O-Ring Application and Retainer

With Thanks to Theron Gibbons

O-Rings with Funnel

With multiple o-rings (I have about 3.5 inches worth right now), a simple locking mechanism is in order. I have attached a bitmap that shows the basics, so you can get the idea. the key is to make sure you don't pull too much skin ahead of the o-rings, as the skin will stretch no matter the pressure against the base pubic region.

Basically, I used a flanged end cut to size from a K-Y spermicidal jelly injector, and with tape and aquarium sealant, expanded the flange so that it wouldn't be pulled through the o-rings, thus creating a 'funnel shaped object'. Any plastic funnel that can be easily cut to size that has a pipette style (as opposed to tapered) style insertion nozzel, should do the job. The item I created works perfect for me, as the silicone has just enough give to keep things comfortable.

The O-ring method is the best method I have seen, if simply because it's easy to monitor your progress, and easy to quickly correct if you're 'pulling too hard.' With the 'funnel shaped object,' it is perfect.