Against Cutting

So What's My Issue, Here?

First it's a purely personal view, probably caused by the fact that I feel that ANY unnecessary surgical procedure is an intrusion. I'm not going to get drawn into any religious controversy, nor moralistic strangeness, nor irrelevant arguments about supposed personal hygiene, though I'm going to have a pop at the last one.

If circumcision is a personal hygiene issue, then why don't we circumcise dogs, horses, rams, bulls, and other animals?

Why is it that male babies have some of their most sensitive and useful skin removed at birth at the whim of either the obstetrician, or the parents? Almost always there is no medical justification for this mutilation - astounding. No-one has a finger removed at birth, so no-one should have his foreskin removed.

When you look at the information available, it shows exactly what is missing from the sensation viewpoint. I don't even care about aesthetics, here, just form and function. The foreskin is sensitive in itself, covers a huge surface area of the erect penis, and protects that wonderfully sensitive area, the glans.

Forgetting sex, and staying with the best fun you can have by yourself, masturbation, and speaking from purely personal experience (and how would I know otherwise?), the act of withdrawing the foreskin from the tip of the erect penis is in itself exquisite, and causes sensations simply not available without it! Yes, I know, obvious. By the way, anyone who goes on along the "what you never had you never miss" track is a pompous ass

Without a foreskin, the whole sensitive area changes character. How do I know? When I was about 22 I had an absolute need for circumcision, because the ring at the tip of my own foreskin became damaged and scarred [careful with your suggestions here], and I was "prescribed" circumcision.

Do NOT volunteer for this operation! First it isn't fun, second it gets you laughed at in the ward in the hospital, and third, nurses keep turning up to "see to your wound". Oh yes, and you have to shave every last possible hair from every last possible place with a hospital razor, follwoing which you get it all inspected by a nurse to check that you have done it right!

After recovering from the operation, checking out the old sensations, odd things happened. In the beginning, underwear rubbed the tip and caused the most interesting embarrassing situations. Later all this underwear abrasion caused the tip to become less sensitive.

Apart from the obvious [I was going to say "drawback", but that has gone, of course!] disadvantage of not finding things so much "fun", there is, I suppose, the advantage of lower sensitivity giving your partner a longer ride while you are thrusting away, but I don't rate it!

From the aesthetic point of view, I just prefer them as nature intended. There's more to look at, more to fantasise about, more variety. And the glans should be soft, pink, and wonderfully smooth, not like the skin of a baby rhinoceros!

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