Dirty! Smelly! Taboo! "Mustn't touch yourself there!"

Ye gods! it's only used food. And used food had to get out somehow, or we'd burst. Mind you it beats me why shit has to stink. I was told by an authoritative sexual health therapist that the anus and rectum is bacteriologically cleaner than the mouth. Come to that my dogs never got sick from eating shit. But I sure as hell don't want to try.

So, why have I mentioned it in the first place?

Dead simple. If God hadn't meant men to have anal sex he would not have put the prostate inside in the first place.

But this section isn't about hygiene, it's about health. What can go wrong.

How to help impotence, retarded ejacualtion, that kind of thing? That's under "Penis"?

But the orgasm "control centre" is inside the anus. The prostate.

There's a lot of other stuff covered as well, so dig in and "fill yer boots". Maybe, if you did, you won't find the anus so taboo, now. Me? I love them. They even look cute. I just like them shaved free of pubic hair.