Late or Impossible Orgasm

So, you can pound away for hours and no orgasm happens. Your partner is more than satisfied, and all you get is a feeling of emptiness. You're powerless to finish. Sometimes you get close, but it just will not happen. You get sweaty, your partner's insides start to get sore, your penis starts to melt with the friction, but all that happens is that you run out of stamina.

So what's the good side?

Your partner gets the good side. Your partner is so satiated that you get ordered to stop.

Stopping is a relief in a way, because you have no idea how to make this damned orgasm happen insde your partner. Masturbation is fine. It works then. But only if you do it. If your partner does it nothing happens. It is so frustrating it's unbelievable. Ok, you can boast about your staying power. Whoopee! This needs help.

Start with your doctor and a full examination of your penis. Does it have all its working parts? Is the glans membrane (it isn't skin, it's a mucous membrane) damaged in any way? Is your frenulum intact? Are you taking any drugs? What are their side effects? Mention BXO to your doctor. It may be the cause.

If all is normal, then you may be able to achieve orgasm on penetration by using a butt plug. You need to visit several toyshops, and have the budget for a few assorted toys. Butt Plugs, Anal Plugs. That's the section to look at. Shy? Stuff "shy". This is your happiness we're talking about. Like everything, going through the door for the first time is the hardest part. Once inside it's fascinating! You could use e-shopping, sure, but judging size and potential comfort isn't easy online.

The plug's job is to stay inside you, to be comfortable, to feel erotic, and to stimulate the prostate. The prostate is the "orgasm centre" of your body. Stimulating it is likely to produce an erection. Even if it doesn't, it's going to help you reach orgasm.

If it's difficult to achieve orgasm on masturbation, the anal stimulation while masturbating is likely to help. Two types of toy work well. The slim, rigid vibrator to provide intense local stimulation of your prostate, or the larger, fatter, soft ones, to simulate a penis. Obviously a real penis is even better! Unless you aren't gay, that is!

There are many men who have trouble with orgasms. Only we don't talk about it much. it isn't "manly" to talk about it. Funny really. When we were twelve, we found it fine to talk about it. Your partner needs to know why you're crying, it makes you cry, and then needs to help you in whatever way you need.