The Saturday Boy

by Westcliff Writer

Chapter 29 - We'll Always Have Paris

I sat on the end of the bench, the phone latched to my ear. Hearing Jack's voice, his sweet innocent voice just made me tear up. What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to explain it?

"Hello, Joey, are you ok?"

"Yeah, Jack, sorry, I just sort of… zoned out," I replied, swallowing a lump in my throat.

"What's wrong babe, you sound upset."

"I um… I think I've erm… I think I have been seduced."

Jack laughed. "Well I hope he was hot!"

"Jack, it's not funny! I need to tell you because I almost let things get out of hand."

"What… what do you mean you almost let things get out of hand?" he asked, seriousness now in his tone.

"There's this boy at school and…"

"Oh shit, Joey!"

"No listen, You don't know him, he's new, and well I ditched school this afternoon and…"

"You did what? Joey, what the hell is wrong with you… so where are you?"

"Sitting in a park, and right now… I just really wanna cry because I've been an idiot." I said, starting to choke back tears.

"Hang on, I'm gonna locate you, and then I'm coming to get you!"

"NO! Jack, you aint well enough to come out, you need to stay in and rest."

"Not when you're like this," he replied, before hanging up.

I brought the phone back down from my ear and sobbed, feeling so utterly depressed with myself. Right now I didn't care if anyone was watching I just needed to try and deal with this the best way I knew how and if that meant crying my eyes out then so be it.

Taking off my tie and blazer I just sat there, my head in my hands, wondering why I was the way I was. It felt like everything I touched turned to rust.

Out in the distance I saw a car pull up and a person got out of the passenger side. It looked like Roman's car but I couldn't see who was driving it. My conclusion that it was Roman's car was made clear when the person who got out started walking towards me…It was Jack.

I waited until he was close before trying to force a smile. He looked tired and I immediately felt guilty for calling him. I should have waited until I was home instead of giving him this shit over the phone.

"Roman is gonna wait for us while we talk, and then he's gonna drive us home." Jack said, as he got closer. "Now what the hell has happened to upset you like this?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do, I mean I haven't done anything wrong really, it's just I almost could have and I hate myself for even being tempted… but I swear to you Jack, nothing happened…I swear it, I didn't let anything go on, I just left."

Jack stood there looking into my eyes for a moment, probably trying to ascertain if I were lying or not. I hoped he knew, just by looking at the state of me that everything I was saying was the truth.

Jack sighed, before twisting his body round and taking a seat next to me. "Just tell me what happened, from the beginning."

"Well, I was… hang on, how the fuck can you sit there and be so calm about this? Don't you get what I'm even saying here, I almost cheated on you!"

"Joey, You can't almost cheat on me… you either did, or you didn't, and if you are saying you didn't then… then what's the point of me getting all uptight about it? Sure I'm a bit narked that we are having this conversation, and the fact you said you were tempted, but the fact you walked away tells me a lot about who I'm with."

"Yeah but…"

"Just tell me what happened, and I'll be the judge of how pissed off I'm gonna be," he barked.

"I was at lunch with Dean, Toby and Orca…he's the new guy. I was angry because it had been a shit morning and I just wanted to get out of school for a bit. It was only supposed to be until lunch ended. Orca caught up with me and made the offer of ditching school for the afternoon and I said yes because I'd had a gut full of the place for one day."


"Yeah, and so he suggested we come back to his place for a drink and to chill out until school ended. I was annoyed and jealous about that stupid card of yours and he offered to listen. Anyway…"

"Hang on… what stupid card?"

"You know, the card you swiftly put in a black bag when I asked you about it… the one form that old friend, you said."

Jack rolled his eyes. "So this is what this is all about? You wanted to get back at me because I didn't tell you about the card from some friend?"

"No… no don't twist my words, it was never about getting back at you, that never even crossed my mind. Look I went back to his place because he was asking me why I was upset about the card, and school, other students…God, I just wanted to talk to someone and he happened to be a good listener.

"Ok, so then what happened?"

"We went into his kitchen and ate some junk food and he got me a glass of coke. He then offered me to come to his room where it would be more comfortable, and the stools in his kitchen were really hard… you know the ones that have…"

"Yeah, Joey, I don't need to details about his furniture, its fine."

"Yeah sorry, So anyway, we got up to his room and we continued to talk, he put some music on and I was just sitting on his bed, well leaning actually. He said why didn't I take my blazer off because it was hot, which it was and… God, why was I so fucking naïve, and then he just came at me."

"Came at you?"

"Yeah he came over and pushed me back on the bed and kissed me. He had his hand on my chest and he was looking into my eyes and then I felt… I felt… I dunno, it all goes a bit fuzzy there, but I pushed him off and said I had to go."

"Did…did you kiss him back when this happened?" Jack asked, nervously.

"No, I didn't… I swear my lips didn't move, I was too busy with the shock of it all."

Jack sat there in silence for a moment as I kept rerunning the event over in my head. I was trying to remember every detail, every snippet to find out whether I could tell him anymore.

"Did you want to kiss him back?" Jack asked, looking at me square in the eyes. I tried to keep his gaze, but put my head down.

"For a split second, yeah, and that's what haunts me." I said, softly.

"Don't I give you enough Joey? Is it the lack of sex, or…"

"Whoa, Jack, no… that is nothing to do with it. This is why I'm beating myself up so much because I don't know why even for that split second I thought about it. I have everything I want in you, I love you, and sometimes I feel like that love is so strong I'm gonna fucking burst it hurts so much!"

Jack let another bout of silence ensue before he looked at me again, running the palms of his hands together.

"I trust you ok."

"Is that it… you trust me? Don't you wanna scream at me, hit me, or…or…"

"Isn't trust what relationships are all about. There's temptation all over the place Joey, whatever happened it that room, as tempting for you as it was, didn't happen. You could have gotten away with it. You could have had sex with this Orca guy and I would never have known… but you didn't, and that's good enough for me."

"I'm sorry ok, I just don't want to keep anything from you."

"Can we go now, I'm beat?"

"Sure, lets go."

We walked back towards the car, as I rubbed Jack's back, making caring circle motions as we walked. Roman was just sitting there listening to music as we approached, his eyes closed.

"Hey Ro, sorry for being so long."

"Hi Joey, no sweat… mum thinks we're out at the mall anyway so we needed a bit of time to kill."

"I'm surprised she let Jack out," I said, opening the door for him. We both sat in the back this time.

"I argued a bit of fresh air would do you good didn't I Jack?"

Jack shrugged. "It seemed to work."

"So are you both cool?"

I smiled, and looked at Jack. "Yeah, we're cool Roman."

The drive back to the pub was uneventful and soon after leaving Jack had fallen asleep in my arms, resting his head on my shoulder. I gently stroked his hair, soothing him and quietly chatted to Roman about my hellish morning at school. Roman listened more than spoke, but that was ok with me, I just needed someone to vent to.

As we pulled into the road opposite the pub, Jack opened his eyes and yawned. "hmm, I must have fallen asleep, I take it we're home?"

"Yeah, just parking now," Roman replied, coming to a stop, and switching off the engine.

"I really need a shower," I commented, feeling all sweaty.

Roman locked the car and we all headed toward the pub, opting to go through the main doors. My mum was behind the bar chatting to a regular and smiled as we came through.

"I didn't have time to cook anything boys so you'll need to order in today. There is twenty pounds on the kitchen table, why don't you get a Chinese or something?"

"Thanks mum," I said, as we all headed for the stairs.

"I'm gonna hit the shower then if you don't mind. Order whatever Roman, I'm not fussy. Jack just tell Roman what you want and he'll get it."

I walked into our bedroom and started to strip down to my boxers, before grabbing a fresh towel and headed for the bathroom, turning the shower on. Running my fingers through my hair and stood and stared into the mirror, relieved that Jack didn't go ballistic at me for my stupid mistake.

The mirror was starting to steam up, indicating the water had reached a decent temperature. I stepped out of my boxers and into the cubical pulling the glass door shut, that was until it was being opened again and a sexy god like human stepped inside with me.

"Want some company?"

"Fuck, Jack, your bandage, it's getting wet," I cried trying to push him out, but he held fast letting the water saturate it, not seeming to care all that much.

"Oh no, it got wet," he said before giggling. I was still panicking, worried that it was not a good idea, until Jack pushed his lips on mine softly, and squeezed my butt cheek with his hand."

I pulled away and smiled, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. "Now there's a welcome home I could get used to," I said going back for more sweet Jack. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and explored the soft tissue inside, feeling our members rise between our wet torso's.

Jack kissing became more eager and he put his hand round my neck and pushed me against the wall. Lust dominated his face and he pushed his body against mine and I could feel every contour of his tight torso. I wrapped my arms round his back and started to caress him, while he put hundreds of kisses all over my neck, making me groan with ecstasy.

Wrapping our hands around each other in an lustful embrace, Jack started to move downwards until his chin was resting on my cock. He instantly went down on me, and started sucking like some crazed animal. It had been a day at most, but we both really needed this!

He was sucking so forcefully, tugging hard on my loose nut sac, I thought at one point he was gonna rip them off. All I could do was bury my hands into his soft blond locks and control his rhythm, as I felt leaving him alone with my cock at his own pace was gonna either lead to me blowing my load too soon, or him hurting himself. Jack was making whimpering noises and sucking away like he was getting his first meal for days. It was an addictive sound to listen to as I tipped my head back and enjoyed the feelings and the noise as he continuously pleasured me.

My body was starting to twitch and spasm with every sensation. Soon enough I let go of his head and let him take over completely, even pumping myself into his face and whimpering in a high pitched groan. This was fucking beautiful, the warm water, my boy begging at my feet, his hot lips running silkily over my inflated cock head. I wanted more…more than he was giving, as the excitement grew. Then I could feel it… a massive quake of an orgasm, working its way towards me. My nuts were getting tighter, I was starting to tremble, my legs were shaking and twitching, Jack was starting to moan louder knowing what I was about to give him. I put my hands over my mouth tightly to prepare for the impending wave of pleasure that would no doubt convulse a scream from my vocal chords. It was getting nearer and nearer and I was now flipping all over the place, with Jack doing his best to keep me steady.

"Oh, Jack… keeeeep going, I'm close, I'm close, I'm close, I'm…Oh shit…"

I put my hands back over my mouth and felt a huge pulse of cum shoot from my cock, making my legs almost give way. I could hear Jack swallowing quickly, desperately trying to keep up with the treat I was giving him. I was sweating, I knew I was, and breathing hard, totally spent.

Jack pulled away from my cock and just sat there staring into space, looking like someone who was shell shocked, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular. Dripping from his bottom lips was a string of cum, and I watched as he caught it in his hand and lapped it up. I stayed leaning against the wall just looking at him, my body still twitching and buzzing.

"That… was… incredible," was all I could muster to say. Jack looked up to me and grinned before getting to his feet. I looked down and could see his cock was ripe to explode as a long silky pre-cum string hung from his hard dick.

Getting down on to my knees I took him in my mouth, slowly making circle motions with my tongue. He began to fidget and squirm under the constant pleasure of my mouth. I pushed him against the wall, letting the water run over us both as I worked him good. Every so often I would look into his eyes, watching as his facial expression changed from excitement to one of concentration. Feeling around between his legs I reached up, and gently massaged his rosebud, causing his breath to hitch. I began I softly apply pressure with my wet finger until the tip was in his ass, making him moan.

Sex with Jack was better than I ever expected and I got as much pleasure out of watching him as I did being pleasured myself. I loved to watch his face, the look of intense lust and hunger. I loved the way his body would tremble and jolt with each new feeling I gave him. He was adorable, venerable under my sexual spell and he fucking loved it!

I could feel his ass muscles contract around my finger telling me it wouldn't be long. He was breathing fast, high sounding whimpering noises, the ones that drove me wild, Spilled from his mouth as I pumped on his cock with my mouth.

"I'm gonna…I'm gonna cum Joey, I'm gonna cum…jeeeiieech…huuurf…fuuuuck!" I winced as my mouth was coated in his teen juice, some splashing against the back of my throat. It was sweet, thick and hot, and I felt myself becoming erect again just the thought of it. It was his, my lover's. Part of him was being emptied into ME… his essence!

We came down from our climaxes and relaxed in each other's arms. We needed this… we needed to feel as one, a true partnership. We loved each other, and no one was going to pull us apart.

I grabbed a sponge and coated it with shower gel and began caringly clean my boy's back. Jack let his head hang down enjoying the attention. I used the sponge to clean every part of him I could get to, right down to his cute feet.

I began to unravel his soaked bandage and let it drop on to the cubical tray, before taking some shampoo and pouring some in my hand. With care to avoid his healing injury at the side, I massaged the liquid into his silky blond locks, making sure to get soap right into his roots. Jack groaned with pleasure, putting his hand on the wall to steady himself from my cleaning.

"There you are puppy, squeaky clean and good to go, just gotta rinse now," I said slapping his pert bubble butt.

"Hmm, thanks babe, I could have you rub me down all day," he said putting his head under the spray and letting the shampoo run down his toned tight torso.

"What do you wanna do tonight?"

"I wanna eat, and then I wanna watch a movie and chill out with you."

"Sounds good, but first Mister, we need to re-dress your head, I should really tell you off for getting in here without covering it, but I don't think I could stay annoyed with that cute face looking back at me. Jack put on his best puppy dog face.


I chuckled. "Yeah whatever, now get out so I can dry you!"

"Wow, I get dried as well, you are spoiling me."

"I'll always spoil you when I can." I said wiping water out of his eye with my thumb.

I got dressed and walked into the lounge to find my brother sitting forward on the sofa with his cell phone in pieces on the coffee table.

"Good session in the shower?" He asked, making blood divert my face.

"I don't know what you mean," I replied innocently.

Roman smirked looking at his cell phone parts. "I'm surprised the customers downstairs didn't hear you two," he remarked.

"Shit, was it really that loud?"

"Was what loud?" Jack asked, coming through to the lounge with his medical bag.

"You two, in that shower… sounded like a couple of cats mating."

Jack went red, and I grinned. "Don't worry Jack, he's just jealous cause he aint getting any."

"Don't remind me," Roman said, picking up a small part of his phone.

"Sorry, but what the hell are you doing, did you drop that or something?" I asked, watching him fiddle around.

"Yeah, in the kitchen sink, I'm trying to dry it out."

"Put it in a bag of rice and leave it overnight. You really didn't need to take it all apart." I said, shaking my head.

"A bag of rice, what's that gonna do?"

"It will absorb the moisture so it will work again. I dunno though, now you taken it apart I'm gonna bet it will never work again whether it got wet or not… do you even know how to put it back together?"

"Erm, I don't know…look why don't you go and order some food and leave me to get on with this. If I keep being disturbed then chances are I'm gonna miss something." He said, pushing me away from him.

"C'mon Jack, let's go look at the Chinese menu and order some dead dog, or whatever the hell they cook up in that place."

We left Roman to fiddle with his bits and made our way to the kitchen. I pulled out a local Chinese takeaway menu from one of the drawers and passed it to Jack.

"I already said I'll eat whatever everyone else wants so just choose what you wanna eat."

"We never had takeaways when I lived at home, my mum said they were full of bad fat and salt, so the closest I've come to having this sort of stuff is McDonalds or Burger King."

"Well then, you can even surprise yourself. Do you like hot stuff?"

"Only the Joey kind and that don't seem to be on the menu."

"Play your cards right and it will be later," I said, making him blush.

"Hmm, perhaps something with rice…oh and I like the sound of chow main. Yeah I'll have that and some prawn crackers or something."

"Good choice puppy…hey, go for the special fried rice, it has everything in it."

"Sounds good," He said taking the menu and heading to the lounge. "Roman, what do you want to eat?" I heard him call.

I filled a glass with water and sat at the table as Jack came back to the kitchen and told me what Roman had requested.

"Cool so let me grab the phone and I'll get this ordered," I said, getting up.

"Oh, no, not just yet…come to the bedroom."

"Jack, we just…"

"I know… but come to the bedroom anyway."


"Because I wanna tell you something."

Grrr, Jack, this better be good, I'm hungry and a hungry Joey is no fun."

Jack smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to the bedroom. We went in and he closed the door.

"Sit down," He said, gesturing his hand towards the bed.

I grinned. "Jack, C'mon, what's this all about."

"Anthony, that's what this is about."


"Oh, Joey, you can drop that for a start, you know who I'm talking about, because it's all you have been thinking about."

"The card guy by any chance?" I said, looking at the floor.

"It's bothered you hasn't it."



"Yeah ok it's bothered me, it's bothered me because of the way you acted when I mentioned it. It was as if you were hiding something.

Jack sighed and sat on the bed next to me. "He was a guy I met when I was in Paris on a student exchange program. I was going through a hard time at school, you know with being gay and all that. The opportunity came up and I volunteered. I was staying with this really nice Parisian family and they had a Son."


"Yeah, Anthony… I was fifteen, naïve and I let him inside my head. By the end of the first week we were talking about spending the rest of our lives together. That was until reality hit and I had to leave for home again. I was so upset… devastated actually, because for me this was real, and I thought I was in love with him. He promised me that when he was sixteen he was gonna come and find me. We used to text, email, skype, you name it. But one day he stopped answering my messages, and then ignored my calls. I was heartbroken, but I waited, and waited, and when I turned sixteen I got excited thinking he was gonna come knocking on my door any day."

"But, he never did right?"

"Yeah, and I never forgave him for that. He was sort of my first love and he tore my heart apart. I guess he found something better and just forgot about me."

"So what was the birthday treat you gave him?"

"What? How did you know about that?"

"Uh… you told me didn't you?"

"No, I didn't… hang on; you looked at the card didn't you?"

"Might have."

"You sneaky little shit," Jack hissed, and got me into a playful headlock, tickling me.

"S-s-s-stop, I'm gonna piss myself."

"That serves you right for lying."

"Ok, ok I surrender, I'm sorry for lying."

"It's ok; I pretty much knew you had looked at the card anyway. I was thinking about it as we left my house that day. It seemed odd, that of all the things you noticed in my room you picked up on a warped and dusty old card and asked me about it. I knew that someone of your insecurity would not be able to resist peeking… to see who it was from."

"You played me!"

Jack grinned. "No… I just know you Joey Cork."

"I'm glad someone does."

"So now you know who Anthony is and you can sleep at night now, yeah?"

"I guess, so does it still upset you when you think about him?"

"If I'm honest, yeah sometimes, but not often. What hurt more was the other thing he put in the card… Forever Yours! Still I'm not with him now, I'm with you and hopefully you won't leave me heartbroken.

"I'll try, but you still have told me what you did on his birthday."

Jack sighed. I was hoping you wouldn't ask again."

"Why, C'mon, I wanna know."

"I um…I went all the way with him."

"You had sex?"

"I let him fuck me." He said, as if he regretted it.

"So… so you're not a virgin?"

"No, he was my first, and I didn't even want to do it, but I was so under his spell, and I wanted to make him happy." He said, passionately.

"God, you make it sound like he was a lot older than you and he like manipulated you or something." I said, a small chuckle, coming from my mouth, even though I felt serious. Jack stayed silent and a sudden wave of anxiety came over me.

"Jack… how old exactly was, Anthony?"

He didn't respond, instead he got up and went over to the window and stood there, looking out.

"Twenty-one," he finally admitted, sinking onto the window sill.

"Twent…fucking hell, Jack."

"Now you know why it would have been better that you didn't know about it," he sighed. "But now you do, so…"

"But, he must have known you were too young to be… well you know?"

"Fifteen, Joey…that's the age of consent in France. As far as he was concerned he wasn't doing anything illegal, and he wasn't under French law."

"Well, I guess we've all done things we probably shouldn't have done, hey? I said. Jack looked at me and smiled knowing exactly what I was referring to.

"Yeah, I guess we do, Joey…wanna eat?"

"Sure, I thought you would never ask.

I was half expecting Roman to be going crazy about the food not being ordered yet, but surprisingly he was still in the same position in the lounge, fiddling with his broken cell. I just smirked, shook my head and went to get the home phone to dial for the Takeaway.

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