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Westcliff Writer came to us from Gay Authors, but chose to leave them and start his own site. [Closed on 29 November 2016]

29 November 2016: We received this message today:

Dear Readers past and present,

I apologise for going off the radar in recent months and my apologies also for not responding to any e-mails sent by all of you. I am sending this e-mail (which will be my last) to let everyone know that I am not writing anymore and that I am planning on closing the site down I run. The latter may sound extreme but I am not monitoring it anymore and it is still costing me money to run.

My love for writing has not been there for some time now and I feel I have told my stories. All of my novels have been based on my own experiences as a young gay guy trying to make it through the world in the late 90's and for a long time I felt like I wanted to "fictionise" my past to help me better understand myself. I finally did this in my 30's and it has been a joy. As a bonus, out of those stories have come some wonderful characters and I'm so glad I have managed to connect with so many lovely people over the last 3 years. As i said, I now feel like I have shared all of my personality through all of my stories and I need to stop now for there is nothing left to tell.

Right now I am in a happy place enjoying other things and lately it felt right to admit to myself that I will probably not write another novel. Yes, the urges are still there occasionally, but as I found with Wolfric, 2 chapters is fine, but you need to have a plan for the rest. [Wolfric is not published on ~ Webmaster] I'm very sorry for anyone reading it that there will be no more, I know just how annoying that is.

I wish to thank all my loyal readers for the comments, be them positive or negative, your participation and support has been amazing. A special thank you goes out to Ricky my editor who spent a lot of time with me to perfect each chapter as a I went. And lastly a huge thank you to Timmy for hosting my stories to a wider audience on his site.

I wish you all well and hope life treats you right. All the best

Be safe


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