Stories by DJ

Not all of DJ's tales have classical gay themes. By no means all are easy to read in terms of their content. More than one may be construed as portraying gay men as bad stereotypes. We need to understand this type of story as much as we need to read idealised pictures of homosexual life and love.

If you recognise some of these stories as written by The Bullsinger, you're right. DJ's stories are hosted in some places online as by The Bullsinger because that is a name DJ used there. Confused? Don't be silly of course you aren't confused

26 March 2013: Wow, we're really proud of DJ. Under the name of Dee Jones, some of the stories are starting to appear for purchase on Kindle. Quite reasonably DJ has asked us to remove those stories from the site, and we are. Very many congratulations, DJ!

Note from the author

I do hope IOMfAtS readers continue to enjoy my somewhat controversial stories. Some might say I am anti-gay but that is not so; I am anti-predator whether gay or straight. Now that you have had a taste of my work, I would like to advise that my stories be read in the following order for the later ones to make sense as they are all linked by character or geography.

The reading order is as follows:

  1. El Tigre book one; East of Rio - Now only available on Kindle
    El Tigre, book 1, East of Rio by Dee Jones, is now on sale at Amazon's Kindle Store, Price $2.99 in USA and £1.99 in the UK. As Dee says, "I'm proud to have my first comment about the book by Chris James, author of Circumnavigation and Changes Lanes."
  2. El Tigre book two; Barefoot Tiger - Planned for Kindle in the future
  3. The Cup Bearer
  4. Pluto's Child
  5. The Only Way To Fly
  6. The Bull Singer
  7. D'Marco

Thank you for supporting my writing.


El Tigre

Both books of El Tigre have been withdrawn from the site because the author is publishing on Kindle. Go DJ! This is great news.

The Cup Bearer

This has been withdrawn because it is now in the early stages of mainstream publication by DJ.

Pluto's Child

[A story in 38 chapters]

The D'Marco Stories


[A continuing story]