by DJ

Chapter 8

After his three-day stint in the ship's medical wing with Inmahn, Tadik felt he had climbed a mountain. As he made his way back to D'vork's quarters, his head reeled with the amount of information he had ingested, comparing the anatomy of a bear and its reproductive organs to that of a human and that of a Gpuchkian. Inmahn had performed his duties as a tutor with gentle but cautious attention to detail till Tadik knew exactly what was to happen to him. The holograph showing the ponderous size of the bear's equipment and how it worked had shocked Tadik into thinking he would be ripped apart. Even the Gpuchkian equipment looked huge compared to his own meagre appendage, but Inmahn assure him that, with a little care, he could accommodate the captain, and showed him photographs from D'vork's own medical data of the captain's penis. It was still huge to Tadik, but smaller than a normal Gpuchkian's owing to him being half human.

Where a Gpuchkian's outer sheath extended to at about six inches once it was rigid, the inner spike added another ten. The outer sheath grew in width to secure itself inside the vagina while the tapered spike went to work to impregnate the mate. "Now you see why, even with the captain's smaller size, you have to be prepared so that he can enter you without any damage,"Inmahn explained. "On the plus side, of course, the spike is not as rigid as the outer sheath and can bend to accommodate itself inside your anus and rectum. The spike leads the way and the sheath plugs the hole while the spike does its work. You know about your prostate gland of course?"

"A bit; is that what D'vork touched when he..."He felt his cheeks heat up.

"Correct."Inmahn's face showed no sign of embarrassment as he explained all about that mystical place all gay people love to have stimulated. "I've never had that pleasure but I am assured that it heightens the orgasm ten fold. You will probably feel it affects while I prepare you."

Not waiting for a reply, Inmahn led him into a small room off the main ward, where a treatment table stood in the centre, and shelves full of strange pieces of equipment lined the walls. In that room, and on that table, after being given a shot of something that relaxed him, Tadik surrendered to three not unpleasant days of having his sphincter stretched by these pieces of equipment, and learning the secret of relaxing the sphincter muscle at the required time of entry, till Inmahn declared he was capable of accommodating even a full Gpuchkian.

No thank you!, Tadik reached B deck and started towards the captain's quarters. D'vork's 'heat-gun' would be quite enough. He looked up and saw a group of human crewmen walking towards him. He recognised one of them from the medical wing and made to give them a friendly greeting, but as they came abreast of him, they whispered together and their thoughts blasted towards him.

"That's the captain's slut! I saw him in the MW having his hole stretched."

"Never! The little bitch! His own folk aren't good enough for him then."

"Serve him right if he gets ripped apart."

Tadik stumbled. Stunned, he fought to control his muscles, tried to force his legs to work. Was that what they thought of him on this ship? Was that what he had become? Someone who would sell his body to survive? In that case he was no better than the boys on the streets of London; fit for nothing but the gutters. Ahead of him, the door to D'vork's quarters was a few steps away. But could he go through with this? Could he lower himself to the life of someone he detested, a bit of dirt to be brushed away like dust, a piece of garbage. He reached the door and could not go through it. No, he would go back to the pen where he belonged. He stepped away from the door and carried on down the corridor towards the service lifts, and never heard them come up behind him. They grabbed him, shoved a piece of rag in his mouth and carried him struggling into the nearest lift.

D'vork felt a sense of excitement as he entered his quarters. Tonight, he and Tadik would experience their first joining as companions but there was a lot of preparation to be dealt with before that happened. The bedroom had to be set up and decorated with flowers, all be it holographic ones; and gifts of course. Humans liked things like that, and D'vork supposed his young human lover would be no different. D'vork went into the bedroom and lifted his nose to sniff the air. This would not do. He tapped the com button on the wall. "Bedroom refresh, please."Several aromas wafted round the room till he smelled his mother's favourite. He tapped the com again and the chosen aroma remained, just noticeable in the background. He checked that Inmahn had ordered fresh bed linen and found a set of deep purple sheets and pillowcases made of silk. Ah, yes. Humans liked to use pillows. What else did humans like when they were courted by their lovers? Wine? No, Champagne! And music of course! As Inmahn was still in the medical wing, Percy was the one to ask.

"A new fur perhaps, Captain? Yes, a pristine polar white one. And dinner for two?"

"Thank you, Percy. I'll leave it to you."

"At once, Sir."

Fifteen minutes later, everything was set for the arrival of his lover. Dressed in his best formal clothes of gold embroidered tunic and blue velvet trousers, waited impatiently for the door to his quarters to open. Two minutes past the time Tadik and Inmahn should have appeared, the door opened and Inmahn hurried in. "I'm so sorry I'm late, I got held up by a last minute emergency. Some silly crewman got into a fight and was badly scratched all down his face. Now, where's Tadik?"

"I thought he was with you."

"No, I sent him up fifteen minutes ago; he should have been here by now."

D'vork and Inmahn frowned at each other, then D'vork activated the console. "Percy, run a check for Tadik on the decks between here and Medical."Meanwhile, D'vork closed his eyes and tried to reach Tadik. "Where are you, Tadik? Please answer." Nothing, except an unnerving silence. When Percy made his report two minutes later, he confirmed that there was no trace of the boy. Now D'vork started to get worried. "Run a check on the security units for the last sighting of him."

Again there was a delay before Percy brought up a view of the boy. "He was right outside your door, sir."

"Show me the trace."A view of the corridor outside his quarters showed the boy staring at the door with a stricken look on his face, before walking away in the direction of the lifts. "Reverse it, please."He and Inmahn watched the boy stumble backwards down the corridor till four human crewmen came into view. "Go further back."From this point, the boy seemed to walk normally.

Inmahn moved closer to watch over D'vork's shoulder. "It would seem the four crewmen spooked him for some reason. Percy, activate the security unit at the other end of the corridor. I want to see the faces of those crewmen."

"There we are."D'vork pointed to the new screen. "They don't look too pleased to see him."

"And it's just as he passes them that something upsets him. Percy, activate the unit watching the lifts just after Tadik walks away from these quarters."

Stunned, they watched the four crewmen back track and follow Tadik to the lifts then grab him and bundle him into the first one."

Ten minutes later, D'vork and Inmahn stood by the lifts and watched the captured crewmen being marched down the corridor towards him, from where they had found them in Engineering. When they were held, sneering, in front of him, by four guards, D'vork stepped closer till he towered over them. "We know you took the boy. You're new to this ship and obviously don't realise that B deck is monitored by security units at all times. Now, if you value your lives, you will tell me what you did with the boy. Where did you take him?"All four men remind silent as they sneered up at D'vork. "Very well; you obviously don't want to do it the easy way; we'll do it the hard way."He nodded to the guards and two of them took a crewman and slammed him against the wall beneath the security unit. Reaching up, one of the guards pulled down a helmet attached to the unit.

Before the man could even ask what it was, the helmet was rammed down on his head and secured under his chin. Inmahn handed D'vork a similar helmet and the captain put it on, activating the controls on the left side of it. The man screamed in agony and struggled to get free, but his efforts were of no use as his mind was invaded. Normally, this was done over a period of several minutes but D'vork couldn't wait. Once he deactivated and removed his helmet, the man was a mumbling idiot with no control over his bodily functions, but D'vork had the information he needed. D'vork's voice was an angry growl. "They dropped him in the exhaust tower."

D'vork slammed his fist against the allship's com. "Captain to Alpha security and medical crews. Red alert; deploy to C deck and meet me at the exhaust tower."He jumped into the first lift, dragging Inmahn with him.

Two hatches allowed inspection crews to access the inside of the tower; the top one on C deck and the lower one on G deck. For Tadik's sake, D'vork hoped the men had used the top one. The hatch on G deck was too near the engines with little or no hope of retrieving him before he dropped into the engines. Beside the top hatch, Inmahn activated the inspection console and operated the unit to inspect every inch of the top half of the tower. At various points down the sides of the tower, struts protruded out of the walls for the inspection crews to attach their harnesses to when working inside. "There."Inmahn pointed to a white elongated blotch on the screen, halfway down the tower. The blotch seemed to be caught on one of the struts. "He's between D and E decks."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get him out."

The Security Chief shook his head. "It isn't the getting out, that's the problem, Captain. We need breathing equipment before anyone can go in there."

At first, D'vork failed to comprehend what the Chief from talking about; then it dawned on him. The exhaust tower drew all toxic and poisonous fumes out of the engines and other ship's systems. Staring at the Chief he asked in a breathless whisper. "How long has he got?"

"It's hard to say, Captain. It all depends on how long he's been in there."

D'vork turned to find Inmahn already using the console to make the required calculations. "He has ten minutes before it's too late for us to do anything. By then, the fumes will have burnt his lungs out and the poisons in the air will start to destroy his body, starting with his skin."

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