Soulbound ‡ pact

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 4

I'm trying hard to be myself but I always seem to failAfraid I'm not the guy you know so well'Cause every time I'm near you I just … I seem to lose my headAnd spend my time admiring instead

-- From I'm Falling for You by Chester See

"You will work in pairs on this project," Mrs. McDuffey explained as she passed out the page of instructions to each student. "It is a team project, so I expect both people on the team to contribute equally to the research, to the preparation of the report, and to the presentation of the report to the class in three weeks. Allow me to repeat myself … both people will contribute equally. As in both people do the research, both people write the report, both people make the presentation." She stared at the students through the top of her bifocals, waiting until she saw understanding on a least one or two faces.

Sighing, she returned to her desk and checked her class roster. "I will be pairing you up alphabetically, so there will be no complaints about whom you are assigned to work with." She paused and looked at the students again. "Is that clear?"

The students mumbled what may have been grudging agreement, so she began calling out names. "Maria Baca and Allen Carlton will be the first team and will take the first project listed on the back of your instructions: the effect of the railroads on the state's early growth." Her directions were interrupted by the class giggling and glancing around at each other. Unfortunately, Maria and Allen had just broken up, so everyone (except Mrs. McDuffey apparently) knew what an enormous mistake it was to pair the two of them together. They both seemed to realize it, staring down at the desks with pained expressions on their faces.

Mrs. McDuffey waited for the snickering to die down, then continued speaking. "Jasmine Dietrich and Regina Fabbri, you will work together on project number two, the International Peace Garden."

As a vampire, Regina was not at all pleased to hear this. She would have preferred to have another vampire as her partner, especially the handsome Xavier. Working with the attractive teen would have given her opportunities to let him know just how she felt about him, but instead she found herself paired up with the clueless, brown-nosing Jasmine. This was going to really suck.

Jasmine immediately raised her hand and waved it in the air, frantically seeking Mrs. McDuffey's attention.

Mrs. McDuffey grimaced and said, "Yes, Jasmine. What is it?"

Jasmine lowered her hand and enthusiastically replied, "My family visited the Peace Garden last year. It's amazing, but I don't understand what it has to do with the history of our state."

Mrs. McDuffey glared at Jasmine. "It will be your goal to learn exactly that, Jasmine. Find out how it fits into our history, when it was created, by whom, and for what purpose. Understood?"

Jasmine nodded eagerly.

Regina frowned. She glanced around the room, wondering who would be assigned to work with Xavier.

Mrs. McDuffey continued down her roster. "Connor Finnigan and Xavier Finton-Smyth, you will take project three, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Lincoln Nash and Rebecca Smith, project four, …"

While Mrs. McDuffey droned on, Connor and Xavier looked at each other, surprised and concerned. If having the ex-lovers Allen and Maria working together was a mess, pairing a werewolf with a vampire would be nothing short of a disaster.

Regina saw Xavier staring at Connor. Great. The sexiest vampire in Agony paired with a hairy werewolf boy! A match made in Heaven. They'd probably kill each other after an hour together.

Connor stared back at Xavier, frowning. Connor wasn't sure he'd be able to work with someone who belonged to that blood-thirsty race. He'd do his best, but it wasn't going to be easy. What would the other lycans say? What would his PARENTS say?

Xavier swallowed anxiously, thinking back to the dream he'd had about Connor several nights ago. Sure, the guy was tall and muscular and ruggedly handsome, but he just wasn't Xavier's type. He wasn't anything like Jack. Or Brian. Or any of the other guys Xavier was normally attracted to. Gregor was going to give him serious grief when he heard about this assignment.

And yet, there really was nothing they could do but accept what Fate had in store.

After pairing everyone up, Mrs. McDuffey assigned new seats, positioning each pair of students side by side so they could work on their projects for the next two weeks.

As Xavier carried his books to the chair next to Connor, he nodded at Connor and smiled. It seemed to Connor that the smile was meant to be friendly, but it was forced. That was to be expected, considering their different backgrounds. Well, if Xavier was willing to be civil, Connor would try as well. He smiled back, hoping he appeared friendly and not like a snarling wolf.

Xavier saw the concern in Connor's eyes, and it surprised him. Could it be that the werewolf boy was just as worried about working with him? Of course, he was. Xavier didn't know all the ins and outs of lycan society, but he was sure Connor must be just as uncomfortable about this as Xavier was. This realization gave him a warm feeling of empathy for Connor, an emotion Xavier tried to extinguish quickly. The last thing Xavier needed or wanted was a werewolf friend, even one as sexy as Connor.

Connor moved his books to one side of the table, making room for Xavier next to him. It wasn't going to be easy, but he silently ordered himself to make it work. The guy wasn't bad looking, despite his pale vampire complexion. His body was on the thin side, as if he still had some growing to do. Connor wondered if Xavier had been picked on as a boy, and that thought stirred up his protective alpha instincts. Odd. Feeling protective toward a vampire. Not a good idea, even if the vampire is a cute, teenage boy.

As Xavier slid into the seat next to Connor, he couldn't help himself. He smiled again, but this time a mischievous smirk as he realized that he had indeed been assigned to work with the hottest guy in class. Sure he was a lycan, but Connor was also seriously sexy!

Connor was confused now, seeing Xavier's smirk. The friendly smile was gone, replaced by an impish grin that actually made the younger lad look like he would be fun to hang out with. Or better yet, fun to get in trouble with. Not for the first time, Connor thought about the sexy games the two of them could play. Xavier really was handsome, in a dark and mysterious way.

Opening their textbooks to the chapter on state parks, they tried to ignore each other and the uncomfortable attraction they were beginning to feel. Instead, they read silently for a moment, learning about President Teddy Roosevelt's interest in conservation and how it influenced him to create the enormous 70,000-acre park that bore his name.

After reading a minute, Connor sighed and whispered, "There's so damned much here. I don't even know where to start."

Xavier nodded agreement, grateful for an excuse to turn and talk to Connor about something, anything other than how cute Connor was. "McDuffey said we should both work on the research part of the project. Maybe we can divide it up? I'll read about Roosevelt's role. You can research how the park was created. What do you think?"

Shrugging, Connor replied, "Works for me." He glanced sideways at Xavier and thought, 'He really is handsome. Sure, his skin is pale. I guess because he's a vampire? But it works for him, with his dark hair and eyes.'

Xavier noticed Connor studying him. Xavier was trying not to stare himself, but it wasn't easy. There was a light, masculine musk coming from Connor that made Xavier's mouth water slightly. Their legs were almost touching, and Xavier could feel the heat radiating from Connor's body. It made him shiver slightly, so he pulled out a notebook and a pen to cover for how Connor was affecting him.

Both boys began reading and writing down facts they found that might be important. Connor shifted in his seat, briefly bumping against Xavier's hip. The touch sent electric tingles racing through Connor's body and his cock lurched in his pants. Damn. Why now? Why with this guy? Shouldn't Connor's skin be crawling with revulsion instead? He scooted his chair an inch to the side and continued reading.

Xavier was relieved when Connor moved his chair away. Having Connor sitting so close made it difficult to focus on the words in the book. Xavier scanned through the material on President Roosevelt and started jotting down notes. Just do the project. Read. Throw yourself into boring history. Ignore the amazingly hot boy sitting next to you, with the wavy auburn hair and light green eyes and bulging biceps. Shit! Focus!! Theodore Roosevelt claimed his visit to North Dakota was instrumental in helping him to win the Presidency. That's odd. Why did he say that? Why does Connor look like the perfect specimen of a man? SHIT!

Connor frowned as he read the textbook's description of the role conservation played in the early history of the park. "Conservation. What the hell is that?" he mumbled.

Xavier looked up. "It's about protecting our natural resources. Keeping things in their natural state so future generations can enjoy them."

"Oh. I get it. Does that mean no hunting?"

"I don't think so," Xavier replied. "Teddy Roosevelt loved to hunt, but I think he wanted to preserve large areas of the state from development. You know … chopping down forests, mining, drilling for oil. That sort of activity. But hunting was fine, and also hiking and enjoying the natural beauty." Xavier reached over and pointed at a place on the page that explained conservation in more detail. His fingers brushed against Connor's hand. The electric spark from that brief contact surprised them both.

Connor moved his hand away and gulped. "Okay. Thanks." That fleeting touch of Xavier's hand was having an unwelcome effect on Connor. His heart was pounding. His stomach was churning. His cock was swelling up and filling out. Even with it pointed down his pant leg, it was beginning to stretch the fabric of his pants with no chance of hiding his arousal. It would look ridiculous to put his backpack in his lap now. He closed his eyes and begged his cock to stop, stop, STOP. He looked at Xavier and saw the other boy glancing down, eyes wide as he saw Connor's pants tenting up.

Embarrassed for Connor, Xavier quickly returned his attention to the textbook, but his every thought was on the massive lump in Connor's pants. Damn. The boy was huge. Xavier felt his own cock swelling up in response. Great. Now they were both getting erections in class. Xavier chuckled as he realized the awkwardness of the moment.

"What's so funny?" Connor whispered.

Startled, Xavier replied, "Oh, ummm, well, I'm just trying to figure out why Roosevelt felt he stood a better chance at getting elected after visiting North Dakota." 'And how to keep you from seeing that your boner is giving me a boner,' he added to himself.

Connor nodded. "Okay." He noticed Xavier moving one hand down to his lap, tugging at the front of his pants to give his cock room to grow. 'Fuck,' Connor realized, 'he's getting hard too.' For some reason, it hadn't occurred to Connor that a vampire boy might be as horny as a werewolf teen. He turned back to his book, smiling and no longer trying to control the swelling in his pants.

Connor ducked into a restroom after class. Sitting next to Xavier for an hour had been torture, especially with his cock straining against his pants. Fortunately, it had gone down by the time class ended, so he was able to rush out of class without bending over in pain. He'd still had to hurry out of the classroom with his backpack held in front of his body and head for the nearest boy's room.

Now, standing at the sink, he splashed cold water on his face. It helped some, but he couldn't stop thinking about the boner in Xavier's pants. The thin fabric of the black dress slacks had done little to hide the fact that Xavier was just as aroused, just as hard as Connor had been. Though they'd tried to work on the history project, their eyes had constantly been drawn to the hard shafts in their laps, and each glance made it that much harder to concentrate and that much more obvious that they were attracted to each other.

Connor glanced up at the mirror. "You can't have anything to do with him," he reminded himself in a strained whisper. "He's Blooded. The enemy of the Pack."

Xavier walked quickly down the hallway and then outside, breathing in the fresh air and trying to settle his thoughts, which were predominantly filled with the memory of Connor's musky scent and Connor's bulging muscles and Connor's thick boner.

Shaking his head at his own foolishness, Xavier headed for the Auditorium. It should be empty this time of day. There were no drama or band classes until later, and he needed a secluded spot to think without being bothered.

He had to focus on what was best for his life. If he allowed his heart to get involved, he'd be in trouble. If he listened to his cock, he'd be doomed. And that cock was still hard, jutting to one side, twisted inside his pants.

"You can't have anything to do with him," he mumbled, trying to convince himself to stop thinking about Connor. "He's a lycan, for fuck's sake."

The cold water wasn't helping. Connor leaned down and looked under the restroom stalls. All empty. He hustled into the first stall and latched the door behind him. Pulling his pants down to his knees, he freed his cock, which instantly swelled up to its full eight inches. The tip glistened with precum.

Xavier slipped inside the men's dressing room in the drama department. He left the light off and closed the door behind him. Then, leaning against a wall, he frantically pulled his pants down to his thighs. His cock, still hard, throbbed. It was six inches long and painfully hard, begging for release. His eyes glowed in the darkness, allowing him to faintly make out the pale skin of his shaft and the darker tip, filled with blood and puffy.

Connor closed his eyes and took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Starting slowly, he gently fondled himself. He stroked the long, hot shaft, delighting in the comforting sensation of his foreskin sliding on and off the swollen tip of his cock. His other hand rolled his hairy balls gently from side to side. His blew out his breath with a deep, satisfied sigh. "I needed this," he whispered.

Xavier closed his eyes and began caressing his cock, moving his hand down to the base, squeezing, then sliding up to spread the precum oozing out all over the mushroom-shaped cap. He quivered at the sensation of the slippery fluid on the sensitive ridge. "I needed this," he whispered.

Connor's breath was coming faster now. Panting. Gasping as the waves of pleasure built deep inside him and rushed through his balls up the shaft of his cock to the spongy tip, where sticky juices now oozed out. With the extra lubrication, the skin was sliding easily up and down now, over the engorged cap and back down onto his thick shaft. Every slippery pass over the ridge of cock head caused an electric tingle that made his breath catch.

His mind raced, taking him back to the classroom. The touch of Xavier's fingers on the back of his hand … the boner in Xavier's pants … the impish grin on Xavier's face. He couldn't stop thinking about the Xavier, imagining him here, imagining Xavier's hands stroking him, bringing him to an orgasm.

Connor moaned and stroked faster.

Xavier's cheeks were flushed, almost pink now. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead. His stomach quivered. His hand was a blur on his cock, squeezing the hard shaft in a manic grip as he brought himself closer and closer to the edge. He bit down on his lip, moaning, "Oh, Connor."

No … don't think about him now …

Don't think about his eyes. Like a stormy ocean …

Or his chest, so broad and strong …

Or his thighs. Massive, like small trees. Or his butt cheeks, straining and flexing powerfully in his pants as he walked …

Or his cock …

Connor's head jerked as his cock exploded, launching thick squirts of cum onto the stall door. "Oh, fuck!" he murmured.

Xavier whimpered as his cock propelled cum in a silvery arc onto the floor of the dressing room. "Oh, damn," he sighed.

The restroom door opened. Donny and Ethan walked inside, looking around.

"I know I saw him come in here," Ethan said, bending down to look under the stalls. He pointed at Connor's feet under the nearest stall and grinned.

Donny walked up to the stall and pounded on the door. "Quit whackin' off, Connor."

Connor was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. "What the hell do you want, Donny?"

"You have two minutes before the next class, so wipe off your dick and get out here. We want to talk."

"About what?" Connor asked.

Ethan giggled. "Girls. Girls who will suck your dick so you don't have to beat it in the restroom at school."

"I ain't beatin' off," Connor said with a sigh.

"Then what's all this?" Donny asked with a laugh, pointing at the cum dripping down onto the floor.

From inside the stall, Connor groaned, then chuckled. "None of your damned business, you jerk."

Donny laughed again. "Clean up the floor. Clean up your cock. Then get out here. We do want to talk about hooking you up with a girl, you horny fucker, you."

Connor pulled out a large glob of toilet paper and bent down to wipe off the floor. "Give me a minute," he mumbled.

"Was she cute, Connor?" Ethan asked.

Connor wiped more cum from the stall door. "Was who cute?"

"The girl you were thinking about when you were stroking one out," Ethan replied with a giggle.

Connor tossed the toilet paper into the commode and pulled out more to clean off his cock. "Shut up, Ethan," he grumbled.

"Yeah, shut up, Ethan," Donny said, grinning at his little brother. "She doesn't have to be cute. She just needs big boobs and a talented mouth."

They both guffawed, while Connor rolled his eyes. If Donny and Ethan knew who he had been thinking about five minutes ago, they wouldn't be laughing so hard.

The door to the dressing room opened quickly and two teenagers, a boy and a girl, stumbled inside. They were holding hands, giggling, and flushed with excitement. The light from the hallway shone on Xavier, who stood in the middle of the room, holding his still hard, still dripping cock in one hand.

"Oh, fuck! Sorry," the boy said.

The girl's eyes opened wide, then she smiled, but said nothing.

Xavier sighed and shook his head. Great. Perfect. He took a deep breath and looked intently at the two. His eyes began to glow red.

They stared back at him, no longer smiling. Their faces lost all expression, and their eyes glazed over.

Xavier sent a few mental commands, then allowed his eyes to resume their normal, empty black appearance.

The boy pulled the girl after him to the table along one wall where the actors applied their makeup before each performance. The two of them sat down and waited, staring at their reflections in the mirror. Behind them, Xavier's image was dim and wavering, as insubstantial as their memories of him had become.

Xavier found an old tee shirt which he used to clean up the cum on the floor. He folded the tee shirt and made several quick, tidy swipes of the tip of his cock, squeezing the shaft to force out the last few drops of sticky fluid. Then he tossed the tee shirt into a hamper in the corner, pulled his pants into place, and zipped up. Walking out the door, he left the two intruders staring at nothing, remembering nothing.

They would snap out of their trance in a minute or so, unable to understand how they got there and what they were doing. Then they would probably carry on with the groping and kissing they'd planned earlier that day.

Xavier didn't want to stick around and see what they would do. He didn't even want to taste their passion. Somehow, thinking about Connor had satisfied him in a way he didn't understand.

Connor ignored Ethan and Donny as they enthusiastically listed all the human girls in the school who would love to suck Connor's dick. They each had an opinion about which girl would be best. Most of Donny's favorites had big butts, which he described in detail, assuring Connor that several would let him fuck them if he asked. Ethan, on the other hand, was more excited about the size of their breasts, insisting that the best girls had the biggest boobs. They both agreed that Janet Monroe would be a great girlfriend, because she had a big ass and huge boobs.

But Connor wasn't listening. He was focused on Xavier. But not on Xavier's boner or what he would like to do with it. Now that Connor had cum, he was able to think again, and of all the things he was thinking about, the one thing he kept coming back to was Xavier's sexy smile.

Xavier sat down on the edge of the stage, his legs dangling over. He stared at the shadowed auditorium seats in the room, empty and silent as the grave. And for the first time in decades, he felt alive. Not alive with hope and joy. But alive with apprehension mixed with confusion.

Staring at his folded hands resting in his lap, Xavier whispered, "Why do I feel this way when I think about him? I can't fall for him, and yet I feel it happening. I can't have my heart ripped from my chest again. I can't."

Xavier squeezed his eyes shut, feeling tears sliding down his cheeks and falling onto his hands.

"What am I doing?" Xavier asked himself. "He's a werewolf."

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