Penis and Testicles

We only get one Penis. Obvious as hell isn't it. Then we call it all the names under the sun. Dick, Todger, Willy, Old Man, Percy, John Thomas. It's either as though we love it or are ashamed of it.

And we get a nice scrotum containing two testicles. Or usually two. And call them Balls, Bollocks, Nuts. Billy Connolly's stage act talks about the scrotum being made from "spare elbow skin", and he's not too far off. And has anyone ever said to you "What a truly magnificent scrotum"?

Nor to me.

What we need to do is to know how to keep them healthy, to recognise when they are unhealthy, and to know when to see the doctor. At least that gives us more chance to have someone say "What a truly magnificent scrotum!"