Emotional Health

Sometimes we get ourselves into a mess. I mean an emotional mess. I've been there, quite a lot. One of the things that helps me is to write it out. I started when I found someone who would read it.

I've had it suggested, very strongly, that the material is worth sharing here. So I am. It's hosted on the site of a rather good counsellor [therapist] whom I met online. He think it to be worth sharing, and I refuse to disagree with him.

These pieces have been written over time. Each is designed to open in the same new tab, and they were written in the order presented. The China Dolls really should be read in order because they are a set. The others can be read in broadly any order, or omitted entirely:

  1. Tales of the Unexpected
  2. The Talking Cure
  3. Anger and a Candid Perspective
  4. Why so stressed to be gay?
  5. What is Masculinity? Or, What is a boy?
  6. I have always hated Christmas and the New Year
  7. When Writing About Emotions and Thoughts
  8. World Events and My Equanimity
  9. What do I need from a community?
  10. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
  11. Putting the Milk into the Teapot
  12. China Dolls:
    1. This China Doll Failed Quality Control and Must be Smashed
    2. Some China Dolls are Not Smashed
    3. The China Doll That Resisted Being Smashed
    4. The China Doll That Got Picked Last for Teams
    5. I Have Dashed the China Doll Mould to Smithereens
  13. Filter Messages for Your Own Peace of Mind
  14. Are you beset by anniversaries?
  15. About those sticks and stones…
  16. Queer Me!
  17. The Importance, or Not, of Sex
  18. Self Ghettoisation
  19. Stop selling! I wish to decide for myself.
  20. A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  21. Of Toxicity and Toxic Behaviour
  22. Guilt: The Great Demoniser
  23. Can Mindfulness Keep Us Safe From COVID-19?

What I'd like to suggest is that you write your stuff out, too. That's what the forum is for, you know.