Resources for Foreskin Restoration

Resources I find useful while restoring

Restoring FAQs

Awesome Adobe Acrobat file. I'm very grateful to the author. 231Kb and worth the wait to download

Multiple O-Rings

Another Acrobat file. This is the document that allowed me to visualise the end product. 42Kb, so no big deal to download

Multiple O-Rings

Graphic of O-Rings and Funnel Shaped Retaining Piece, with thanks to Theron Gibbons

Pill Tube Method

Web site of my restoring buddy. The Pill Tube method has the appeal to me of simplicity plus the ability to vary internal pressure as well as external tension

Foreskin Restoration Discussion Group

This is a yahoo email group with web based resources for restorers. I moderate it and it is as "idiot free" as possible while allowing free discussions

English and French language site

Awesome site with history of circumcision, of uncircumcision, of religious and other attitudes to it. An interesting Jewish perspective showing circumcision to be at odds with Jewish law, too.

Excellent site for restoration information

Useful not-for-profit info, education, 24/7 chat, and extensive info collection on restoring