Soulbound ‡ pact

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 5

"These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume."

-- Friar Lawrence, from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

Gregor strolled boldly into Xavier's room and threw himself down onto Xavier's bed.

Xavier, sitting at his desk, turned to stare at his cousin. "I guess you no longer knock before entering my room?"

Gregor laughed. "I have good news, cousin. News I can't wait to share with you."

"And I suppose you think it's acceptable to throw yourself onto my bed, shoes and all?"

Gregor snorted and stared Xavier in the eye as he toed off his shoes and put his feet up on the bed, rubbing his socked feet all over the blanket. "Is this better?"

Xavier shook his head. Gregor was impossible to manage some days. "What do you want?"

Gregor sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed, his eyes sparkling with excitement. "I've organized a party tonight. Steven Ramsey's house. You are going to be there."

Xavier turned back to the notes he was writing and said, "I'm busy."

Ignoring Xavier, Gregor continued speaking. "Steven's parents are out of town. It was his idea to host the party … with a bit of a mental nudge from me, of course. It also didn't hurt any that I promised to have several cute girls show up. You know what a nerd Steven is and how much he wants to get laid."

"Know about it. Don't care."

"Come on, Xavier. Don't be that way. It's going to be fun. There will plenty for us to eat with so many horny humans there. Probably won't need much prodding to get them naked and quivering. It'll be fun."

"I said I'm busy, Gregor."

"There will also be some cute guys there. I invited Brian."

"Still not interested."

"Bullshit, Zavy. You need this, so get off your ass, get dressed, and come with me to the party."

Xavier threw down his pencil and turned to face Gregor. "I wasn't lying about being busy. Minerva has given me several special reports from the last Convention to study. She wants my thoughts on how these recommendations will affect our Covenant. She wants my answers by tomorrow night. And I have an English essay due Monday."

Gregor rolled his eyes. "You'll have the essay written in five minutes. We both know that. And you can tell Minerva you agree with everything in the Convention reports. It's not like you're the Executor yet. She'll do what she wants to do, no matter what you have to say."

"Right. And have her lecture me for two hours about not taking my responsibilities seriously? No, thank you."

Gregor stood up and walked over to the desk. Leaning down, he read over Xavier's shoulder. It was an analysis of the effect of vampiric hypnotism on human subjects, very dry, very analytical. Gregor pointed at the pages and said, "Instead of reading about controlling a human's mind, why not come to the party and do it. Then you can tell Minerva what you've personally observed. It's the perfect solution."

Xavier sighed. He hated it when Gregor actually made sense.

Gregor laughed. "I can see you thinking about it, cousin. Besides, you need to loosen up and live a little. You'll do a better job on these boring-ass reports if you have a little R&R. And you had a good time with Brian before. He has powerful orgasms, remember?"

Gregor was right. A bit of rest and recreation would do him good. And Brian did cum hard. The taste of the boy's passion had been refreshing.

Sighing, Xavier said, "Fine. I'll go. What time is the party?"

"Starts at 8. You have an hour to get ready."

Connor drove up to Donny's house, smiling when the two blonde teens came tearing out of the house toward his pickup.

Ethan yelled, "Shotgun!"

But Donny shook his head. "Ain't happening, little bro. I get the window. You sit in the middle."

"I hate sitting in the middle," Ethan complained. "I'm always afraid the gear knob is gonna whack me in the balls." But he scooted over into the middle of the seat anyway.

Connor reached over and squeezed Ethan's package. "Don't worry about the gearshift. Worry about me getting confused and trying to shove your cock into fourth gear."

They all laughed as Ethan grabbed Connor's hand and shoved it away. "Don't touch my junk," he ordered. "I'm saving it for the party."

Donny snorted and said, "What are you savin' it for, bro? None of the girls will want a runt like you with all of us studs to choose from!"

Connor laughed. Ethan was no runt. He was almost as big as his brother, who was just as powerfully built and handsome. Ethan was also charming, and Connor had no doubt the younger boy would be able to talk a girl into a bit of snuggling at the party, if not more.

"Who's gonna be at the party?" Connor asked as he pulled out onto the highway.

"Tons of kids," Donny replied. "Steven invited everyone he saw at school today."

"I still can't believe Steven is holding a party. His parents will kill him when they get back."

Ethan chuckled. "Probably. But it will give the dude mad street cred. You know he even invited Deborah Murphy, and he practically pisses his pants every time he talks to her."

Donny laughed. "Too true. But there's no way her parents will let her go."

All three boys chuckled. They knew how strict the Murphy's were with their werebitch daughter. They kept a very close eye on her, and it was no secret they planned for her to be Connor's future mate when he took over the leadership of the Silvermane Pack. Attending a human party with no supervision was absolutely out of consideration.

"Janet Monroe will be there," Donny added, mimicking squeezing a girl's breasts. "And plenty of other hot humans. Lots to choose from."

"Yeah," Ethan sighed. "It's gonna be amazing. Ethan adjusted his pants to make room for his growing boner. He was already anticipating all the girls with big boobs he'd meet.

Xavier and Gregor had to park two blocks away. Cars lined the street in both directions, which surprised them both.

"I thought you said you invited just a few humans," Xavier said with a frown.

"I did," Gregor replied. "Steven must have invited a couple of people himself."

"More than a couple." They looked in amazement at the teens chatting enthusiastically as they walked from their cars to Steven's house. There were pockets of kids holding drinks and talking in the front yard, and loud music was playing inside the house.

Gregor laughed wickedly. "His parents are going to slaughter him."

Xavier shook his head. "Not cool, Gregor."

"What? He'll probably be the most popular guy in school after this."

"If his parents don't send him off to a military school in Colorado."

"Gotta be better than high school in Agony."

They both laughed as they continued up the sidewalk to the front door. The music pounded inside the house, loud enough to drown out the shouted conversations of the teens crowding the front room. Several were laughing as they drank, and it was obvious they weren't drinking sodas. A few had clear plastic glasses with beer.

"Where did he get the beer?" Xavier asked.

"No clue," Gregor responded. "But it looks like we won't have to do a lot to get this party started!"

That was apparent. Girls in tight shirts were laughing as boys stood around them, blatantly staring at their breasts. The boys weren't even trying to hide the growing lumps in their pants.

"Did you plant some mental commands when you invited them?" Xavier asked.

Gregor laughed. "Didn't have to. These are teenagers, Zavy."

Connor, Ethan, and Donny strolled up to the house, astonished at how the party was already in full swing. Moving through the crowd in the front room, they found the kitchen where a laughing girl handed them plastic cups filled with beer. As werewolves, beer didn't affect them. Their bodies metabolized the alcohol too quickly for it to have much effect on them, but they still enjoyed the taste.

"What should we do first?" Ethan shouted, trying to make himself heard over the music blaring from the other room.

"Just hang out. Talk. And keep your hands to yourself," Donny shouted back.

Frowning, Ethan replied, "I thought that's why we came. To touch boobies!"

Donny punched Ethan's shoulder. "Don't come to me if you get your face slapped, little brother."

Laughing, they all three moved to the back yard, where it was not as crowded and less noisy.

"Watch me work," Ethan said, grinning. He walked up to a group of older girls who were standing off by themselves. "Hey, lovely ladies, havin' a good time?" he asked.

They glanced at Ethan and smiled condescendingly, but when they noticed Connor and Donny following him, they smiled broadly. One, a tall brunette, replied, "Could be having a better time."

Donny elbowed Connor gently in the side. "Sounds like an invitation," he whispered.

Connor gulped and moved forward to stand next to Ethan. "Hi," he bashfully said.

"Hey," the brunette replied. "Aren't you the new linebacker on the football team?"

Connor nodded. "Yeah. Just started."

Donny leaned in. "His name is Connor. Connor Finnigan. Just moved here this year."

One of the other girls smiled and said, "I thought you might be new. You're in tenth grade?"

"Yes," Donny replied. "Ethan's in ninth." He pointed at his brother.

The girls looked at each other and smirked. "We're juniors. But we don't mind robbing the cradle. Especially with boys from the football team."

Ethan actually giggled. Donny took a quick drink of his beer. Connor gulped.

"So do you boys have girlfriends?" asked the brunette.

Xavier and Gregor moved down the hallway to the bedrooms at the back of the house. Several teens lined the hallway, groping and kissing. The bedroom doors were closed, and when they tried one, they found it locked.

"Hey," one of the boys said. "It's locked for a reason. Wait your turn. You can't see the line?"

Gregor turned slowly and stared at the boy, his eyes beginning to glow softly. "I don't see a line," Gregor growled.

The boy's eyes glazed over. He blinked and replied, "No line."

Gregor turned back to the bedroom door and twisted the knob until there was a loud pop and the knob turned the rest of the way. "And no lock either." He pushed the door open and pulled Xavier after him. On the bed inside the room, a boy and a girl were frantically stripping off their clothes while trying to kiss.

Turning at the sound of Gregor and Xavier coming through the door, they started to complain, but Gregor waved his hand at them dismissively. "Go on and do what you started. We aren't here." They turned away from Gregor's glowing eyes and began kissing again. The boy grabbed the girl's breasts and massaged them. She slid a hand inside his underwear, squeezing and caressing.

Gregor and Xavier walked up slowly and leaned over them with eyes glowing red, fangs extending slightly as they breathed in the passion coming off the sex-crazed teenagers.

"I told you it would be a good party," Gregor said with a grin.

Connor tried. He really did. But the girls were boring, and they didn't have what he wanted.

Donny noticed and whispered something in Ethan's ear. Ethan looked at Connor, surprised, and nodded. They said goodbye to the girls and moved on, leaving the slightly disappointed females behind.

Moving to a quiet corner of the yard, Donny moved in front of Connor and asked, "What's the deal, Connor?"

"What do you mean?" Connor asked.

"Why aren't you interested in those girls?"

Connor shrugged. "Don't know. They just don't excite me."

"Because they aren't werebitches?" Ethan asked.

Connor sighed. "No. It's not that. They're just boring."

"They still liked you," Ethan persisted. "They probably would have done anything you wanted."

"I'm not interested in them, okay?" Connor snapped.

Ethan swallowed hard, not understanding what was upsetting Connor so much.

Donny moved next to Connor and put his arm around Connor's shoulders. "Hey, Connor. It's no big deal. We're here to have fun, and if those girls don't interest you, that's cool."

Ethan moved closer and leaned against Connor, rubbing his cheek on Connor's chest. "I'm sorry, Connor. I didn't mean to upset you."

Ethan's behavior stirred up Connor's alpha instincts. He rubbed the smaller lad's back. "It's okay, Ethan. I'm not upset."

"Then what's wrong?"

Donny pulled Ethan away from Connor and said, "Ethan, just take it easy, okay. Connor may not be ready for this kind of thing yet."

Connor smiled gratefully at Donny. Yes, going to parties was new to him, but Connor didn't think a million parties would make him feel relaxed around human females. They obviously wanted him. He could smell the way their bodies responded to him. But he didn't want what they had to offer. Shit, he wasn't even comfortable around the werebitches when they were in heat. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Donny thought he knew what was going on in Connor's head. What Connor needed was Caleb's talented mouth, not a horny human female. And that was going to make it difficult for Connor to be alpha of the Pack one day. Shit! What a mess!

Donny moved in front of Connor. "Don't worry about it, Connor. We're here to have fun, so let's have fun. No pressure, right?"

Connor nodded. "Okay."

Donny placed one hand on Connor's shoulder. "We're here for you, Connor. No matter what. We've got your back."

Ethan nodded and gripped Connor's arm. "That's right, Connor. No matter what."

The intensity in their eyes made Connor smile. With wolves like these guarding his ass, what was he worried about?

"Come on, boys. Let's get another drink?"

Xavier and Gregor, sated for the moment, walked into the kitchen to get a drink, not that they needed the alcohol to enjoy themselves. The emotions coming off the other teenagers were like a fine wine to their vampiric appetites. But they needed to keep up appearances, so holding a drink and sipping it from time to time was necessary.

As they walked into the room, they saw the three wereboys topping off their beers.

Xavier and Connor glanced at each other, surprised.

Xavier smiled and said, "Hello, Connor."

"Hey," Connor replied.

"You know each other?" Gregor asked.

Nodding, Xavier replied, "We were paired up by McDuffey to work on a history project."

Gregor snorted. "You're kidding?"

"No. We're researching the Theodore Roosevelt State Park."

Gregor laughed. "That's fucking rich."

Donny stepped forward, squinting at the two vampires. "Why's that, Blooded?"

Connor put on hand in front of Donny, holding him back. "Come on, Donny. Let's not start anything."

Gregor sneered. "Yes, Donny-boy. Let's not start something you can't finish."

Donny lurched forward, but Ethan and Connor pulled him back.

Xavier grabbed Gregor and spun him around to face him. "Cut it out, Gregor."

Gregor smirked. "I'm not doing anything, Xavier. Besides, these hairy mutts are probably crashing the party. They don't belong here."

Xavier grabbed Gregor by the shoulders and leaned in, snarling, "I said cut it out!"

Gregor stopped smiling and stared intently into Xavier's eyes. "What's your problem, Xavier? You know these beasts have no place in our world. Minerva expects all of us to make that clear at every opportunity."

Shaking Gregor, Xavier growled, "That's enough, Gregor. If you can't keep your mouth shut, the party's over. We're going home."

Gregor ripped free of Xavier's grip and glared at the three werewolves, but he kept his mouth shut and stomped out of the kitchen into the front room.

Xavier swallowed hard and turned to face Connor. "I'm … look, I'm sorry about my cousin. His mouth gets him in trouble all the time."

Connor nodded. "It's okay. I understand."

Looking around, Xavier nervously asked, "Are you enjoying the party?"

Connor shrugged. "It's okay. About what you'd expect."

Xavier grinned. "Yeah. Exactly. Ummm, so you're drinking beer?"

Nodding, Connor looked down at his glass, which was mostly empty. "We just came in for refills. Are you having a good time?"

"It's okay," Xavier replied. "A lot more people here than I expected."

"Yeah, it's pretty crowded," Connor admitted.

Donny tugged on Connor's arm. "The beer's over here. You want me to fill your cup?" Donny and Ethan both had full cups now.

"Oh. Uhhh, yeah." Connor handed his cup to Donny. "Thanks."

"We should probably go back outside," Donny said as he topped off Connor's cup.

Connor knew Donny was right, but he didn't want to go outside. He wanted to stay here and talk to Xavier.

"I should go find Gregor," Xavier said. "Don't want him getting into trouble, you understand."

"Yeah. Good idea," Connor replied, smiling. He couldn't help himself. For the first time that night, he was actually enjoying himself.

Xavier smiled back. There was something about Connor that made his heart pound. Perhaps it was better if they weren't around each other anymore that night.

"Here you go," Donny said, handing a full cup of beer to Connor.

"See you around," Connor said, waving bashfully at Xavier.

"Yes. See you at school Monday," Xavier replied.

As Xavier turned to walk into the front room, he glanced back over his shoulder and saw Connor staring at him. They both smiled.

The party had turned out okay after all.

"A human party. An out-of-control human party with alcohol and underage drinkers." Minerva tapped her fingers on the table as she spoke. "An out-of-control party broken up by police at three in the morning."

"We left long before then," Gregor mumbled.

Minerva slammed her hand down on the table. "I am aware of that! Otherwise, we would be having an entirely different conversation right now."

Everyone sitting at the table stared at their plates, holding their tongues.

Minerva turned to glare at Xavier. "I would have thought your duties kept you too busy for such trivial pursuits."

Xavier sighed, replying, "I will have my analysis of the Convention reports completed by tonight."

"Oh?" Minerva asked, with a sneer. "You mean you don't have any other social functions to attend?"

Sebastian and Regina both snickered until Minerva glared at them.

Regina was finding the entire situation quite humorous. Gregor should have known better than to get involved with the humans like this. It was far better to find one or two humans, send them into a sexual frenzy, dine on their emotions, and then make them forget about the whole thing. Much quicker. Much safer. And since Xavier was rejecting Regina's advances, she felt justified in seeing Minerva tearing into him like this.

Sebastian was concerned. He knew Minerva was grooming Xavier to take on greater responsibilities in the Covenant, but he wasn't certain Xavier was up to the task. There was something about Xavier, something not quite right. He was too emotional. Too unsettled. Too easily caught up in the lives of non-vampires. Sebastian didn't agree with Minerva's decision to promote Xavier, but he had decided long ago to bide his time and wait for her to see what a mistake it was to trust Xavier. When she realized this, Sebastian was prepared to step up and demonstrate that he was the better vampire. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Gregor tried not to grin. He didn't want to antagonize Minerva, especially now that it appeared there would be no further repercussions after the disastrous end of the party. When the police raided the house, he and Xavier had quickly disappeared out a side door. The one policeman they encountered had quickly forgotten they were there, thanks to a quick mental probe by Gregor. The Covenant's precious reputation had been preserved, but poor Steven Ramsey was in a world of hurt now.

Xavier ignored Minerva's acidic comments and took another bite of his food. Strange, but food no longer satisfied him. It was a mechanical habit to eat. Just as it was to feed on the passions of horny teenagers. Both filled him up, but neither satisfied. He longed for something more, though he had no idea what it was.

Andreas sighed and shook his head. "Not what I expect from my lads," he said as he stared at Connor, Ethan, and Donny. "We don't follow the rules the humans have for themselves, but we also don't run afoul of 'em if we can help it."

"We weren't doing anything wrong, sir," Donny said with a grimace. "Just havin' a bit of beer and hangin' out with the other kids."

"You aren't old enough to drink beer nor are you to drive after drinkin'," Andreas said. "According to the human laws."

"Beer doesn't affect us, sir," Donny replied, glancing at Connor for support.

Connor stood with his head bowed, staring at his feet. He hadn't said a word, but had meekly accepted Andreas' stern lecture. The police had insisted they sit at the police station until Andreas came down to get them, driven there by Patrick McCoy, who was glaring angrily at his own boys Donny and Ethan.

Andreas placed a finger under Connor's chin and lifted his head until Connor could look him in the eye. "What do ya' have to say for yourself, Connor me lad?"

"It was just a party, Pa. Didn't know it would be a problem."

Andreas sighed and turned to look at Patrick McCoy. Then turning back to the boys, he said, "Well, it isn't a problem. Not for me. Not for Patrick. Nor for the rest of the Pack. If the humans try to make something of it, I'll tell them what they can do with their stupid rules. But the Pack doesn't need this kind of trouble, so I expect better from you lads in the future. Am I clear?"

They all three nodded.

"Alright. Let's call it a night. And we'll say no more about it." Having made up his mind, Andreas considered the matter closed.

But for Connor, it was far from over. The drinking. The police. The embarrassment of sitting on the hard benches in the police station. That was nothing really. But the way he was beginning to feel about Xavier was far more unsettling, and he had no idea how to handle it. How could he be feeling this way about a Blooded?

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