Breast Cancer for men

Men have breasts too. OK, you call them "pecs", or anything else you want, but they are basically breasts. Not great pendulous things, nor particularly functional things except that they are pleasingly erotic when nibbled and sucked, but they are breasts. And when you were born they may even have produced a minute amount of milk. Check for yourself in the references on medical sites it you don't believe me.

Since they are breasts they can get cancer. And men need to check for lumps just like women do. Only we don't get the mass screening programmes that women are often given worldwide, so we have to do the whole shebang ourselves. Plus we have to get embarrassed and see the doctor and report it. "Doctor, I have a lump in my breast!"

How to check?

Easy enough. The key is to relax after a warm bath and using fingertips massage each breast gently and check for "odd" textures. It's always worth checking if the same oddness exists on each side. If so, it may well be normal. But swallow your pride and get it checked anyway. If it is on one side and not the other, visit your doctor as a matter of importance.

Just to make certain you go, caught early it can be removed, as a LUMP, not as a breast. No big deal. You'll probably get all sorts of chemo and radio therapy, but it beats dying. Caught late, you lose a breast (best case), and risk dying before you've done everything you want to in your life.

So check on a monthly schedule. Please