Foreskin Restoration Project with Urethraplasty to Overcome

Background (December 2001)

If you've read my own (penile) medical history, you'll know that I was born, as we all are(!) uncircumcised, when the fashion in the UK was 50/50 for "Roundheads" and "Cavaliers", as we called circumcised and uncircumcised boys! I remained uncircumcised until I was 22 or 23, when the medical advice of those days was a circumcision. I'm not going into the reasons here. You can read them anywhere.

I didn't want to be circumcised. I liked my foreskin. I liked the look of it, the texture of it, everything about it. I even liked it when it would no longer retract at all from the scar tissue at the tip. When the operation was finished and healed, I watched the glans slough off the layers of surface tissue and turn into rhinoceros hide by comparison to the wonderful, glossy, soft, moist glans that had emerged from hiding. And I felt the sensitivity reduce as it became "used" to rubbing inside my underwear.

I was lucky in one regard. I was loosely cut. I had the remnant of an inner foreskin, and I could masturbate using it. I also had my frenulum intact.

Over the years from that first operation to the age of 47 I had a few penile ailments which resulted in a constriction of the urethra, until peeing was simply impossible. In May 2000 I had an operation to create a new urethra. I was also re-circumcised to remove the invasive infection that was causing problems, known as Ballanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) or Lichen Sclerosus (sometimes Sclerosis),

This new circumcision was so tight that my erect penis shaft skin is drum-skin taut. I think it has lost me some length because of the restrictions of the shaft skin, too, but that may also be the new urethra. I resolved that, once pronounced clear of BXO, I would seek to restore my foreskin. And I was pronounced clear in November 2001.

I hadn't done any planning until that date. I saw no point in planning in case I needed more surgery to remove any recurring BXO. Well, not totally true. I had joined an email group for foreskin restoration, all of which were nuked by yahoo, who decided that it was against their terms of service to discuss a medical procedure, and also met online my good friend Wayne, who created The National Organisation of Restoring Men".

Status at the start

Drum-skin tight circumcision, no inner foreskin, no frenulum, amazing lack of glans sensitivity, sufficient to make achieving an orgasm an industrial process, often not a pleasure, but a marathon. If we have a sensitivity scale of 1 - 10, where 10 is the original sensitivity I was born with, and 1 is unacceptably low, I sit at a score of 1. And it sucks.


A foreskin which covers the glans when flaccid, and 90% covers it when erect

Expected benefits

Increased sensitivity of the glans, sufficient to get to at least 5 on the scale of 1-10. A covered, moist glans, with renewed production of smegma (which is very positively implicated in the prevention of penile cancer).

Plans (mid December 2001)

Initially I intend to use the "pill tube" method, and then migrate to multiple "O-rings" (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). You may also want to look at the "Resource List" when you click the link to the diary. There is much more there. I'm indebted to the authors of the papers describing the two methods . I expect to use the pill tube until I have sufficient new foreskin to adopt the O-ring technique. And, of course, my plans may change.


Ah, this is the exciting bit, and the embarrassing bit. It's also the sole set of pictures of me you're going to get on this website. So, to the diary.