by Wes Leigh

Chapter 17

Classification: Secret

Source: Domestic surveillance, DTMS monitoring, Local law enforcement

Priority: B1

Report: Agony ND situation stable. Open war between vampire and werewolf factions was prevented by unexpected turnover in leadership of both factions. Conflict no longer expected but additional fallout may occur as new leaders consolidate control. Also major interference with human population in the form of memory wiping to erase knowledge of conflict. No indication at this time regarding how vampire/werewolf groups nationally are responding to Agony ND situation. Electronic and physical surveillance continuing.

Classification: Secret

One year after the death and rebirth of Daniel Anderson, vaewolf,…

Daniel pulled his journal out of his desk and thought about what he wanted to write. His fingers shook with excitement as he spun the dial to his birthday, in reverse, 719. The lock clicked and he opened the journal to the next blank page and began writing.

September 3

This is unbelievable. Coach just called to tell me he wants me to start at quarterback for our first game of the season. With Timothy Dale graduating last year, the starting spot was wide open. I never thought I'd stand a chance, even with Connor and the rest of the guys working with me—

"Daniel, lunch is ready."

"Be right there, Mom." Daniel closed and locked the journal, then set it on top of the desk. The smell of his mom's homemade lasagna had been making his stomach growl for the last half hour. Writing in the journal would have to wait!

Daniel walked into the dining room and saw his dad setting the table. Mike Anderson glanced up and smiled. "There's my starting quarterback! You ready for some good eats?"

"Always, Dad," Daniel said with a smile.

Judy Anderson carried a steaming casserole dish in and placed it at the center of the table. "I still don't know how I feel about you playing football. What if you get hit by the other team?"

Mike chuckled. "He's gonna get hit, Judy. That's guaranteed. But the pads and helmet will keep him safe. You'll see."

'If only they knew,' Daniel thought to himself, remembering the bad leg fracture he'd suffered just a few days ago. It had healed quickly enough, but it hurt like hell when it happened. Even with full protective gear, football was a violent affair. "Don't worry, Mom. I'll be fine."

Judy snorted and shook her head. "Don't worry? That's NOT going to happen, Daniel. I'm a mom. I have the duty and responsibility to worry." She grimaced as she spoke, making it clear to Daniel that she was joking, at least a little.

There were so many things his mom would worry about if she knew everything. Daniel couldn't imagine how upset his mom and dad would be if they knew about the huge war last year at the old mill. Fortunately, it had been a simple matter to cover it all up, with just a few memory wipes here and there. The vampires had taken care of that, and Xavier had personally handled Daniel's parents, carefully erasing their memories of the three days Daniel lay on death's door. Looking at them now, their biggest worry seemed to be Daniel's career as a high school quarterback. Daniel smiled to encourage his mom and said, "Seriously, Mom. Coach moved Donny and Ethan McCoy onto offense to give me better protection. They're big guys. They'll look out for me."

Judy spooned out a generous helping of lasagna onto Daniel's plate. "Just promise me you'll keep your eyes open and run for your life if you see anyone headed your way."

Daniel laughed. "I will, Mom."

Mike passed Daniel the garlic toast. "Promise me you'll break the school touchdown record!"

"Dad! Give me a break. It's my first game."

Mike chuckled. "Just do your best. I'm so damned proud of you, Son."

With Sunday lunch finished, Daniel pulled out his journal and continued writing.

I never thought I'd stand a chance, even with Connor and the rest of the guys working with me all summer. They taught me plays, helped me to use my vaewolf powers without making it obvious, and showed me how to recognize defensive schemes just by glancing at the way the players line up. For a guy who had never played football my entire life, I was surprised by how quickly I picked it up. I suppose I always had the mental ability to play quarterback, but not the speed or stamina required. As a vaewolf, I have those in good measure. LOL.

What are you doin', Big D? Connor asked, disrupting Daniel's writing once more.

Daniel smiled. He didn't mind the interruption. Just relaxing. Had a nice meal with the 'rents. Now I'm jotting down a few thoughts in my journal.

What did you eat? Xavier asked, joining the mental conversation.

Daniel replied, Nothing great… just homemade lasagna.

Both Connor and Xavier groaned mentally.

Hey, I would have invited you both over, but you said you were tied up this afternoon, Daniel added.

Connor replied, No worries, Big D. I couldn't've made it. Too much to do here at the Lodge.

Me either, Xavier thought. I have obligations this afternoon… dignitaries coming in to meet with me and Regina.

Really? Something important? Daniel asked.

No, Xavier replied, Only a few representatives from neighboring Covenants, here to shake my hand and size me up. The full Conference approved my appointment as Executor, so this is probably nothing more than them checking to see that I'm maintaining all the traditions.

The disgust was obvious in Xavier's thoughts, which made both Daniel and Connor grin.

Can we meet at the cabin tonight? Daniel asked.

I should be free by 7, Xavier thought.

Works for me, Connor replied. See you then, m'loves.

Daniel stared down at the journal. For the first time in years, he didn't feel like writing in it. It was no longer his sounding board, a place to throw out his frustrations with life, because—to be honest—he was happier than he'd ever been. "I'll keep writing in you," Daniel said with a happy chuckle, "but not tonight. Tonight, I have places to go and people to meet. People I love. I'll finish this later." And with that, he locked up the journal and slid it back into his desk.

Then he stood up and stripped off his clothes, heading for the shower to clean up before meeting with Connor and Xavier.

Xavier and Daniel were sitting on the bed in the cabin waiting for Connor to arrive when they heard him say, Guys, there's something strange here .

What do you mean? Daniel asked.

I'm on my way to the cabin , Connor replied, and there's a deputy sheriff following me .

Did you break the speed limit? Xavier asked, smiling.

Connor's mental voice sounded frustrated. I'm still on the lodge roads. There IS no speed limit. Private property, you know? Connor added, I'm gonna let you guys listen in. Tell me what you think.

Daniel and Xavier closed their eyes, focusing on the visions Connor sent them as he pulled his pickup to the side of the road and motioned with one arm out his window for the deputy to pull around him. As the sheriff's SUV pulled up next to Connor, he got out and waved at the deputy to get out of his car.

The deputy put the SUV in park and stepped out. "Can I help you with something, Connor?"

Connor recognized the deputy right away. It was Jonas Kipling, a young guy known to be aggressive and rude with some of the younger population of Agony.

"Don't need any help, Deputy," Connor replied. "I'm just wondering why you're drivin' around up here. Is there a problem I should know about?"

The deputy shook his head slowly and pursed his lips. "Nope. Nothing you need to know. If there is a problem, I'll talk to your father."

"My father doesn't run the Lodge anymore, Jonas. I'm in charge now. Or didn't you hear?"

Jonas shrugged as if he didn't really care. "Like I said, there's no problem."

"Then why are you drivin' around my property, Jonas?"

"Just doing my job. Keeping an eye on things. You have an issue with that, Connor?"

Connor shook his head. "No issue at all, Jonas. But the sheriff's department usually doesn't spend much time up here. It's private property, after all." Connor's voice took on a deep rumbling growl at the end, to emphasize his point.

Jonas swallowed hard and nodded. "I understand, but I have my orders."

"That's fine," Connor growled, "as long as your orders don't interfere with Lodge affairs. Am I clear?"

Jonas nodded and climbed into his SUV. He started it up and peeled out slightly as he pulled away.

What do you make of that? Connor asked.

Strange , Daniel admitted.

Indeed , Xavier agreed, and that makes me even more suspicious about the visit I had with those dignitaries this afternoon, but I'll wait until Connor gets here so we can discuss it face to face .

"They were polite enough," Xavier began. "It was like many other meetings I've attended with my mother in the past. It's usually dull. Top executives and their deputies meeting in a somewhat social setting, respectfully exchanging pleasantries while glaring at each other from across the table. You know how it goes. 'How nice to meet you.' 'Yes, indeed.' 'How is your Covenant?' 'Good, and yours?' And the entire time they're chattering away, you can see them sizing you up, trying to see if you have any weaknesses they can exploit."

"You vampires are weird," Daniel observed. "Always so hostile."

Xavier shrugged. "It's always been our way. If you aren't strong, you'll be eaten. The only option is to show no weakness and find out where others are vulnerable."

"Wolf packs aren't much different," Connor admitted. "But in our case, it's for the good of the pack. You want your strongest lycan making the calls."

"I suppose," Daniel agreed. "But, Xavier, you said there was something odd about this meeting, didn't you?"

"I was getting to that," Xavier replied. "They asked a lot of questions about the town. Have things settled down now? Are the humans still disturbed? Have any issues arisen from the mass memory wipes? Have we reached a peace settlement with the lycans? I suppose I expected some concern from them, since their territories border on ours, but it seemed they were digging a little too deep, getting a little too involved in my private affairs. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Maybe they're just checking to see that things are getting back to normal here in Agony," Daniel said. Then he laughed. "Whatever normal is for a place like Agony."

"I don't think I'm being paranoid," Xavier added. "I'm one of the youngest vampires in our Covenant, but after 120 years as a vampire, I've learned to listen to my instincts. Something's going on."

Connor nodded. "The sheriff has never concerned himself with Silvermane affairs before now. He's always kept his deputies away from our lands, as long as we didn't bother the humans living outside of town. And now, he's sending deputies to patrol my territory."

Daniel took the hands of his lovers and squeezed them gently. And whatever is going on, we'll face it together . He leaned over and kissed Xavier on the cheek, then licked his way over to Xavier's earlobe, nibbling it gently. When Xavier's frown turned into a smile, Daniel turned to Connor. Connor leaned in and met Daniel's lips with his own, surprising Daniel by nipping Daniel's tongue when it probed Connor's mouth. Daniel pulled back and saw a twinkle in Connor's eyes. Forget about all that and make love to me , Daniel thought.

Connor jumped forward, gathering Daniel and Xavier in his arms and throwing them down on the bed. Despite their protests, he managed to pin them both underneath his muscled bulk. Daniel giggled and Xavier groaned, but they both began kissing Connor's face, his lips, his nose. Connor stuck his face between them, biting Xavier's neck first, then sticking his tongue in Daniel's ear. What are we doin' tonight, X? Connor asked.

Xavier smiled deviously, then sent a mental image to them both.

Kinky! Daniel thought, wriggling his eyebrows.

Connor jumped up and started stripping off his clothes. What are you boys waitin' for? A written invitation?

Xavier's pale body was stretched out across the bed, on his back, with his head hanging over one side of the bed and his legs pulled up onto his chest.

Daniel, in vaewolf form, stood next to the bed. His cock was now eight inches long, throbbing and thick, sliding into Xavier's mouth and down his throat. Looking down on Xavier, Daniel could see Xavier's neck bulging out slightly each time Daniel's vaewolf cock slid into Xavier's throat. Daniel groaned as he thrust over and over, slapping his balls on Xavier's face each time the base of his shaft smacked Xavier's lips.

Connor, also in wolf form, knelt on the bed next to Xavier. His cock was about eleven inches long while transformed, and the entire length of it was buried in Xavier's ass at the moment. Connor lifted Xavier's legs even higher, shuddered, then pulled out and rammed in again, causing Xavier's body to jerk and quiver. With increasing speed, Connor began pounding into Xavier, slamming his hips into the young vampire's butt cheeks with each thrust.

Xavier shouted, Faster, PLEASE, and HARDER, Connor!

Connor complied, his hips now a blur as he slammed his groin into Xavier. Xavier's ass clamped down on Connor's cock, but Connor pushed even harder, rocking the smaller teen's body with each pounding lunge.

Daniel pushed his cock deep, deep into Xavier's throat and held it there. Then he leaned down and twisted Xavier's nipples. Xavier moaned and started to gag. Daniel pulled out and let Xavier take a few deep breaths, then Daniel shoved his cock back in, shaking as his orgasm began and he shot cum into Xavier's throat. Xavier pushed Daniel out slightly, stopping him when his cock was in Xavier's mouth. Xavier sucked aggressively, pulling the cum from Daniel's balls. You taste delicious , Xavier thought.

Daniel pulled out completely, shifted into human form, and bent down to kiss Xavier. Their tongues met and Daniel tasted his own tangy juices in Xavier's saliva. You do, too, my love , Daniel replied.

Then Daniel scooted up Xavier's body and slid his mouth over Xavier's cock, sucking frantically to draw out the precum that was oozing out as Connor repeatedly pounded Xavier's prostate.

Xavier moaned and arched his back, exploding in Daniel's mouth. His balls pulled up into his body, tightening as they expelled their contents.

Connor raised his head and howled, shoving himself up into Xavier and holding himself there, emptying his own balls into Xavier's guts. His body shuddered and transformed back into a human, his muscular chest coated in a thin layer of perspiration.

Before they could all catch their breaths, Daniel transformed back into a vaewolf and scooted forward to sit on Xavier's belly. Then Daniel leaned back slightly and positioned himself over Xavier's cock, sliding the now slippery shaft up into his own ass, impaling himself on Xavier. Daniel pulled Connor into a kiss with one hand and reached down to pull Connor's slimy cock out of Xavier's ass with the other. Then Daniel urged Connor to move forward and slide his cock up alongside Xavier's, until they were both deep inside Daniel. Daniel fell back onto Xavier's chest, and Xavier wrapped his arms around Daniel, holding him secure as he began thrusting gently up into Daniel. Connor leaned over them both and began sliding his cock in unison with Xavier's, both of them relishing the feeling of their cocks pressed together inside Daniel, still leaking tiny squirts of passion as Daniel's body squeezed down on the joined shafts of his lovers.

It was how they always ended up, it seemed. Joined together inside Daniel's body. Joined together in their hearts and souls.

I cherish you both , Daniel thought, feeling their love rolling over him like an ocean wave.

The radio in the deputy's SUV crackled. "Where is he now?"

Jonas Kipling pressed the button on the side of the radio and said, "Inside a cabin. His truck is parked outside."

"Anyone with him?"

"I don't know. No one followed him inside, but there could have been someone in there when he got here."

"Stay where you are. Watch to see who comes out. Then report back to me."

"Understood. Kipling out."

Deputy Kipling stayed at his post until 9:38 p.m., when he saw the lights go out in the cabin and Connor Finnigan leave. Connor got in his truck and drove off. No one else came out of the cabin. The deputy, knowing he'd be asked, waited ten minutes, then climbed up the hill to the cabin and looked inside. There was no one there.

"Well, that's gonna make for a boring damned report," he sighed. He aimed his flashlight around the cabin one more time, wondering what the kid was doing up here all alone for two hours.

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