Prostate Problems

Most gay men know where their prostate is by intimate experience. Most straight men could probably tell you, and give a weird knowing shudder because it is "inside", and in a "dirty place". Thankfully most modern sex manuals suggest that your partner stimulates your prostate with a finger while giving you oral sex, so a very few non-gay men are beginning to learn where it is.

The problem is that none of us knows exactly what it should feel like. Which means that we don't know when it's in trouble.

Since it gives so much orgasmic pleasure, whether stimulated directly or not, it is something we don't want to lose. I'd rather lose a testicle than my prostate! Or even both of them!

So, how to know something is wrong?

Mostly it comes down to piss.

If any of these are true, then you need a check up. It may be a simple bladder infection, or even cystitis, or a side effect of urethritis from unprotected anal sex. But get it checked out.

If your partner notices a difference in size or texture, get it checked out

The check up is simple, painless, and amusing. The doctor will put gloves on, get some K-Y, ask you to strip and lie on your side. "You'll feel little pressure behind, Mr Smith. Try to relax." At which point he's actually finished. Now I'd be much more interested in being manipulated to orgasm to check full function! Not a chance! Don't believe all that you read in stories!

And if it is enlarged?

Talk to the doctor about you and your needs and desires. Do some research on the net. Find out and discuss the best treatment for you. And then get it sorted. The quicker you get started the less prostate you will lose.

Different nations will have different online resources. Prostate Cancer UK has published Information for gay and bisexual men

By the way, there are thoughts that prostate massage can prevent prostate cancer. The jury is out on that one, but here is what I've been trying:

Prostate Massage

I searched the web for Prostate Massage, partly because I just love it, and partly because I am certain that a massaged prostate is a healthy prostate, and that prostatic cancer is kept at bay. Many things on the net reinforce my belief here.

I found a very particular site which has these devices on it:

I bought one. Being unsure I bought the lower price one. Then I waited for it to arrive.

The mailman brought it and I admit to using it at once. I waited for him to leave though. All I can say is "OH MY GOD!" I cannot recommend this little thing too highly. It was so wonderfully intense that I could almost not stand it, and that was pre-orgasm.

With orgasm I was in orbit.

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Most of us find our prostate via our anus. So this is a great place to put it. Well, not the prostate. If I'd designed the male body the testicles would be safe inside and the prostate much more accessible fo0r fun and frolics