Soulbound ‡ clash

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 7

There's a place in your heart where nobody's been. Take me there.

-- From Take Me There by Rascal Flatts

Homeroom …

Xavier and Diego sat at the same table. Ms. Jenkins was a very relaxed teacher who allowed the students in her AP Creative Writing class to choose their own seats, as long as they worked on their assignments and didn't disrupt her lectures. Most of the students had paired up boys with boys and girls with girls. It was a fairly nerdy group, and the students with cocks were intimidated by the students with boobs, so it wasn't at all unusual for Xavier and Diego to pair up and sit side by side.

The beginning-of-the-day announcements were broadcasting over a crackling speaker in the ceiling. "Good morning, students. Today's quote is from an unknown source. 'Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.' The staff and teachers hope you will do just that today. Find the fire in your soul and … set it … ummm, blazing." The students began laughing, hearing the principal stumbling over his own words. Ms. Jenkins hushed them and pointed at the speaker, indicating they should keep listening. The principal's voice continued droning on and on about the activities for that week.

Xavier and Diego gave it little attention. Their knees were bumping under the table, pressing together. Diego slipped his foot on top of Xavier's and pressed down gently. Xavier responded by sneaking his hand over to stroke Diego's leg just above the knee.

Diego was carefully studying his open textbook on the table in front of him, pretending that the conjugations of the words lay and lie were extremely interesting to him at the moment and that he wasn't distracted by Xavier's hand. Diego glanced sideways at Xavier and snickered. Xavier looked so serious and solemn. Time to change that.

Diego looked around the room slowly. The other students were staring off into space, just as bored with the announcements as he was, but more importantly not looking his way.

Diego dropped his hand into his lap and casually reached across to poke the front of Xavier's pants. Suspicions confirmed! Full boner! Diego grinned as he squeezed Xavier's hard shaft, stroking it slowly through the fabric of Xavier's slacks.

Xavier raised both eyebrows and turned his head slowly to look Diego in the eye. What do you think you are doing, young sir? Xavier asked.

Pursuing what sets my soul on fire, Diego replied with a smirk.

From across the campus, where Daniel and Connor were changing into their gym clothes while listening to the principal making the final announcements, Daniel heard the mental exchange between Xavier and Diego and asked, What are you two doing now?

Diego snickered and replied, I'm igniting Xavier's passion.

Oh? And just exactly what does that mean? Daniel asked.

Xavier placed his hand over Diego's and pushed it hard against his throbbing shaft. If you must know the details, Xavier replied, Diego is molesting me at the moment. He has his hand on my cock and he's trying his best to make me cum in my pants.

Diego struggled not to laugh out loud. Don't believe him, guys. All I'm doing is fondling his boner, and he started it. He played with my leg and got me horny.

Connor chuckled and asked, During the announcements? How can you guys be horny during the announcements?

I'm horny all the time! Diego replied.

Daniel shook his head, laughing. That's true, but I wish you guys would keep it down. You're getting me hard now, and I have to lift weights as soon as the announcements are over.

Why is that a problem? Diego asked. Don't you jocks pop boners all the time? Connor could take care of it for you while you bench press. Diego snickered and squeezed Xavier's cock for emphasis.

Daniel looked over at Connor and shrugged. What do ya' say, Big C? You want to work on my corpus spongiosum while I exercise my trapezius muscles?

Chuckling, Connor replied, Sure thing, Big D. I think your corpus sponge-thing will fit real nice inside my gluteus maxums.

It's gluteus maximus, Xavier said with a chortle, and when did you guys start talking like a bad jack-off story?

Daniel adjusted the front of his gym shorts so that his growing boner had room to expand. This really is going to be awkward. You guys might be able to get away with it in your homeroom, but Connor and I have to play football and basketball with these guys. A quarterback with a constant boner does not inspire team spirit.

Diego snickered. Half the team are werewolves. I don't think they care.

You got a point, Diego, Connor replied. Caleb and Donny are watching us right now. Caleb can see Daniel's boner and he's grinning from ear to ear. Donny is rolling his eyes, but he's got a chubby one himself, so he ain't got room to talk. Shoot, at this rate, we may not make it into the weight room. We might just have us a good old jock orgy in the locker room. Naked boys suckin' and fuckin' on every bench.

Xavier struggled to hold in his laugh, gently moving Diego's hand off his own boner. The announcements were drawing to a painful end, and it would be time to begin class soon.

Agony High School was beginning another day, much like every day began, with droning announcements, bored students, and a few boners.

Second period …

Daniel and Connor walked out of the gym together, their hair still wet from showering after their workout. Despite joking with Xavier and Diego about starting a jock orgy, all the athletes had been too busy with their weight lifting routines to even think about sex. Now, after pushing their bodies to the limit, they were sore and tired and struggling to hide their erections, for both Connor and Daniel found that lifting weights increased the flow of testosterone pumping through their muscles, and that meant they were hornier than ever.

Daniel had algebra coming up next, and the classroom was on the far side of the campus, so there was no time to slip into a bathroom to relieve the building semen pressure.

Connor's classroom was in the building next to the gym. Biology II. He had two minutes to spare, but he didn't want to blow his load just yet. He enjoyed staying horny until lunch, when he knew he and his lovers would have a chance to handle their teenage needs.

Xavier headed back to his locker to change out books. He needed his history textbook, and it was so bulky he didn't feel like carrying it around from class to class. History! Wonderful. Just what a century-old vampire needed to study. The only good thing about History was it took your mind off your boner.

Diego trotted down the hall to his next class: Arts and Crafts. He wanted to get there as quickly as possible. He was working on a still life using chalk, and he was eager to finish it. Thoughts of jacking off between classes were definitely not on his agenda at the moment. He dodged a group of gossiping girls and dashed out the exit, heading for the Art building.

Third period …

All four boys had different classes for third period, scattered across the high school campus, but their soulbound connection gave them an easy and convenient way to communicate wherever they were, whatever they were doing.

Connor was scribbling notes in his lab book as his teacher listed the steps he wanted them to take during that day's biology experiment. Connor pictured his lovers and projected his affection for each of them. Can't wait for some lunch-time lovin'.

I don't know if I can wait until lunch, Daniel moaned. He squirmed in his seat, trying to get more comfortable, but his throbbing erection made it difficult to sit still and even more challenging to pay attention to the news clips they were watching.

What's wrong, Daniel? asked Xavier, looking up from the essay he was writing on his goals after finishing high school.

Daniel wriggled and pushed his palm into his crotch. I'm dying here, he groaned. My cock is so hard right now … and somehow I'm expected to sit here and listen to some news anchor rambling on about current events so I can write a paragraph on what I would do if I was a lawmaker dealing with these issues. AARGH! If I was a lawmaker, I would make it illegal to force teenage boys to sit in school when they're horny!

Diego giggled silently and thought, Then the schools would be empty 90.3% of the time.

Oh, wow, Daniel replied. Where did you come up with that number? Oh, wait. Let me guess. You're covering percentages in math today?

You are 100% correct! Diego responded, then added, and I am 110% horny. Maybe we should do something about it?

What? Now? In the middle of third period? Daniel asked, tugging on his pants to make as much room as possible.

Xavier shook his head as he continued outlining his essay. You could always ask for a bathroom pass, Daniel…

Daniel considered Xavier's mental suggestion. I wish I could, but you know how the Terminator is about leaving in the middle of class.

Chuckling, Xavier replied, I did warn you about taking Mrs. Terrence for social studies. I had her last year and … well, there's a reason everyone calls her Terrence the Terminator.

It's not like I had a choice, Daniel moaned.

Connor smiled. It's a right of passage, Daniel. You can't graduate from Agony High School without surviving the Terminator's torture chamber.

Well, right now, my cock is torturing me too. I'm watching some stupid story about Supreme Court cases, but all I can think about is Diego sucking my dick.

That's because my fellatio skills are world-renowned! Diego said with a snicker. Diego's teacher rapped her desk with her knuckles and glared at him. Oops. You're getting me in trouble with Ms. Dawson. Sometimes I think she knows when I'm talking to you guys during class.

Xavier finished his essay and thought, That's because you keep talking to us about fellatio, and I know you can't say or think that word without giggling. Am I right?

Diego smirked. I like the sound of the word. I like performing fellatio even better. I like fellating Daniel every chance I get. I would like to be fellatio-ing him right now!

Is that even a word? Daniel asked. Fellatio-ing? You are making this really hard for me. The news clip was over, and the other students began writing their evaluation of what lawmakers should do. Daniel knew he should start too, but all he could think about was Diego fellatio-ing him.

Connor's voice was filled with humor. I think you started out really hard, Big D. Diego is just making it harder.

Daniel groaned and slid out of his chair. He walked to Terminator Terrence's desk, gripping his stomach and hiding his erection, more or less. "Ma'am, may I use the restroom?"

Mrs. Terrence blinked her eyes once, apparently processing his request and deciding whether to execute him on the spot or permit his breach of classroom decorum. Then she grimaced and nodded at the door.

"Thank you," Daniel whispered, hurrying out the door. I'm going to the restroom, Daniel informed his soulmates. Maybe splashing cold water on my face will help.

Do you want me to meet you there? Diego asked. All we're doing right now is practice problems. I'm done. Just checking my answers now.

Daniel thought about Diego's offer. It's okay, Diego. I'll try to wait until lunch when we can all get together.

Xavier stood up and walked to the door, pulling the bathroom pass off its hook on the wall. Mr. Fleming was one of the more easy-going teachers, and as long as you didn't make a habit of it, he allowed the students to take restroom breaks any time they wanted. I'm taking a break too, Daniel. You're in the boy's room on the second floor, right? I'll meet you there.

Wait! What? Are you guys hooking up? Diego asked. I want to come too.

You wanna cum too? Connor asked, chuckling.

Why not? Diego thought. We can still get together at lunch. That's almost two hours away.

Connor shook his head and grinned. Are you guys seriously doing this right now?

Daniel rushed down the hall and hurried into the restroom. He looked under the stalls. No feet. No one else in the room. It's empty, Xavier. If you really want to come over … His mental voice was hesitant and painfully bashful.

Xavier turned the corner and walked into the boy's restroom on his floor of the building. It was also empty. He pictured the restroom on the floor above, focused, and disappeared, reappearing next to Daniel. He smiled and walked over to Daniel, leaning in to kiss him gently on the lips while sliding his hand down to the front of Daniel's pants. Damn, Daniel. You are hard!

I told you I was, Daniel said with a moan, opening his mouth to accept Xavier's probing tongue.

The air popped next to them and Diego appeared with a huge smile on his face. He held up a bathroom pass and said, I have five minutes. Pull his pants down, Xavier.

The three of them stumbled their way into the nearest stall, not bothering to close the door behind them. Daniel and Xavier worked together to tug his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock caught on his waistband, flipping up and launching a strand of precum through the air once it was free. Diego eagerly dropped to his knees and slid his mouth over the end of Daniel's cock, slurping up all the thick juices leaking out.

The restroom door opened and footsteps approached. All three boys paused. Should we jump to another restroom? Daniel asked them.

And make me find you again? Connor asked as he came around the corner and looked inside the crowded stall at his soulmates. I can't teleport all over the darn school like the three of you. I actually have to walk everywhere I go.

Xavier slipped past Diego and slid his arms around Connor's waist, hugging him as they kissed. Do you want a bit of this action? Xavier asked, thrusting his tongue against Connor's.

I wouldn't mind a bit of a warmup before we get down to the lunchtime workout, Connor replied, stroking the back of Xavier's neck with one hand and sliding the other hand down to grip Xavier's butt.

Diego giggled and began deepthroating Daniel, knowing it wouldn't be long before Daniel filled his mouth with warm, salty cum.

Daniel moaned and massaged Diego's scalp. The kid definitely knew how to suck cock. That feels so good, Diego!

Diego pressed his lips against Daniel's curly pubes and swallowed, squeezing the tip of Daniel's cock with his throat muscles. Fellatio is my favorite school subject! Ouch. Don't thrust, Daniel. It'll make me gag.

Sorry, Diego. It feels so amazing, I couldn't help myself. Daniel closed his eyes and concentrated on holding his hips still and allowing Diego to press down, gulping, then pulling off slowly and dragging his tongue across the sensitive underside of his cock until just the end of Daniel's cock rested on Diego's tongue. He sucked gently, using his lips to hold Daniel in his mouth, making Daniel shiver with pleasure.

Xavier dropped to his knees, unsnapping Connor's jeans and lowering the zipper. Your turn, Connor, my love. Connor's cock, always impressive, was fully hard in seconds, pulsing with each heartbeat, thick and throbbing and leaking slightly. Xavier licked the sticky tip and slid his tongue between the foreskin and the tip of Connor's cock, lapping over and around until the spongy cap glistened with his saliva. Xavier knew he could deepthroat Connor, with some effort, but he also knew how to make Connor cum quickly, and they didn't have much time. Xavier pushed down only an inch or so, wetting the top of Connor's cock, before tugging Connor's foreskin down and out of the way. Then Xavier began bobbing up and down quickly, pressing his lips tight against Connor's cock. Each time Xavier's lips stroked the ridge around Connor's glans, Connor gasped.

Slurping. Gasping. Moaning. Grunting.

It was a good thing they had the restroom to themselves.

In record time, Daniel was sighing as his balls pulled up into his body and his cock spurted over and over into Diego's mouth. Diego swallowed quickly, catching every drop.

Connor saw Daniel's body shaking as he shot, and Connor felt his own orgasm building up quickly. He stroked Xavier's cheek and whispered, "Now, my guy …" And his thick cock pulsed as thick ropes of cum gushed into Xavier's mouth.

Daniel waited until Diego sucked the last drops from his deflating cock, then pulled the shorter boy to his feet and tenderly kissed him on the lips. You taste like me, Daniel thought.

I love the way you taste, Diego replied, pulling Daniel into a tight embrace.

I love you, Diego, Daniel thought, nuzzling his cheek against Diego's.

And I love you, Xavier, Connor added, lifting Xavier to his feet for a deep kiss and a gentle hug. Do I have time to take care of this? Connor asked, reaching down to grip Xavier's erection.

It won't take long, Xavier replied. I actually quite enjoyed fellatio-ing you. Xavier glanced at Diego and smirked.

Are you making fun of my new word? Diego asked.

Daniel unsnapped Diego's pants. It's a great word. Is this how you do it?

Fourth period …

All four boys met on the stage in the Drama building with the other students in Trudy's pre-lunch drama class. It was the only time they shared the same class, since Connor was a senior, Xavier a junior, and both Diego and Daniel were sophomores. Unlike most other classes, students in any year could sign up for Drama.

Every class throughout the day was full, because Trudy was a popular teacher, although it was more fashionable for vampires to sign up than werewolves. Connor was the rare exception. An athlete, a werewolf, and a senior, he surprised Trudy by requesting a spot in her fourth period class, but then he had three very good reasons, and they were each currently standing next to him, laughing and chatting with him before the class began.

Trudy walked onto the stage and saw the four boys standing together. To most people, it would seem they were simply good friends. But she saw the small signs. The way Diego's eyes glowed with hero worship and adoration when he looked at the other three boys. The protective way Connor wrapped the others up in gentle hugs. Xavier's almost-hidden smiles every time he glanced at one of the other boys. Daniel's banter and teasing that couldn't quite disguise how fond he was of his friends. Trudy smiled seeing the four of them, and she was happy for them.

With a wave of her hands, she called the class to order as she moved to the center of the stage. She tried to make every class interesting, and the lesson for that day was improvisation. Trudy handed out note cards describing unusual situations they might find themselves in. Several students had the same situation, but each had a different response they were expected to act out, while the rest of the class watched and tried to guess what they had been assigned to do, based on their acting.

The results were predictably hilarious.

Connor and Xavier found themselves grouped up with two other students as strangers in an elevator that gets stuck between floors. Connor's improv assignment was to be a pregnant woman who panics. Xavier's card made him a nerdy teenager who tried to repair the elevator's controls and ended up breaking it instead.

Diego was placed in a trio of ungrateful restaurant customers. Diego's complaint was that the food tasted like high school cafeteria food, but he couldn't actually say "high school" or "cafeteria" when describing it.

Daniel was the only student assigned a solo role. He was tasked with being a caterpillar who is unable to transform into a butterfly and has to watch his fellow caterpillars leave him behind.

The class passed quickly for all the students, who laughed and jeered and enjoyed the ridiculous situations Trudy gave them to act out. When the hour was up, most of the students hurried off to lunch, talking about how much fun they'd had, but Daniel, Xavier, Connor, and Diego stayed behind, asking Trudy if they could remain in the auditorium and eat their sandwiches there.

She smiled knowingly and agreed, reminding them to keep the noise down. Then she left them alone and headed for her office, thinking about the intriguing relationship they seemed to have. Four boys? All in love? That must be complicated, she thought. Having only one lover at a time had been difficult for her to manage, so she couldn't imagine how the four of them made it work.

But apparently they did.

It was obvious to Trudy, now that she knew what to look for. Oh, yes. They were definitely in love, and the love seemed to morph as the boys interacted, taking different forms, sometimes playful, sometimes naughty, often tender.

Did they know how lucky they were? Young lovers rarely knew what they had until they lost it, and Trudy hoped these four would find a way, somehow, to make their devotion last. She planned to help them any way she could, and allowing them to use the auditorium for their lunchtime trysts was the least she could do.

They sat in a circle, eating their sandwiches, sipping their drinks, enjoying the cavernous quiet of the empty auditorium. From time to time, they would glance at each other, share a thought, tease, joke, and laugh.

With lunch finished, they pulled mats from the shadowy stage wings and stretched out on the floor, side by side, hugging and holding hands and occasionally kissing. The sexual pressure of the early morning had been gratified during third period, so they were content to simply be in love and enjoy each other's company. There would be other opportunities for passionate kissing, intertwined bodies, and intense orgasms, but for that moment, they were simply four souls bound in love.

Trudy, expecting more noise from the four boys, couldn't resist peaking in the auditorium. What she saw—four young men simply embracing and tenderly kissing—made her gasp and wipe away a tear of joy. Perhaps they did know how lucky there were.

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