Soulbound ‡ pact

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 12

"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

-- Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

Choosing a location for the party was difficult. Minerva Smyth insisted that it be at her home, given that all four of her "children" were in the play and that she was the president of the Agony Chamber of Commerce, which had sponsored the community theater. Andreas Finnigan offered the use of the Lodge, which certainly had enough space for everyone, though it was a good distance out of town. Wolfie, following Xavier's advice, picked neither location, but instead selected a surprising spot: an old, abandoned mill just on the outskirts of Agony. Naturally, the kids in the play loved the idea. A dozen layers of dust and a few splinters later, they had the old mill cleaned up and decorated like a Verona tavern. The wooden beams in the ceiling flickered in the candlelight, creating an ambience of primitive charm.

The guests began arriving at sunset. Andreas and Gabi Finnigan smiled when they saw how the old place had been decorated; Gabi giggled a bit as Connor, costumed as the Prince of Verona, announced them as they entered the room. Minerva Smyth frowned, irritated that the ungrateful director had chosen this location over her sumptuous back yard. Minerva's husband, Edward Finton, sneered as he peered around the room. His severe black suit seemed out of place, with all the young actors dressed in their colorful play attire. Wolfie greeted each guest, thanking them for supporting the play and for joining them at the after-production party.

What Wolfie could not know was that this was the first time—and possibly the last—that both werewolves and vampires would be at the same celebration. Since it was neutral ground, figuratively speaking, the guests all behaved themselves, though they stood on opposite sides of the room, staring at one another. It was … very awkward.

Xavier noticed Wolfie's consternation at the behavior of the party attendees. Smiling as he approached, he said, "Don't worry about it. It's best they stay apart like this. Trust me."

Wolfie chuckled. "I don't know why this surprises me. Everything about this town is bizarre." He grimaced and added, "Sorry. Didn't mean to be rude. It's your home, after all."

"No apologies necessary," Xavier replied with a laugh. "I agree. Agony is bizarre. But it's your home too, so you can say whatever you want about it."

Nodding, Wolfie said, "Not for long, I'm afraid."

"Oh?" Xavier asked, eyebrows raised. "You're leaving?"

"Not right away. I'll direct another play for Christmas. A Midsummer Night's Dream. I think you'd be perfect for the role of Puck."

Xavier laughed and shook his head. "Gregor would be a better Puck. He is naturally mischievous."

Wolfie shrugged. "So use him as your role model. Channel your inner Gregor!"

They both laughed, then Xavier asked, "But you said you're planning to leave after that?"

"Yes. It's too cold for me here. I'm a hot-blooded fellow and need a warmer place."

"Where will you go?"

"New Mexico. I've been offered a position perfect for my talents. I can't wait to fill it."

Xavier took Wolfie's hand and shook it. "We'll miss you, Wolfie. You brought this production to life for all of us."

"Thanks, Xavier. I'll miss you, too. Well … all of you, but I'll miss you especially so. You've been one of the best young actors I've had the privilege of working with. You should consider going into acting as a profession."

Xavier lowered his eyes, smiling sadly. "I'll consider it, though I have other commitments that may keep me here in Agony."

Wolfie glanced at Minerva and Edward, standing in the middle of a cluster of community leaders, all dressed in black suits more suitable for a funeral than a party, and Wolfie nodded understanding. "We all have commitments, Xavier. Find a secret joy to make the commitments more bearable."

Xavier looked up, surprised. Apparently, Wolfie got it. Glancing around the room, Xavier saw Connor Finnigan standing with his parents, laughing as he showed off his prince's costume. Xavier smiled. A secret joy? Yes, that was what Connor was.

Connor looked his way and their eyes connected. Connor grinned a little broader and winked one eye slowly as he continued talking with the werewolf adults gathered around him.

Wolfie smiled knowingly and gripped Xavier's shoulder. Leaning in, Wolfie whispered, "Secret joys. Savor them."

Sebastian and Regina were surrounded by the members of the Smyth Covenant. Dressed as Romeo and Juliet, they soaked up the attention and praise. Naturally, many fawned over Minerva as well, congratulating her for having such talented children in her family.

Sebastian enjoyed the attention, though it was a bit uncomfortable since he and Regina had had another argument just before coming to the party. Something stupid, as usual. Regina had insisted that they wear the formal costumes from the initial celebration hosted by the Capulets. Sebastian didn't like the way the collar of his costume made his neck itch and had suggested the costumes from the death scene instead. Naturally, Regina got her way. Sebastian was getting fed up with her antics and wondering if it was worth it to have her as his girlfriend.

Regina felt the tension growing between her and Sebastian. She would never admit it to him, but part of the trouble between them came from her desire to be with someone else altogether. With Xavier. He was such a handsome boy. She'd had a crush on him since they'd first met in New York a century ago, but he'd never responded to her flirtatious advances. She suspected she knew why, but she didn't want to know the truth, which would crush her hopes.

Xavier approached, nodding greetings to each of them. The party was going great so far. None of the werewolves had shifted shape, shredding their clothes to howl at the moon. None of the vampires had dropped their fangs and attacked the humans in attendance. A good party, all things considered.

Xavier swallowed nervously as he turned to Regina. "You did an amazing job, Regina. The final scene was perfect."

Regina smiled coyly. "That means a lot, Xavier. Coming from you."

"What do you mean?"

Regina ducked her head. "Xavier, the play is finished, so there's no need to pretend. We all know you are the best actor here. I'm a rank amateur, and if it hadn't been for your help, I would have embarrassed us all."

Xavier placed a finger underneath Regina's chin and tilted her head up until she had to look him in the eye. Enunciating each word, he said, "You. Were. Brilliant. You followed your coaching perfectly, and you gave us all a performance to be proud of. How many ovations did the audience give us?"

Regina smiled. "Three."

"Exactly. They loved it. You and Sebastian were stars tonight."

Regina reached up and took Xavier's hand, squeezing it gently. He pulled his hand away, smiling apologetically. The hope in Regina's eyes faded. Though she dreaded hearing the answer, she had to ask the question. "Will there ever be anything between us, Xavier?"

Xavier sighed. "Friendship. That's all I can offer."

Regina frowned. "Just friendship?"

Xavier nodded. "Isn't that enough?"

"I suppose it will have to be," Regina replied with a sigh. Then she grinned and added, "But it doesn't stop a girl from trying."

Xavier chuckled and said, "The answer will always be no, Regina. Why can't you accept that?"

"Silly boy. You can't tell your heart who it wants to be with. You should know that by now."

Xavier smiled. "I do, Regina. Believe me. I do."

The state football championship was held in Dogwood Creek township about 40 miles from Agony. The Grizzlies and the Agony Cougars both had perfect records: 12 wins and 0 losses. The coaches of the two teams had met a week earlier and flipped a coin to determine which team would host the championship game. Having won the toss, Dogwood Creek began preparing for the visiting Agony Cougars, certain that their Grizzlies would end up the best team in the state.

The Agony fans naturally disagreed. The convoy of vehicles leaving Agony stretched for three miles. The team bus was the first in line, followed by the equipment van, the three buses containing the marching band and their instruments, and then mile after mile of honking, cheering Agony residents. For the first time in 36 years, Agony was playing in the championship, and they were all looking forward to an upset victory.

The long drive from Agony to Dogwood Creek only served to stir up their school spirit. They parked outside the Grizzly Den, the name of the Dogwood Creek stadium, and crowded inside to fill the visitor's side to overflowing.

With the fans stomping in the stands, the bands playing competing school fight songs, and the players waiting inside the field house, it was the perfect night for a high school football championship. Under a chilly night sky, even the stars seemed to be frozen in place, waiting to see the outcome.

The visitors came out first. Dressed in black uniforms with blood red numbers, the Agony Cougars were quiet and thoughtful, businesslike. Their families were cheering fanatically, but the players never looked up, never responded, trotting slowly to their side of the field.

The Dogwood Creek Grizzlies exited the field house next, jumping with nervous energy. Their fans cheered and screamed as they ran onto the field, shaking their helmets in early celebration, stirring their supporters to even greater fervor. Their coaches called them together for a final pep talk, struggling to make themselves heard over the roar of the fans.

On the far sideline, the Agony players huddled together and listened as Coach Sean quietly spoke. "Pride. That's all I have. So much pride. For your hard work. For your dedication to your team. For your skill. For your determination. I'm proud of you boys." He took a deep breath and continued. "Our last game. Finish it, boys."

The players, in unison, chanted, "One, two, three, COUGARS!" They fastened their helmets in place and turned to face their opponents. The Grizzlies were jumping and fidgeting, some yelling taunts. The Cougars stood in a dark line, facing them from across the field, refusing to respond. Gradually, the Grizzly players stopped jumping and yelling, and nervously looked at each other, silently asking themselves what kind of game they would soon be playing.

It was unnerving for the Grizzly players, exactly as Connor had planned it when he suggested it to the rest of the team. Though each of the coaches had drawn up complicated game plans for that night's battle, it was Connor's game plan that defeated the Grizzlies before the game even started.


Final score.

Stifling defense, the newspapers would say the next day.

The Dogwood Creek Grizzlies were known as a defensive team, and they fought valiantly, keeping the Agony Cougars on their heels most of the night. But Casey's strong throwing arm and Caleb's powerful running made key breakthroughs when needed, scoring two touchdowns, one in the second quarter, another in the third quarter. 14 points.

The Grizzlies couldn't score. They couldn't get past Connor, who tormented them all night, shutting down every drive. Connor racked up a school record of 9 quarterback sacks. The Grizzlies couldn't move the ball. They never managed a first down. 0 points.

14-0 for the new state champs!

The Agony fans mobbed the field after the game was over. Of course.

Somehow, in the massive confusion of it all, Xavier and Connor managed to find each other.

"Well?" Connor asked.

"Do I have to say it?" Xavier asked with a smirk.

"No. You can just think it. I can read your mind, ya' know."

"Then what am I thinking now?" Xavier asked, his eyes sparkling.

"That you'll meet me in the cabin in three hours," Connor replied, grinning.

"Wrong!" Xavier replied.

Connor's face fell. "You won't meet me in the cabin tonight?"

"Oh, I'll definitely be there," Xavier replied, "but that's not what I was thinking."

Connor grinned. "Then what were you thinking?"

"I'll tell you tonight," Xavier replied. "At the cabin…"

Xavier held Connor's soft cock in one hand, marveling at the thick bulk of it. It was heavy and warm, and the skin was velvet soft. A tiny bead of cum still perched on the very tip, the last drop remaining after three explosive orgasms, the first in Xavier's mouth, the second on his stomach as they jacked each other off, and the third in his ass. That explained why Connor was now asleep, snoring softly. Xavier had only managed two orgasms so far, which explained why he was still awake, still hard, lying next to Connor, examining his lover's amazing body.

The boy had muscles stacked upon muscles. Xavier had never seen a more perfect physical specimen of a man … well, not a man, for Connor was a werewolf. But his human form made the old Greek statues look like wimps. Xavier released Connor's cock and slowly traced one finger up the rippled stomach, through the small patch of dark red hair on his chest, up the side of his neck where the blood slowly pulsed, to the strong jaw and blushed cheek, still bright red from the incredible sex they'd just enjoyed.

And it had been amazing. Connor had been insatiable, taking all Xavier had to offer and asking for more. It was difficult not to compare Connor with Jack. They were both his lovers, after all. Jack had been playful and impetuous, Connor intense, serious, and focused. Jack had always been quick to drop to his knees and suck Xavier's cock or pull down his pants and slide Xavier up inside him for a quick buggering. With Connor, Xavier was the one who couldn't get enough of Connor's cum, eager to suck him or sit on him, taking his enormous cock deep inside his bowels. And it felt completely right when Connor was spooned up behind him, his massive body holding Xavier in a warm embrace, his thick cock penetrating deep inside, his breath warm on Xavier's neck.

Xavier's fingers danced across Connor's lips. The boy was a seriously good kisser. Those lips were part of the reason. Thick and soft and full. But it wasn't the only reason. Connor seemed to throw himself into every kiss with complete abandon, the only time he seemed a bit out of control, as if he couldn't taste enough of Xavier.

Connor's lips moved beneath Xavier's fingers, lifting into a smile. Connor chuckled and his eyes fluttered. "What are you doing, old man?"

Xavier slid his hand to Connor's cheek and leaned forward to kiss Connor gently on the lips. "Admiring you while you sleep, wolfboy."

"I'm not asleep," Connor objected.


"No. Just resting for a bit until I ravish you again."

"Haha, then you had better get started," Xavier replied, taking Connor's hand and pulling it down to cup his own slender, hard shaft.

Connor opened his eyes wide. "Still have a boner? I thought I took care of that. At least twice."

"It will take more than that to get me as soft as you," Xavier said, sliding his own hand around Connor's cock and squeezing gently.

Connor chuckled and continued stroking Xavier slowly. "So what do you think of my lips?"

Xavier smiled. "I like your lips. And your neck. And your stomach and thighs and ass and everything about you."

"You didn't mention my monster cock."

They both chuckled, for the cock in question was beginning to swell in Xavier's hand, assuming its previous thick eight-inch length. "I think that goes without saying, don't you?" Xavier asked.

"You sure have a fancy way of talking," Connor said with a grin. "I like it."

Xavier shrugged. "Forty years of attending posh schools all over the continent. They had to work me hard to force out the Whitechapel slang."

Connor grinned. "I'd like to work you hard right now."

Xavier groaned and moved in for a passionate kiss while their hands continued fondling and stroking the throbbing erections between them.

Connor couldn't believe how wonderful sex with Xavier was. As great as it was to get a blowjob from Ethan or to mount Caleb and leave his seed inside the eager young lad, it had always been a purely physical act with the other wereboys. With Xavier, Connor felt his heart pounding out of his chest when their lips touched. He felt his soul souring into the sky when their bodies were joined together. He felt his mind exploding into a million tiny fragments when the orgasms overwhelmed them both.

He couldn't explain it.

It wasn't because sex with Xavier was forbidden. Vampire with werewolf. A definite no-no with both their tribes. No, though they shouldn't be together, that wasn't what made sex with Xavier so special.

Then what was it?

Connor couldn't explain it, but his wolf instincts offered him a glimmer of understanding. When he was inside Xavier, thrusting away, feeling his cock searching ever deeper inside, Connor felt his lips curling back and his head bending down to grab Xavier by the neck, to bite and hold, to mark him as mate. But Xavier could never be his mate. Right?

That was also forbidden. Two males cannot mate. He was a future Pack leader. Engaged to Deborah. His duty was to mount her and give her pups, for the future of the Pack. But his heart denied that destiny and claimed Xavier as his mate.

And that just couldn't be.

Besides all that, Xavier was much older. A century older. How could they ever find anything in common? Connor was a simple wolfboy, knowing only the forest, the mountains, the hunt and the kill. Xavier had attended fancy boarding schools and universities in crowded cities. He'd seen the world. He'd experienced so much Connor would never know.

"What are you thinking about, Connor?" Xavier asked in a soft whisper, pulling away from the kiss.

Connor chuckled. "Sorry. I guess my thoughts were driftin' a bit. Are you readin' my mind? Is that a secret vampire power."

Xavier laughed. "No, not a vampire power. It's a lover's power. I love you, and I can always read your mind."

Connor stopped smiling and sighed. "Then you know I'm distracted right now."

"It's okay. We both have a lot to consider."

Connor released Xavier's cock and threw his arm around Xavier's back, pulling him close. With their cheeks pressed together, Connor whispered into Xavier's ear, "I don't want all those things we're thinkin' about to keep us apart. I love you, Xavier. Even though I shouldn't. Even though I can't."

Xavier nodded slightly. "I understand, but a wise woman once told me that you can't tell your heart who it wants to be with. Our hearts are running the show now, Connor. We're just along for the ride."

Connor hugged Xavier fiercely, smashing their bodies together. "I want to go there, Xavier. I ain't afraid to try, but I'm still a little confused."

"I am too, Connor. But I'm going to follow my heart again, wherever it takes me."

Connor's voice was soft and sleepy as he replied, "I'll go there with you. We'll do it together."

"Then let's make a pact right now, Connor. No matter what our families try to do to separate us, we won't let it happen."

"Okay," Connor mumbled, nuzzling Xavier's cheek. "A pact between a werewolf and a vampire … that should be legally binding."

Xavier chuckled. "Probably not. But a pact between two souls … yours and mine … that's a pact that will last forever."

"Yeah. I think you're right, Xavier."

"I love you, Connor, and I always will."

The only answer Xavier received was a soft snore.

The school year flew by for the young lovers. They were never assigned to work together in History class again, which was a great help since they acted as if they didn't care for each other in front of the other students, especially their werewolf mates and vampire companions.

Xavier starred as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Connor bought a bouquet of roses, which he presented to Xavier at their cabin the next night. They laughed and made love until late into that midwinter night.

Connor continued to excel at sports, trying out for other teams and dominating once again because of his strength and speed and agility. Xavier helped Connor stay in peak shape, with plenty of lifting, thrusting, and cardio workouts.

School finally ended in May, and summer vacation sent the students off to attend to family affairs elsewhere. Connor and Xavier continued to meet in the cabin every chance they got, stirring unconfirmed suspicions in the Finnigans and Gregor and Regina.

But the heart won't be denied.

"What are we doing up here?" Connor asked.

"Shhh," Xavier hissed. "Keep your voice down. Ethan and Donny are right outside that window, loading your pickup."

Connor smiled and pulled Xavier close. "I know that. I parked there, remember? So why are we here, in this old feed store attic? I thought you were shopping with Regina and your mom."

"I was. I hate shopping. Especially with vampire females. 'Ooooh, look at this black vest. It will look stunning on you, Xavier. Perhaps with this red tie. No. No, I like this red cummerbund better.' They think I'm in the fitting room, trying on one pair of black slacks after another. God, what I'd give to get into a pair of blue jeans."

Connor giggled and hugged Xavier. "You can get into my blue jeans any time, sexy man."

Xavier smiled and leaned in to kiss Connor. "That was the plan. After escaping my mother's clutches, I schemed my way into meeting you here in this dusty attic to pillage your body while you leave Ethan and Donny doing all the sweaty work out there."

Connor grinned. There was something wonderful about meeting Xavier in secret like this. His heart pounded. His stomach tightened in anticipation. And his cock instantly plumped up. Judging by the hard lump poking him in the hip, Xavier was just as aroused.

The two were distracted by a car driving slowly down the street and stopping at the intersection. It was a new car. In a small town like Agony, sad to say, you knew what everyone else drove. These were strangers. Perhaps new in town? Driving through on the way to somewhere else?

Xavier and Connor peered down on the car, noticing a man and woman in the front seat, looking around with interest. The light turned green, and the car started forward. In the back seat, leaning against the window, was a cute lad. Shiny blonde hair. Stunning blue-gray eyes. And a heartbreaking frown, as if his world was ending.

At the sight of him, both Xavier and Connor felt their hearts leap in their chests. The connection was fierce and immediate and demanding. They looked at each other in shock.

"What is going on?" Connor asked.

"I don't know," Xavier admitted. "You felt it too?"

"Yeah. Like my chest was going to explode when I saw that blonde boy in the car."

Xavier nodded. "I felt the same thing. I wonder who he is."

They leaned against the feed store window, staring at the car as it drove away, carrying Daniel Anderson and his family to their new home in Agony, North Dakota.

Daniel couldn't believe his shitty luck. Stuck here in Bumfuck, North Dakota, far from his friends, wondering how he was going to survive in this hell hole of a town.


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