

Xavier fingers skipped across Daniel's body, searching for hot spots. Whenever he found one, he bit into the flesh and injected minute quantities of serum.

Connor's beast felt the rightness of it in his gut and began sniffing over Daniel, searching for frozen flesh to gently nip.

Together, they fought for the life of their soulmate, desperately attempting to help him complete a transformation that neither of them had planned and Daniel had never requested.

Daniel was finally resting quietly, wrapped in blankets.

Xavier and Connor sat on each side of him, holding his hands, hoping they'd done enough to save him.

Each of his wounds was no longer bleeding, licked clean by Connor and dressed with fresh bandages by Xavier. The cabin hadn't had anything in the way of first aid supplies, but it had taken Xavier only a moment to gather all they needed from a pharmacy storeroom and teleport back to the cabin. Then the two had worked together, cleaning and bandaging their friend, checking for additional hot or cold spots that might require slight adjustments in the balance between serum and bacteria.

There was nothing more they could do. Except wait and hope for the best.

Daniel found himself walking slowly down a corridor that seemed never ending. There were doors on each side that opened as he passed by.

The first door swung aside to reveal a bedroom where boys in black capes bent over naked girls, stroking their white skin with talons that extended from the ends of their fingers. The boys shoved the capes aside and thrust long, hard erections at the girls. The girls screamed when the boys bent over them, fangs seeking the tender flesh of their necks. Daniel held out his hand, silently begging them to stop. The boys turned to look at Daniel, eyes glowing red, and hissed, revealing long fangs dripping with blood.

The door slammed shut, so Daniel kept walking.

A second door opened, and he saw trees surrounded by foggy mist. Dark shadows darted between the trees. A deer leaped out and headed for Daniel, dashing for the open door. Huge, muscled, hairy arms struck out and caught the deer, pulling it back into the trees. Daniel heard a single squeal, then the sound of ripping and tearing.

The door closed, shutting off his view of the forest.

He turned and continued down the hall. The next door didn't open on its own, so he grasped the knob and tried to turn it. It was locked. He heard angry shouts and muffled blows from inside the room. He shoved his shoulder hard against the door. It popped open and flew to the side.

Standing in the middle of the room were Xavier and Connor. Xavier was snarling, fangs extended from his mouth, eyes glowing red. Connor towered over Xavier, his arms and legs covered in thick fur, his face transforming into the hairy muzzle of a wolf. The two roared at each other and charged. Xavier picked up Connor and threw him across the room. Connor smashed into the wall, fell hard to the floor, but rolled over and launched himself through the air at Xavier. They collided, claws slashing, teeth snapping, fangs sinking into each other.

Daniel screamed at them to stop. They paused and looked at him, blood dripping from their chins.

Xavier's fangs disappeared.

Connor's body shifted back into human form.

They looked at each other and then looked back at Daniel and said, as one, "There is no other way."

Xavier walked toward Daniel and bent down to bite Daniel on the neck. "There is no other way," he whispered in Daniel's ear.

Connor followed and stood next to Xavier. He leaned forward, gently nuzzled Daniel's other cheek, and sank his teeth into Daniel's neck. As he lapped up Daniel's blood, Connor moaned, "There is no other way."

Daniel opened his eyes and sat up in bed, covered in sweat, breathing hard.

Xavier sat on the bed next to him, holding a wet cloth. He whispered, "It's okay, Daniel. Shhhhh." He wiped Daniel's forehead with the cool cloth, then dipped it in a bowl of water, squeezed out the excess, and washed Daniel's cheek and neck.

Across the room, Connor was stirring a pan over the coals in the fireplace. He turned and saw Daniel sitting up. Turning, he carried the pan to the bed and sat down next to Daniel. "Do you think you could eat some soup, Big D?"

Daniel blinked his eyes and tried to focus on Connor's words. "What happened to me?"

Connor swallowed hard and looked at Xavier. Xavier shook his head slightly and said, "It was an accident, Daniel, but you're going to be fine now. Try the soup. I think it's just what your body needs."

Daniel looked into the pan and saw a thick, red soup. Tomato? His mind struggled to understand. He had never liked tomato soup. Why would the guys think he wanted that now?

Connor lifted the spoon to Daniel's lips. He sipped it. Hot, tangy, salty. Delicious. He sipped more, suddenly feeling ravenous. He took the pan between his hands, lifted it to his mouth, and tipped it back, draining it down. The warm fluid hit his stomach and waves of warm comfort rippled through his body. He licked his lips and handed the pan back to Connor. Then he fell back down and closed his eyes.

Xavier motioned for Connor to lean forward. Bending down with their faces inches above Daniel's, they kissed, allowing their love for each other to pour out onto Daniel. With his eyes squeezed shut, Daniel opened his mouth and gasped. Fangs appeared, and he breathed in, feeding on their love. And as quickly as they emerged, his fangs disappeared. He sighed in contentment and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Breaking the kiss, Xavier dipped the cloth in the water again, rinsed it out, and gently bathed Daniel's chest and shoulders.

Connor took the pan outside to the deer he'd killed earlier. He reopened the cut in the deer's neck and refilled the pan with blood, stroking the deer's neck and whispering the traditional words of thanksgiving for the life it had given to serve the needs of the pack.

Daniel slept. Inside his body, an uneasy truce was made. Sanguine vampirus worked side by side with lycanthropy, modifying cells, transforming his heart and brain, converting him into a creature that hadn't existed for centuries.

When Daniel woke, the flickering flames of the fire cast dancing shadows on the ceiling above him. He felt a body on each side of him, holding him between them. He turned his head and saw Connor on his left, Xavier on his right, both asleep.

His bladder was full and aching.

He managed to slip out of bed without waking up his friends and walked across the cabin to the front door. The floor beneath his naked feet felt warm. The little bit of heat coming off the fire seemed to be more than enough to keep the room comfortable and cozy. He looked out the window and saw snow piled up all around the cabin. The storm must have continued all day. He decided not to put on clothes. He wouldn't be outside long enough for it to matter. Opening the door, he ran outside and started peeing on a tree. The stream melted the snow wherever it touched, leaving behind a steaming puddle. He shook off and turned to walk back to the cabin, retracing his steps through the snow.

It was only when he was back inside, with the door closed, that he realized the snow hadn't felt cold underneath his feet. Nor had the frigid air outside seemed to bother him. It had felt just as warm as the cabin did now. He looked down at his naked body. No goosebumps. No shivering. And no scars or wounds of any kind, which Daniel almost expected after his crazy dreams.

The lack of wounds surprised Connor and Xavier, who were now sitting up in bed, staring at Daniel, amazed at what they were seeing.

"I feel fine," Daniel insisted.

"No headaches? No joint pain?" Xavier asked.


"Are you hungry?" Connor asked.

"Not really," Daniel replied. He looked at the two of them and said, "Okay, guys. What's going on? Why all the questions? You're looking at me like I'm a zombie or something."

Connor looked nervously at Xavier, who stood up and walked over to the table where a musty old book was opened. "Not a zombie," Xavier said as he picked up the book and carried it back to the bed, sitting down next to Daniel. Xavier found the spot he wanted and began reading. "The transformation is complete when the vaewolf is no longer suffering the outer signs of the inner battle between the dreadful diseases his body has contracted. Any injuries he suffers will heal themselves rapidly due to the rejuvenation properties of his lycanthropy. He will be as agile and fast as any werewolf, while possessing the strength and foul magics of his vampire brothers. Thus…"

Xavier stopped reading and looked up. "There's more. But it's mostly ranting and raving."

Daniel pulled the book out of Xavier's grasp and turned it so he could read it himself. Daniel found the spot where Xavier had paused. "Thus the vaewolf is thrice damned. Damned for his vampiric blood. Damned for his werewolf heart. Damned for the merging of the two, transforming him into a creature more abominable than any other to walk the face of God's green earth. Humanity will never accept him, and even vampires and werewolves must reject him, for his very presence mocks their evil existence."

Daniel frowned and closed the book. "What is this?" His fingers traced the title etched into the front cover. "Conclusions on the Nature of Creatures of the Night. Ignatius Benedictus, servant of God in His Holy war upon the spawn of Hell. Wow. Where'd you find this, Xavier? It even looks real, with all the handwritten script inside."

Xavier smiled grimly. "Daniel… it is real."

Daniel looked up, frowning. "This isn't some gimmick novel or something."

Xavier shook his head. "It's from my family's private library of rare books, mostly original works dating from the Middle Ages."

"You're telling me this Ignatius guy really researched creatures of the night and wrote all about it?"

Xavier nodded. "He was a Franciscan priest who lived in the 1300's in Germany. Didn't have a lot of love for vampires or werewolves. There's a chapter in there where he talks about a war between the two that destroyed the village where he grew up. His entire family was killed, and that's how he ended up becoming a monk. He dedicated his life to learning everything he could about vampires, werewolves, and something he called a vaewolf."

"Vaewolf? What's a vaewolf?" Daniel asked.

"It is a very rare creature," Xavier said, glancing at Connor with a guilty expression. "Half werewolf, half vampire."

Daniel laughed. "Rare? I can't imagine how it would ever happen, considering the way your families are always fighting each other. How often do vampires and werewolves make peace long enough to have a baby?"

"Well, vaewolves are not offspring," Connor said. "It would be impossible for a werebitch to be impregnated by a vampire. Her body would reject his sperm. And the same would happen if a werewolf attempted to mate with a vampiress."

"That's assuming they could do the deed without trying to kill each other first," Daniel said, trying to make a joke of it. Neither Connor nor Xavier seemed to appreciate his attempt at humor. They were both staring at their feet, frowning. Daniel stopped smiling and asked, "So if you can't create a vaewolf by mating, how does it happen?"

Xavier swallowed hard, then wrapped his arm around Daniel and hugged him. "The only way is to transform a human into a vaewolf. By a vampire injecting him with his serum at the same time a werewolf bites him, infecting him with lycanthropy."

Connor sat down on the bed behind them and wrapped them both in his arms. "Then the human has to be guarded carefully, because the two infections will fight against each other, both tryin' their best to take over his body. They have to be forced to make peace and live together."

Daniel began to shake slightly; whether from nerves or fear, he couldn't say. When he spoke, his voice quivered. "Is there something you guys haven't told me?"

Xavier began crying, "I didn't mean to do it, Daniel. It was an accident. You have to believe me."

"Nor did I," Connor added, hugging the two smaller teens. "I'm so sorry, Daniel."

"An accident?" Daniel shrugged them off and stood up next to the bed. "You guys keep dancing around something… showing me old books and talking about accidents and apologizing. No more mincing words, guys. Tell me what happened."

Xavier wiped away his tears and looked Daniel in the eye. Then he opened his mouth and pointed inside. "Look at the roof of my mouth, Daniel. Do you see those dark blue spots?" Daniel nodded. "Those are the glands that hold my serum. Serum vampyrus. One of the legends about vampires actually happens to be true. If a vampire injects serum from these glands into someone he bites, they will be infected and transform into a vampire themselves. It's how all vampires are created. My parents are not my biological mother and father. I was assigned to them when I was bitten and created by a vampire in England about a hundred and twenty years ago."

"Okay," Daniel said, suddenly unsure of himself. "Why are you telling me all this?"

Xavier took a deep breath. "Last night, when we were sucking each other…" He paused and shook his head. "I've never lost control like that before. Your cock kept hitting the roof of my mouth. Pressing into my glands. I lost it, Daniel. I dropped my fangs and bit you."

"WHAT?" Daniel shouted. "Where?"

Xavier looked down at Daniel's naked groin.

Daniel looked baffled as he searched his memory. "You bit my dick!" he exclaimed. "I remember now. You bit my dick and I felt this freezing chill spreading over my body, starting at my cock. I thought it was some kind of weird orgasm, but… YOU BIT MY DICK!"

Xavier nodded. "To be fair, you bit mine too." Xavier lifted his cock and showed Daniel the teeth marks in the pale skin. "But I didn't have an orgasm from it."

Connor snorted.

Daniel chuckled.

Soon all three were laughing as they pulled Daniel back down onto the bed, where they inspected his cock but found no puncture wounds. Confused now, Daniel asked, "Why can't we see where your fangs went in?"

"Well, that would be my fault," Connor admitted.

"You fault? What do you mean?" Daniel asked.

"When you and Xavier were bitin' each other, I sort of… well, I bit you too. On the shoulder."

Daniel glanced up at Connor. "Why would you do that?"

"I wasn't exactly in control of m'self at that point, Big D." Connor blushed and explained. "The beast inside me forced his way out. He somehow got the idea that he was mountin' his soulmate, and when I came inside you, m'beast snuck out and bit your shoulder, infectin' you with lycanthropy. Don't look for the scar. Your body heals itself now."

"And that's why my dick doesn't show any punctures from Xavier's fangs, right?" They nodded, as Daniel examined his cock carefully. "So that chill I felt wasn't an orgasm. It was your serum spreading through my body?"

Xavier nodded.

"And I remember having horrible dreams all night. And strange fevers and chills."

"Your body was fighting off the infections we gave you," Xavier explained, "and those infections were fighting each other. We were afraid we were going to lose you."

Daniel gulped. "I almost died, didn't I?"

Connor kissed Daniel's neck. "You didn't die, Big D. We wouldn't let you."

Daniel's voice was soft and awestruck. "You guys kept me alive. In my dream, you both bit me. And that's what kept me alive."

Xavier squeezed Daniel's hand. "It wasn't a dream, Daniel. We had to bite you over and over. We didn't know what we were doing, so we did the only thing we could think to do. The book doesn't really tell much, other than to say how important it is to maintain balance between the two infections. We kept you alive the only way we knew how."

"So now… I'm one of those crossbreeds. What did you call it?"

"Vaewolf," Xavier replied.

"Right. Vaewolf. What does this mean?"

"You're half lycan, half vampire," Connor said.

"So… ummm, now I can do all the stuff you guys do?"

"That's what Ignatius wrote," Xavier replied. "We'll just have to work with you and find out."

"We'll be with you every step of the way, Big D. We'll show you how to control your new powers and keep them hidden from the other kids at school and even from your parents."

"Oh, shit!" Daniel exclaimed. "My parents!"

Daniel called home and assured his mom that he was safe, though snowed in, and that Connor would bring him back as soon the snow melted off enough for them to drive down the mountain. He didn't mention his status as the newest vaewolf, a conversation he never, ever intended to have.

Xavier teleported home to return the book he'd snuck out of the family library and to inform his mother that he would be spending time with friends while the school was closed due to inclement weather.

Connor butchered the deer he'd killed the night before, storing the meat and blood in an outside larder where it froze. He kept out one section of ribs, which he slathered with sauce, wrapped in foil, and cooked over the coals in the fireplace.

The three of them ate the ribs that night, licking the delicious juices from their fingers.

"Damn you're a good cook," Daniel said, sucking on his fingers.

Xavier winked and said, "He'll make someone a great wife one day."

Connor grabbed his thick cock and balls with one hand and shook them at Xavier. "I've got your wife right here, fancy boy."

They all laughed. Daniel shook his head and said, "That doesn't even make sense, Connor."

Xavier chuckled. "He's right, Connor. You should have shown us your butt instead."

Connor stood up, turned around, and spread his cheeks. "You think you got what it takes to mount this? Give it a try and we'll see how far in you get!"

Daniel laughed and jumped up, grabbing Connor by the hips and pretending to hump him from behind. "Oh! Oh! I'm gonna blow! Take my big D, Connor!!"

Connor spun around and grabbed Daniel, lifting him into the air without straining. As Daniel screamed, Connor carried him to the bed and threw him down. Then Connor climbed up onto the bed and straddled Daniel, putting his knees on each side of Daniel's hips and pinning Daniel's wrists to the bed. Connor leaned down and began licking Daniel's face. "Yum," Connor said. "Tastes like barbequed ribs."

Daniel giggled and stopped squirming. He looked up at Connor, his eyes twinkling and whispered, "Make love to me, Connor."

Connor's eyes flicked sideways to where Xavier was still eating.

Daniel understood. He looked over at Xavier and said, "Xavier, come to bed. I need you both again."

There was never a need for words. Somehow, they each knew what the others wanted.

Gentle kisses that turned into hungry, demanding bites. Caresses and strokes along quivering flanks. Mouths seeking and finding hard, throbbing shafts… tender ball sacs… trembling thighs. Bodies pulled together, warm skin touching soft patches of hair, fingers clasped and holding tight. Passion building until…

Connor, hugging Daniel from behind, slid his thick cock effortlessly up inside Daniel.

Daniel moaned and pushed his chest against Xavier's, kissing him and grabbing Xavier's slender cock and guiding it back to slide up next to Connor's. Both penetrated Daniel at the same time, pressing their hard, slippery shafts together as Daniel's body flexed and accepted them both inside.

Daniel moaned, crying out in his mind, My loves!

Connor's beast cried out in response, My mates!

Xavier's heart throbbed as he heard both Daniel and Connor, not with his ears, but with his soul.

Daniel stared into Xavier's eyes, and thought, You can hear us?

Xavier nodded, eyes wide with surprise. I can! Your every thought—OHHH, this feels so incredible—and I can hear Connor too!

Connor groaned as he thrust himself up into Daniel, pushing Xavier even deeper at the same time, while thinking, Hush you two… and mate with me.

All three bodies quivered. Daniel pushed down, forcing them both fully inside him. Groaning and grasping each other, they tensed and cried out as their orgasms erupted together.

In the quiet moments afterward, as they clung to one another and held each other tight, they began to share more than thoughts. They each recalled the wonderful love they'd just made and shared their memories of it. All three savored the memories, recalling the joy of being held, the delicious ache of being penetrated by both your lovers, the thrill of feeling your hardness sliding inside and alongside another. As they relived the passion of the moment, they silently communicated the contentment they felt being held in each other's arms and the sweet anticipation of doing even more together.

But above all, they felt love, as they had never felt it before.

Xavier sighed and thought, If there was ever any doubt that we are soulbound…

Connor chuckled. I never doubted, he thought.

Daniel is the one making this happen, you know, Xavier thought.

How? Daniel asked silently.

"Isn't it obvious?" Xavier asked out loud. "Connor is soulbound to the wolf in Daniel. I'm bound to the vampire side of him. And because of Daniel, Connor and I now share a soul-link."

Daniel shivered involuntarily. When the other two looked at him, concerned, he whispered, "Is that why we were soulbound from the start? Did my soul know it was destined to become a vaewolf?"

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