by Wes Leigh

Chapter 12

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

-- Ecclesiastes 4:12

"I think we'd better be more careful experimenting with your new abilities," Xavier said.

Daniel looked at Xavier, nodded, and replied, "It's a little late for that, but… yeah, I agree."

Connor hugged them both. "Come on, fellas. Don't be worryin' so much. If anything, this makes you a helluva quarterback. You can see what the other team is gonna do, go back in time, and call an audible to change up the play!" He grinned to show he wasn't serious.

Daniel snorted and punched Connor in the chest.

Xavier slapped Connor on the cheek gently. "Trust the dumb jock to abuse the supernatural powers of our new vaewolf brother."

Connor kissed each of them on the cheek. "We'll take it slower. Be more careful. And watch over you, Big D. It'll be fine. You'll see."

Daniel smiled. "I know it will, Connor. I'm just a little rattled right now. I know I'll be okay, once I get used to the idea that I can smell food in the next valley, teleport eight hundred miles, and travel through time."

"And don't forget," Connor added, with a devious grin, "transform into a sexy beast with an eight-inch cock!"

Daniel smiled even bigger.

Xavier chuckled, pretending to grab his own throat as he recalled the last time he'd sucked Daniel's vaewolf cock. "I certainly won't forget!"

The three decided to say nothing to anyone, continuing on as if nothing had changed. They would simply go to class as before, keep up the appearance that Connor and Xavier were enemies, do their homework, and play football. The only change they planned to make was for all three to meet at the cabin after school to perfect Daniel's vaewolf skills. With that settled, they discussed how much longer they should stay at the cabin.

Xavier decided not to wait for the snows to melt off before teleporting home. His parents wouldn't believe he was stuck in the mountains, so there was no point in staying. Besides, it would give him a chance to search through the family library for any additional information that might help them figure out what Daniel was capable of.

Daniel kept in touch with his parents by cell phone. He discovered his dad had been stuck at home, unable to return to the oil fields, which had been hit hard by the unexpected storm. Agony was completely closed down. Stores were shut. School was closed. Everyone was staying put, and his parents told him to do the same.

So Daniel and Connor spent the day practicing shifting between human and wolf forms, honing his wolf senses, and rutting like two dogs in heat, often in wolf form, with snarls, snaps, and an occasional bite.

Later that night, Xavier returned with several pages of notes he'd made, which he tried to go over with Daniel. That proved to be impossible, because Daniel kept nibbling at Xavier's neck until Xavier gave in and stripped off his clothes, joining Connor and Daniel in bed. As Xavier and Connor slid their cocks up inside Daniel's ass at the same time, Daniel moaned, shifted into his vaewolf body, and placed both their hands on his huge cock.

Do you want me to shift too? Connor asked, enjoying the feel of Xavier's slender cock sliding along his own inside Daniel.

No… keep doing what you're doing, Daniel replied. AHHH… that's sooooo good…

Even with Daniel in vaewolf form, the two cocks together in his ass stretched him in a deliciously painful way. He bounced up and down, squeezing them together as he forced them deeper. I cherish you both so much!

Daniel decided he would study Xavier's notes later… much later.

The snow had melted enough by the next morning for Connor to drive Daniel down the mountain. As they pulled up in front of Daniel's house, Mike Anderson was rushing out to the car, loading a suitcase and his shaving bag into the trunk. He waved when he saw Daniel climbing out of Connor's truck.

"Roads are finally clear," he explained, slamming the trunk. "I'm headed back to work. Snow put us way behind schedule, and the boss is screaming for everyone to get back on the job ASAP."

"Better hop to it, then," Daniel said with a grin.

"Did you enjoy being snowed in?" Mike asked.

Daniel shrugged. "It was okay."

Connor beeped his horn, waved, and drove off. Daniel and Mike waved before heading back in the house.

"Load that box for me, would you?" Mike asked.

There were several cardboard boxes in the front foyer. Daniel grabbed one. Mike picked up the others. They loaded them in the back seat of the car, then Mike turned and hugged Daniel. "Be good for your mom," he said, kissing Daniel on the forehead.

"Always am," Daniel replied.

"When you're not being bad," Mike teased.

Daniel chuckled and pulled away from his father. "Drive careful, Dad. The roads are still nasty in spots."

"I will." Mike climbed in the car and started it up. He waved at Daniel as he backed down the driveway.

Daniel turned and walked into the house. His mother was in the kitchen, preparing lunch. "Back from the mountains?" she called.

Daniel strolled into the kitchen and sat on one of the bar stools. "Yeah."

"What did you do?"

"Played cards. Talked. Other stuff."


"Yeah. Just stuff. You know, finding things to do so we wouldn't be too bored."

Judy nodded and slid the food into the oven. "Who was there again?"

"Just a few of us. Connor, Xavier, and me." Daniel looked up, realizing suddenly that he'd made a mistake. If anyone else found out about Connor and Xavier being there together, it would cause trouble. He looked at his mother, but she didn't seem to be paying much attention. She was cutting up tomatoes for a salad.

Daniel thought about his lovers and sent a quick warning. Guys, I think I messed up.

How? Xavier asked.

What happened? Connor added.

I told my mom that the three of us were snowed in together, Daniel replied.

Damn, Daniel, Xavier sent. Do you think she'll tell anyone else?

I doubt it, Daniel replied. We don't really know anyone that well.

I don't imagine it'll matter, Connor thought. But let's all be extra careful from this point on. No one can know.

Daniel and Xavier quickly agreed.

Daniel looked up and saw his mother staring at him, a puzzled expression on her face. Daniel sighed. This was going to be tougher than he thought.

That night, as Daniel sat on the couch watching a sitcom, his enhanced hearing picked up the sound of his mom calling his dad on the phone. Judy was in their bedroom, talking softly, but Daniel tuned in his hearing when he heard his mother talking about how strangely Daniel had been acting all day. Though his dad's voice in the cellphone speaker was faint, he could still hear both sides of the conversation.

"He's been zoning out a lot lately, Mike. I'm worried about him."

"Judy. He's a teenager. Unfocused. Moody. He's gonna do that from time to time."

"I get that, Mike, but I'm still worried."

"He's a good kid, hon. Don't worry so much."

"Mike, do you think he's using drugs?"

Laughter. "No, I really don't. Do you?"

"I don't know. He's been hanging out with Connor a lot, and I wouldn't think a top football player would mess around with things like that. Too risky. But they're both spending time with Xavier, and I really don't know much about him."

"Isn't Xavier the son of the lady that runs the Chamber of Commerce? Surely he wouldn't be messing around with drugs."

"I don't know, Mike. Being rich doesn't keep you away from trouble. If anything, he'll have the resources to experiment."

"Good point, Judy. So we keep a close eye on all of them. Maybe we talk to Xavier's parents."

"Hmmm… I don't know. I didn't get the best feeling the last time I talked to her."

"Yeah. She's a bit stiff."

Judy chuckled. "That's being kind."

"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, dear, but let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary."

Judy snorted. "We're living in a town called Agony. And you want me to look for anything out of the ordinary?"

Daniel allowed his hearing to return to normal and started paying attention to the television program again. His eyes glowed golden for a moment, then returned to bright blue. Damn it.

Andreas Finnigan caught an odd scent on his son Connor. He sniffed again, wrinkling his brow. Yes, it was definitely there. He sought out his mate Gabi and asked her to see if she could detect it. When Connor had finished unloading his pickup, she gave him a big hug and sniffed his neck. Then she glanced at her husband over Connor's shoulder and nodded her head ever so slightly.

"Food's on the table. Get washed up and join us," she told Connor.

When the teen left the room, she turned to her mate and raised one eyebrow.

Andreas nodded his head slowly. "He's found a mate."

The meal was quiet, with each of them digging in and enjoying the roast Gabi had prepared.

Andreas took a bite, chewed it as he thought about what he wanted to ask, then decided on a blunt approach.

"Did you change him before you mated him?"

Connor looked up, amazed by his father's directness, but not all that surprised that his parents knew. It would have been difficult to keep everything a secret. "I didn't make him a werewolf, Pa. I know that would cause trouble." He hoped his partial truth would throw them off the scent.

Andreas sniffed. "I suppose that's some help. But I'd be a might more comfortable if you'd chosen one of your packmates instead."

Connor shrugged. "You can't help who you want as your mate, Pa. You know how it is when the heat comes on you."

"Ya. That I do," Andreas said, stuffing more roast into his mouth.

"Is it rutting or somethin' more?" Gabi asked.

Connor turned and looked at his mother. "I really love him, Ma. I want him as m'mate."

She sighed. "Well, then that's that. Though I was looking forward to grandpups."

"Ah, Ma. I'll still give you those. There's a few bitches in the pack I like well enough to make a litter with." That brought a reluctant smile to Gabi's face. Connor took his mother's hand and said, "Thanks for bein' so understandin' about it. Daniel is…," Connor paused. He'd almost revealed that Daniel was soulbound to him. Instead, Connor said, "Daniel is an important part of my life now."

Andreas snorted. "Fine, Connor. But eventually, you'll have to change him. And that's gonna be an issue for the entire pack to sort out. What with him bein' just a kid and havin' parents and all. All I ask is you not jump into anything yet. Give us time to figure out the best way to do this."

Gabi took Connor's hand and asked, "Do you think Daniel will be fine with bein' bitten?"

Connor tried to stifle the laughter he felt inside. "I think he can be convinced."

Xavier passed the library door on his way to his room. It was open. His mother and father were inside.

Minerva Smyth saw him and said, "A moment please." Her voice was as cold as ever.

Xavier stopped and walked into the library. His mother pointed at a chair, effectively ordering him to be seated. He blinked, wondering what this was all about, but sat where she pointed.

Edward Finton, his adopted father, was sitting on a leather couch, reading one of the older volumes. He didn't seem to be paying any attention, idly flipping pages in the tome. But then, he never seemed to be paying attention whenever they had these little family meetings. He preferred to let Minerva do all the talking, which made Xavier despise his father even more.

Minerva studied Xavier for a moment, then casually strolled to a bookshelf and ran her finger across the books there. "Xavier, dear. I noticed several of our more esoteric works have been getting a bit more attention lately." She paused and looked at Xavier, waiting for him to comment. When he remained silent, she added, "The writings of Ignatius Benedictus aren't what I would consider… light reading."

Xavier shrugged. "They aren't, Mother. But they are interesting."

"Interesting? In what way, Xavier?"

"They provide clues on our family's distant past. Something I've been curious about lately."

Minerva nodded slowly. "I do approve of learning one's personal history. Is that what you've been doing?"

Xavier nodded. "Yes, Mother."

Edward looked up and spoke, surprising Xavier, since his father rarely spoke. "You didn't take it to read during the snowstorm, did you?"

Xavier glanced between the two of them, seeing the menace in their eyes. "I did," he admitted, "but I was careful to keep it to myself."

"What did you do to pass your time, other than read?" Edward asked.

"Talked mostly. With a friend."

Minerva took over the interrogation again. "Which friend?"

"Daniel Anderson." Xavier knew better than to lie outright. His parents were far too observant to risk it.

Minerva turned her head to the side, thinking about Xavier's answer. "Daniel Anderson… the human child whose family recently moved to town?"

"Yes," Xavier replied.

"Anything we should know about this boy?"

"Nothing yet, Mother. We're in a play together at school, so we've been spending a lot of time together, working on our lines."

"I see," she said, glancing at Edward.

He nodded his head and returned to flipping pages in his book.

"Am I free to go?" Xavier asked.

Minerva nodded, just the barest of acknowledgments. As Xavier left the library, she studied his back, carefully.

Daniel walked past Connor, Ethan, and Donny, carrying his lunch tray to an empty table several feet away. It was too cold to eat outside, so Daniel had been forced to find an empty table inside, as far from the other kids as possible, trying to maintain appearances and not arouse suspicion.

As he walked by their table, Ethan and Donny both growled low in their throats, looking up suddenly and sniffing the air as Daniel walked by.

Ethan narrowed his eyes, staring at Daniel. "There's something different about him."

"Yeah," Donny agreed. "He smells… better."

"And worse," Ethan added.

"All at the same time," Donny added. "Like a bitch in heat."

Connor laughed. "You two are somethin' else. You both need to get laid."

Donny snorted. "You offerin', Connor?"

"You couldn't satisfy me, Donny," Connor said with a leer. "Not with that little thing you got hangin' between your legs."

Ethan laughed and punched his brother. "You walked right into that one, Bro."

Donny laughed too, but then he looked hard at Connor and asked, "Is that what you and Daniel did in the cabin during the storm?"

Connor rolled his eyes. "Nah. We played cards and talked, but not much else."

Ethan studied Connor closely. Then he slapped Connor on the back. "YOU DID!" Ethan turned to Donny and said, "That's what we're smellin', Bro. Connor took him, he did. That's why Daniel smells different!"

Donny and Ethan both stared at Connor, trying to make him break down and confess.

Connor chuckled and said, "I ain't sayin' another word."

Donny looked at Ethan and nodded his head. "They did it."

Across the room, Gregor sat with Xavier and the rest of the vampire students. Gregor noticed Xavier staring at Daniel, with a wistful smile on his face. Gregor waited until lunch was almost over, then asked Xavier to come outside for a moment.

"Why?" Xavier asked.

"Just to talk, cousin," Gregor replied. "Privately."

The other students didn't say a word. They were accustomed to Gregor and Xavier talking privately. Many of them expected Gregor to be Xavier's lieutenant if Xavier was ever promoted to Executor of the Smyth Covenant.

The two stood up and bussed their trays, then headed out onto the patio.

"What do you want to discuss?" Xavier asked, opening his mind to allow Connor and Daniel to both hear what was going on.

"Anything you want to tell me, cousin?" Gregor asked.


Gregor growled. "So many secrets, Xavier. From the one person you shouldn't be keeping in the dark."

"What are you getting at, Gregor?"

"I'm your cousin, your friend, and the only one who will support you if it gets out that you're in love with a human."

Xavier nodded. "So that's what this is about… you're jealous of Daniel."

Gregor snarled and snapped back, "I'm not jealous. Who you choose to love is your own business, Xavier, just like my sexual proclivities are my own affair. I don't fuck with you. You don't fuck with me. But we also don't keep secrets from one another, because I can't protect you if I don't know what danger you're in."

Xavier sighed. "Gregor… look, yes, I'm getting close to Daniel. We're in Drama together. He's a good kid. I like him."

"He's human," Gregor snarled.

"I fully realize that, cousin. I'm being careful."

Gregor squinted, studying Xavier carefully. "You want him!"

Xavier shrugged. "And if I do…?"

Gregor began pacing slowly. "I don't care, Xavier. I can accept it. I've had plenty of human lovers, so I'm not one to condemn you. But there are others who won't accept it. You know that. Even being the Executor Elect won't save you if you get caught. I'm just warning you, Xavier. Be careful."

"I told you, Gregor. I AM being careful. Very, very careful."

Gregor stopped pacing. "Have you considered changing him? If you made him one of us, it wouldn't matter any longer."

"That would cause a host of other problems," Xavier replied.

Gregor shrugged. "Nothing insurmountable. I could take care of his parents for you, quietly. Then you can bite the boy and keep him as your toy."

Xavier stood up. "I don't want to discuss it anymore, Gregor. But I will consider everything you've suggested."

To Connor and Daniel, Xavier sent a single thought. This could mean trouble.

They both agreed.

Let's get together at the cabin, Daniel suggested, picking up his tray with the remnants of his lunch.

I'll give you a ride, Big D, Connor thought, smiling at a silly comment Ethan was making. He was getting better at talking to his buds at the same time he carried on a mental conversation with his lovers, but it was still confusing at best.

That afternoon, on the bed in the cabin, the three of them compared notes and began to worry. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep their secret hidden. Rather than waste time over something they couldn't change, they stripped off their clothes, climbed into bed, and held each other, kissing and silently communicating their love for one another, renewing their promise to be there for each other, no matter what.

Daniel giggled as Xavier nibbled on his neck. Maybe we're making too much of this, he thought, reaching over to stroke Connor's thick cock.

What do you mean, m'love? Connor asked.

They can't stop us… a werewolf, a vampire, and a vaewolf ... soulbound to one another, Daniel replied, turning his head to kiss Xavier on the lips and slide his tongue into Xavier's mouth.

Xavier moaned with pleasure, reaching across Daniel to tease Connor's nipple. There's never been a partnership like it before, he thought. He pinched Connor's nipple, making the muscular youth groan and reach over to stroke Xavier's flank. If we stick together, no one can defeat us.

The kisses and touches and bodies intertwining took on a feverish pitch, while outside the cabin, standing out of sight next to the window, stood Gregor, shaking his head at what he'd just seen.

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