"Burning" on Urination

Deeply unpleasant. Like a fire in the penis. Not just in the "exposed part", either, but often going deep inside, almost to the bladder, or actually to the bladder. There is also a feeling of increased urgency to piss, or increased frequency of pissing.

Regrettably you have either a bladder infection or urethritis.

Both of these are dead simple to deal with. If it's a long established problem, you need the doctor. If you are at all concerned, you need the doctor. If there is blood in the urine, you definitely need the doctor. If the self help stuff here doesn't help, you need the doctor.

Self Help

There are two main things to do in order to make life more pleasant and to give the infection a chance to heal. Well there is a third, too. And it's the most important. If you indulge in unprotected penetrative anal intercourse inside your partner, start to use a condom. Unless you do, you are likely to reinfect yourself, and make the problem worse, perhaps intractable.

You need to treat the infection fast, or it will take a hold. After you've eliminated the cause of the infection, perhaps even before, do what sounds like the very worst thing. Drink lots of water. I mean lots. Take a pint and drink it now. Then drink a pint each hour until you're pissing like a fire hose, and keep drinking. If you're metric, take a wine bottle full. And drink it like medicine. If there is a drink called "Barley Water" in your country, buy some and drink it. If not, buy some pearl barley, soak it and boil it in water, and drink the resulting liquor. Flavour it by all means. But drink.

The objective is to dilute the strong urine as far as possible so that it no longer burns when you piss. Try to use alkaline stuff to flavour it, maybe bicarbonate of soda unless you are sodium intolerant, but that isn't as important as dilution of urine. Ok, you'll be spending most of your time peeing for a good while, but it's better than hurting.

There is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for urethritis and cystitis. Find a mail order homoeopathic pharmacy (US Citizens spell this homeopathic), and ask for "Cantharis 30C". When it arrives, dissolve one tablet under your tongue night and morning without food, and without swallowing the tablet, until the symptoms ease and go. If the symptoms do not go within a time you find acceptable, go to your doctor.

Leaving urethral infections untreated leads to major complications. If the infection erodes the lining of the urethra sufficiently you may need a urethroplasty. This is not a procedure you want. I know. For other reasons I have had one. Just to give you an idea of what is involved, read below:

So, I guess you will agree that treating and preventing urinary tract infection early on is worthwhile!