Soulbound ‡ clash

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 2

If you are going through hell, keep going.

-- Winston Churchill

Connor climbed out of bed and walked to the fireplace. The fire had died down to glowing embers during the night, so Connor tossed a few more logs onto the coals. It wasn't that any of them were particularly bothered by the cold, but the flickering flames made the cabin seem cozier and helped to dispel the chill they were all feeling after hearing Daniel's foreboding vision.

Daniel fell back onto his pillow, staring up into the rafters. "I know we need to prepare, Xavier. But for what? These damned visions of mine are almost useless. They show me bits and pieces of what lies ahead without giving me any fucking useful information." Daniel's frustration was obvious, especially when he started cussing like this.

Diego snuggled into Daniel's side, using Daniel's shoulder for a pillow. "We found a way to use your visions before. When we were fighting those government creeps. We'll figure something out this time too."

Xavier sat cross-legged on the bed, tracing slow patterns on Daniel's shin. "I admit it would help if you saw more of what is coming, Daniel, but there are still useful bits of information in your visions. If we can piece them together, like the parts of a puzzle, we might have a clear picture of what it is we are preparing for."

Daniel reached down and took Xavier's hand in his own. Pulling Xavier's hand up to his lips, he kissed Xavier's fingers and said, "I love you, Xavier. The way you are right now … logical, thoughtful, trying to get us all ready … I love that about you. But in my vision, you aren't like that. You don't have any answers. You look at what is coming and you realize that we can't win."

Daniel turned to look at Connor, who was stirring up the fire. Daniel sighed, "And Connor … he's the bravest one of us. Nothing scares him. Nothing can stop him. But in my vision, he's powerless to stop what is ahead. I hate seeing him like that."

Turning toward Diego, Daniel kissed Diego on the top of his head. "Diego is always so optimistic, always cheering up the rest of us. But not in my visions. He's lost his smile. He can't laugh. He can't lift our spirits to keep on fighting, because his own spirit is crushed."

Daniel shook his head in frustration. "That's what I hate the most about these visions. They show me something I don't ever want to see. They show the four of us giving up, and I don't want to accept that. I almost wish I couldn't see the future at all."

The other three gathered around Daniel. Connor sat next to him on the bed, stroking Daniel's cheek. Diego, lying next to Daniel on the other side, gently rubbed Daniel's chest. Xavier sat next to Daniel's legs and rubbed Daniel's thigh, moving his thumb in a slow circle. No one knew what to say.

The fire caught on the logs Connor had added, pushing back the shadows and filling the cabin with flickering light. Connor stretched out next to Daniel, draping his arm across Daniel and Diego. Xavier lay down at the foot of the bed, using Daniel's and Diego's legs for his pillow.

Diego finally sighed and tilted his head up to look Daniel in the eyes. "Okay, so in your vision, we get ourselves into such a bad spot that we give up. The wall explodes in our faces. The ceiling crashes down on top of us. But what happens next? You don't know, do you? Maybe we all come shooting up out of the rubble and strike down every foe like the avenging angels we are."

Xavier chuckled and squeezed Diego's knee. "Avenging angels! We should buy flaming swords, I suppose."

Daniel rolled his eyes, so Diego pinched Daniel's nipple before adding, "That's right. I'll have an enormous, burning sword. I don't know what the rest of you mere mortals are going to do, but I plan to be ready."

Daniel tried to slap Diego's hand away, but Connor moved his hand down to Daniel's other nipple and twisted it, making Daniel jump. "Diego is right," Connor said. "You don't know what comes after your vision ends. How many times are we knocked down on the football field? And what do we do? We don't just lie there. We get our asses back up and into the huddle for the next play."

Daniel smiled hearing this, but his smile quickly disappeared. "I appreciate you guys trying to cheer me up, but I have to ask … what if there's a REASON I don't see what comes after that ceiling falls in? What if that's the end for all of us? What if that's the last thing I see because that's how we die?"

They all thought carefully about Daniel's questions. Xavier was the first to offer an answer. "If we die, then there's no amount of preparation that will make a difference. But if your visions are simply incomplete and don't show you what happens next, then we would be fools to give up now. I, for one, am no fool."

"None of us are," Connor added, leaning in to kiss Daniel on the cheek. "I know these visions are draining you dry, Big D. I appreciate that. I do. But you ain't alone in this. We're all together. We're tough, Daniel. And smart." Connor paused and asked, "Daniel, when you're running an offense, you use your foresight to call for a play that will outmaneuver the defense, right?"

Daniel nodded his head. "What's your point, Connor?"

"Maybe we don't need to plan the entire game all at once," Connor replied. "Maybe we just need to think about our next play."

Diego nodded. "Connor's right. My next play is to figure out how to create a burning sword. Or maybe I'll make it a spear of blazing light. That's what angels use, right?"

I don't know, but my next play is to play with Daniel's spear, Connor thought, sliding his hand down to Daniel's groin where he began massaging Daniel's cock.

That's not going to work, Daniel replied. I have too much on my mind right now to want sex.

Diego slid his hand down Daniel's body and gently fondled his balls. Does this help? Is your mind on sex yet? he asked.

Daniel chuckled, unable to stop the inevitable erection he was now developing. "Shouldn't we be thinking about other things?" he asked out loud, then mentally added, About Xavier's preparations?

Xavier raised both eyebrows and smiled impishly. The boy asks about preparations. Xavier reached over to grab a bottle of lube off the table next to the bed. He carefully squirted a generous dollop onto his finger and turned back to face Daniel. Yes, we should prepare for the next step. Xavier slid his hand up Daniel's inner thigh and worked his slippery finger underneath to prod Daniel's puckered hole.

Daniel gasped and sucked in his breath as Xavier's finger slid inside to the first knuckle.

Connor bent at the waist and took Daniel's now-firm cock in his mouth, sucking him in and teasingly nibbling on the tip.

Diego leaned over and kissed Daniel on the cheek. Daniel responded with a moan and turned to kiss Diego passionately. This feels wonderful, guys.

Think about the next play, Big D, Connor thought as he slid lower on Daniel's cock. Think about how good this makes you feel, and forget all that other crap. Just think about the way we love each other. The way we take care of each other. Putting his thoughts into action, Connor began long, deep strokes on Daniel's cock, stopping when the tip of Daniel's cock touched the back of his throat.

Xavier pushed his finger deeper still, searching for the hard nub just inside that he knew would send delicious tingles all through Daniel's body. He knew he'd touched it when Daniel's legs tensed. Is that the spot, my love? Xavier asked.

Daniel moaned, Mmmm … yes, continuing to kiss Diego with growing passion. Just a little deeper, Xavier. And harder, Daniel added.

Connor felt something hard poking him in the eye and saw that Diego's boner was begging for attention. He pulled off Daniel and positioned the two younger boys side-by-side, then began licking them both at the same time.

They giggled as they continued kissing.

Is he doing what I think he's doing? Daniel asked.

Diego eyes twinkled as he pressed his lips against Daniel's and tried to force his tongue back inside Daniel's mouth. He might be, Diego replied. What do you think he's doing?

Enjoying a boner lollipop, Connor answered, sliding both cocks into his mouth together. It was a tight fit and made him gag when both tips touched the back of his throat.

"OUCH!" Daniel shouted, pushing Connor off his cock. "Your teeth scraped me!"

Sorry, Connor replied, opening his mouth wider and taking them both back in.

Diego giggled. "It's a good thing he's not wolfed-out doing this. You might have lost a few inches."

Daniel and Diego watched as Connor valiantly attempted to fit both their cocks into his mouth at the same time. He seemed to be struggling and finally gave up. Connor pulled off with a loud slurp. "M'mouth isn't big enough for both of you. Maybe X can try."

Chuckling, Xavier asked, "Are you saying I have a big mouth?"

All four burst into laughter. Connor began tickling Daniel, making him roll and screech. Xavier threw himself down behind Diego and did the same. The laughter and screams for mercy turned into moans of passion when Connor and Daniel began kissing and Diego turned over to kiss Xavier.

If you guys are trying to take my mind off my visions, you're succeeding, Daniel said as he hugged Connor with their tongues dancing inside his mouth.

It's not that, Connor replied. We're just working on the next play. Showin' each other how much we're in love. We need to remember that. Especially now.

Xavier pressed his mouth against Diego's as he pulled Diego into a firm hug. Exactly right, Connor, Xavier replied. We need this … the intensity of our love … to remind us that it's worth fighting for.

Diego moaned and slid his hand down to squeeze Xavier's boner. I just wanna know when someone is gonna stick something in my butt, 'cause I'm super horny right now!

Daniel chuckled and rolled over to spoon Diego from behind. Working his erection carefully into the crease of Diego's ass, Daniel found Diego's hole and slowly thrust forward, sliding up into his young lover's body.

Connor slid in behind Daniel and repeated Daniel's moves, though with slightly more effort. Connor's thick cock spread Daniel slowly open, making Daniel moan as Connor slid deeper and deeper.

Once Connor was fully inside, Daniel began rocking slowly back and forth, impaling himself on Connor while probing Diego's bowels. Soon he built up a smooth rhythm, making all three groan in satisfaction.

Xavier released Diego's mouth and slid down to Diego's cock. Xavier didn't suck or bob, preferring instead to slowly slide his tongue around the cap and down the sides, causing Diego to shiver in anticipation of the orgasm to come.

Xavier didn't have long to wait. Diego grunted and sighed as his balls contracted against his body and his cock pulsed. Once. Twice. Three times. Filling Xavier's mouth with sweet juice.

Daniel felt Diego's butt squeezing down convulsively during his orgasm. Daniel thrust up into Diego, sinking his cock fully inside, and gave in to his own orgasm, pumping, pumping, then oozing slowly.

Connor quickly shifted his hips back and began short, powerful thrusts, stretching Daniel open with each penetration.

Daniel moaned louder and felt a second orgasm piling on top of the first. He closed his eyes and gasped, Oh, Connor!

Connor stopped thrusting and pressed himself against Daniel's butt. His cock throbbed and pulsed, filling Daniel with his seed.

Xavier sat up and swallowed Diego's cum, smiling. "I guess I'm the only one who didn't squirt."

Connor grinned and wriggled his eyebrows. "You're next, old man."

"This cabin smells like cum," Connor observed, standing in the doorway and breathing in the morning air.

"I wonder why," Diego replied, giggling. He climbed out of bed, leaving Daniel and Xavier exchanging pecking kisses, and unlatched a window to allow fresh air to flow inside.

Connor turned and grinned. "Last one to the river is a furless rabbit." His body rippled as he shifted into a red-furred wolf and dashed out the door.

The other three laughed and disappeared with soft popping noises, reappearing on the bank of the nearby Missouri River. They waited for Connor, knowing he couldn't hope to keep up with them. Even as fast as he was in wolf form, he couldn't teleport instantly from the cabin to the river like they could. A red furry blur broke through the trees nearby and leapt over their heads, transforming into Connor's muscular body in mid-air as he dove into the cool river water. Surfacing just downstream, Connor yelled, "Which of you is the rabbit?"

"You are!" Diego yelled back defiantly. "We got here first."

Connor splashed water at the three of them. "You're still on the bank. I'm the only wet one. I ain't the rabbit!"

Daniel disappeared and reappeared just behind Connor, jumping on Connor's back and trying to dunk him.

Xavier and Diego ran and dove into the water, swimming hard for the laughing boys who were hard at play, splashing, grabbing, squealing. Soon it was a free-for-all, and the grabbing hands sometimes found a hard rod to squeeze and hold. Dunking was quickly replaced by sucking and fondling, and another round of love making began.

Sitting naked in front of the fire in the cabin, they stared at the flickering flames and talked.

"Go over it again, Daniel," Xavier said. "Every detail you can remember."

Daniel's eyes seemed to lose focus as he struggled to recall his vision. "We were at the high school. Not by choice, but because we were running. And there were vampires and werewolves following us. Leading them was Ignatius Caedes. I don't know how I knew who he was. I've never met him, not that I know of, but somehow, in my vision, I knew he was the one leading the attack on Agony."

Daniel stood up and began pacing. "I can't explain it very well, guys. Sometimes, in my visions, I see images like I'm looking out of my own eyes. Other times, I feel what everyone in the vision is feeling, whether it's fear or worry or desire. And then there are times when I think these strange thoughts that don't even seem to come from my own head. It's like someone else is putting the thoughts there, communicating with me."

"Like we talk to each other without words?" Diego asked.

Daniel shook his head. "It's not quite the same. When we talk to each other … well, I can tell who is talking. Somehow, I can recognize your thoughts as if you were speaking them out loud."

Xavier nodded. "That's how the soulbinding works. Our souls are communicating directly. We don't need to speak the words, just think them, and the other souls to whom we're bound can hear what we're thinking."

Connor stood up and took Daniel in his arms. "How is it different in your vision, Big D?"

Daniel frowned and replied, "It's hard to explain, Connor. I still hear the thoughts, but they seem to echo around my brain, almost as if I'm hearing myself? Maybe?"

"It could be you," Xavier said.

"What do you mean?" Daniel asked.

"You could be communicating with yourself. Sending messages across time, just like you can teleport across time, but in this case, your future self is trying to warn your past self about what is coming." Xavier shrugged. "It's just a theory."

"That would explain the echo," Daniel said with a grimace. "But it makes the message harder to receive. I can't quite understand everything I'm saying to myself."

"What parts can you understand?" Diego asked.

Daniel sighed. "I understand that we are going to be attacked by a large army of creatures with the same powers we have along with some new creatures I've never seen before. Tall, wild-haired women with magical powers of some kind."

Diego's face turned pale, but Daniel and the others didn't notice.

Daniel continued, "Leading them all will be Ignatius Caedes. For some reason, our powers will be limited, and we will be driven into an empty classroom at the high school. They will track us down and blow the place apart all around us. I don't know how they destroy the building. I don't know why we can't get out. I don't know if we die there or survive. My vision doesn't tell me any of those things."

"Did you actually see Ignatius in your vision?" Xavier asked.

"I did. He was leading the attack."

"What did he look like?" Connor asked.

Daniel thought for a moment, then replied, "Tall. Naked from the waist up. Very powerful and muscular. White skin, like an albino, but his eyes were bright red. And long, silver hair down to his waist."

Connor nodded. "That's sounds like him. When we fought those rogue vampires, he showed up at the very end. He was taller than me. By a foot. And he wasn't trying to hide the fact that he was a vampire. His eyes glowed red the entire time. His fangs were out."

"Was he arrogant?" Xavier asked.

"Oh, yeah," Connor replied. "He said we couldn't stop him and he would return more powerful than ever."

Xavier muttered, "That's definitely his modus operandi. He's very vain and confident. And powerful. One of the mightiest of the ancient vampires still in existence. Oh, and his name isn't really Ignatius Caedes, by the way."

Connor seemed surprised to hear that. "Really?"

Nodding, Xavier explained. "He became a vampire sometime around the apex of the Roman Empire. He served in the military for many years, delighting in pillaging villages and burning them to the ground. They called him Ignatius Caedes, which roughly translates to Firey Massacre. He loved the name and has used it ever since. But then, he would love it, as evil as he is."

Daniel glanced over at Diego, who was pale and shivering as he stared into the fire, tears flowing down his cheeks. Alarmed and concerned, Daniel moved over next to Diego. "Diego? Diego, are you okay?"

Diego's eyes were focused elsewhere. He stared directly through Daniel and whimpered.

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